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10 Romantic Movies Kiss Love and the S Word

Updated on February 11, 2015

It Could Be A Happily Ever After

I tend to like movies that there is a happily ever after by the end of the movie. There is a critic inside this lovely-dovey heart. I tend to cry very easy.

There are so many movies that I love to watch. This list might just turn out to be longer than 5 romantic movies. I will add each one to the introduction.

1. While You Were Sleeping

2. You've Got Mail

3. Hellboy

4. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

5. Groundhog Day

6. Legally Blonde

7. Sleepless In Seattle

8. The Princess Bride

9. Just Like Heaven

10. Mannequin

image: DChance

While You Were Sleeping

I have seen this movie over 50 times or more. The first time, I saw it I wanted to see it again and again.

I felt like this was a stalker movie. The girl liked this guy but he turned out to be emotionally unavailable. She didn't know anything about him. There was only a fairy tale connection of the two that happened behind the scenes in her own mind. Knowing that I can think of at least ten bad ways this movie could have went ... all bad. But, I was surprised that this movie didn't end up a lifetime movie.

As a stalker, the female character never chased after the male lead. She like many men in poetry never even knew the woman. It was very unlikely that they would have ever hooked up.

This story seems to brake the rules of a romance. The 2nd love interest is not the first love interest in the movie. I am all for a change of pace. This is the type of movie where she could have met this guy near the end of the movie and I would have still cheered for him.

Character Growth

Female Main: She finds love with a real guy that is not part of her imagination.

1st Male Lead: He understands that he needs to find a great woman to love him.

2nd Male Lead: He finds that he should have been looking for someone to love in his life that cares about his goals, too.

Sandra Bullock really picked a great movie to star in that time. I don't see much of a way for anyone to mess this movie up. This movie is perfect for any actress to play the lead.

Bill Pullman is another matter. I thought, he was going to be too stuffy for the roll. I was very wrong. I loved him in this movie.

This two characters where meant to be together. Sandra Bullock could not have made the movie happen by herself. Bill Pullman made this movie a success.

You've Got Mail

I would have hated this movie if anyone else was in the movie besides Tom Hanks and Mag Ryan. Tom Hanks really knows how to make the character special. It is really hard to hate him. And, Mag Ryan is often impossible to hate in any movie. I know, I would have hated the book.

The female character is not lovable. She is stuck in a life that she thinks is just alright for her. There is noting missing in her life. This female even lives with a guy.

The movie is more about hitting a transitional phase then falling in love. The story is more grown up then most romance stories. The woman realizes that she needs someone that understands her. The man realizes that in order to fall in love he needs someone who can love him for him and not his money.


Female Character: Learns to respect the person she is with this time around.

1st Male Character: Learns that he can have a love that is so determined to hold onto the past.

2nd Male Character: Learns that he needs to not repeat the same mistakes his father repeated.


This is one of my favorite action shows but it also has a great love story. The two comic book characters are meant to be together.

The big red hero is introduced as a loner but hold up ... there is a love of his life in the movie. Because, this is an action story the love story has already developed earlier before the movie. Yes, this could have happened in the show but I like how the movie handled the love interest.

The male lead wants to be with the female lead but he is not use to being in love. Falling in love does not seem to be his thing to do on any night. I am sure, he would rather start fights but he fallows his heart.

The female lead is not sure about him because he is to much a tough guy. She wants to love him but his habits are too much for her. Who really has that many cats, anyway?


Male lead: Learns that he does have a childish side but can't stand to be without the female lead.

Female lead: Learns she can't stay away from her love for long.

Ok, she is a little young for him but their love is too strong. They just need to be together.

Great love story. I was rutting for them the male lead to grow up more which is very ironic since, he is the older one.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

This is the romance that was years in the making. They fall in love get married and then their marriage goes down hill. Work becomes more important then their marriage.

They try to see a marriage counselor. So, I get the idea that they want to know what went wrong. They like each other things just not working out for some reason. They would not be in a counselor's office if they had the answers.


Female Lead: She becomes more open with her life.

Male Lead: Learns that he can trust her.

This two seemed to fall in love on screen. There love heats up after telling the truth to each other. Maybe, this is some kind of theme in this action adventure. Tell the truth even if it might hurt your loved one.

Groundhog Day

Bill Murrey does not scream sexy to me but this move is a romance-comedy. He does not have to be sexy just a great guy. That is were the start of the movie falls flat. He does not start off a great guy. Others in the movie seem to hate him.

The camera man, I am only guessing would like to leave the weather man in the snow to die. However, Phill (Bill Murray) is the talent. So, everyone has to put up with him.

The female lead is worried from the start that he will make some sort of scene. She tries to help him even though, she has no knowledge of how to help someone like him. She actually cares about him. That is a real shocker to this movie.

The male lead finds that he does not want to live without the love of the female lead. This would be great if the female lead actually understood that he really does love her.


Male Lead: Learns that he can be happy in love.

Female Lead: Learns that she can trust a man to love her.

The Princess Bride

This is a great story. A woman falls in love with a man. They should get married right away but they don't get married at all. He has to go away.

Upon his return a king has claimed her as his bride-to- be. Even though, she does not love the king, she must marry.

While she is waiting the male lead returns.

Male Lead: Has always been in love with the female lead. Nothing can change that or will ever change that throughout time itself.

Female Lead: Wants to marry for love. Would do anything to get her love back to her safely.

This movie is romance that is full of adventure. It deals with a woman who is devoted to only one man a horrible king has noticed her beauty.

The male lead will not give up his search for his love as he fights to win her back

Legally Blonde

The first movie was a positive movie about seeking out the one you love. A woman loves a man who wants a better future. For some reason, they can not be together.

This movie could stop there. Elle could commit suicide but she is much stronger then even she perceives.

She is determined to get her man back at whatever the cost. The cost for her is to go to Harvard Law. The goal seems far off but she does not give up.

Elle wants to win her love back from his unknown future.

Female Lead: I think this movie was nicely done. The character Elle knew what could happen but she pressed forward, almost like a Disney movie.

Male Lead: Warner is not a bad guy. He wants to make his parents happy. The story does not tell his side. If he wants to leave Elle is up to interpretation.

This movie has themes about falling in love with the guy that you can fall in love with, in it. There also a minor lesson about fallowing dreams even though Elle didn't want to be a lawyer.

Sleepless In Seattle

I am not sure if this is a real love story. However, I did love this movie.

The female charecter is about to get married by she has cold feet. She sees the man that she loves as a man who is just like her. She wants to do something different with her life. That is when she hears the male characters voice on the radio. She falls in love right away. In fact, many women fall in love with this guys voice.

The female lead believed that this guy is her true love.

Male Lead: Just divorced and has one kid single father, is not seeking love. He does want to date, again.

Female Lead: In a serious relationship but is not happy. She wants to find someone who is not just like her.

This is a strange love story ... if it can be called a love story. There is only one person in love in the story and that is the female lead's lover.

Just Like Heaven

The movie is very light on the romance at first. The male character has problems with love. So, he tries to live alone for a long period of time.

This plan does not work for him. He finds that the female lead is already living there.

Male Lead: He is an alright guy that has some hard times. He is depressed a lot but he seems to get better around the female lead.

Female Lead: She is a doctor that is a ghost-like in her presents. She never fell in love before because she never made time to do anything.

The two fall in love raither slowly. This love might not have happened unless the male character let go of his past love.


This romance is about a man who is in love with the wrong woman. He seems to be on a roll with falling in love with the wrong woman. The newest one is not under a spell.

Male Lead: Wants to have a job that makes him look good.

Female Lead: Is looking for the one love that will make her alive, again.

In this romance, the two fall in love right away. There is not much leading up to the being in love. The two characters are just destined to be together.

What Makes The Movie Stay Romantic

1. While You Were Sleeping - The two characters don't talk much. There is nothing to argue about during the main part of the story.

Love is found: As part of a stressful matter that should not have happened in the first place.

2. You've Got Mail - The two characters work at book stores. They both are in failing relationships.

Love is found: When there is a large money matter that can not be resolved easily.

3. Hellboy - The two characters already love each other.

Love is found: When two people are separated from each other.

4. Mr. And Mrs. Smith - They both love to hide who they really are in real life. They love to travel for work.

Love is found: In a situation, that involves impending danger.

5. Groundhog Day - The guy had many days to learn how to love this one woman.

Love is found: After, being trapped in the same situation for a long time.

6. Legally Blonde - Girl needs someone to look up to because her goals are changed. The guy is like a father figure to her.

Love is found: Upon working toward a better goal in life.

7. Sleepless In Seattle - They don't have to talk to each other. They can make up what might happen in their heads because the relationship does not start until the end of the movie.

Love is found: When the characters realize that love can not be fit into one definition of what they like to do.

8. The Princess Bride - This is basically love at first sight kind of love.

Love is found: In a place, where there are only two people that can fall in love.

9. Just Like Heaven - Very comfortable relationship that does not have much future for commitment.

Love is found: Without going, anywhere.

10. Mannequin - Love at first site. No need to stay faithful for the guy in the beginning of the relationship.

Love is found: At work with a girl that does not know anything about love.

Love Songs From The Movies

1. While You Were Sleeping-----This Will Be - Natalie Cole

2. You've Got Mail-----------------Dreams- The Cranberries

3. Hellboy---------------------------Soundtrack

4. Mr. And Mrs. Smith------------Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer

5. Groundhog Day----------------Soundtrack

6. Legally Blonde-----------------Soundtrack

7. Sleepless In Seattle-----------Soundtrack

8. The Princess Bride------------Storybook Love - Mark Knopfler

9. Just Like Heaven---------------Soundtrack

10. Mannequin---------------------Nothings Going To Stop Us Now- Starship

Do you have a favorite romantic movie?

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    • aaxiaa lm profile image

      aaxiaa lm 

      4 years ago

      Some great movies here!

    • DChance LM profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @georgepmoola2: Thanks.

    • DChance LM profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Thanks, I love the opening song. It drives my husband crazy if I sing it over and over. Or, say things like, "Hey, do you want me to be your weather girl?"

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      From the ones on this lens, Groundhog Day is my favorite.

    • georgepmoola2 profile image


      5 years ago

      No, but a good lens anyway.


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