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10 Funniest British Comedians You May Never Have Seen

Updated on March 26, 2012

Unless your a regular down your local comedy club the chances are that the comedians you are familiar with are those who appear on "Mock The Week" or Channel 4 on a Friday night. But there is a stand up comedians currently on curcuit that are pulling the laughs just as much.

This is a list of ten british stand up comedians that you may have never heard of before but that you may still love.

Andy Williams

"Cheeky cockney stand up comedian Andy Williams enjoyed watching girls go by - but in a much more seedy way. His lewd material and comic timing has the audience in fits of laughter, while he also provides a disturbing window into the male psyche. Not one to watch with elderly relatives."

Nick Hodder

Stand up Comedian Nick has written a stage show, produced and directed short comedy films, written sketch comedy for Radio 5, and produced some award winning content for BBC Three, winning BBC New Talent's 'Funny Hunt'.

Brian Gittins

A comedy character with an endorsement from Ricky Gervais on his poster. You can spot the connection. Brian, the alter ego of David Earl, has a dollop of David Brent in his DNA, not to mention some Alan Partridge, and every other caricature of the provincial British male at his most inadequate and self-deluded. By day, Brian runs a greasy spoon. "Probably the best roadside café in a 12-mile radius of Pyecombe," he croaks. "And those aren't my words."

Carl Donnelly

Donnelly's stage presence and comfort in front of the audience, belies the fact that he is one of the fringes newer performers. With his distinctive look, and way of speaking (he has panache for abbreviating words, which probably shouldn't be), he is a recognisable face, whether you know where you've seen him, or can't quite place him.

Gareth Richards

Gareth Richards did his first stand-up comedy gig aboard "The Wibbly-Wobbly Boat" a notoriously rowdy venue in South London in 2004. Since then he has performed all over the UK pedaling his own unique brand of edgily surreal jokes and one-liners, and stories based on true events.

Gareth is developing a reputation for himself as a sharp writer and rock solid performer. His outsider viewpoint and appealing persona are already making him a favourite with audiences all over the UK.

Brian Damage

Brian Damage & Krysstal are a unique comedy double act based in London. Blending music, deadpan comedy and silliness they have been working together on the London Comedy Circuit for the last five years. In that time they have performed not only around the UK but also in Germany, South Africa and Australia.

Maff Brown

"This hard hitting unusual young comedian makes a packed room laugh. Maff is gregarious with nice observations. His delivery has originality which makes for a fresh funny hour of comedy" - THE LIST

Maff is the founder of the Award Wining Outside the Box Comedy Club in Kingston. Within 3 and half months of the launch, Outside the Box won the prestigious "BEST COMEDY VENUE" for London, small club from

Described as a material machine by Frank Skinner as he is constantly writing a new 20 mins for his club every Monday.

Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence’s dark, musical comedy landed him a place in the final of So You Think You’re Funny? in 2003, and won him the BBC New Act of the Year Competition the following year. His debut Edinburgh show in 2006 was nominated for the if.comedy best newcomer title, and his 2007 follow-up nominated for the main award.

Hannah George

Hannah has performed at hundreds of venues across the country including Glee Club, Komedia, Bestival, Comedy Store and many more. She won ‘Paramount Comedy Student Comedian of the Year’ in 2007 and reached the semi-finals of Funny Women, So You Think Your Funny and English Comedian of the Year. She has performed at The Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Brighton Comedy Festival, Sheffiled Student Comedy Festival and Camden Comedy Festival.

Tony Cowards

A quickfire gag merchant (described by the List magazine as a “Pun-osaurus”) whose one-liners and short stories cover a wide spectrum of subjects, his quick wit has made him a sought after act and compere by Christian Knowles, The Comedy Company, Mirth Control and other promoters around the UK; performing opening, middle and, increasingly, headline spots.

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      VatsalMakhija 5 years ago

      HAHA! :D Superlike! I wish they didn't have limit on YouTube vids!

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      familyrossi 6 years ago

      Lol still laughing sharing this with my friends!!

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      danniepond 6 years ago

      Very cool some great videos and a good time reading your lens!

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      Anime-e 6 years ago

      This is so true! I love like all of them! I usually laugh so hard when listening to them!