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100 Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones

Updated on July 27, 2020
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I have been an online writer for over four years. I am passionate about books, philosophy, music, and the music industry.


K- pop which represents Korean Pop is a music genre that has its roots in South Korea. An amalgamation of a wide variety of western music influences give K-pop a unique identity. Seo Taiji and the Boys, a K-pop band formed in 1992 set the ball rolling for the modern sound in Korean pop music. The band is credited to pave the way for modern forms of K-pop. The term ‘K pop’ is often used as a referential umbrella term to describe modern and ultra urban pop music forms of South Korea.

K-pop ringtones are a craze with teens not just in Korea but also in Japan, US, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Africa, and India. Indeed, the world is going gaga over K-pop and this seems just the beginning. Bands and artists in the realms of K-pop are referred to as ‘idol groups’ or ‘idols’. K-pop fever is expected to reach dizzy heights in the near future. K-pop groups are associated with a leader, and the youngest member in the group is referred to as ‘maknae’.

Pick your favorite K-pop ringtone from an epic list of modern K-pop songs. If you are a fan of K-pop you will have a lot to say. Feel free to speak your heart and mind in the comments section.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones

  1. “DNA”—BTS (2017)
  2. “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”—Blackpink (2018)
  3. “Gangnam Style”—PSY (2012)
  4. “Kill This Love”—Blackpink (2019)
  5. “Dalla Dalla”—Itzy (2019)
  6. “Bad Boy”—Red Velvet (2018)
  7. “Eung Eung”—Apink (2019)
  8. “Fake Love”—BTS (2018)
  9. “TT”—Twice (2016)
  10. “Monster”—EXO (2016)

What Makes K-Pop Special

Songs by boy bands and all-girl bands are hugely popular in K-pop. What makes K- pop daringly different from other music genres is the colloquial exhibition of visual and musical elements. The wide spectrum of aesthetics that come forth to life in the realms of this music genre brings about a celestial feeling. The best way to feel the pulse and explore musical soundscapes in this genre is by listening to different K-pop songs.

The unique sensibilities that come to life with a form of ethnic synthesized fusion of music encompassed with audiovisual elements, fashion and slick dance routines says a lot about the aesthetic grace in k-pop songs. In recent years K-pop ringtones have grown into a gargantuan subculture that has mesmerized teens and young adults. Social networks have contributed in a big way in the spread of K-pop and it’s subcultures to far corners of the world.

Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones #11—20

11. “Senorita”—(G)I-dle (2019)

12. “As If It’s Your Last”—Blackpink (2018)

13. “Cheer Up”—Twice (2016)

14. “Gentleman”—PSY (2013)

15. “Sorry Sorry”—Super Junior (2009)

16. “Shine”—Pentagon (2018)

17. “BBoom BBoom”—Momoland (2018)

18. “Gotta Go”—Chungha (2019)

19. “Likey”—Twice (2017)

20. “MIC Drop”—BTS (2017)

Management Agencies and the Selection Process of K-Pop Idols

Hectic schedules form an integral part in the world of K-pop. Management agencies in South Korea work round the clock scouting for talented young individuals who have potential to be K-pop idols. Binding contracts are offered to potential idols by management agencies based on audition performances. Once the management agency selects trainees, these trainees spend time in a housed environment learning foreign languages, music, dance, and honing new skill sets before making their grand debut. Survival audition programs, talent shows, and K-pop reality shows have become exceedingly popular with youth aspiring to be idols. Grooming sessions play a pivotal role in personality development and image makeover for individuals who are selected to be idols.


Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones #21—40

21. “Fantastic Baby”—Big Bang (2012)

22. “I Got A Boy”—Girl’s Generation (2013)

23. “Fire”—BTS (2016)

24. “Ko Ko Bop”— EXO (2017)

25. “Boombayah”—Blackpink (2016)

26. “Sunrise”—GFriend (2019)

27. “Day By Day”—Big Bang (2008)

28. “Love Scenario”—iKON (2018)

29. “Playing With Fire”—Blackpink (2018)

30. “Call Me Baby”—EXO (2015)

31. “Peek-A-Boo”—Red Velvet (2017)

32. “I’m Ok”—iKON (2019)

33. “Getting Closer”—Seventeen (2019)

34. “Daddy”—PSY featuring CL (2015)

35. “What Is Love?”—Twice (2018)

36. “Save Me”—BTS (2016)

37. “Growl”—EXO (2013)

38. “Bomb Bomb”—KARD (2019)

39. “Tempo”—EXO (2018)

40. “No Other”— Super Junior (2010)

English Lyrics in K-Pop Songs

While not many bands and artists associated with K-pop used English lyrics in their songs in the 90s, things have changed drastically post 2000. Thanks to intricate language training schedules provided by management agencies, a number of K pop bands have released English versions of their songs thereby giving their brand of music global accessibility. In recent years a number of K-pop bands and artists have collaborated with major artists in the western world.


Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones #41—60

41. “Dance The Night Away”—Twice (2018)

42. “I’m So Hot”—Momoland (2019)

43. “Blood Sweat & Tears”—BTS (2016)

44. “Daydream”—J-Hope (2018)

45. “Heart Shaker”—Twice (2017)

46. “Say My Name”—Ateez (2019)

47. “Gogobebe”—Mamamoo (2019)

48. “Dope”—BTS (2015)

49. “I Am The Best”—2NE1 (2011)

50. “Bang Bang Bang”— Big Bang (2016)

51. “Like Ooh-Ahh”—Twice (2015)

52. “Spring”—Park Bom (2019)

53. “Idol”—BTS (2018)

54. “Twit”—Hwasa (2019)

55. “Fxxk it”—Big Bang (2018)

56. “Bubble Pop”—Hyuna (2011)

57. “Whistle”—Blackpink (2018)

58. “Ring Ring Ring”—Verivery (2019)

59. “Eyes Nose Lips”—Taeyang (2014)

60. “Don’t” —Loco & Hwasa (2018)

Visually Stunning Choreography in K-Pop songs

The visually spectacular choreographed dance moves in K-pop songs have become a rage with fans globally. A number of critics have praised the brilliance of visual aesthetics in K-pop songs. The flawless symmetry of dance moves in K-pop music videos encompassed with breathtakingly beautiful camera angles and lighting is testimony to the fact that this youth-oriented glitzy avatar is the next big movement in mainstream music. The supreme coordination and flawless choreography is what makes K-pop a cut above the rest. Needless to say, it’s theatrically cool to incorporate K-pop ringtones in your scheme of things.

Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones #61—80

61. “Palette”—IU featuring G-Dragon (2017)

62. “Lo Seinto”—Super Junior featuring Leslie Grace (2017)

63. “Baby Don’t Stop”—NCT U (2018)

64. “I’m Not Over You”—Kim Ryeowook (2019)

65. “Really Really”—Winner (2017)

66. “Never Ever”—Got7 (2017)

67. “Heroine”—Sunmi (2018)

68. “Red Flavor”—Red Velvet (2017)

69. “La La Love”—Cosmic Girls (2019)

70. “Gashina”—Sunmi (2018)

71. “Alone”—Sistar (2012)

72. “Mr. Simple”—Super Junior (2011)

73. “Don’t Wanna Cry”—Seventeen (2017)

74. “Love Bomb”—fromis 9 (2018)

75. “Lies”—Big Bang (2008)

76. “Ring Ding Dong”—SHINee (2009)

77. “Thanks”—Seventeen (2018)

78. “Step”—Kara (2011)

79. “I’m So Sick”—Apink (2018)

80. “Dumb Dumb”—Red Velvet (2015)

The Impact of K-Pop on Fashion and Culture

Modern K-pop has had a profound influence on youth globally. Style trends started by K-pop idols have become the fashion mantra with youngsters. The ultra-stylish costumes and clothing worn by K-pop bands and K-pop artists have opened new pathways for glamour in fashion. A neo-subculture has emerged through the realms of K-pop ringtones. The chic and stylish look portrayed by K-pop idols has taken the fashion manifesto to a whole new level. Idol culture associated with K-pop has enchanted the world. K-pop has emerged as an independent entity that has influenced and inspired fashion and culture in the new age. In the days ahead, K-pop will only get bigger and better. Gear up! You might just witness the next big thing in music entertainment.

Best K-Pop Songs for Ringtones #81—100

81. “Our Page”—SHINee (2018)

82. “Blooming Day”—EXO-CBX (2018)

83. “Crooked”—G-Dragon (2013)

84. “Good Boy”—GD X-Taeyang (2014)

85. “Solo”—Jennie Kim (2018)

86. “Oh My!”—Seventeen (2018)

87. “No”—CLC (2019)

88. “Ice Cream Cake”—Red Velvet (2015)

89. “Bbibbi”—IU (2018)

90. “Knock Knock”—Twice (2017)

91. “I”—Taeyeon (2015)

92. “Lotto”—EXO (2016)

93. “Baam”—Momoland (2018)

94. “Who You”—G Dragon (2013)

95. “Signal”—Twice (2017)

96. “Get It”—Pristin V (2018)

97. “RInga Linga”—Taeyang (2013)

98. “Gee”—Girl’s Generation (2009)

99. “Singularity”—BTS (2018)

100. “La Vie En Rose”—IZ*ONE (2018)

Other Notable K-Pop Songs for Ringtones

  • “Starry Night”—Mamamoo (2018)
  • “Euphoria”—BTS (2018)
  • “Lion Heart”— Girls´Generation (2015)
  • “Roller Coaster”—Chungha (2018)
  • “Crazy”— 4Minute (2015)
  • “Boomerang”—Wanna One (2018)
  • “Killing Me”—iKon (2018)
  • “Just One Day”—BTS (2014)
  • “I Love You”—EXID (2018)
  • “One Shot, Two Shot”—BoA (2018)
  • “Russian Roulette”—Red Velvet (2016)
  • “War of Hormone”—BTS (2015)
  • “Shinin’”—Jonghyun (2018)
  • “Egotistic”—Mamamoo (2018)
  • “Oh!”— Girls' Generation (2010)
  • “Nobody”—Wonder Girls (2007)
  • “Bad Boy”—Big Bang (2012)
  • “Jealousy”—Monsta X (2018)
  • “Black Dress”—CLC (2018)
  • “Noir”—Sunmi (2019)
  • “Loser”—Big Bang (2015)
  • “Siren”—Sunmi (2018)
  • “Electric Shock”—f(x) (2012)
  • “Lullaby”—Got7 (2018)
  • “Lollipop”—Big Bang and 2NE1 (2009)
  • “Not Today”—BTS (2017)
  • “Up & Down”—EXID (2015)
  • “Haru Haru”—Big Bang (2008)
  • “Latata”—(G)I-dle (2018)
  • “Look”—Got7 (2018)
  • “Power Up”—Red Velvet (2018)
  • “Spring Day”—BTS (2017)
  • “Lil’ Touch”—Girl’s Generation (2018)
  • “Good Evening”—SHINee (2018)
  • “Overdose”—EXO (2014)
  • “I Need You”—BTS (2015)

  • “My Pace”—Stray Kids (2018)
  • “Bonamana”— Super Junior (2010)
  • “If You Do”—Got7 (2015)
  • “Time For The Moon Night”—GFriend (2018)
  • “Miroh”—Stray Kids (2019)
  • “Yes Or Yes”—Twice (2018)
  • “Jenga”—Heize featuring Gaeko (2018)
  • “Boy In Love”—BTS (2014)
  • “Love Shot”—EXO (2018)
  • “Face”—NU’EST (2014)
  • “Drunk In The Morning”—Kim Ryeowook (2019)
  • “Wolf”— EXO (2013)
  • “Black On Black”—NCT (2018)
  • “The Boys”—Girl’s Generation (2011)
  • “Love Me Right”—EXO (2015)
  • “I Want You”—SHINee (2018)
  • “Touch”—NCT 127 (2018)
  • “Airplane Pt.2”—BTS (2018)
  • “Twinkle”—Girl’s Generation (2012)
  • “Love Maze”—BTS (2018)
  • “Oppa Is Just My Style”—PSY featuring Hyuna (2013)
  • “District 9”—Stray Kids (2018)
  • “Just Right”—Got7 (2015)
  • “Bon Bon Chocolat”— Everglow (2019)
  • “Run Devil Run”—Girl’s Generation (2010)
  • “Blue”—Big Bang (2012)
  • “Stay”— Blackpink (2018)
  • “Let’s Not Fall In Love”—Big Bang (2015)
  • “New Face”—PSY (2017)
  • “Danger”—BTS (2014)
  • “A”—Got7 (2014)
  • “Magic Shop”—BTS (2018)
  • “Shoot Me”—Day6 (2018)
  • “Party”—Girl’s Generation (2015)
  • “Ice Cream”— Hyuna (2012)
  • “Sober”— Big Bang (2015)

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