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100 famous people who lived to 100

Updated on September 25, 2012

A list of 100 famous centenarians

A list of 100 famous people who have made it to 100 years old or over (centenarians) . Including actors, entertainers, film directors like Bob Hope and Bruce Bennet. Miscellaneous including Alexandra David-Néel. Athletes Including Silas Simmons. Musicians, Authors, Writers and The Queen Mother.

Actors, Filmmakers and Entertainers

1. Bruce Bennet
Actor and Olympic shot putter, best known for playing Tarzan
2. George Abbott
Film Director and Screenwriter who lived to 107
3. Etta Moten Barnett
4. George Burns
5. Marta Eggerth
Hungarian Singer and Actress
6.Kathleen Harrison
British Actress
7. Johannes Heesters
Dutch Actor and Singer who lived to 108
8. Bob Hope
Actor and Comedian, known for "The Bob Hope Show"
9. Charles Lane
10. Manoel de Oliveira
Portuguese Film Director
11. Luise Rainer
German Actress
12. Leni Riefenstahl
German Film Director
13. Kaneto Shindo
Japanese Film Maker
14. Gloria Stuart
15. Ellaline Terriss
English Singer and Actress
16. Doris Eaton Travis
Actress and Author
17. Ninette de Valois
18. Señor Wences
Spanish ventriloquist
19. Adolph Zukor
Founder of Paramount Pictures


20. Alexandra David-Néel
Writer, Explorer and Buddhist
21. Helge Ingstad
Norwegian Explorer
22. Freya Stark
Travel Writer
23. Elly Beinhorn
German Pilot
24. Scott Nearing
25. Aaron Bank
Founder of the US Army Special Forces


26. Bion Barnett
Founder of the Barret Bank
27. Godfrey Lowell Cabot
28. Cecil Howard Green
Co-founder of Texas Instruments
29. Charles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr
Founder of the Walgreen Company
30. Abdul Majid Zabuli
Founder of Afghanistan's banking system
31. Run Run Shaw
Hong Kong Media Mogul
32. Frederik Jacques "Frits" Philips
Former chairman of the board of directors of the company Philips
33. Mohan Singh Oberoi
Indian Hotelier

Authors and Writers

34. Francisco Ayala
Spanish Novelist
35. Ba Jin
Chinese Author
36. Ralph Bates
37. Arthur Judson Brown
Clergyman and Author
38. Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Bengali/English writer
39. Norman Corwin
40. Fleur Cowles
41. Ève Curie
French writer, journalist and the daughter of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie
42. Annie Elizabeth Delany
Author and Civil Rights Activists
43. Marjory Stoneman Douglas
44. Richard Eberhart
45. Luciana Frassati Gawronska
46. Ruth Gruber
47. Mohammad-Ali Jamalzadeh
Iranian Writer
48. Ernst Jünger
49. Joseph Nathan Kane
50. Stanley Kunitz
Two time Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress
51. Naomi Mitchison
52. Frances Partridge
53. Ida Pollock
54. Carl Rakosi
55. George Seldes
Investigative Journalist
56. Sant Kavi Surdas
15th century blind saint, poet and musician
57. Jean Bell Thomas
58. Edward Upward
59. Edward Wagenknecht


60. Manohar Aich
Indian bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe
61. Carmelo Camet
Argentine Olympic fencer
62. Jimmy Coffey
Irish hurler
63. Abe Coleman
64. George Daneel
South African Rugby Player
66. Alf Goullet
Australian cyclist
67. Basil Hayden
American college basketball player and coach
68. Neil McCorkell
English cricketer
69. Connie Marrero
Baseball player
70. Millito Navarro
Puerto Rican Baseball player
71. Ace Parker
American football and baseball player
72. Paul Pietsch
Racing driver
73. Alfred Proksch
Austrian Olympic athlete
74. Ted Radcliffe
Baseball player
75. Silas Simmons
Baseball player who lived to 111
76. Amos Alonzo Stagg
American football player and coach
77. Francisco Varallo
Argentinean Football player
78. Walter Walsh
American FBI agent and shooter
79. Syd Ward
New Zealand cricketer
80. Billy Werber
Baseball player
81. Martin White


82. Irving Berlin
83. Henri Büsser
French Composer
84. Elliott Carter
85. Orlando Cole
86. Roy Henderson
87. Roman Totenberg
88. Olga Rudge
89. George Beverly Shea
90. Abdul Rashid Khan
91. Wade Mainer
92. Draga Matkovic
93. Marcel Mule
94. Leo Ornstein
95. Ernest "Doc" Paulin
New Orleans jazz brass bandleader and trumpeter
96. H. Owen Reed
97. Bill Tapia
98. Rosa Rio
99. Jeno Takács

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

100. The Queen Mother ( Mother of the current Queen) Lived to 101, making her one of the oldest ever members of the royal family.


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    • mattdigiulio profile image


      6 years ago

      So interesting. Thanks for sharing this -- brilliant. Voting up!


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