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10 More Movie Elements & Items We Wish Existed!

Updated on October 27, 2014

10 More Movie Elements & Items We Wish Were Real!

Welcome to Part 2 of Movie Elements & Items We Wish Were Real!

If you haven't checked out Part 1 yet, you can do so by clicking here:

10 Movie Elements & Items We Wish Existed!

There is no set order, you could always read this one first and then that one or start on the first one, that I made first..... either way, it's no biggy!

I'm a huge fan of movies, as are a lot of people. I've watched enough movies to last a 100 lifetimes! There are so many classic movies from the past and there will always continue to be epic movies for our viewing pleasure, until we, as humans,(or other entities) perish!

Love Potion #9
Love Potion #9

Love potion doesn't exist but you can watch this funny movie starring Sandra Bullock & Tate Donovan. It's one of my favorite movies and it's got a really cool premise involving love potions and people who need them and those who shouldn't have them! I fall into the "need" category! lol


If you read part 1, then you pretty much know what you're in for with this 2nd list I put together, and maybe you liked what I wrote...I hopefully won't disappoint with this awesome list of 10 more amazing items and elements from movies that we wish existed, that we wish were a reality.

Any guesses on what's first? Hint: If you get bit by either one of these, you'll turn into one of these!.......

#10. Monsters: Vampires & Werewolves

Image Source: Twilight Movie Poster

There are many monster movies but!.... by far, the most demanded and sought after wishes, would be for vampires to exist. With all the fanfare for movies about vampires, Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale, & especially the Twilight movies, as well as the books. It's easily apparent, that people love Vampires. So many wish they could be turned. Simply for the sheer coolness factor, with the amazing special abilities.

The rest of us would have to wear neck protectors & garlic. We'd also have to carry a crossbow & wooden stakes, due to our blood being highly sought after, because we're their food. We would no longer be at the top of the food chain, that's for sure! Guns themselves would have to be outfitted to shoot wooden bullets with cross symbols carved into them.

I'm not sure.... but I believe it's mostly the women who want vampires to be real. It strikes a romantic chord with them, the epitamy of the tall dark and handsome stranger. They want to be bit by the proverbial love of a mysterious, alluring man who wants to get close to them for their sweet bloody nectar. He wants her blood so bad he can taste it. It's agony for him to hold back from jumping and taking it by force. It's a cursed love, unless he turns her, but if he gets greedy during the drinking, he might just not leave enough for her to live. It brings a whole new meaning to thirst quenching lust!

Also, you can't have vampires without their nemesis', Were-wolves. A human changing into a furry beast under the full moon and tearing some stuff up with full on animal instincts. A blast of garbage cans and alley cats flying in a whirlwind of destruction. It's also an element that people wish were real. (Although, with being a vampire, you don't have to worry about fleas!) Werewolves have the same regenerative properties like that of their sworn enemies, the Vampires! But, in this case these furballs require a silver bullet, to be vanquished It's a simple rule, for either monster: You get bit, you turn!

Much like our next movie element we wish was real.....

Vampires or Werewolves?

Who Would Really Win In A Fight? A Vampire or A Werewolf?

Which Movie Series Is Better, Underworld or Twilight

See results

Vampires & Werewolves & Zombies, Oh My!

#9. Zombies!!!

Zombies might be more wished for, by more people, than vampires. The thought of a zombie uprising perks the fun and frightened levels in us all. With countless movies and books on the subject as well as the CDC's preparedness campaign geared towards the movement, using the scenario of a zombie epidemic, as an example for being prepared for anything. The CDC's Zombie Info - Somewhere on their site you can find their graphic novel that depicts a fictionalized zombie epidemic and ways to be prepared for any disaster.

I think it would be fun to have a zombie apocalypse. But, much like many things we'd want..... it would come down to the saying "Careful What You Wish For!!!" Hazardous much!?! Zombies want to eat you, supplies are in high demand; bullets, food, lodgings.... and not to mention, people have reverted back to being barbarics and might prove more dangerous than a horde of zombies that want your still beating heart! It's fight or flight mode and you definitely need to be able to move. Get that cardio going you couch potato! Zombies won't be slowing down! It would be a scary world, much like the highly popular show that I love, "The Walking Dead". I absolutely love that show!

Even if we can't have zombies, we'll still prepare like there might be. Who knows.....maybe the rabies virus will transform and spread. It would have to mutate enough to slow down the progress though, because rabies destroys the brain fast and the subject is dead a lot faster than a zombie would be, from decay. Or maybe a food company or drug company will make a new drug that will make people hungry or addicted to their food, like nicotine for tobacco(or more like a heavier drug addiction), and it could go horribly wrong and everyone who ate the infected food would want to eat anything they could get their hands & teeth on, especially fresh food! Us! lol

So, basically, keep your Bug Out Bag ready, in the event there is a global pandemic of infected proportions.

Also, try not to mistake a groggy person for a walker! lol Zombies don't exist yet!

Just get your zombie fix by watching "The Walking Dead" or a zombie movie!

Close the curtains, lock the doors & press play!

The Walking Dead: Season 4 [Blu-ray + Digital HD Ultraviolet Copy]
The Walking Dead: Season 4 [Blu-ray + Digital HD Ultraviolet Copy]

The Walking Dead Season 5 is in full swing and Season 4 is now available! One of my favorite shows in the history of ever!


There's a little bit of a story surrounding this poll. I was thinking when I was first making it that I should put the choices, for the poll, as Rick & Darryl from "The Walking Dead" but, I wanted to make it funny or interesting so I was thinking celebrities...hmmm.... I couldn't think of any good ideas and for some reason, Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert came to mind.

Then I thought hmmm how's about I ask someone to name some celebrities off the top of their head, without them knowing what it was for. So, I asked my Dad to name an actor and an actress, he came up with Peter Falk & Glenn Close, then I asked my Mom and she came up with Alan Alda & Julia Roberts. They didn't know the context of me asking so it makes it really funny, lol

So that's where these choices come from LOL!

This question means, who would you rather fight alongside, when battling zombies, in a zombie apocalypse?

Also, I know Peter Falk is deceased and I mean no disrespect, he was a great actor!

So just imagine he's still alive and add him to the poll, in that way. Imagine them as all being young and in great shape.

So, who would you rather fight zombies with?

Who Would You Rather Fight Zombies With?

See results

Quick! Zombies Are Coming!

Essential Zombie Gear On Amazon

Zombies might become a reality, so make sure you're prepared!!! You gotta have the essential supplies and you better read the zombie book manuals so you know what to do!

#8. Love Potions & Love Spells - Love Potion #9

Also, on the topic of things we love and would love! How awesome would love potion be!?! Much like the movie "Love Potion #9" starring Sandra Bullock & Tate Donovan. Imagine a potion we could spray in our mouth and then all we would have to do is talk to someone of the opposite sex and they would fall in love with us & do whatever we wanted!

There have been other movies as well, where characters used love potions and spells. 3 other movies come to mind, all involving witches and wizards....One of those movies would be one of the Harry Potter movies, where love potions can be made and put in someones drink or food which, when the witch/wizard made it, did so, to make the person want that wizard who made it. But of course, whoever ate or drank the concoction, would be love struck, even if the wrong person ate or drank it.

Another movie that used a spell for making someone want/love them, was in the movie "Teen Witch." That's another classic 80's movie starring Robyn Lively. Much like that movie and the movie called "The Craft", the makers of the spell regret their love spells they cast, because the recipient was either out of control(The Craft), or dumb and it wasn't genuine enough to the witch(Teenage Witch).

Teen Witch (1989)
Teen Witch (1989)

This is what I would call a cute little movie. It's about a girl who finds out she's a witch and basically she decides to use it to get everything she's ever wanted.


Obviously, ultimately, this would be a huge wish by guys! To be able to have any girl we wanted.... all we'd have to do is talk to them and they're in! But, in that first movie I mentioned(Love Potion No.9), if the members of the same sex/gender as you, heard your voice, with the potion activated, they would become violent and aggressive and want to hurt you, so you'd better whisper!!! shhhhh!!!! Make sure only the ones you want, for your own carnal pleasure, hear you, or you'll be inviting in, anyone else that heard your potion laced vocal cords.

This would easily be one of my top wishes for a movie element, if any could be real. If you wanted the girl or guy of your dreams, depending on your sexual orientation and gender. I think with that premise though, someone who wants a lover of the same sex, it might now work for them. Don't fret though, if you are gay, and this item was available in reality, then I'm sure it would work for you. It might react to someone that has the same likes. The movie never touched on that premise. If they ever remake the movie, or rehash the idea into a movie, then I guarantee it will work that way for comedic relief, lol

Also, if anyone wanted to go about using a love potion, in a good way and didn't want to have the person remember what happened during the sexual encounter, then maybe you'd want this next item coming up..........

Would You Use Love Potion?

See results

I Want Love Potion!!!

Love Potion On Amazon

Love potion doesn't exist, so you'd better just read these books full of pointers on how to get the guy or girl you want!.....

How to Pick Up Girls!
How to Pick Up Girls!

Yeah, anything us guys can do to try and pickup girls, it's harder for guys to get girls than it is vice versa.


#7. The "Men In Black" Neuralyzer

Want someone to not remember what just happened? Then you'd definitely need this item! A Neuralyzer! Put on your special, government issued, Men In Black protective sunglasses and wipe someones recent, or not so recent, memory. With a flash of your Memory Stick, Voila! Your secret is safe!

Now I'm sure people could think of some times they would've loved this cool gadget. Maybe you said something you wish you hadn't or even did something you wish you hadn't. Overall, that's part of learning, in this life..... To make mistakes and to move forward in the appropriate ways. I personally would rather have some way to erase a specific memory from someones brain for a certain point in time, not just from the present to a certain timeframe in the past. Well, we can all wish can't we.

Men in Black 3 [Blu-ray]
Men in Black 3 [Blu-ray]

I really enjoyed the 3rd movie, they didn't disappoint! I love how the whole trilogy went. If you haven't seen the Men In Black movies, give 'em a go!


There are, however, some people who can already forget certain things without one of these Neuralyzers. Some of them are either suffering from Alzheimers or they are just forgetful. Then there are some who just need to drink a certain amount of alcohol(Too Much!). I, myself, have always remembered what happened when I drank, even if I got really drunk. I always had control of what I was saying or doing, except for the few times that I was fall over drunk, laughing LOL!

OK! OK! I know, it's not that funny,because it means you're extremely close to blood poisoning, but thankfully I never drank that much. It's just that I'm skinny and whenever I was that bad-off, was when I forgot to eat something first before drinking. Otherwise you're hammered(inebriated), that much quicker!

Alright, now let's get into some more cool movie tech items.......

Would You Erase Any Of Your Unwanted Memories?

See results

#6. The Remote Control from the movie "Click"

The movie "Click", starring Adam Sandler, presented us with a novel idea! A remote control that you could use on many aspects of your life. Pause anything you point the remote at. Rewind anything, to see or hear it again. Slow-motion the funny or hot moments! Fast forward past the boring or horrible parts. But yeah, with the fast forwarding, you'll lose the situation and not know what happened, because you fast forwarded through it. I really enjoyed that movie! If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a watch! In my opinion, Adam Sandler's movies are very entertaining! He can do both comedy and drama, very well!

I recently moved and a little before the move, my cable had to be shut off so I only had basic cable without fast forward, rewind, recording etc. What a crappy way to watch t.v. lol I haven't watched tv like that since 2002 or 2003. I still can't believe we once had to watch tv like that. Technology is most certainly advancing and yeah this item obviously, the ultimate remote control, won't be a real thing. That's a time space continuum thing. You can't go to your nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick one up. Christopher Walken isn't just hanging around in the back, working on experimental technologies.

Speaking of portable devices that would be cool to have, let's see what's next.......

Click [Blu-ray]
Click [Blu-ray]

I thoroughly enjoy Adam Sandler movies! There's just something about how relaxing they are to watch, and of course hilarious! Click is a really great movie, it's almost like "It's A Wonderful Life" meets "Bruce Almighty" meets a couch potato lol


Who Would You Rather Mute More?

See results

#5. "Congo" Small Portable, Mini Handheld Air Conditioners

If you've ever watched the movie "Congo" then you'd know what I'm talking about. They had a lot of cool tech in that movie. Motion sensor machine guns, a laser gun, and yes small portable air conditioners. One of the main characters in that movie, played by Laura Linney, was a scientist/corporate front runner who had to navigate the Congo to find her missing fiance', a fellow scientist. And, well, it gets hot in Africa, so why not bring along some awesome mini a.c.'s!

I think those mini air conditioners will most definitely be made into a reality someday and kind of has already. On a side note: Take a look at a cool handheld air conditioner down bottom. It uses batteries and can be carried anywhere, or you can plug it into your computer's usb and sit it on your desk.

As for other cool items from that movie, I could even see laser guns and motion sensor machine guns being a reality as well. Especially the motion sensor guns, which I'm sure already exist, maybe?

Did someone say laser guns? Next are the ones that almost everyone should be familiar with...........


I love a good adventure movie and this one is perfect for that. A long arduous journey through Africa, deep into the heart of true wilderness! I really like this movie and own it on dvd. It's got action, comedy, suspense & Herkermer Homolka! hahaha!!!


Would You Rather Die From The Heat or The Cold!

See results

Air Conditioners on Amazon

There are only 2 portable handheld air conditioners on the market, that I know of, but sometimes you need bigger ones for more coolness anyway, especially for your house or car. But, when it comes to being out and about, away from big air conditioners you should check out this next portable handheld air conditioner....

More Star Trek Technologies We Wish Existed.....

If you read my first part of this series, then you've already read about some sci-fi items & elements, including some Star Wars & Star Trek elements & items.

Here are some more items from Star Trek, that weren't on the other page, that we wish were real........

Star Trek
Star Trek

I really like what they've done with the new Star Trek movies. I've seen all the movies and I really hope they make a 3rd one with this new cast.


#4. Phasers

"Set your phasers to stun!" The guns of the future, as seen in "Star Trek". Laser guns with added coolness. You can stop someone with a taser type beam or blast them with a laser beam....or even vaporize them into nothingness! Another dangerous and wishlist item that nerds, geeks & all around weapon enthusiasts would love!

Only starship federation officers can use this weapon so if they were available in this world already, then police officers and military personnel would surely be the people using these weapons.

The closest you can get to owning a phaser is by purchasing a toy, like the one pictured above. They sell all the different ones that were shown in every Star Trek movie and show.

If you want to read more about laser weapons then check out these 5 interesting articles:

#1. - Laser Weapons

#2. Popular Mechanic's 8 Laser Weapons Of Today

#3. A Fox News Article About Germany Successfully Creating A Laser Weapon!

#4. A CBS News Article About Laser Weapons Being Sought After, To Be Put On Fighter Jets

What Would You Rather Blow Up With A Laser?

See results

#3. Teleportation

Many movies like Star Trek have touched on teleporation - beaming by way of transporter, as it's known. Like the famous "Beam Me Up!" quote. Just think, no one would have to sit in their cars waiting for traffic anymore. But, they would have to wait in line at the teleporter location, that uses the technology, in it's early stages of production, that is...until it's made available for sale, to be setup in our homes!

There are many dangers to this technology though. I'm sure it would cause some serious problems if the unit was malfunctioning.....turning someone into a pile of goop or sending them to an unknown place, never to return & never to be heard from again.... maybe becoming a part of the air - molecular disintegration and repopulation in the air. Maybe even switching body parts around like from the movie "Spaceballs", where-in Mel Brooks' character, half his body is facing one way and the other is facing the opposite way lol

Galaxy Quest [Blu-ray]
Galaxy Quest [Blu-ray]

If you haven't seen Galaxy Quest you're missing out. I can remember when I first saw it and laughed so hard at the guy screaming after the beam up and first seeing the aliens. One of the funniest & coolest movies in my memories.


"Beam Me Up, Scotty!"

Or maybe even a scarier accident would happen, like with Jeff Golblum's character in "The Fly". If we learned anything from that movie, it's to make sure your teleporter room is clean and clear, and that flies would be horrifying, in human size! In the future, they'd undoubtedly have sensors in a room to scan for any particles, and to either clear them out safely or to eradicate them. Zap goes the flies and bugs. You're all set for transport!

Scientists are already working on this teleporting technology and I've heard rumors that we're close to it! I guess we'll just wait and see......

Here are some articles about teleporting/teleportation:

#1. Wikipedia's Star Trek Transporter Info

#2. An Article About The First Ever Teleportation "November 2012"

#3.'s Article On How Teleporting Works

The Fly [Blu-ray]
The Fly [Blu-ray]

One heck of a scary and gross teleportation cautionary tale!


#2. Replicator

Imagine having a device that could make anything you want. Maybe you want a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of a very specific, distinct tea, coffee or a special meal made just right, just speak it and the machine pops it out.

How awesome!

How cool would a machine be if it could make anything, not just food. Now there's an ingenious idea, who needs a genie and his three wishes when you have this replicating machine. At this present moment, there are many machines that can make what you want, depending on what it is. There are limitations obviously. If there was such an infinite material making machine, I would call it the God Box.

Curious about the replicator & it's future?

#1. A Fox News Article About The U.S. Army Already Using Replicators

#2. An NBC Article About Working On Replicators For Space Use

#3. A Article About Cornell University Working On Making Food Replicators

#4. A Gizmodo Article About A Desktop Scanner That Can Replicate Any Object & Make A 3D Printable Model

#1. Robots

Here's another item that is becoming very real. Robots do already exist in certain forms. In factories and the like. But what about the thought of robots doing the dangerous jobs we need done. Firefighters, police, soldiers? Soldier Robots are the popular agenda lately, especially with drones and the military thinking about using more robot soldiers to fight wars. It would be nice if people wouldn't have to risk their lives to stop the bad guys or put out fires, when metal robots could do the job and be repaired if destroyed. But, It's a dangerous idea if you really pondered it, as it pertains to robot soldiers.

One of the downsides is the factor of machines taking over jobs that humans would need, for us to be able to make money. Also, we'd have to contend with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Much like the "Terminator" movies. Skynet becoming self-aware and taking out humans would not be fun and would give us a run for our survival, like zombies would, but even more hardcore! Machines would be harder to stop, but, what they lack in emotional strength can be used against them, as well as our emotions being used against us.

Machines would be absolutely insane, to take on. If they are touting super fast processors, then they would have nano-second decision making and you'd be toast as soon as they raise their weapon at you. They would be even more unstoppable than any killing machine ever seen in the movie. Doors would be taken down with the slightest of ease. They don't even need to bother chasing you because once they see you with their webcam eyes, their computer brain takes over. They'll calculate your movement & speed, and then all they'd have to do is fire their weapon in the area that, their smart brains calculated, you will be!

Furthermore, the bad guys could even use machines against the good guys. Much like the movie, made from the book by Michael Crichton(The same writing genious who wrote Jurassic Park and many others) "Runaway" starring Tom Selleck. It's about a future cop who works in the robotics department in his police department. He is tasked with stopping rogue robots that malfunction in general ways, but upon investigating one incident, he finds out that a robot was programmed to kill(and many more will be made to, as well) and goes after the bad guy, played by the musician, Gene Simmons(KISS). It's one of my favorite movies! Definitely watch it if you haven't. It's another great 80's movie! "That's not all the templates Ramsey!!!" lol

Articles About Robots - The Present & Future:

#1. Robots.Net - For Everything Robot!

#2. A Washington Times Article About Robots Than Can Save Lives - A Firefighter Robot

#3. The - A Site That Has A Lot Of Cool Robots For Sale - Expensive!


Another one of my favorite movies....yeah I know, I have a lot of favorite movies, I'm an avid movie watcher and have seen just about every movie there is. This is a movie I enjoyed from my childhood.


Will There Be A Robot Apocalypse?

See results

"Come With Me If You Want To Live!" - Terminator 2

Wishful Thinking!

There are countless movies that make us dream & wish so strongly! With so many great movies, full of so many brilliant ideas, it's not hard to believe that we so wish! that certain aspects were a possibility, a present reality.

A lot of movie aspects will most certainly become a real fixture in this world, it just takes time and ingenuity on the part of the inventor, genius! The future of this world, and that of movies, will always spark a beautiful connection in us, the one's whose minds are truly open and hold onto hope.

Image Source

If you enjoyed reading this article and haven't already read the first part: 10 Movie Elements & Items We Wish Existed!

then surely give it a look. Eventually I will be making a part 3(there are so many more elements to cover), so be sure and check back sometime down the road! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment, in the window down bottom, that shows for comments. Let me know you stopped by and what you thought, or think!

Any thoughts?

Can you think of any cool items I've forgotten?

What Movie Item or Element Do You Wish Was Real?

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    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @greenmind: I love movies! This is part 2 and I plan on making more. I wish I could get the golden movie ticket from, "The Last Action Hero" movie and jump into some great movies to meet the characters and bring back some awesome goodies to this world! Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you also checked out part 1....

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 5 years ago from USA

      Hey I love this lens. Cool idea, never would have thought of it.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @Scarlettohairy: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah that Neuralyzer would be fantastic! I think you'll really enjoy part 1 if you end up there. Thanks for checking in!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I would love that Nuebulyzer (sp?) from Men in Black. So cool! This is such a fun idea. Will have to check out your Part 1 movie elements article!

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @Spiderlily321: Thanks! I appreciate your taking the time to read through it. I hope you got the chance to read the first 10 part one that I made, before this one, you might like that one if you didn't read it. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and if vampires were real! We'd need a vampire superhero to save us, like Blade! lol I love the Blade movies!

    • Spiderlily321 profile image

      Spiderlily321 5 years ago

      Nice job on this lens. I really enjoyed reading it. My choice would have to be vampires :-)

    • profile image

      pinoyrecipe 5 years ago

      i'd love to have the teleportation

    • profile image

      Auriel 5 years ago

      interesting lens, Journey to the center of the earth.

    • TyGatti LM profile image

      TyGatti LM 5 years ago

      Great lens! A part of me has always wished Phasers existed :D

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 5 years ago

      I'll pass on the zombies, vampires and werewolves, but I'd love a neuralyzer or a Star Trek-type replicator.


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