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Worst Songs of All Time

Updated on July 11, 2015

Let the misery begin!

Author's pledge: I promise that one day I'll get around to writing hilarious little blurbs about all the anguish these songs have caused the American people and me in particular as a DJ. I am choosing for now to focus on more positive subjects.

Leave your hilarious blurbs below.

1. Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry If you are a white person and you enjoy 'dancing and singing and moving to the groovin' , then you are actively participating in your own degradation. Period. If this was a black group singing about a funky white boy they know, fine. These guys are white and lame but trying to sing about their own funkiness and that is a new definition of pathetic. When black people see whites dancing to this song in public, they must be laughing their asses off inside. This song, if anything, promotes the stereotype that white people can't be funky. I am white and I am funky and I am offended. When some guest at a wedding asks me to play it, they don't have any idea that they are asking me to sell my soul for a three minute dance. There's a reason why most groups are one-hit wonders. They suck. I wouldn't even categorize this as a funk record.

2. Old Time Rock-n-Roll - Bob Seger So music that isn't like yours 'ain't got the same soul Bob? This song is actually the exact opposite of "It's Still Rock-n-Roll To Me" by Billy Joel. How much soul do you feel watching Tom Cruise dance around in his underwear? Answer me that Bob. While his song "Shakedown" from '87 is much worse, it doesn't carry the awful stigma that this one does.

3. Believe ~~ Cher ****** (Paraphrasing)

  • "Do you believe this songs on again?

  • I feel something inside me saying,

  • 'I think they've played this long enough no?"

4. Freeway of Love - Aretha Franklin ********** Now as a kid, I didn't know who Aretha was but I hated this song. Now many lifetimes later...I freakin love Aretha and still hate it.

5. Easy Lover ~~ Philip Bailey & Phil Collins********DON'T TRY TO THINK OF HOW THIS SONG GOES! Whatever you do, you can't shake the melody of this pathetic pairup. Was Phil Collins trying to gain cred by pairing up with the lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire? or Was Philip Bailey desperate for a hit so he found the nearest pop music writer? Either way, don't think about it.

6. Kokomo ~~ The Beach Boys********Emotional scars........PURE HATE!!!! It makes me wanna grab a baby boomer with a lame-ass Jimmy Buffett shirt by the back of the neck and stick him face first in the sand. Then he would know the bad taste in the rest of our mouths. I'm actually gagging thinking about it.

7. The Sign ~~ Ace of Base********True story here: I was waiting tables at Jekyll & Hyde in NYC and I waited on a lot of celebrities there. One day this woman and this guy are speaking in another weird language and ignoring me as I approach to take their order. I stand and wait maybe 10 seconds. Then the first words I can make out are ACE OF BASE so i interrupt them and say, "Look you can ignore me if you want but not over Ace of Base cause They Suck!"; Then the man in perfect English replied to his date, "He does not like your songs, Jenny". I turned white.......and replied "I'll be right back with your real waiter in just a sec, okay?" and ran for dear life.

8. All By Myself - Eric Carmen / Celine Dion*********Truth to be told, someone had to tell me that Dion covered this song. I only know the original and all I can tell you is......if you have ever seen the movie TO DIE FOR with Nicole Kidman & Matt Dillon them you don't hate the song quite as much as before. Director Gus Van Sant had Kidman place a boombox on her husband's casket at his funeraland stand there with reporters everywhere and I LAUGH MY ASS OFF EVERY TIME! But it's still a self-absorbed pity party that only someone like Celine would want to resurrect.

9. 1-2-3 ~~ Gloria Estefan******Songs like this just make me wanna smack the shit of somebody! The reason: because they know it's a bunch of evil crap that'll stick in your mind but they use it every year to guilt you into spending more than you should. HUH? That's right. Studies are done all the time on the effects of certain songs on consumers. I've never seen this list but I know this.....THIS SONG WILL BE PLAYING IN EVERY MALL every holiday season for the rest of our lives. Especially Valentine's Day. The lyrical proof: "1-2-3-4 come on baby say you love me 5-6-7 times, 8-9-10-11 I'm just gonna keep on counting until you are mine." Two other songs that are used in this method that I have personally noticed are played with frequency in stores are kind of obvious considering the titles are... "Handle With Care" by The Traveling Wilburys AND "Wrap It Up" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

10. We Built This City ~~ Starship********This one is like shooting fish in a barrel. Grace Slick....what the hell were you thinking? The radio DJ bridge part is where I start to cry....or would if I ever hear it again.

11. Wild Wild West ~~ The Escape Club ***makes you puke.

12. Uptown Girl ~~ Billy Joel ****** Now this song is awful but let's face it, it's only this high because of that disgusting video he did with then wife 'Christie Lee'. Dude, they call you Piano Man for a reason. Save your doo-wop Charlie shit for home movies, please.

13. Mickey ~~ Toni Basil ****** I don't see how anyone could need an explanation for this choice. You already have the melody on your head and resent me for bringing it up and that should be proof enough.

14. Bad Day ~~ Daniel Powter ***** This song sucks big-time and is probably only this high on the list because of American Idol who exascerbated it's suckiness to a whole new level.

15. Ghostbusters ~~ Ray Parker Jr. ***** Reasons escape me at this moment. (Seeks self-medicating devices)

16. Gloria ~~ Laura Branigan ***** The synthesizer from hell.

17. The Heat Is On ~~ Glenn Frey *****

Evidence in lyrical form:

  • The heat is on, on the street
  • Inside your head, on every beat
  • And the beat's so loud, deep inside
  • The pressure's high, just to stay alive
  • Cause the heat is on (cue the most annoying horns ever)

18. I Wanna Dance With Somebody ~~ Whitney Houston

19. Mambo #5 ~~ Lou Bega

20. I Swear ~~ All-4-One

21. Fly Away ~~ Lenny Kravitz

22. Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue ~~ Toby Keith

23. We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off ~~ Jermaine Stewart

24. More Than Words ~~ Extreme

25. All Star ~~ Smash Mouth

26. Barbie Girl ~~ Aqua

27. Cotton Eye Joe ~~ Rednex

28. Cherry Pie ~~ Warrant

29. Babe ~~ Styx

30. A Little Respect ~~ Erasure

31. Roam ~~ The B-52's

32. Out of Touch ~~ Hall & Oates

33. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

34. 867-5309 / Jenny ~~ Tommy Tutone

35. Hit Me With Your Best Shot ~~ Pat Benatar

36. Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry

37. Honestly - Stryper

38. Fresh ~~ Kool & The Gang

39. Macarena ~~ Los Del Rio

40. All Summer Long ~~ Kid Rock

41. Shiny Happy People ~~ R.E.M.

42. (I Just) Died In Your Arms ~~ Cutting Crew

43. She Bop ~~ Cyndi Lauper

44. Material Girl ~~ Madonna

45. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) ~~ Aerosmith

46. Glory of Love ~~ Peter Cetera

47. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

48. Fins ~~ Jimmy Buffett

49. Lightning Crashes ~~ Live

50. On My Own ~~ Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald

51. All For You ~~ Sister Hazel

52. I Believe I Can Fly ~~ R.Kelly

53. Nasty ~~ Janet Jackson

54. Jenny From The Block ~~ J-Lo

55. Something About You ~~ Level 42

56. Open Arms ~~ Journey

57. Mesmerize ~~ Ja Rule / Ashanti

58. Follow Me ~~ Uncle Kracker

59. The Final Countdown ~~ Europe

60. If It Makes You Happy ~~ Sheryl Crow

61. Invisible Touch ~~ Genesis

62. Stuck With You ~~ Huey Lewis & The News

63. Get Busy ~~ Sean Paul

64. Conga ~~ Miami Sound Machine

65. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now ~~ Starship

66. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? ~~ Bryan Adams

67. Wannabe ~~ The Spice Girls

68. Family Man ~~ Hall & Oates

69. River of Dreams ~~ Billy Joel

70. Glory Days ~~ Bruce Springsteen

71. Billy, Don't Be a Hero ~~ Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods

72. Little Willy ~~ Sweet

73. Like a Rock ~~ Bob Seger

74. Don't Lose My Number ~~ Phil Collins

75. Satellite ~~ Dave Matthews Band

76. Don't Give Up On Us Baby ~~David Soul

77. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? ~~ Culture Club

78. Is There Something I Should Know? ~~ Duran Duran

79. Friday ~~ Rebecca Black

80. Every Morning ~~ Sugar Ray

81. Machinehead - Bush

82. Gettin Jiggy Wit It ~~ Will Smith

83. My Sacrifice - Creed

84. Heaven is a Place on Earth ~~ Belinda Carlisle

85. Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

86. Closing Time ~~ Semisonic

87. Breakfast at Tiffany's ~~ Deep Blue Something

88. I'm Not a Girl ~~ Britney Spears

89. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

90. Your Body Is a Wonderland ~~ John Mayer

The Last 10 Songs on this list represent mediocre-to-bad songs that have been overplayed to the point of becoming nauseating. They are listed in order from regular worst to very very worst-bad yuuuucccchhk! I hate each one of them uniquely and correctly.

91. Centerfold ~~ J. Geils Band

92. Bennie & The Jets ~~ Elton John

93. Cat Scratch Fever ~~ Ted Nugent

94. Love Shack ~~ The B-52's

95. Rock & Roll All Nite ~~ Kiss

96. Sussudio ~~ Phil Collins

97. One Headlight ~~ The Wallflowers

98. Dream On ~~ Aerosmith

99. Sweet Home Alabama ~~ Lynyrd Skynyrd

100. Paradise By The Dashboard Light ~~ Meatloaf

For The Record: I love MmmBOP by Hanson and so do you now that they stopped playing it every day. U Can't hate.

Also >> Picking on Rico Suave & Ice Ice Baby is just too easy.


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    • profile image

      cheese sandwich 2 years ago

      I agree with everyone who hates your list. You must hate yourself alot because you were never good enough to be successful like mommy wanted. Aw poor baby. Are you a face that not even mommy loved. :'·(

      So sorry you never became a famous singer and live in the shadows like the fake person you are.

      Oh wait onemore not sorry.

      Just do people a favor and drop dead.

      K bye loser!

    • profile image

      Andrew 3 years ago

      Horrible list.

      Most of these songs are awesome.

      Massive fail.

    • profile image

      Todd Fox 4 years ago

      there worst song out there than easy lover from Philip Bailey, if you grew up in the 70's take your pick. Waterloo from ABBA, why cant we be friend by war, let em in from Paul McCartney. other songs like junk food junkie, last game of the season, ariel, why not me, sorry these songs are so bad i do not remember the artist.the most over played song is Debby Boone you light up my life.

    • profile image

      breakherlegs 5 years ago

      Pretty good list.

      I don't understand why Iris - Goo Goo Dolls and Closing Time -Semisonic on the list. I really like those songs, actually.

      I also kind of like Breakfast At Tiffany's, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Every Morning and a few others, though admittedly they do get rather annoying as they tend to get overplayed. But even the best songs become irritating when overplayed.

      Otherwise, I agree with this list, though I can think of some songs which are FAR worse and aren't on this list, though many of them were made after this list was created.

      Personally, I never really liked Sweet Home Alabama and I definitely feel like changing stations whenever it comes on the radio which is ALL THE TIME.

    • profile image

      MARKUS 5 years ago

      I couldn't stay fot the entire collection of comments, but did anybody happen to mention Neil Diamond's "Heartlight"

      "We're Gonna Take A Ride Across The Moon....You And Me..."

    • Tim Coleman profile image

      Tim Coleman 5 years ago from DeLand, Florida

      While I can understand your stance on most of these songs, I can't really agree ontheir inclusions on this list. Sure, some are really, really Bad. Others, I'd say are mildly irritating and/or Tired and yet still are more forgettable then actually bad.

      The presence of these of these songs represent your own tastes more then the distinction of whether or not they are truly bad songs... But it's your list and your free to your opinion.

      But, on a side note, have you ever noticed that most of the really "bad songs" on these lists also happen to be the most popular Karaoke choices?

    • profile image

      Mort 5 years ago

      Where to even begin? There's a reason I avoid AM/FM radio like the plague. I could easily come up with a ton of crappy songs for a "worst" list. Here's two off the top of my head:

      Alanis Morissette -- "Hand In My Pocket." Stupid ass lyrics accompanied by her idiotic trademark whimper. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone says they LIKE this song. WTF is wrong with you?!

      Four Non Blondes -- 'What's Going On." God, I HATE HATE HATE this song. Typical girl group no-talent rudimentary strumming guitar that leads to that REALLY annoying chorus. Even their band name annoys me. It's not clever; it's just dumb.

    • profile image

      ME 5 years ago

      you need to cut it out.............your opinion is your opinion.

      BTW my opinion is that you looked up top 100 best songs and put it on your stupid website

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Your taste is terrible! A few of the songs on here are good ol classic rock songs. And just because a song is overplayed, doesn't make it awful

    • profile image

      wat? 5 years ago

      dude.. you missed nickelback, linkin park, and slipknot..

      and sorry to say, but rem, aerosmith and kiss? are you deaf or something?

    • profile image

      Antobiird 5 years ago

      My suggestions are:

      Robbie Williams - Rock DJ (Not only a horrible song, a party killer)

      Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor (I think this song should have been named "Disco Murder", because it murders disco to make it sound pop-rock)

      Bonnie Tyler - It's a Heartache (...nothing but a bad song, it's awesomely depressing and monotonous. Bonnie Tyler's voice in this song is annoying too)

      Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (it's not only tacky and depressive, but I think it's plagiarism of the Alan Parsons Project's "Eye in the Sky". They must have been sued by the latter)

      LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live (...without this song? I live good, because in my humble opinion, because it is so tacky, and the lyrics contain the most classic clichés that a love song could have )

      Tom Jones - She's a Lady (One of the most misogynist songs ever)

      Anything by Eagle-Eye Cherry (especially Save Tonight or Falling in Love Again)

      And finally... Joan Osborne - One of Us (one of the most debilous ever. "What if God Was One of Us?" It's just an image, a thought, God doesn't really exist.)

    • profile image

      Thunderbird96 5 years ago

      Gosh! I'm so glad to see "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry in this list. This song is sooooo annoying, seems like they were drunk while recording. I agree also with Phil Collins and Philip Bailey's "Easy Lover", because it's 95% rock and only 5% soul, Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" because it's just a torture, Warrant's "Cherry Pie" because this song is really annoying and the guitar solo is really horrible, and Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" because it murders "Sweet Home Alabama" and it is terribly annoying. But my Top 10 is:

      1) The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (There is only ONE riff we hear during the whole fucking song. This is the typical exemple of the music that deeply engraves into your brain and that we hear absolutely everywhere)

      2) Mohombi: In Your Head (Why did Mohombi murder The Cranberries' "Zombie"? It's such a great song made for a good cause)

      3) Martin Solveig: Everybody (Extremely annoying. The lyrics go "Everybody this, everybody that...")

      4) Meredith Brooks: Bitch (This song grew old really badly, it seems like this was made by bitches)

      5) Eagles: Hotel California (Such an annoying song. The vocals are tacky, the drums sound reggae and the guitar solo makes me wanna throw my hi-fi against the wall)

      6) Rihanna: California King Bed (Proof to say that when R&B singers try rock, it may give exaggerated results)

      7) Donna Summer: Hot Stuff (Wait... I heard the lead guitarist in this song, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, hated disco. So why did he play in this song??? Leave disco alone.)

      8) Journey: Don't Stop Believin' (Such an annoying song. It's a stereotype of tacky rock)

      9) Irene Cara: Fame (You ain't gonna live forever, either you'll be famous and people will still buy your records when you're dead or you'll be famous one period, and then you'll be forgotten and you'll (almost) fall into anonymity)

      10) Kid Rock: All Summer Long (I already gave my opinion)

      Otherwise, I would suggest: any song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, because they must be stoned when they write their songs, which explains the bizarre lyrics, they are not sexy at all, they only play for money and I think a band of junkies must be banned by record companies and the radio.

      And also, any song by Santana from "Supernatural" to now. Because he just plays guitar during the whole song, it's extremely annoying, he's not even doing music anymore, or in this case, everyone can do this.

    • profile image

      MusicLover516 5 years ago

      I made an account just to say this! I think you should get your ears checked, because you are obviously deaf. I mean HOLLA BACK GIRL? Dude really? Best song ever.

      A few times I've been around that track

      So it's not just gonna happen like that

      Because I ain't no hollaback girl

      I ain't no hollaback girl [x2] what r u gonna do about that? NOTHING! Man I was so frikin pissed when I saw this I mean like only Rebecca Black belonged on this list. Oh yeah DUCK U. AND YOU CANNOT REPORT ME, BECAUSE DUCK IS NOT A CURSE WORD!


      A very pissed lady

      Good day or night :)

    • profile image

      Joh 5 years ago

      Ridiculous list, totally patethic

    • profile image

      ScotsmanRex 5 years ago

      This is usual as you just take overplayed songs and make them the worst. I swear (no pun intended) that there are way worst songs. Songs that are so bad they never even make it to the charts. So just put songs overplayed and the mindless sheep say yeah i hate. Sure you do you hate because you either liked it and heard it too much or you were told you must hate this songs. Also if a song which is crap is played oh well we haven't heard that song much so it isn't that bad. Hmmm if you haven't heard it much is because it SUCKS! I admit some songs are popular which suck but not many. I mean Beiber and Gaga have most of those. Anywho I like most of this list and I like all genres of music except opera, bluegrass and country. So there stick that in your self righteous pious pipe and smoke it. Come on man big on some horrible music.

    • profile image

      jb's awesome 5 years ago

      i think most people don't understand that if we did a real list with the worsts songs ever, obviously it would only have today's music, i think this list only contain the most overrated songs and the worst songs from the past 50 years, using this i have some suggestions:

      Push it - Salt n Pepa

      Keep on rockin in the free world - Neil Young

      Enter Sandman - Metallica

    • profile image

      Randall Cunningham 5 years ago

      I agree with you on alot of these. But Bennie and the Jets is a glorious song. You could've saved alot of time by just saying "Every song on the top 25 for the past 5 years."

    • profile image

      Tex 5 years ago


      Maggie May —Rod Stewart

      Dreams —Fleetwood Mac


      Stay Awhile —The Bells

    • Jason Wicker profile image

      Jason Wicker 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I wish you to be tied down and forced to listen to each song in its entirety while being penetrated by a rabid monkey

    • benisan85745 profile image

      Ka'imi'loa 5 years ago from Tucson, AZ.

      ...."hello, first time commentator, long time fan...."

      I'm in my forties, so I grew up with sh**tty music and along the way had to hear more sh**tty music. However, as far as your list goes, there are planny on there I would agree with and some that deserve a "second, or third, or fourth" chance. With that said, I wasn't able to go through allll 7,500 comments but one song I am seeing not on your list or in people's comments is either because we as a whole have finally rid it from existence or it was just overlooked. My vote goes to the band: Will To Power, with their rendition of two popular songs from the seventies meshed into one cheesey ballad, "Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird

      Thank You


    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      You know a worst songs list is terrible when there are 2 Aerosmith songs and 0 Justin Bieber songs.

    • profile image

      Warren 5 years ago

      Whoever made this list, really had nothing to do! Some of these songs are good and great classics, better then the crap made today.

    • profile image

      TMay 5 years ago

      Hootie and the Blowfish's version of "Only Wanna Be With You".

      Monotonous, low energy,

      The guy sounds like "the thing on the couch". He sounds like he barely has the energy to lift his head off a pillow to sing this song.

      What a turnoff!

      Dusty Springfield's version seems like a different song.

    • profile image

      Bill 5 years ago

      Are you on crack? you must be, you got some great songs up there.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 5 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Yo Leroy, I have made them already. The 45 Best Songs of the 70's, 80's and 90's already exist on hubpages.

    • profile image

      LEROOOOOOOOY 5 years ago

      make a top 10 best list and see what happens

    • profile image

      LEROOOOOOOOY 5 years ago

      what makes you beautiful by one direction, YOLO by drake, and of course friday

    • profile image

      LEROOOOOOOOY 5 years ago

      sry bout that i just love the classics but still you need to take most of these off and put drake, justina bieber, and rebbeca bleck on the list.

    • profile image

      LEROOOOOOOOY 5 years ago


    • Brother Louie profile image

      Brother Louie 5 years ago from The 80's

      You Are All Dead Wrong! This list is correct! Most are Overrated or just totally cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love 80's music just as much as the next guy, but damn, now that I think of it.....these songs are a bad. Good Work D.J!

      Oh and earth to people, Sweet Home Alabama sucks.

      lol gotta love the comments...

    • profile image

      Glitter girl about 9 months later 5 years ago

      ok i dont get how this is still in the internet it is so old and i LOVE and i grew up absolutely LOVING this song it is bad day and how is it number 14 on this crazy list and another reason this shouldn't b on the internet is because no one likes it it has so many negative comments!

    • profile image

      spartan 117 6 years ago

      this man is a freaking retard, I mean, how can he put warrant, journey, and lynyrd skynyrd on the list.


    • profile image

      Shikaka 6 years ago

      #1 Justin Beiber - Boyfriend is the worst crap I've ever heard, not to mention all his other crap too.

    • profile image

      HELLO 6 years ago

      Number 79 is supposed to be number 1 on this list

    • profile image

      TMay101 6 years ago

      Baggage Claim by Miranda Lambert. In My Fair Lady Henry Higgins said of Eliza Doolittle that her voice was like a cat yowling. This song reminds me of that.

      The late Whitney Houston had a beautiful, powerful, voice. She sang beautiful songs like "I will always love you" and made over a hundred million dollars. What's wrong with that? Nothing. Why don't people learn from her that it's OK to sing gorgeous songs, that will outlive one's own lifetime?

      There are plenty of songs I love, but this list asks for ones we dislike.

    • profile image

      TMay101 6 years ago

      Wasted by Carrie Underwood.

      I realize it must get boring for a singer to sing pleasant songs day in and day out so they might see singing unpleasant songs as a challenge, but personally I would rather they spend their money and take a vacation between pleasant songs because we the listener have to listen to what they create on our favorite radio music station. There is a difference between a loud unpleasant wailing noise and music.

    • profile image

      TMay101 6 years ago

      Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

      Over You by Miranda Lambert

    • profile image

      TMay101 6 years ago

      I'll add a new song to the others that I have listed here.

      It is "Something To Do With My Hands" by Thomas Rhett.

      I dislike the words, thought, intention, voice, accompaniment, arrangement, melody, and music.

      In my interpretation, he is betting on Henry Louis Mencken's quote (1880-1956):

      "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

      Maybe his second song will be better.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Ummm, why don't you look around Dan, I have posted dozens of good music lists on hubpages, or you can just search my name DJ Funktual on youtube or google. Something tells me you'll learn a few things.

    • profile image

      dan 6 years ago

      ummmmmm, could you please give a list of songs you do like just so i might be able to have some sort of understanding as you why you would put some of these songs on your worst 100 list.

    • profile image

      fuck 6 years ago

      you sir are nuts!

    • profile image

      joe 6 years ago


    • profile image

      freezone 6 years ago

      It's the third of June - Quickly! - What did Billy Joe McAllister (& the singer) throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge? Not to rag on "Ode to Billy Joe"; it was a strange song, but not one for this list.

      Instead, permit me to submit this one: "Harper Valley PTA" by Jeannie C. Riley. UGH!

    • profile image

      KB 6 years ago

      I agree with a huge chunk of this list...but The B-52's shouldn't EVER be on a worst of list. Ever.

    • profile image

      AnitaJeanM 6 years ago

      Wow! I just got to the end of all the comments and its now 2.30am, early Sunday mornin! I enjoyed your list but, naturally, like most of those who had submitted a comment, couldn't agree quite on all the tunes mentioned. I'm so sad there are some terribly would-be violent people out there with minus any sense of humour whatsoever.

      HOWEVER, I can say, without a word of a lie, I RUN FROM THE ROOM/PREMISES if I hear the intro of "Baby Blue" by the George Baker Selection. I have to look after my blood pressure! This is, in my opinion, the WORST song ever written. The worst song in my 65 years of life!

    • profile image

      Alzo 6 years ago


      Tie a Yellow Ribbon - Tony Orlando & Dawn

      I Am Woman - Helen Reddy

      Hold Me Gently - Andy Kim

      Snookeroo - Ringo Starr

      You're Having My Baby - Paul Anka

    • profile image

      Rockisforever 6 years ago

      I disagree on what you said about songs made today are all awful. My reasoning, i haven't vomited from hearing modern pop songs everywhere(i wasn't even raised on those songs). I listen to rock, all kinds of rock. I have heard both good and bad, new and old. Its quality hasn't even diminished. The fact that im still listening to them for almost more than a year should be good proof. Honestly, i agree with your list with exception of some that i have been addicted unknowingly.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Leelee, I agree with most of your choices as well. I do like Lisa Loeb a little bit cause I like artsy smart chicks and it's hard to hate on the very 1st and only artist in history to score a number 1 song withOUT having a record deal. I think you waaay off base messing with Double Dutch Bus though. It has some silly parts but it takes me to such a great time. You gotta put it into perspective too. How many rap songs had their been before it? It was like the baby steps of hip-hop. Aerosmith obviously doesn't really get put on this list as one of the 100 worst songs, like I say in the list, the last 10 are just so overplayed they are nauseating at this point.

    • profile image

      Leelee 6 years ago

      Hi DJ, I disagreed with a few of your choices (Aerosmith?), but overall it's a pretty good list. I would include the all-time classic bad song Feelings by Morris Albert, the gloriously icky Having My Baby by Paul Anka, the thoroughly obnoxious Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith, the maudlin Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast by Wayne Newton and anything by Barry Manilow (I Write The Songs, Mandy, Copacabana, etc). Though they were properly ridiculed for destroying the wonderful original by Martha and the Vandellas, I believe Mick Jagger and David Bowie still deserve a mention for their insipid cover of Dancing In The Streets not to mention the embarassing video that alludes to the love that dares not speak its name. Lest we forget how Eddie Murphy humiliated himself with Party All The Time, let's commemorate it at this time as well. Lastly, I must express my own inexplicable hatred for a song that a lot of other people seem to like, Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb.

    • profile image

      Jamez 6 years ago

      Friday should be number one. why did you put kiss and aerosmith on there, they ROCK. Justin Bieber has to be on the list too

    • profile image

      Scubba Steve 6 years ago

      You are simply a moron. Many of these songs are classics. Perhaps you are too young to understand them. Clearly you lack culture and are mildly racist.

    • profile image

      hey 6 years ago

      Really, material girl - madonna , dream on -aerosmith, wanna dance with somebody.

      Are You crazy?

      No, U are just a idiot.

    • profile image

      tomk 6 years ago

      Uptown girl is higher up then barbie girl? who ever made this list is most likely blind deaf and dumb.

    • profile image

      ccook112 6 years ago

      Wow, You do not know good music what so ever. Lynard skynard? Sweet home alabama? THats an amazing song. so is cherry pie. the only two songs i agree with is barbie girl and friday.

    • profile image

      Mill 6 years ago

      Take jimmy Buffett off this list

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I once enjoyed Sweet Home Alabama and I still enjoy several other Skynyrd songs I grew up with. But living in Alabama and being a Bama fan, hearing SHA 70 times every game I attend, listen to, or hear about gets on my nerves. I guess it's partly because of overkill (like NYers hate "New York, New York) and partly because of it's monotony.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Absolutely, cowardly commenter. I'd love to hear what you'd tell the judge, "well your honor, he made a list that made fun of Cher & Ace of Base.."

    • profile image

      stroyde 6 years ago

      Would you like a severe beating ratface?

    • profile image

      Hates CmrclGrbge 6 years ago

      Sorry subtract that first you in the last paragraph cant for the life of me seem to fix it.

    • profile image

      Hates CmrclGrbge 6 years ago

      Lol alot of these songs I enjoy but I know people always rag on Justin Bieber while I don't hate him I do in-fact hate his music.

      djfunk just a question even if you hate these songs you if you could make as much money as they did you'd sing some of these songs yes? lol I know I would.

    • profile image

      TcarlJ 6 years ago

      Ahhh one of my hobbies over the years.... breathtakingly bad music. Didnt read the whole thread but a fair amount of it. See if I can add a few items for discussion.

      Bob Seger? I'm not sure about Old time rock n roll, never a song I liked or disliked that much, but dare I even bring it up? I LOATHE Turn the Page. Self absorbed, pretentious, whining about being a rock star? Please. One of about 10 songs I instantly change the station for.

      A lot of these songs I'm seeing are just overplayed. Stairway is another song I'll change the station for. Not really a bad song (like Turn the page) , just horribly overplayed. Use to DJ, and I had 2 Rules... NO Stairway, and NO Freebird. I relented once and played Stairway. Problem was, I played a surreal version of it by Rolf Harris. The good old days heh. Worth a listen if you're so inclined.

      Anyhow, I never see this song on these lists and I always wonder why. If you ever listen to an oldies station you've heard it, and it is truly bad. Indian Reservation by Paul Revere and the Raiders. Just horrible in every sense of the word. Forced rhyming in the lyrics...."And all the beads we made by hand

      Are nowadays made in Japan." Really? Not to mention Bad melody, bad singing, and just bad everything. It makes me cringe, but I usually listen because its just really that bad and makes me laugh.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Thanks for the insight on Bob. I have heard he HATES "Old Time RnR" also so...he's alright by me.

    • profile image

      Mike C. 6 years ago

      I like the list. Thanks. Can't agree will it all, then again I didn't expect to (I mean with 100 entries, there's got to be some dissension). I totally agree that Old Time Rock and Roll is one of Bob's worst (I cringe when it gets played at a party or wedding) but as for your comment; "How much soul is there is selling trucks with your songs Bob?", I read that he held off for a long time on allowing that song (Like a Rock) to be commercialized. He relented when the Detroit area auto workers asked him to do it. It would be a good encouragement for 'buying American', so he agreed. He didn't sell out, he bought in. Don't let the haters get you down; this thread is 4 years old and still going.

    • profile image

      mile 6 years ago

      Good work, although I would make a few exceptions. What about The Joker - Steve Miller Band? I think it deserves its place on the list.

    • profile image

      #PinkFloyd 6 years ago

      dude creed is good

      lol jk

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      I would Christy but apparently this hub really upsets people and I can't waste any more energy on this dumb thing than I already have.

    • profile image

      Christy 6 years ago

      Please finish with the commentaries! I loved them and was LMAO!

    • profile image

      MickSqueak 6 years ago

      Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill has got to be the worst ever.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      You just don't know Jack.

      ALL MUSIC FROM TODAY IS AWFUL and has been since around 1996 when Biggie died and the Macerena arrived. All of hip-hop stalled while jerks like Kanye thrive and the rest of the game is unlistenable, period.

      Rock music has been even worse.

      So why would I waste my time listing every single song these kids are raised on? It's like shooting fish in a barrel right? Instead I chose to pick on songs that either suck, or in the case of the last 10 are way overplayed and it has gotten quite annoying.

      It isn't DREAM ON's fault that it is the only one classic rock station play every hour. It's the programmer's fault. Do you have any idea how many great songs old druggy Boston Aerosmith made that are better than Dude (Looks Like A Lady)? Do you even listen to Aerosmith? Play Sweet Emotion and Dude back to back and let me know if you notice any difference, okay?

      Your deduction that someone who dissects music thru sampling has a short attention is just ignorant. It takes a lot of patience and openmindedness musically to put them together like a mosaic artist puts together tiny pictures to create a greater whole.

      As for your link... I never even heard of it. How does someone educated about music even come across crap like this?

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      You know what -despite your opinion; you're actually pretty groovy.

      The problem is your stance.

      Your musical 'block' as it were, stems from the fact that anything overplayed is annoying -which is fine if you can put it where it belongs. That part of your mind that says -this used to be good, now it's just overplayed.

      But you don't.

      I notice you seem to specialise in 'funk' and samples -I suspect the reason you like samples is because they're short and catchy, kinda like your attention span.

      See, to me, THIS would be one of the 100 worst songs of all time:

      The pointless use of an old ditty with verbal diarrhoea blurted from 4 skanky tramps is the definition of terrible -you put 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' in, a song that at the very least makes use of Perry and Tyler's talents (and maybe riffs off the Kink's 'Lola' for its theme).

      I could go on and on for your choices, especially since I don't defend bands -even the greatest have made filler tracks. But just know, that your 100 'worst' compilation is probably in my 100 worst of 'worst' compilations. I just need to find another 99...

      Happy landings and keep on your path -you look like you're enjoying yourself.


    • profile image

      Balazs 6 years ago

      Clearly the author of this, DJ Funktual, just doesn't like music from the 70s and 80s judging by the top twenty or so on this list. Sure most of these songs weren't written by the best musicians ever, but a lot of them are just fun and catchy. I'd rather listen to a lot of these songs than the crap they play on the radio these days.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Yes i'm sure your right Jack. I have 4 MILLION viewers on youtube for a music education show. You have ANY IDEA how hard that is to do? No "guy gets punched" or "kittens" or "babies". Just a passionate music teacher but considering how you probably have never even heard of the artists I cover, you're the expert. I gotcha. How can you get so cocky when you don't even know who you are talking to? This is who I am and I stand by it.

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      I skimmed half of your list, viewed your Youtube profile and came to the apt conclusion that this song is perfect for you:

      Thanks for the chuckle; but in all seriousness, you should get that musical palette of yours looked at.

      Your brush strokes are a lil gaudy and unrefined.

      Inb4 you retaliate with something juvenile like 'You have bad taste dickhead!'

      Better to have bad taste that absolutely NO taste, friendo...

    • profile image

      SloppyD 6 years ago

      Um . . Fergalicious? I instinctively look for any rope with which I can fashion a noose whenever it comes on.

    • DJ Funktual profile image

      DJ Funktual 6 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

      Cause I never heard of it.

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      WHY OH WHY isnt "Run Joey Run" ON THIS LIST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • profile image

      christalp 6 years ago

      I agree with almost all of that list... except third eye blind. Come on how dare you???????

    • profile image

      tedbunny 6 years ago


    • profile image

      tedbunny 6 years ago


    • profile image

      The Village Geneus 6 years ago

      "Having My Baby" by Paul Anka in 1974 has to be the ninber one worst song in the past 50 years. Oh wait, I forgot "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band in 1976.

    • profile image

      ay no. 6 years ago

      this list started out at eh... at first i didnt see why some of the songs should be on here, but I didnt necessarily like them. Once I got to A Little Respect by Erasure, the validity of this list was destroyed. No forgiveness.

    • profile image

      Drevv 6 years ago

      Wtf?! All star is a great song, why u put on list?!

    • profile image

      Sweetness 6 years ago

      The mother of all worst songs: "Things Get A Little Easier, Once You Understand" by Think.

      A very close second: "The Last Game Of The Season" by David Geddes.

      What? Not one mention of "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm" by Crash Test Dummies.

    • profile image

      Balldareus 6 years ago

      Seasons in the Sun recorded by Terry Jacks in 1974 that sold 10 million copies worldwide is my number one worst song. To be fair to Terry Jacks he did not write the song or lyrics he just sang the song. This song is so depressing and sappy I am always amazed that it did so well on the charts.

    • profile image

      veronica 6 years ago

      i likrd kokomo. that shoulnt be on the list. and yes i know about opinions.but its too mutch it gets tiring .espeshaly if its a song you dont like.

    • profile image

      D.C.D. 6 years ago

      Like everyone and everyone else, there's some songs on the list that I think should and shouldn't be there but others that may have been left out. But the ones I list are just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions! Some might have been added by the responses from others as it was taking too long to read them all and I started forgetting the ones in my mind that I suffered through.

      Pac-Man Fever - Buckner and Garcia

      Disco Duck - Rick Dees

      Heartbeat - Don Johnson

      Party All The Time - Eddie Murphy

      Respect Yourself - Bruce Willis

      Convoy - C. W. McCall

      Dark Lady - Cher

      No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) - Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer

      Heart light - Neil Diamond

      Coming To America - Neil Diamond

      Morning Of My Life - Debbie Boone

      Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - The Carpenters

      Final Countdown - Europe

      You're The One That I Want - Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

      Tip Toe Through The Tulips - Tiny Tim

      Spiders and Snakes - Jim Stafford

      Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka and Elton John

      The Streak - Ray Stevens

    • profile image

      veronica 6 years ago

      all the rap songs from the radio should be on there. i just cant stand those rap songs. i dont know why they have them on the radio. if theyre trying to make money off of them its not stop trying so we dont have to live in mysery.

    • profile image

      Amira 6 years ago

      I'll admit that most of these songs are my guilty pleasures!! hahaha

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      How is dream on a part of this list?

    • profile image

      Behram 6 years ago

      You arer all compleatly wrong. The worst song of all time is "Clouds across the Moon" by the Rah Band. The Tune is awful, the lyrics don't actually make any sence (I know that that is not usually a problem, in this case, however, they are crucial to the songs plot.)and the premise of the song its self must have been thought up by and absolute gibbering moron.

      According to one part of the song the lady singing asks her husband, who is fighting an interplanetary war in space, what the weather is like. I mean for F***s sake how much weather do you get in space? That's right none.

      Its a truely terrible song.

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      -_- closing time by semisonic should not be even thought about to be on this list

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      Though many of your choices are very good, you seem like a douchebag. Especially that Ace of Base-part made you seem like a complete douchebag, to be honest.

      Also, including songs like "Bennie & the Jets" or "Dream On" proves that you are silly.

    • profile image

      Bhimbim 6 years ago

      COMPLETELY AGREE with Thewhat, you can't judge a song by your own, get over it noobs !.

    • profile image

      Thewhat 6 years ago

      The title of this article would be better as "My top 100 least favorite songs". Unless you can explain the reason that just because you don't like a song it makes it one of the worst songs of history?

    • profile image

      Annabell 6 years ago

      oh and just have to ad this because you need to know. I do respect people's opinions, but they actually have to have something credible to back it up. you on the other had talk about kokomo and relate it dushbags wearing Jimmy Buffet shirts. that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual song but with the stereotype of people you assume listen to it. when you want to talk about a song, talk about the song. I don't care if it literally make you want to throw up, say something intelligent about it that actually means something. this is a website, not a note to your friends in homeroom.

    • profile image

      Annabell 6 years ago

      ha!!!!! i stumbled across you on teacher.....I wouldn't listen to what you had to say if i was being paid to. signing out, this is a waste of my time, bout to listen to some good music that actually made money off what they did. enjoy your life on twitter and local weddings.

    • profile image

      Annabell 6 years ago

      Have to say you are no DJ I would ever want playing somewhere I'm at. These songs are called classics, they topped billboard charts for a reason. Seems to me like you're just hating on these songs because they are classics and you want to seem different, but I love almost all the songs you have on this list for the sole purpose that they're amazing. When you have a song come on at a place and everybody starts cheering and starting to dance, you know you have a hit. Got to say that your catty little list is laughable, and while some people may be agreeing with you, ALL these songs are on my Ipod and in soundtracks among all genres, and you sir, I have never heard of.

    • profile image

      freezone 6 years ago

      Discovered this list while searching to see who else shared my distaste for Bob Seger. Kept myself up too late perusing the comments, etc. but what's a couple of hours, given that this has gone on for three years! I'm thoroughly enjoying it, though I would like to add my own cringe-worthy song to the list: Whenever I hear Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias singing about all the "girls" they've loved before, it makes me gag. They are two old coots who come across as pedophiles (not to mention that Iglesias sounds like an idiot when he sings in English).

      Anyway - thanks for the memories, DJ.

    • profile image

      SEGER FAN 6 years ago

      You clearly hate Seger and don't have a clue. Old Time Rock and Roll wasn't written by him. It was written by the Muscle Sholes Rythem section.

    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      You're right about all of these except #1. It was written as homage to black musicians of the time and featured black musicians on the recording. It is funky. It is not a joke. the rest is total shit, granted.


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