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How to Kill Time Productively?

Updated on September 25, 2014

There is a difference between "How to Kill time?" and "How to Kill time productively?". This thought came to me when I started accompanying my husband for his work related travels. After 11 years of corporate career, being a sheer workaholic, I landed into this lull when I quit my job and moved to Puerto Rico to be with my husband. To most of my corporate girlfriends, I was in a "Zen state"… no more corporate deadlines, unneccessary rush!… I suddenly entered into a calm zone, a place where I could relax my over exhausted mind, rethink, gather myself and enjoy life. Well, its easier said than done! I got tired carrying an empty mind and an empty day's schedule with me the very first month. So, I decided to discipline myself right away. I decided that even though I need to "kill time", I rather "kill time productively"!

I made a list of all the things I have been wanting to do but couldn't! I picked my most favorite to-dos and made a rough schedule for myself.

Break yourself free from the mundane!
Break yourself free from the mundane! | Source
I made my LIST
I made my LIST | Source

Recall your hobbies!

I say "Recall" because when you are in the midst of a tiresome work life, you slowly tend to forget what makes you happy.

Make a list of everything that interests you, things/ activities that you have been wanting to do and have not been able to due to your current heavy schedule at work or due to all the time that you have been spending to take care of your family.

In 2010, while i was still working full time in a creative role, I realized it actually was not that creative! After a point, it just became mechanical and mundane! I decided to break myself free. I wanted to do something creative… With a day's research, I found out a potter close to my house who was giving classes over the weekends.

Following is a list that can be useful in finalizing what fancies you. Your personal list definite can have more options that the ones given below.

Some of my latest works
Some of my latest works | Source

1. Sign up for an art/ hobby class

Pick whatever you like

1. Music

2. Pottery/ Sculpting

3. Painting

4. Knitting

5. Photography

6. Cooking

etc etc

I took up hand built pottery while I was working full time. I ensured that I take time out during the weekends and do something that let me unleash my creativity. Those were the few hours when I would cut myself off from the 24/7 duty call. I would let my mind breathe!

And once I joined my husband, I took up wheel throwing.


2. Be your Interior designer

Challenge yourself to do your home makeover at the most cost effective way! Just google… there are so many blogs and videos that you will find to help you in your mission!

You are the best person to understand your's and your family's needs. You are the best designer of your house… Make it a home!


3. Sports

Do you miss the sport you so passionately used to play? What are you waiting for? Instead of long hours of sleep, get back to what you love!pull out your gear from the attic and head towards the ground.


4. Write and express

For the beginners, you don't really have to be a pro to start this. The idea is just to express yourself. Let your thoughts speak. You have various ways to do this- write a diary/ write poetry/ write yourself a letter each day/ write quotes etc.

For people who have a flair for writing and have not got any time to do it recently, get back into the groove!


5. Movies and Documentaries

Well, I fell in love with the medium the first time I saw Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and the animated "Jungle book" as a kid. The love for the medium finally drew me to the world of television.

Make your wish list of all the movies that you have wanted to watch. Movies lead us to a spellbound state where we let the characters enter our world of reality and become a part of them. Movies not only entertain us, but tell us about the unseen director, the writer, the cinematographer, the crew and definitely the actors.

Documentaries on the other hand, with their factual nature, lead us to a reality that might be hidden from you.

Choose your pick of make believe or reality. It's your call!

6. Become a volunteer

Sign up as a volunteer in a community service. Other than the social work you involve yourself in, there are many more benefits of this. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to learn something new. I volunteered myself for painting classes in a day rehabilitation centre. I learnt so many techniques and specialties of various artists. Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to meet new people!

Devoting time in social welfare, added substance to my otherwise mundane days.


7. Be fit!

If toning up or losing weight was always on your New Year resolution list, then gift yourself a healthy and fit body by the end of this year. Join a gym or just go for morning runs. Put your music on your iPod and forget the

Now this particular activity calls for a great sacrifice… sacrifice of junk food, sacrifice of food only meant to satiate our taste palette. Honestly speaking I have been struggling in this department. But sometime soon I will achieve it…

Finally, take up one of these or something else that you like to do. Break yourself free from the clutter. And most importantly enjoy and have fun!

Choose your favorite

What would you like to do in your free time?

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