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10 actors for True Detective Season 2

Updated on June 19, 2014

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Its only been a month since the airing of the last episode of the gripping crime drama. The aura of the series was such that, it dwarfed every other crime drama drama that had ever aired.

Since the season finale, speculations have started soaring regarding the casting of the epic True Detective Season 2. So lets dig deep and find out how awesome it would be if any of the below mentioned actors would be cast in the next installment.

# 1 Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville, True Detective Season 2
Johnny Knoxville, True Detective Season 2

True Detective has made a benchmark with it dark storyline and characters that were as crazy and unorthodox as it gets.

Well, Johnny Knoxville can guarantee just that. He can depict chaos and insanity which can ultimately prove to be a boon for the upcoming season. He has portrayed just that in movies like Jackass: The Movie; The Dukes of Hazzard; The Last Stand to name a few.

#2 Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, True Detective Season 2
Keanu Reeves, True Detective Season 2

And you thought Rust Cohle had a gruesome past. I personally think that Keanu can depict he role of an angry cop better because unlike Matthew McConaughey playing Cohle in season 1, Keanu personally has been in the hell hole and still shows the world how to live on by burying you past.

To add up, you can't deny the fact that the Matrix's chosen one does look really sharp in a suits. So whether to cast him in True Detective, Season 2? Well, I say why not.

#3 Sean Penn

Sean Penn, True Detective 2
Sean Penn, True Detective 2

Yeah, personally he would be one of my top choices who could fill in as Rusty Cohle. Sean Penn is an immensely talented actor and his dialogue delivery sinks deep. He has acted in films from different genres and can definitely fit right into any plot.

#4 Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio, True Detective Season 2
Leonardo Dicaprio, True Detective Season 2

He can be a villain, a hero or do just a cameo. Still audience can't hate Leonardo. He has done numerous critically acclaimed films, in which he successfully proved him as an actor. Given that violence and chaos are the primary ingredient in True Detective, he can mandate it with utmost ease.

This scene from Django, where Leonardo hits a glass utensil while hitting Bromhilda and starts bleeding profusely wasn't even part of the script. Yet he kept on acting and Quentin Tarantino kept rolling the film. This explains that if cast in the next instalment of True Detective, he would bring forth a lot of natural acting and unpredictable scenes which the audience would adore to the fullest.

Mathew received an Oscar just after finishing the first season. You never know, Leonardo too might get lucky after getting associated with the second season. Just a theory folks.

#5 Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, True Detective Season 2
Jack Nicholson, True Detective Season 2

Remember Jack Nicholson in "The Departed"? Yeah! he's insane isn't it. Well this very profanity is the soul essence of True Detective.

This multi starred actor has nothing to prove and can enact any role put forward to him. But I personally think, none can play a better role of "Carcosa" / " The Yellow King" than him.

But would this amazing actor, who has nothing more to prove be interested to take part in a TV Show? Well only time can tell.

Food for thoughts people

#6 Colin Farrell

Colin Farell, True Detective Season 2
Colin Farell, True Detective Season 2

Presenting the official Bad Boy of Hollywood. He has played the role of a good cop in Total recall as well as SWAT and as a villain in fright Night. His acting in Horrible bosses displayed the sick and insane side of Colin.

In short he can do justice to any role put forward to him. Be it the role of a hero or an anti-hero.

#7 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, True Detective Season 2
Johnny Depp, True Detective Season 2

Johnny Depp, or as I personally like to call him, Tim Burtons sidekick. He has done all types of roles humanly possible. But the one role that makes him a credible candidate for True Detective is that from the epic movie about Jack Ripper " From Hell".

His portrayal of an insane detective who goes into the depth of his subconscious to find the serial killer seems very similar to that of the plot of True Detective. Both are filled with gore and violence and the only difference being the plot, occurrence and type of murder.

True Detective is type-casted as a dark crime drama but a faint hint of love still lurks in it, just like the movie " From Hell".

#8 Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins, True Detective Season 2
Anthony Hopkins, True Detective Season 2

A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

- Hannibal Lecter

The dialogue still brings chill down my spines.

Hopkins played the role of Hannibal Lecter in the movie for merely 16 minutes. It's the shortest lead role to ever win an Oscar. This proves the credibility of this refined actor and although he can be a hero but definitely would excel as a villain. Imagine Hopkins as The Yellow King. Goosebumps!!

#9 Clive Owen

Clive Owen, True Detective Season 2
Clive Owen, True Detective Season 2

After " Shoot em Up" I thought of him as a person who I would believe to be tough on screen and off screen as well. He's a perfect cop material and can easily personify the role of a True Detective, if given the opportunity.

He emits an aura of mystery around him, thus helping to keep the viewers anchored to his character.

#10 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, True Detective Season 2
Brad Pitt, True Detective Season 2

Who wouldn't agree more on this decision. He is the perfect guy to handle narcs after all he is THE Tyler Durden.

Hell, even his character's name was Rust in Ocean's Series. Any justification to why he should part of True Detective is unnecessary, as he has every right to land a role in it. True Detective has made a benchmark of its own by using larger than life dialogues of philosophy which was hard to digest at one go. Well, Achilles he has done just the same in movies like Fight Club, Troy, Oceans to name a few.

True Detective's narration style too has a lot to do with the success of the show, and Mr Benjamin Button here has done just that which was never thought of before.

True Detective 2 Parody

A number of videos has been launched post the completion of Season 1 and only time would tell what would be the plot of True Detective Season 2, and which actors can be part of this epic TV Series.

Matthew McConaughey has done justice to the role he played in True Detective and I hope he would definitely lay hands on few prestigious awards for the same. The newly Oscar awarded actor is looking forward to his new movie Interstellar, which his worldwide fans are eagerly awaiting.

Suggestions for cast of True Detective 2

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