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75 Richest Actors in Hollywood Today

Updated on April 4, 2016

The Richest Actors in the World

image - Robert Downey Jr, the number one earning Hollywood actor for 2015
image - Robert Downey Jr, the number one earning Hollywood actor for 2015 | Source

Who are the Richest Actors in the World?

So, who are the richest actors in the world? It came as no surprise when we were compiling this list that the richest among the actors were those who had been in the business the longest, but most often those actors who also happen to be producers, directors, script writers, and so on were the highest in their financial net worth. As, at the end of the day in Hollywood it is those who work the hardest who make it in perhaps the toughest industry in the world where you quite literally make it or break it. So, without further delay here are the 75 richest actors in the world.

The 75 Richest Actors in Hollywood

As a bonus to the Hollywood actors net worth in dollars, there is also the translated worth in pounds as an interesting look at how the west would perceive these Hollywood stars financial worth.

  1. Merv Griffin - $1 Billion (aka £730M)
  2. Tom Cruise - $480 Million (aka £337M)
  3. Mel Gibson - $425 Million (aka £229M)
  4. Johnny Depp - $400 Million (aka £281M)
  5. Jack Nicholson - $400 Million (aka £281M)
  6. Sylvester Stallone - $400 Million (aka £281M)
  7. Tom Hanks - $350 Million (aka £246M)
  8. Jackie Chan - $350 Million (aka £246M)
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger - $300 Million (aka £211M)
  10. Michael Douglas - $300 Million (aka £211M)
  11. Adam Sandler - $300 Million (aka £211M)
  12. Robert Downey Jr. - $250 Million (aka £176M)
  13. Leonardo DiCaprio - $250 Million (aka £176M)
  14. Will Smith - $240 Million (aka £169M)
  15. Brad Pitt - $240 Million (aka £169M)
  16. Mark Wahlberg - $225 Million (aka £158M)
  17. Harrison Ford - $210 Million (aka £148M)
  18. Denzel Washington - $190 Million (aka £134M)
  19. Bruce Willis - $180 Million (aka £126M)
  20. George Clooney - $180 Million (aka £126M)
  21. Mike Myers - $175 Million (aka £123M)
  22. Robert Redford - $170 Million (aka £119M)
  23. Samuel L. Jackson - $170 Million (aka £119M)
  24. Anthony Hopkins - $160 Million (aka £112M)
  25. Robert De Niro - $150 Million (aka £105M)
  26. Morgan Freeman - $150 Million (aka £105M)
  27. Sean Penn - $150 Million (aka £105M)
  28. Al Pacino - $145 Million (aka £102M)
  29. John Slattery - $145 Million (aka £102M)
  30. Rowan Atkinson - $130 Million (aka £95M)
  31. Charlie Sheen - $125 Million (aka £88M)
  32. Sean Connery - $120 Million (aka £84M)
  33. Ben Stiller - $120 Million (aka £84M)
  34. Kelsey Grammer - $120 Million (aka £84M)
  35. Steve Martin - $110 Million (aka £77M)
  36. Sacha Baron Cohen - $110 Million (aka £77M)
  37. David Hasselhoff - $110 Million (aka £77M)
  38. Daniel Radcliffe - $110 Million (aka £77M)
  39. Martin Lawrence - $110 Million (aka £77M)
  40. Richard Gere - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  41. Hugh Jackman - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  42. William Shatner - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  43. Robert Pattinson - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  44. Bob Saget - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  45. Vin Diesel - $100 Million (aka £70M)
  46. Daniel Craig - $95 Million (aka £67M)
  47. Bradley Cooper - $90 Million (aka £63M)
  48. Roger Moore - $90 Million (aka £63M)
  49. Tommy Lee Jones - $85 Million (aka £60M)
  50. Eddie Murphy - $85 Million (aka £60M)
  51. Henry Thomas - $82 Million (aka £58M)
  52. Karl Urban - $80 Million (aka £56M)
  53. Kevin James - $80 Million (aka £56M)
  54. Channing Tatum - $80 Million (aka £56M)
  55. Hugh Grant - $80 Million (aka £56M)
  56. Tim Allen - $80 Million (aka £56M)
  57. Matthew McConaughey - $77 Million (aka £54M)
  58. Tobey Maguire - $75 Million (aka £53M)
  59. Liam Neeson - $75 Million (aka £53M)
  60. Michael Caine - $75 Million (aka £53M)
  61. Matt Damon - $75 Million (aka £53M)
  62. Nick Nolte - $75 Million (aka £53M)
  63. Chris Hemsworth - $71 Million (aka £50M)
  64. Danny DeVito - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  65. Kurt Russell - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  66. Jeff Bridges - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  67. Edward Norton - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  68. Matthew Perry - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  69. Chuck Norris - $70 Million (aka £49M)
  70. Woody Allen - $65 Million (aka £46M)
  71. Alec Baldwin - $65 Million (aka £46M)
  72. Bob Newhart - $65 Million (aka £46M)
  73. Michael J. Fox - $65 Million (aka £46M)
  74. Harry Shearer - $65 Million (aka £46M)
  75. Kiefer Sutherland - $65 Million (aka £46M)

Source -


After scrolling down the list it can not have been too much of a surprise to see who the winning contenders were for this 'top' list given the numerous successful movies most of these actors have starred in, and in honesty none were really a surprise for myself as I was collecting the list data.

But, what this list if anything tells us is that the amount of money that can quite clearly be made in Hollywood is quite beyond belief, as it is Hollywood who paid the finance for all of these actors net worths.

Then again, who are we to judge, these are just career powerhouses who have taken their careers to an extent which has earned them the right to bigger pay checks. Really, it is Hollywood which is undeniably the hardest place to make a living, but as these stars have shown, it can make you a fortune if you pay your dues and never play it safe.


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