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9 reasons why Adventure Time is the greatest programme on television

Updated on February 22, 2014

Adventure Time is an animated cartoon created by Pendleton Ward. It is a Cartoon Network show, so some of you may be sceptical about this, as many of their recent shows have been lacklustre to say the least compared to efforts from the past. The show follows the adventures of a human boy named Finn and his magical dog Jake. The two are brothers as Finn was adopted but their relationship is that of two best friends. The show is set in the magical post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, set sometime in the future with hints of futuristic technology. The show teaches it's viewers about friendship, moral integrity and how good always prospers over evil, all with a satirical twist.

Adventure Time allows for some great cosplay attempts.
Adventure Time allows for some great cosplay attempts. | Source

1.The first reason to love this programme is the Candy people. They are exactly what you would imagine them to be, people made out of candy. My favourite candy person is Cinnamon Bun. He is a large cinnamon bun that always tries to impress people but in reality he is looked down upon by other Candy Kingdom inhabitants as they see him as a buffoon. However there are other notable Candy people such as the Peppermint Butler, Starchy and probably the most well-known Candy person of all Princess Bubblegum. She is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. All Candy people on the whole, with minor exceptions, are not the most independent or knowledgeable race. Of course this is excluding the Princess Bubblegum, she loves all things to do with science and is probably one of the brightest characters in the Land of Ooo. All of the other Candy people seem helpless and dependent upon Princess Bubblegum and see her as a mother figure even though she is only 18 years of age. Oh and did I mention that when they get scared they explode? That is hilarious to say the least. They actually explode when they get too sacred, that is how I would want to go when I die…

2. Another reason for loving this programme is the cast. It was brilliantly assembled by Pen Ward. An example of this is Jake who is voiced by John DiMaggio who is also the voice of Bender from Futurama. He sounds the same as he does in Futurama and the character is very similar in how he portrays both of them and it is rather interesting to watch and see how the two are very similar in their actions and what they say. Also The Ice King is voiced by Tom Kenny who is also the voice of numerous other animated characters notably so SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a veteran within animation and he plays the character of The Ice King beautifully and really brings out the sheer eccentric side of The Ice King. Both bring play both of their roles exceptionally well as do all of the other voices within the cast.

3. Lumpy Space Princess. She is possibly one of the greatest animated characters ever created. Voice by Pendleton Ward himself he really knows how to create brilliant, unrivalled characters. She is often abbreviated to LSP within the show. She is princess of the Lumpy Space which is an alternate dimension which she rarely inhabits as she loves The Land of Ooo so much. The way she talks and what she says is that of pure gold. She is very obsessed with her image and will often comment on how her lumps are looking. My favourite catchphrase of hers is “hey girl” said in a thick valley girl accent. It makes me chuckle every time. She floats around with a swagger, if that is even possible, but she does exactly that to show she is boss and wants to come across as a popular person. Though in reality she has few friends and many people in Ooo cannot stand her.

4. Another reason to love this show is that everything has some sort of backstory. For example characters such as The Ice King and Marceline all have back stories that we find out as we watch the show. Very little is revealed about the show but in small instalments we as viewers find out more about each character and The Land of Ooo and how is came about. Things are mentioned such as the Mushroom War but very little is elaborated upon which creates intrigue from many viewers and because of this there have been many theories that viewers have come up with. A great blog with many of the theories on is : It has many great theories and is something worth looking at as it will make you look at the show in a whole new light.

5. Some characters speak a different language which makes the whole viewing experience very multicultural for those of us who do not leave the house much. My favourite is Lady Rainicorn who is voiced by Nicki Yang who speak in Korean which is a great touch as her and Jake have many conversations much of which is not translated by Jake as more often than not he will simply laugh creating some sort of different meaning for the older viewers. Yang also voices BMO who is a robot that lives with Finn and Jake but she voices this character in English but there is still a Korean accent which sounds very brilliant especially in how BMO acts as it is a very weird robot that has many interests including football. BMO is portrayed to be very weird and some sort of dysfunctional robot that acts more like a human as seen in the episode “BMO Noire” which is one of my personal favourite episodes.

Creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward
Creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward | Source

6. The Land of Ooo is a land that has been ravished by war in previous years. It was once known as Earth but many years before the present setting of the show there was a Mushroom War implying that there was some sort of nuclear war that destroyed all life on Earth except a few key things that were needed for life to keep going and to create many of the creatures in present day Ooo, however little is known about how life in present day Ooo reached its current state. The land has creatures of all shapes and sizes. Examples of these are vampires, talking plants, magical dogs (such as Jake), witches, people made from fire, and some sort of Yeti type creatures. This is not a comprehensive list as there are far too many creatures within Ooo to list.

7. The relationships between many of the characters are ones that create intrigue and a sense of warmth. This is because all characters may seem to dislike each other for example the relationship between The Ice King and Finn and Jake, they seem to be enemies but there are many circumstances where there are signs where they clearly care for each other. The sense of hate is not that deep and Finn and Jake only see The Ice King as an annoyance. Also one that has created the most intrigue amongst viewers is that between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. They are both of the same age and have very different personalities and interest but during much of the show they show a dislike towards each other. However there are other moments where there are clear signs that they care for each other but neither one wants to show it too much for example during one episode Marceline comments on how Princess Bubblegum never wears the rock shirt that she gave her but Bubblegum then replies that it is one of her most prized possessions. Also the relationship between The Ice King and Marceline is also an interesting one as they go back a long way before the Mushroom War however The Ice King does not remember it as his crown has taken him over. In a few episodes Marceline has revealed how they knew each other and how she cares for him very much.

8. Another reason why I love this programme is because it shows that for everyone there is someone out there that will love them but you just have to find it. It is seen with Finn as throughout many episodes it is clearly seen that he is madly in love with Princess Bubblegum but she rejects him as she sees him as being too young. He takes this badly and then Jake finds him another princess that is his age. Flame Princess and Finn immediately have a spark and then it flourishes into a relationship which pleases Finn very much. In order to find the Flame Princess Jake had to travel a great distant in order to find her and show her to Jake. This shows to anyone that in order to find love sometimes you have to try very hard to find someone for you.

9. A lesser thing that I enjoy about the programme is the variety of colour. This may sound very childish but it is visually captivating. There is no lack of bright colours which too many young children would certainly attract them to this programme. It is just nice to see that animators are not afraid to use a wide variety of colours these days.

You decide.

What is your favourite things about Adventure Time?

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      dngjkn sdjk gndjgnejf 2 years ago

      This show is good. I like how random everything is, like the candy people.

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      sassssssssssss 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Greg Simpson 4 years ago

      Great hub about a great show!

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 5 years ago

      The program is great. It highlights many subjects and is just that slightest bit of insane.

    • profile image

      Gerad Simpson 5 years ago

      I could not agree more. I absolutely love this programme!!!