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100 Funniest Movies (Part 12 ~ # 45-41)

Updated on December 16, 2011

# 45 ~ Napoleon Dynamite

What Else Could I Show?

Some Movies Come From Outta Nowhere with a Perfect Movie!

Now, I should remind everyone that Uncle Rico is played by chameleonic actor Jon Gries who you may remember from Real Genius. He played Lazlo Hollyfeld, a/k/a the guy who lived in a trap door in the wall. He's been on every TV show you can think of in one disguise or another. On "Seinfeld" he played Rusty, and he's been on READY?? "The Jeffersons", "The Twilight Zone", "Cagney & Lacey", "Falcon Crest", "Quantum Leap", "Martin", "The X Files", he also played Dylan's Dope Dealer in "Beverly Hills, 90210". Plus "Chicago Hope", "24", "Carnivàle" & now "Lost" too.

Napoleon Dynamite ~ 2004

Jon Heder (who will never be this funny again) plays Napoleon. A weirdo from Idaho who gets inspired to draw things like Ligers befriends the new kid Pedro. Pedro decides to run for Student Body president, after being rejected by the evil Summer Wheatley. Napoleon offers any of his skills. We all know what happens next. No High School movie would be complete without a talent show! Thanks to his brother Kip's new girlfriend LaFawnduh, and a VHS tape of D-Qwons Dance Grooves, our hero triumphs and even has time for Tether-ball. A New School Classic!

# 44 ~ Waiting for Guffman

Corky's Budget Monologue

Perfect Tagline: There's A Good Reason Some Talent Remains Undiscovered!

Waiting for Guffman ~ 1996

Corky St. Clair is back in his hometown of Blaine, Missouri and he is directing a play. You see it's the 150th anniversary of Blaine and the show will be the main event. So a documentary crew follows the cast around from Auditions, (which are some of the best parts) all the way through to opening night. The pressure mounts when creative and financial difficulties threaten the play even going on at all. However, when news that a certain Broadway Critic named Guffman is flying in from New York to see the play and possibly make them stars, lookout! The laughs are hard and often in this ode to the cluelessly untalented amateurs of local theatre group everywhere. I guarantee the only ACTORS who DON'T like this movie are the jealous ones who are just pissed that they missed out on a great part in it.

# 43 ~ Wedding Crashers

The Great Bathroom Scene

Vince Vaughn has made some funny movies but they can't all make the list so here are the rejects..

  1. Zoolander ~ 2001
  2. Old School ~ 2003
  3. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story ~ 2004
  4. The Break-Up ~ 2006

Wedding Crashers ~ 2005

John and Jeremy are divorce mediators who like to crash weddings to pick up women. They have a bunch of proven rules of wedding crashing to meet and pick up women aroused by the very thought of marriage. They are very good at it and we are pissing ourselves at how easy this movie hits home. Vince Vaughn as the life of the party (See Photo) is captured in such a funny way. There are topless women flying across the beds and we haven't even started yet. When John falls in love with one guest, his partnership (and the rules) are thrown out the window. Now Jeremy must try to be a good wing-man while resenting the union he is helping to form. Isla Fisher (a/k/a Mrs. Borat) steals this movie like three different times. Rachel McAdams is so hot in it but John still has to contend with her family. Christopher Walken as The Secretary is a nice touch as well.

# 42 ~ Small Time Crooks

Small Time Crooks ~ 2000

Ray (Woody Allen) is a small time theif who hatches a plan with his moron pals to open an old pizza joint with the intention of digging underground through the basement to rob the bank down the block. His wife Frenchy (Tracey Ullman) is operating the pizza place put she can't really make good pizza so she starts making her own recipe of Cookies. While the cast of dum dums in the basement (played by comedic actors Jon Lovitz, Michael Rapaport & from Goodfellas, Tony Darrow) screw almost everything up, including flooding the place as seen in the clip, Frenchy's cookies become a new sensation! They strike it rich and now that they are, two things happen to them. Ray still wants to steal because it's in his blood and Frenchy wants to be a socialite! Hugh Grant plays Frenchy's mentor in all things upscale. The one who cracks us up the most though is playwright Elaine May who plays "May", a dimwit cousin of Frenchy's.

# 41 ~ I Love You To Death

The Trailer Is Amazing!

I Love This Movie To Death!

Writer / Director Lawrence Kasdan has a rediculous resume. He wrote the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back & Raiders of the Lost Ark plus Silverado too. He didn't write I Love You To Death but he did direct it. He also wrote a few comedies though which did not make my list and they are..

  1. The Big Chill ~ 1983
  2. The Accidental Tourist ~ 1988
  3. Grand Canyon ~ 1991

p.s. He is currently shooting his new screenplay for the 2010 Remake of Clash of the Titans which is currently in pre-production.

I Love You To Death ~ 1990

What makes this movie even greater than it already is? It's a TRUE STORY! When Rosalie (Tracey Ullman) finds out her husband Joey (Kevin Kline) has been cheating on her for years, she is heartbroken. Her mother, played ruthlessly funny by Joan Plowright comes up with the solution. They are Catholic so divorce is out of the question but murder???? That'd be just fine. They consult Devo (River Phoenix) but he can't seem to do it so he finds a couple of drug addicts named Harlon and Marlon (William Hurt & Keanu Reeves) to do it. Joey is jumped and beaten up, poisoned and yes even shot but he just won't die. he's also completely oblivious to all of this. If you haven't seen it yet, then I for one am jealous. You'll never guess how it ends and you will laugh your ass off from beginning to end.

Here Are Some "JUST FOR YOU" Cult Comedy Classics Right Here!

Hilarious Ode To Indie Filmmaking with Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney, James Le Gros, and Peter Dinklage.
Hilarious Ode To Indie Filmmaking with Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney, James Le Gros, and Peter Dinklage.
The Funniest Documentary of All-Time!
The Funniest Documentary of All-Time!
This is Digging Down deep to Bring You Quality Entertainment!
This is Digging Down deep to Bring You Quality Entertainment!

The List So Far..

100) Being John Malkovich

99) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

98) Private Benjamin

97) American Beauty

96) Brewster's Millions

95) A League of Their Own

94) Defending Your Life

93) Swimming With Sharks

92) Harold and Maude

91) The Bad News Bears


90) Shaun of the Dead

89) Ciao Professore!

88) About A Boy

87) Nobody's Fool

86) Ghostbusters

85) The 40-Year-Old Virgin

84) Moonstruck

83) The Snapper

82) Stripes

81) We're No Angels


80) Heathers

79) Much Ado About Nothing

78) Bottle Rocket

77) The Out-of-Towners

76) Finding Nemo

75) Pee Wee's Big Adventure

74) The Odd Couple

73) Party Girl

72) The Tall Guy

71) Say Anything...


70) After Hours

69) The Aristocrats

68) Made

67) Oscar

66) Bad Santa

65) Trading Places

64) The Money Pit

63) Private Parts

62) Young Frankenstein

61) Back to the Future


60) Better Off Dead

59) Frankie & Johnny

58) Crazy People

57) Welcome To The Dollhouse

56) Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

55) Rushmore

54) Half-Baked

53) The Hudsucker Proxy

52) The Breakfast Club

51) Meet The Parents / Meet The Fockers

50) Fast Times at Ridgemont High

49) This Is Spinal Tap

48) When Harry Met Sally

47) Wild Cats

46) There's Something About Mary

45) Napoleon Dynamite

44) Waiting for Guffman

43) Wedding Crashers

42) Small Time Crooks

41) I Love You To Death


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    • profile image

      Lake Ozark Vacation Rentals 

      9 years ago

      Super Star is a really great funny movie!

    • DJ Funktual profile imageAUTHOR

      DJ Funktual 

      10 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Wow, thanks James Ray. I'm such a huge fan of yours too. desert blondie, you will love it to DEATH! Guaranteed.

      Last great movie by River Phoenix as well.

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 

      10 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Nice to learn about I Love You To Death! With a cast as brilliant as that one ... I gotta get me a copy of that!

    • JamesRay profile image


      10 years ago from Philadelphia

      Dude, you really nailed it again! Vote for Pedro. I never saw I Love You to Death. Looks like I ill need to rent it!. DJF f*cking rules!

    • profile image

      Tayler (Tater2tot) 

      10 years ago

      Tina, you fat lard, come eat some dinner! I love Napolean Dynamite! I would vote for Pedro!


    • DJ Funktual profile imageAUTHOR

      DJ Funktual 

      10 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Nope. The Only appearance of Cheech and Chong is in the movie "AFTER HOURS"

    • moefry47 profile image


      10 years ago from Texas

      What about UP IN SMOKE ?

    • profile image

      Daniel Pyle 

      10 years ago

      Vote for Pedro! I still marvel at how that movie makes me laugh....

    • Peter M. Lopez profile image

      Peter M. Lopez 

      10 years ago from Sweetwater, TX

      I agree that Waiting for Guffman and Spinal Tap should both be on the list, but I take issue with the ordering. In my humble opinion, only Best in Show outranks the original.

      Can't wait for 1-40.


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