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10 Zoan Devil Fruits in One Piece

Updated on May 20, 2017
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Sage knows too much about different anime and manga. Probably knows more then she should.

What is a Zoan?

So, before we go into this topic, let me explain what a devil fruit is and what a Zoan is. A devil fruit is a type of fruit that, when eaten, grants the user an ability. These abilities can range from elements, to mythical creatures, to completely pointless. They all have a similar weakness to water though. Anyone who eats a devil fruit is robbed of their ability to swim, and will sink like a rock. There are three classes to these fruits, though for this hub we are going to explore the Zoan. The Zoan class are the devil fruits that allow the user to change into a certain animal, be it a mythical, ancient, or everyday animal. Now on to the list, which is in no specific order.

10. Hito Hito no Mi

Also known as the human fruit, this fruit allows the user to transform into a human hybrid and a full human at will. However, this fruit will have no effect if a human eats it. This fruit was eaten by Tony Tony Chopper. The human fruit grants Chopper human intelligence, allowing him to understand and communicate in human language. Unlike other zoans, Chopper is able to change his form using a medicine he developed called the Rumble Ball.

  • Brain Point: The form he is usually seen in.
  • Walk Point: Looks similar to a normal reindeer.
  • Heavy Point: His more human looking form, most of his physical reindeer characteristics are gone.
  • Jumping Point: Keeps his reindeer legs, yet has a human form.
  • Arm Point: Arms and shoulders become more muscular.
  • Guard Point: Looks similar to a cotton ball.
  • Kung Fu Point: A new form that was added during the time skip.
  • Horn Point: Similar to his Walk Point, but his horns are sharper and larger.
  • Monster Point: A very large, hulking form that happens after consuming three rumble balls in under six hours.

9. Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Bison

This fruit allows the user to change into a hybrid or full bison, and was eaten by Dalton. There is not much information out there about this fruit or character, since Dalton didn't get as much screen time as others. However, this devil fruit was the first zoan class to appear in the series. Dalton mainly uses his ability for combat, since it grants him enhanced physical capabilities, incredible strength and speed.

8. Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Giraffe

This fruit is from the same family as the bison, however this one allows the user to turn into a giraffe, and was eaten by Kaku. This fruit gives the user more strength and a longer reach, yet the weakness lies within the long neck, which could be exploited by an attacker. Kaku uses his ability to strengthen is already deadly attacks, making him a rather formidable opponent. When he first transforms into a giraffe, he does not have full control over it, and is mocked for his boxy appearance. Through out his fight, he learns to better control his form and use it to his advantage. The giraffe was the first zoan devil fruit to be seen before consumption.

7. Inu Inu no Mi, Model Jackal

This fruit allows the user to turn into a hybrid or full jackal and was eaten by Chaka. This fruit increases physical strength, as well as speed and senses, bringing them to the same level as a regular jackal. As a jackal is considered to be a carnivorous subspecies of wolf, the power this fruit grants is well suited for physical combatants, more so than an average Zoan. Chaka is seen using his animal strength combined with his swordsmanship to deal out powerful attacks.

6. Inu Inu no Mi, Model Wolf

From the same dog family as the jackal, this fruit allows the user to turn into a hybrid or full wolf and was eaten by Jabra. Like all Zoan fruits, this fruit grants the user more physical strength, causing any physical fighting style the user has to be even more lethal. Carnivorous zoans are said to be much more vicious and ferocious then other zoans. With the wolf fruit, the user is granted the additional weaponry of claws and fangs, which can be used to slash down opponents.

5. Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model Anaconda

The first snake zoan on this list, this fruit allows the user to transform into an anaconda, or a hybrid variation, eaten by Boa Sandersonia. She was force fed the devil fruit, and made to be an attraction for World Nobles, but eventually escaped with her two sisters. Along with the added physical strength, she also gains a long versatile body that can be used like a real anaconda, such as catching and constricting her opponents. However, the downside is that her tail can be tied to an object, limiting her movement and leaving her vulnerable.

4. Tori Tori no Mi, Model Falcon

First bird zoan on this list, this fruit allows the user to turn into a hybrid or full falcon and was eaten by Pell. According to him, it is one of the only five types of flying powers ever discovered. Aside from having the advantage of flight, he is also granted with the enhanced senses of a falcon. He can also carry people on his back, and weight does not seem to be an issue, since he carried a large bomb above the clouds while showing no strain. Along with flight and enhanced senses, the user is granted an increase of speed and strength, as well as the added weaponry of talons.

3. Neko Neko no Mi, Model Leopard

One of the more savage fruits on this list, this one allows the user to transform into a hybrid or full leopard, and was eaten by Rob Lucci. His half leopard form is very large because it increases his original height and mass by a great degree. Due to granting him additional strength, his fighting styles and abilities are greatly enhanced. As stated earlier, carnivorous zoan are more predatory and bloodthirsty then others by nature, and are better adapted for combat. Most of the zoan devil fruits normally allow three forms of transformations under normal circumstances, yet Lucci is able to access a fourth. His fourth form looks similar to a human painted to look like a leopard, yet is just as lethal as his other forms.

2. Unnamed

This is a rare ancient devil fruit that has yet to be named in the series, but allows the user to turn into a theropoda dinosaur and was eaten by X Drake. In this form, he is large and powerful, able to directly wound a Pacifista by biting the head, a feat difficult to do due to the tough, cyborg frame. It is mentioned that the more carnivorous a zoan, the fiercer the combat abilities. This suggests that Drake's devil fruit makes him a strong and formidable opponent. Also note, it seems as though Drake cannot, or rather chooses not to, talk while in this form.

1. Another Unnamed

Yet another unnamed fruit, this time a mythical zoan type, a type said to be immensely powerful and the rarest. This fruit allows the user to transform into a phoenix and was eaten by Marco, giving him his title Marco the Phoenix. Though it may be classified as a zoan, due to the uniqueness of the phoenix itself, the additional powers it grants may be considered similar to those of Paramecia and Logia. In this form, he has the increased strength as well as the rare ability of flight, which allows him to launch aerial attacks. Marco's control over his transformations seems to be the greatest of any zoan user shown so far, being that he can turn certain parts of his body into his phoenix form. He also has the ability to regenerate any wounds, making him very resilient and can take a huge amount of damage in his phoenix form. There is no visible consequences of this, besides the time taken to regenerate.

Which Zoan would you want to be?

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