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My Top 10 List Of Songs I Kinda Like And Made A Top 10 List For

Updated on September 24, 2016
Studies find that people really like puppies.
Studies find that people really like puppies.

Most of the time top ten song lists have a theme. Something that ties them all together. Something that each song on the list has in common with the other songs on the list. Examples Include in no particular order "Top 10 Love Songs" "Top Ten Songs About New Love" "Top 10 Songs About Commitment" "Top 10 Songs About Marriage" "Top 10 Songs About Cheating" ''Top 10 Songs About Divorce" "Top 10 Songs About Hating Your Ex" "Top 10 Songs About Revenge" "Top 10 Songs About Murder" "Top 10 Songs About Going To Prison" and "Top 10 Songs About Suicide"

I have chosen to abandon the classic formula for top ten lists. I am in no way saying they don't work. They typically are among articles with the highest traffic. It's been pointed out numerous times that Humans will pay more attention to text with numbers. The lists take advantage of this by having both number and text in Its headline. A type of clickbait that goes back many years before the internet.

I have chosen to not carry a common theme with this list because I am lazy. I wanted to knock this list out while watching tv. I did not want my pathetic little brain to be bothered to use any kind of creativity in my writing. I just wanted to take ten things and say a few words about that thing then say another thing and so on. You know what? Me explaining this is making me use my pathetic excuse for a brain even more than I did not want to in the first place.

So I guess I won't hold this up any longer than I already have. I need to knock this out and get back to watching more garbage on television. So with that being said, I now present to you without any further distraction or delay. My Top 10 List Of Songs I Kinda Like And Made A Top 10 List For.

#10 "I Want You / She's So Heavy" by The Beatles

This song is amazing. One of a few songs by The Beatles that basically list the lyrics in the songs title. I remember seeing a then instrumental Tera Melos playing at the Masquerade in Atlanta about ten years ago. A drunk heckler asked for the band to do a cover and the crowd laughed, Tera Melos did not. The group's guitarist grabbed a mic and said "here's one" and ripped into an amazing version of this song. Below is a version of the song with Paul's bass and Ringo's drums Isolated. Versions of the song are hard to share from Youtube due to the band's notorious creative property protection.

#9 "Nausea" by Beck

I recently wrote an article about Beck's new music video "Wow". In the process of doing research on it I was blown away by how much I missed listening to his music and all the music I actually missed. "Nausea" is one that I had actually missed. I spent a lot of time rejecting everything but obscure art. Forgot that some people get the fame because they deserve it. Beck is of this rare breed. Love how fast this song seems to feel. Beck almost seems angry in the way he sings this song. Even appearing so singing it in the songs video below. Yet it's still very chill.

#8 "Mexico" by Cake

I did not mean a type of mexican cake. This is the song "Mexico" by the band Cake. It's a real lovely song about how life can change in an instant. One minute you're bound for Mexico, the next you find a reason to stay. The steel guitar and western feel draws the line where country music is still cool. Plus Cakes normal brass section gives it a Mariachi feel at a few points through the song. The song appears on the album Prolonging The Magic an album I highly recommend giving a listen.

#7 "Doses And Mimosas" by Cherub

This song is awesome. I remember the first time hearing this song, I fought liking it. I had a adolescent hatred for good male singers. This came from being the victim of forced listening of Nsync and The Backstreet Boy's by my older sister. An issue that leaves me shaken to this day. But by the end of my first listen I had to start it over. This duo from Nashville are Just that awesome. Below is one of two videos for this song. The other video is just a bit too racy for all audiences.

#6 "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube

This is the Dis Rap song that started it all. Family man and star of "Are We There Yet 17" Ice cube, was part of starting one of the most deadliest trends in music history other than alcoholism and heroin addiction. Cube got screwed when he left Eazy-E and his business manager in charge of divvying up the profits from Straight Outta Compton. Ice Cube (who wrote most of the album's lyrics) felt like he deserved more. So he left the group in a dignified manner. Actually it kinda was that way. until N.W.A. dropped his name in two songs on their first album without cube. The result is one of the most vicious attack songs ever made.

Studies have also found that people like pictures of puppies with other cute animals, even more than pictures with only puppies.
Studies have also found that people like pictures of puppies with other cute animals, even more than pictures with only puppies.

#5 "Out Of Reach" by The Get Up Kids"

I love this song. I love how sad it is. I don't even know why it's so sad. But like many sad things it's really beautiful. It really just puts you in the place where you realize you have to start all over. That time you worked eight hours on something and did not remember to hit save. Or when You realize you wasted 10 years of your life caring about someone who would rather be watching television right now. The song is from Something To Write Home About, which is basically the essential Get Up Kids album.

#4 "Touch" by "Daft Punk"

This song takes you places with or without your permission. But don't have any fears, Daft Punk's "Touch" is a good touch. Featuring Paul Williams on lead vocals (the shorter gambling cowboy in the Burt Reynolds epic 1970's classic movie Smokey And The Bandit) This song has an old school feel that moves from one earthsharing movement to another. Orchestras, boys choirs, robot voices, this song has it all. Featuring a line that plays tricks on the mind. Are they saying "if love is the answer, you're wrong" or "if love is the answer, you're home"? It's all in how the listener chooses to listen.

#3 "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead

I could of put any Radiohead song on this list. As I write this I have yet to pick one. I just love Radiohead, wanna fight about it? I don't, I'd rather listen to more Radiohead. Thank you very much.


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#2 "Genghis Khan" by Miike Snow

This song is great and the video is even better. It has a real James Bond meets The Venture Brothers feel to it. I wrote my first article on hubpages about this song's music video and the sequel music video "Pull My Trigger" which is also just out of this world. This is the best thing to happen to music videos in many years. Check them all out.

#1 "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Why did I pick "Freebird" as my #1 song on my pointless top ten list? America! That's why! Mick Jagger got a mouth full of America back when this video was shot and the Rolling Stones tongue was never quite the same again. Skynyrd was in jolly ole England to open for the Stones at the 1976 Knebworth festival. But no one in the Rolling Stones crew had a clue how hard it would be to follow this performance. This is one of the best performances by a band who less than a year later would lose three members to a plane crash. Forever changing this once great band to the Wal-Mart parking lot performers they are today.

Final Thoughts

Well that's it. My list of random songs I can stand to listen to. I hope you enjoyed. I am now going to watch television. I hope the same Tosh.O rerun is on for the thousandth time or I will just have to mindlessly stare at CNN for the next six hours. Please comment on any random songs I may have forgotten that belong on this completely pointless list.


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    • Jadon Hardy profile image

      Jadon H 

      2 years ago from Florida

      I like this list format... I think it's different! Interesting to find out what you like personally.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!


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