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How To Be A Christian DJ Series : 100 Important Songs To Encourage Young Adults

Updated on November 12, 2015
The Battery
The Battery | Source
Deleon Richards
Deleon Richards | Source
John P. Kee
John P. Kee | Source
Nicole C. Mullen
Nicole C. Mullen | Source

1. It's Raining In My Life Again * Witness

2. Fountain Filled With Mercy * Deleon Richards

3. No Wed, No Bed * Apostle Louis Greenup

4. Should've Listened * Out Of Edenj

5. I Shall Never * Marvin Winans

6. That's Alright * Marcus Cole

7. Available To You * Thompson Community Singers

8. Speak To My Heart * New York Restoration Choir

9. Why We Sing * Kirk Franklin & The Family

10. Stomp (remix) * God's Property featuring Kirk Franklin & Salt

11. Lean On Me * Kirk Franklin

12. No Means No * Kim Boyce

13. Imagine Me * Kirk Franklin

14. God In Me * Mary Mary

15. Wave It Away * New Life Community Choir

16. Let The Glory * Hezekiah Walker

17. Miracle Worker * Rance Allen Group

18. I Choose To Be A Believer * Margaret Bell

19. Addictive Love * BeBe & CeCe Winans

20. Lost Without You * BeBe & CeCe Winans

21. It's TIme * The Winans

22. Light of Love * Angie & Debbie

23. I Don't Want It * DC Talk

24. Desire * D.O.C.

25. Real Thing * Dynamic Twins

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary with Phylicia Rashad
Erica Campbell of Mary Mary with Phylicia Rashad
Good stuff
Good stuff | Source
Michael W. Smith in South Africa
Michael W. Smith in South Africa | Source

26. Love Won't * Angie & Debbie

27. America Again * Carman

28. Mama Say No * Nicole

29. I Really Need To Love You * Deleon Richards/ Tim Miner

30. Family * I.D.O.L. King

31. This World Can Wait * Tim Miner

32. At The Point Of Your Need * Commissioned

33. Evidence * Heather & Kirsten

34. Hard Way * DC Talk

35. Good Enough * Kim Boyce

36. Whiteboy * Tim Miner

37. Changed * Walter Hawkins featuring Tramaine Hawkins

38. It Could Have Been Me * John P. Kee

39. Jesus Loves Ya * Jon Gibson

40. Do You C * GOG'z

41. Hold On * Transformation Crusade

42. I Don't Trust Nobody But G-O-D * Faze/Pastor Carlos Kelly

43. Pick Urself Up * D-Boy

44. Your Heart's In Good Hands * Al Green

45. Racism * P.I.D.

46. Music Vs. Ministry * T Bone

47. Punk of The Year * S.S. Mobb

48. It's Me * S.F.C.

49. He's Working It Out For You * Shirley Ceasar

50. Best For Last * Norman L Waggoner & The Mt Calvary Concert Choir feat Marvin Winans

S.F.C. [Soldiers For Christ featuring Soup The Chemist]
S.F.C. [Soldiers For Christ featuring Soup The Chemist]
E.T.W. [End Time Warriors]
E.T.W. [End Time Warriors] | Source
Stephen Hurd
Stephen Hurd | Source
produced by Fred Hammond
produced by Fred Hammond | Source

51. How You Live * Point of Grace

52. Straight Ahead * Amy Grant

53. Everyday Man * Gary Chapman

54. Great Adventure * Steven Curtis Chapman

55. Kentucky Rose * Michael W. Smith

56. Cool Change * The Canton Spirituals

57. Cornbread & Blackeyed Peas * The Bolton Brothers

58. The Goat * The Williams Brothers

59. Be Right * Keith Wonderboy Johnson

60. Walk In The Light * Daniel Winans

61. Too Close *The Williams Brothers/ Stevie Wonder

62. Ain't No Need To Worry * The Winans/ Anita Baker/ The Williams Brothers

63. I Know The Truth * Shirley Ceasar/ Tonex

64. No Charge * Shirley Ceasar

65. I Will Praise You * Rebecca St. James

66. Through the Fire * The Crabb Family

67. Moving Forward * Israel Houghton

68. Amazing * Stephen Hurd

69. In The Name Of The Lord * Jon Gibson

70. No Compromise * Phillip Bailey

71. To Be Down * Transformation Crusade

72. Young Love * E.T.W.

73. I'm Determined * Oscar Hayes

74. He Will Remember * Rudolph Stanfield

75. The Best Is Yet To Come * Donald Lawrence

Witness | Source
S.S. Mob [Soul Serving Ministers On Board]
S.S. Mob [Soul Serving Ministers On Board] | Source
Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis | Source

76. Trouble Don't Last * Timothy Wright

77. Jesus Is Real * New Life Community Choir

78. Can You Reach My Friend * Helen Baylor

79. Stand * Ron Winans Family & Friends Choir featuring Donnie McClurkin

80. Shackles * Mary Mary

81. We Fall Down * Donnie McClurkin

82. Don't Pray & Worry * J Moss

83. Love Letter * Londa Larmond

84. Goodness * Soul P featuring Lisa Kimmey

85. Window * Out Of Eden

86. Syllabus * Knowdaverbs

87. Monday Comes * Crystal Lewis

88. The Statement * Transformation Crusade

89. Step Back * Charles G. Hayes

90. (2 way tie) Jesus Can Work It Out [original & remix] * Charles G. Hayes

91. Hallelujah Anyhow * Thomas Whitfield

92. Can't Stop Praising His Name * Keith Pringle

93. Caught * Perfected Praise

94. More Abundantly * Ricky Dillard

95. God Is In Control * James Hall

96. Great Is Thy Faithfulness * Bernard Wright

97. It's In The Bible * MC R.G.

98. Let There Be Light * MC Ge Gee

99. Edge of Life * Ayeesha

100. You Didn't Have To Do It * Crystal Lewis

Montrel Darrett
Montrel Darrett

Tips From The DJ

COMPILATIONS ... 1 song or more by a variety of artists

REISSUES ... Old albums re-leased as new, usually with better sound quality

One of the best gifts to a mobile D.J. is the reissue. This is when a record label has the vision to re-release projects that are out of print and/or hard to find. And as you can tell by the above list, Compendia Music is taking full advantage of their vast Light Music catalog --one of the most treasured catalogs in the music industry.
At a Gotee Records meet and greet back in 2000, members of the band, The Katinas, expressed how important Light Records was to them growing up; that if it had the Light Records logo on it, they knew they had to have it.
Light featured some of the first major recordings of artists like, The Winans, The Hawkins Family and Commissioned. The label also boasted one shot projects by Pattie Howard (of The Andrae Crouch Singers) --which featured EL DEBARGE and ROSE STONE-- and Parkes Stewart, the much loved songwriter of some of Commissioned's greatest classics.
The one flaw is that, though some of the original artwork is reproduced, the liner notes/credits are condensed. As well, the original recording dates are not printed anywhere on the reissues. Which means that, unless you know your music really well, some projects might seem to be released in 2003 when they were actually recorded in 1986. So if this is important to you, like it is to me, you'll have to do some research.

SOUND-A-LIKES ... When a Christian artist reminds you of an "important" to the culture Mainstream artist

BOYZ II MEN = Commissioned
CHRISTINA AGUILARA = Stacie Orrico/ Rachel Lampa
BRITNEY SPEARS = Kelli Williams/ ZoeGirl/ Tammy Trent
JANET JACKSON = Deleon Richards
BABYFACE/R KELLY = Ray Bady/Christopher Lewis
TONY RICH = The Wordd
JILL SCOTT = Lisa McClendon
LUCY PEARL = Spiritual Pieces
EMINEM = KJ52/ Fiti Futuristic
LIL' KIM = Ayeesha

It would be much easier for Christian music to flourish if labels weren't so squeamish about booking artists in Mainstream venues (i.e. soundtracks, magazines, clubs, etc.). Just ask the artists who've been able to go above and beyond the expected: Smokie Norful, Kirk Franklin, The Winans Family, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Out Of Eden, GRITS etc. Furthermore, if you own a mall, store or other public venue and aren't playing jammin' Christian music on your overhead system, you're missing a great opportunity to witness, as well as promote your favorite artists.

TruSoulDJ is a self proclaimed expert on all things trivial to the Mainstream. He is an avid classic comic book reader, non popular music lover and tv-show-on-dvd binge watcher who shops the clearance racks near and far to find the best deals. He would like to think he knows everything important within the realm of Pop culture. But in actuality, he only knows about 99.9 percent of what he thinks he knows.


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