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How to Become Famous: 10 Top Tips + Helpful Information

Updated on July 16, 2017
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This page (free ebook) has videos included  to entertain and inspire you while you read read this article and the many comments.
This page (free ebook) has videos included to entertain and inspire you while you read read this article and the many comments.

10 Top Tips you're probably aware of, plus, much more helpful information.

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Everyone wants to be famous right?...... Wrong!. I would never want fame for all the money in the world. I shall be keeping my privacy and anonymity. In-fact, thinking about it, most people I believe don't want to be famous, but if you are one of the many people that do, then here's some ideas to help get you on your way. Some will require no talent what-ever your skills, or lack of them, because becoming famous can still be possible for anyone including you.

1. Enter a reality show. We all now someone who is famous just for appearing on a reality show. It's hard to turn on the TV now-a-days without seeing some sort of show on which gives anyone the chance of becoming famous. You don't even need to win the show to be successful. Take a look at Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent, "Jade Goody" from Big brother, "Kelly Clarkson" from American Idol or "Leona Lewis" from X Factor. Enter one of these shows and you can become famous overnight, that's right. But you must have natural raw singing talent or something that makes you stand out from the rest. "Jedward" never had any talent but they had something which made them very famous.

2. Get fame and become a model like one of the worlds richest supermodel "Gisele Bundchen" and "Kate Moss. This way is very easy and without any skills. You just have to look good. Some girls and guys may think they're unattractive but they may have something quirky about them, and be very photographic.

3. Inventing something is a sure way to becoming famous just like "Erno Rubik" who was the inventor of the "Rubik's cube". Even the wheel is still being redesigned to this day but there are many things that have not. Sometimes, invention have been created purely by accident. Just like the popular toy the "Slinky" which was originally a spring-like tool to monitor power on Battleships until it dropped on the floor and started moving!. "Cornflakes" were created by accident when centuries ago the "Kellogg's" brothers were trying to boil grain and accidentally left them on the stove for too long that's how easy it can be. You could still create a popular website like Facebook or Twitter, or create a great app or game to make you semi very rich.

4. Good at sports? Do something your good at like Football, Baseball or Ice hockey or become an athlete and be famous In seconds by breaking the current world record holder Husain Bolt's 9.58 seconds. Some sports can be quite easy way if you're naturally the fastest or strongest. Become a world champion but try not to break a leg doing so.

5. Write a best selling novel, We all know many novelists by name more than their face. If you have great writing skills you could be the next "Jackie Collins", or "J.K. Rowling" who wrote the "Harry Potter" books.

Pussycat Dolls

When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls

Good Charlotte

Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous by Good Charlotte

Lily Allen

The Fear by Lily Allen

Bros: Matt & Goss

Twin brothers Matt Goss and Luke Goss
Twin brothers Matt Goss and Luke Goss

Bros - When Will I Be Famous

Irene Cara

Fame by Irene Cara

I wanna Be Famous - Funny!

In 1968 the artist, author and film maker Andy Warhol said that "In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes". - Maybe you will achieve 15 minutes of fame, or world wide fame or maybe you will be a local celebrity or web celeb.!

Size and Looks Don't Matter

It does not matter how fat, thin, tall or short you are. It does not matter what you look like or what disability you have, because you can achieve anything if you work hard as they're roles for everyone in acting.

6. Be a Scientist and find a cure for the common cold and be remembered forever. Most vaccinations and antibiotics just like Penicillin was created purely by accident.

7. Be a comedian, magician or entertainer. If everyone tells you your funny and you naturally make people laugh, you may just have something. Some people are just naturally funny without even trying. If this is you, your halfway there. When it comes to comedy it's not what you say, it's how you say it, and of course---------------timing is everything. David Walliam's was a comedian. Now he's better known as a World Famous author. Marilyn Monroe was just a model who then turned into a singer and actress. Sometimes where you start your career, will not be where you end up.

8. Become a politician. Winston Churchill, JFK, Tony Blair and president "George Bush will always be remembered. It was not just fame, they had power. Former US president Ronald Reagan and the former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger were former actors.

9. Have a successful business like Bill gates who owns Microsoft, or Apples flounder Steve Jobs. Buying a famous sports team club will give you fame.

10. The easiest way to becoming famous is to marry, date, or be a relative of someone famous. Hello Jaden Smith, Willow Smith and of course, Paris Hilton, and in her words, that's hot.

More Helpful Information

Some people are born with the IT, or just have the X Factor. Most people have to acquire it. Many people with talent lack confidence. Some people just look like a star and have no talent and others are very talented, but don't look like anything special. A makeover could make a difference. Many people have real talent and star quality but don't even want to be famous and vice verse.

Being famous is one thing, but being famous and successful is another. You don't need to become famous to be rich and successful. If you really have what it takes, don't let anyone or anything stop you. Don't ever give up on your dreams - nature will-'may' take its course. Work hard and eventually your talent or gift may be recognized. Last few things to remember. Don't let your passion become and obsession. Try not to show your too desperate or eager. No matter how individual and unique you are, you're certainly not alone. Believe in yourself and persevere. With the help and support of your family and friends, anything is possible. in the meantime, don't quit your day job, or your studies as you may find you need something to fall back on just in case you don't succeed.

Write to various TV stations, theatres, etc. offering to do voluntary work-anything for experience. Like most things in life, it's not what you do, it's how you do it. Getting your foot in the door is a great start. On the way up, be careful who you trust. Look before you leap.

Whether you're young or old, experience is the key. Take part in school plays and your local theatre. It will give you experience while building up your confidence. Singing, acting and dancing classes help. Learn something new. You may want to work in one field but, by trying something new, you could discover you have hidden talent.

Film Extras. All music videos, films, TV shows, etc. all require extras, and walk-on parts are always available. Great for experience and the potential of being spotted.

Most big stars started at the bottom and worked their way up. They may have started by sweeping the stage, but now they're dancing on it. Don't always think big.

You may be one of the thousands of people who have talent but lack the likability {personality} factor. Most times it's not what you say or do it's how you say and do them. If this is the case, you will need to change your ways as you will have to work with many people who may not want to work with you. Getting along with people is very important in gaining success. If you can't get along with people, you'll have to work much harder! Unless you're super uber talented then it doesn't matter - as much!. Or, you may not have talent at all but are surrounded by people who always praise you and give you positive feedback whenever you sing or dance, or show your (so called talent) because they don't want to hurt your feelings and are just being kind. Try recording your voice and play it back! What can you hear!? What-ever your talent, try videoing yourself, what can you see? Are you a great performer?

Practice makes perfect right? Wrong. Practice makes better because nothing is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Uploading videos of your talent to Viewastar or YouTube is a great way for promoting yourself as well as some honest and sometimes brutal feedback so you'll need thick skin. This day and age it's much easier to become a famous singer like Justin Bieber who came from a very small town before becoming famous just singing at home and uploading his songs to YouTube before eventually being signed up. Even the magician Dynamo used YouTube to become famous.

You don't even need talent to become famous or achieve Internet stardom. Just doing, crazy or really weird and strange stuff is enough to get you millions of hits and become an overnight sensation, just like Matt Harding who videoed himself dancing in over 70 countries. Or Mr GangNam style guy. Tay Zonda's song titled Chocolate Rain earned him an appearance on the animated TV sitcom South Park and a TV commercial deal.

Find something your good at, or very bad at and share it to the world. No matter where you live. If you have a computer, an Internet connection, and that something special, there's no excuse to become famous without leaving your bedroom. Many TV stations around the world play these video clips and if they become viral, you can make a lot of money by becoming a Youtube partner as well as becoming an Internet sensation.

You can also be a famous inventor, photographer, film director, scientist, clothes designer among many other trades that will require talent and in some cases, an education.

Do you ever wonder which famous celebrity you look like, as you can become a celebrity look-alike. You may not think you look like anyone famous, but there are many celebrities around the world who could look just like you. So, you may have to travel abroad.

The Pros & Cons of Being Famous + Be Prepared For Fame.

What's your story? & What Advice & Tips Would You Give? Comment below.

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    • profile image

      naima 9 years ago

      can you help me how to become a famous singer rsvp please

    • profile image

      kerri 9 years ago

      i really want to become famous but one problem how! i am a very good actor

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai

      I will pick writing a novel, if I have a choice.

      Just watched Forrest Gump, Compu-smart, in which whatever he did made him famous! 

    • William F. Torpey profile image

      William F Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

      I'm with you, compu-smart. Fame is fleeting, anyway. Fortune tends to hang around a lot longer.

    • profile image

      Manoj Baitha 9 years ago

      Some of the ideas I liked to be famous .Can someone help me in suggesting how I can publish my writtings to be famous. I have composed good poems and songs , I want to be famous through this way .

    • profile image

      xxdeenerzxx 9 years ago

      LOVE IT


    • profile image

      XXDEENERZXX 9 years ago



    • profile image

      lololove 9 years ago

      I am 12 years old and i can sing really good my when I try out for the talent shows I make it every time , but my bf doesn't!!!! Anyway, I want to become a famous singer, i wright all my songs , and love to sing them to mi family!!!! But how do I become famous???

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 9 years ago from Wv

      Are you famous??

    • profile image

      carolyn 9 years ago

      i whant to become a singer like mika or gwen stefani i'v got a band but i dont know how to get on to x factor

    • profile image

      bbug ohhhhh 9 years ago

      i really want to be famouse iv been in the newspaper 3 times know how to model im a great actress and awsome singer

    • profile image

      MWAH 9 years ago


    • profile image

      carolyn tattum  9 years ago

      hi HELP ME I WHANT TO BECOME A FAMOUS SINGER help i need somebody help not just anybody help i need some one heeelp

    • profile image

      karina 9 years ago

      dont worry because i am going though the same ,i have a singing gourp and we are called THE DIVAS and we are busting our butts off to have this dream and thanks for the addvice and i am trying to keep everybody on track we are 3 girls and we are not going to stop

    • profile image

      carolyn tattum 8 years ago

      HELP HELP i wont 2 become a famouse singer i red your advice but my mum dose'nt have much money NO ONE IS HELPING ME plzz plzz plzz i need help

    • profile image

      kkk 8 years ago

      become consultant in IT field. its like making money in huge amount by only spending some time.

    • profile image

      annie onomus 8 years ago

      I live in mobilea alabama . No one from here is famous, and nothing very exciting really happens so normally its really boring.we have to wear uniforms so i really cant wear none of my stylish clothes.I LOVE to sing,act ,and dance and i'm awesome at it and every time i sing i get and comment so being a super star is for me,but only one problem...I AM A LITTLE SHY IN FRONT OF PEOPleI DONT KNOW!!!!I agree with that boy that none of your tips help and i am 11 years old .I cant tell you my real name untill you help and plus i cant give personal information over the web anyway.But to get to the point ,i need a little more help please so can do at least that for me ?thanks for your time.Have a great day,Bye! PS I LOVE MONEY AND HAVE AMAZING TALENTS SO IF YOU KNOW ANY FAMOUS PEOPLE HIRER PLEASE CONTACT ME..PPLLEEAASSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      I like this one Finally the most easiest is to be a relative of someone famous

      good hub

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      Hi Compu-smart,

      I live half-way between Brighton and Worthing, and as you know, any amount of theatrical types hang out on this stretch of the South Coast, so it's not hard to do a bit of accidental star-spotting whilst wandering in the Lanes! In just the last few weeks I've seen Patsy Palmer of Eastenders fame, and Gok Wan of 'How to Look Good Naked' going about their lives locally, and both times I've wondered how annoying it must be to have people constantly recognising you, and coming up for autographs (not that I do that of course! LOL!) I think the fortune bit is definitely more attractive to me than the fame!

    • profile image

      ray  8 years ago

      let me try them out

    • profile image

      rebekah 8 years ago

      i love to act and i want to be a actress like angelina jolie i don't like school but i try to saying as much as i can .i would like to get in brits school but i am only in year8 i got to wait to apply.Me and my mum try and find club school and agents but we live on a estae can you help me or some advice thank you

    • profile image

      ashley 8 years ago

      i love to dance

    • profile image

      Nakayla Wellington 8 years ago

      I want to become an actor and singer and become really famouse. Im good at singing, actually so good like Celine Dion, Good actor. I want to hear people say my name telling me they love me, and signing pictures. Ineed Help Please!

    • profile image

      Key-Master 8 years ago

      I am a computer programmer by day, and kareoke singer by night. It is rare that I don't make 250-500 a week singing kareoke, not counting what I make as a computer programmer.So that means I quit my job (seeing as I don't have a band), and then just start doing nothing but music?I am not going to sit here and talk myself up like the other people that claim they are great singers. I may not be the best singer, but I win singing contests weekly.The problem is that some of us have bills to pay, and don't have the time to search for an agent, search for bands members, and the likes, even though we are extremely passionate about music (hence kareoke).I am famous for 5 minutes at a time when I sing kareoke, but it is not good enough. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am today, and have also worked very hard on teaching myself to sing.Why do I have to work so hard to make less than 50k a year when I have talent? Like I said, I won't site here and say I am the best singer ever, but I have bills to pay, so I have to continue being a computer programmer unless you know a way that I can drop everything and have bills paid so that I can get famous.Did you know that agents and record companies do not go to kareoke competitions? It may sound dumb that I do it, but I do it almost every single night because I am very passionate about my voice. I just do not have enough time to get an entire band together, so I do the next best thing (sing along with other bands, hence kareoke).I can throw you tips on becoming known in the kareoke circuits, but that does not mean you are famous. I am not going to be invited to the MTV Music Awards for being known within my own city's kareoke circuit.For the people that posted on here: Sorry, you will not get famous. I found that out the hard way. Unless you start a band when you are like 12 or something, or you have just looks, then you could easily be famous, but if not, welcome to reality.If you don't like it, ignore celebrities and the fact that will smith gets paid 20 million per movie. How much do you get paid again? I don't make that much and I am doing everything I can to make it.compu-smart, you said you didn't want to be famous? You don't want so much money that you can buy literally anything you want? Don't give me that money doesn't buy happiness line, because only poor people say that. Prove that it is possible to become famous with your slendiferous tips and do it yourself to prove that it is possible. How can you possibly give anybody advice on how to become famous when you can't even do it?

    • profile image

      Key-Master 8 years ago

      How should we know?Nobody here is famous, hence we would not know.

    • profile image

      DrummerChick 8 years ago

      Hey!! My dream in life is to become a famous drummer, like Tommy Lee, or Travis Barker, or Chad Smith, and all them. I wanna be able to travel around the world and preform infront of thousands of people. Any help???

    • profile image

      The great one 8 years ago

      I really wanted to be famous when I was young and that is like every little girls dream to be a singer or actress or maybe even a model. For hours and hours they could be day dreaming of just standing on top that stage singing there heart out orplaying the main character of ,vl;v gl;gll;gl;g,;gl;.;gf.;fdl;vf,l;gf,l;gf,l;,;fd,f,.fd,.fd,.,.f,.fd,.fd,.,.f,.fd,.gf,.fd,.f,.f,.f,.fr,.f,.f,.f,.f,.f,.f,.fd,.fd,.fd,.f,.f,.f,.f,.;f,.f,.f,.f,./f,.f,.f,.f,.fd,.f,.fd ,.fd,.f,.fd,.fd,.fd,.fd,.fd,.fd,.fd,fd,.fd,.d,.f,.f,./,.fd,.fd,.,.f,.f,.fd,.,.,.,./








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    • profile image

      Sheena 8 years ago

      omg i think i am an AMZING singer i am only 10 wanna be famous i wanna be a star i wanna be in movies!! i think im quite good looking but how become famous. TIPS FOR ALL OF YOU..... just wait and see what you get. let it come slowly dont get too worried. i really wanna be famous. ive heard ive gotta nice body! lol

    • profile image

      the oklahoma singer 8 years ago

      someone please help me!!!!!!!!!I need to become a famous singer quickly if anyone has advice PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Debby Ryan 8 years ago

      I became famous but not like that.

    • profile image

      Mani 8 years ago

      well what if you are a kid and you want to be is a reliaty show??? what if you dont have the money to do things like that? what if you just want to be founded??? how would we do that???

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Number 10 seems to be the best way to become famous in Spain. The TV is full -and I mean full- of boyfriends and girlfriends of ____. Even ex girlfriends' new dating partners can be famous over there!!!! So just go to the right place at the right time and you might just make it :)

    • profile image

      jehanzeb 8 years ago

      helllo i m jehanzeb from pakistan i like singing my hobby singing and i feel i have good voice.if any people can promote me for singing then tell me.i shall be very thankful to you.i m also student and 19 year

    • profile image

      lamanda james 8 years ago

      i want to be a famous singer and i do not know how to start i have already write one of my song

    • profile image

      kathleen. 8 years ago

      I really want to be a dancer soooo bad. I don't really have the confidence to go on shows to get me where I want but if i had the fame just like that...then I wouldn't mind at all because I've performed on little dance shows and that with big audiences. My shyness disappears when I know something is for definite. PLEASE HELP!

    • profile image

      Poisonivy 8 years ago

      I am 11 years old, and I really, really want to be a singer. When I sing, I feel so powerful, and it just gives me a buzz. I am really shy though. And I don't have much money. I really need some help. I want to be a singer because I want to be seen, be powerful, have loads of money for a better life for me and my family, AND so that I can prove to people that I AM somebody, and that my dream came true. Please help me achieve my dream! x

    • profile image

      Emily 8 years ago

      I REALLY want to become famous (a singer) but i am very shy and i dont really sing at home wht to do?

    • profile image

      Alissa 8 years ago

      I am 17 years old and i live in a small town out in virginia. Theres not to many exciting things that happen around here. Although there is some famouse people that grew up from here and went to my school like Thomas and julius Jones and also adriana trigiani. I would love to be on a reality show or have my own. I am very funny and my life is crazy and i would love to show everyone. Plus i love to act. Does anyone know how i can get started in acting for a small town girl with not alot of money. if soo please let me know, i want to prove to myself and everyone else that i can do anything i set my mind to.

    • profile image

      Holly 8 years ago

      All my life i have been dreaming about being famous i have pictures of like red carpets and limos all over my walls in my bedroom. I know most people want to be famous but for me, being famous is all i think about! I just want someone to notice me for once. I'm not very popular but i love to dance and act. If anyone has anything to do with being famous i would love to know. Being famous really is all i think about and it's getting me down how i'm not famous. When my friends want to talk to me sometimes i go off in a day dream thinking about being famous!! Then they shout my name and i'm like 'huh?' Anyway i all i can think about is being famous. I think i am going on a bit now lol. I JUST REALLY WANNA BE FAMOUS SO MUCH IT HURTS!!!!!!:'( I WANNA BE FAMOUS I WANNA BE FAMOUS I WANNA BE FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      CLAY 8 years ago


    • profile image

      jazmin 8 years ago

      i read those tips but what if you dont have enough money to get onto reallity tv shows like my family is poor but i really want to become a singer and people are always telling me to enter competitons go tho auditions and im tellin them but what about people who are poor theres not much advice for them and they want to fullfill there dreams so if anyone has any advice for a poor girl with a poor family plz give me advice my email address is

      you can even call me on weekends on


    • profile image

      selena gomez 8 years ago

      hi you prob know me from disney channel one thing i would advise never give up if is ment to happen it will

    • profile image

      Cody the PCWiz 8 years ago

      I am almost 13 years old and i can act and sing pretty good, names cody, i've wanted to be famous mostly in acting since i was 6 yrs old. have 83 friends thats trustwhorty so im famous with my friends and my school since i'm the volunteer computer fixer when the computer lab crash i'll fix it. i really want to become famous, plz help...


      hair- brownish; blackish face- pale

      plz help....

    • profile image

      Aryana 8 years ago

      Man, All my life i wanted to be famous......i have a great voice (i hear it from people all the time) im not shy i love to sing to everyone!!! i watch t.v && i wish i was like them. im still youngg && im not gunna give up my dreams. Maybe Someday it will happen???????


    • profile image

      unknown 8 years ago

      My whole life i wanted to be famous like who doesnt but i live in L.A and when i was little i was in so many plays. i love sining i sing in my plays we have at school and if there is a auditon for school or another school i go and audition i love it so much. Sometimes i even have little concerts for free and a lot of ppl come and i sing for them

      i love it so much and next friday i am having one so i just love it so much!!!!!!! but then again it is a lot of work for me singing and i take lessons on singing acting and guitar and they helped a lot!!!!!!


    • profile image

      thearoxy 7 years ago

      i want to b e a famous model!...can you pls help me?

    • profile image

      joanne clarke 7 years ago

      hey im from ireland and iva always wanted to be a singer , my dad has a band that plays around county tyrone but i would like to be a singer like miley cyrus and taylor swift and i have wrote alot of songs and recorded them but i dont know what to do with them :( can you please help me :) xox thanks

    • profile image

      Dion young 7 years ago

      Hi im from racine and i have talnt lick sounding lick a cat and a dog.Name is dion so can you help me PLZ

    • profile image

      wanna be 7 years ago

      i wanna star on a tv show like icarly or somthin im 13 help

    • profile image

      Paiityn 7 years ago

      Hello :)

      I'm 12 years old and i do have talent , i just lack LOTS of confidence ... I'm related to Nickel back .. But yeah I don't know ;

      If you live in L.A. you have a better chance of becoming famous , because that's the popularity spot for agencies , celebrities and all that talent stuff!

      But the bad thing for me is that i live in a non-popular city in alberta, canada .

      My main goal is to become a model/actress - and maybe even ONE song in the newer futre but i need help!

      My family is poor kind of but not really!?

      When i was little i wanted to be on the news but the camera kept not getting me everytime it was around someone ... but now , i cant stand a new's camera. I have my own camera and i take millions of pictures and videos with it ... i don't have good ideas for videos , and EVERYONE thinks I'm a sex crazed bitch who is REALLY weird and everything just because of my video's, i watch everyone else' videos and there REALLY good but mine are just plain retarded!

      I do believe in myself with achieving this but i need help with building my confidence up.

      And there's really no solution to keep your mind off of millions of people are staring at you and everything =/

      I also did enter many talent website's and one even called me back! but we had no way to where the agency was at ... it was 3 hours away from my city and so we told them we had no way there and sorry.

      But i believe in finding a good agency and healthy famous-ness.

      You can believe in this too! Just NEVER give up and one day you'll be looking back to the time you where really wanting to be famous and be like my dream came true!

      You just gotta put your heart into your dream! : ]

      If you want to give me tips and other stuff you can email me (I can also give you advice if you simply just email me! , PLEASE NO SPAM , STALKERS, OR OFFENDERS! IF YOU DO ILL CALL THE AUTHORITIES!

      My Email -

      Have a good day and remember to BELIEVE!

      - Payton

      : ]

    • profile image

      dils 7 years ago

      i am 13 years old since now it self i want to be famous i want to be a actress or an model then sure one can become famous just be hit and top in want we do

    • profile image

      Zand3r 7 years ago

      One day.....I'll be there

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      I wish i was famous, for having a great business concern. But no such luck for me! LOL!

    • profile image

      jazmin arnold 7 years ago

      hi its jazmin thanx selena gomez i do know you from disney channel and i love your acting

    • profile image

      jjj 7 years ago

      Hey Selena Gomez you are sooooooooooooo prety and amazing.

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago

      I also want to become a singer and i wish somebody would help me .maybe if i put my singing on youtube some body might find me there,my family needs help with the money and i dont even care about the money i just care to live my dream,[it would be nice to have some money to help alot of people like floods and hunger prob or something .i live in INDIANA and im 13 if i put my singing on youtube the titles gonna be my yahoo account.we only have one life and im gonna live please check it out. thx

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago

      ladies if u want to become a singer go for it nothing is stping u and dont be scared to ask some people just be sure u r ready and have talent i will write soon and im trying to become a singer myself i sang in churches school plays talent shows and every chance i get, so go for it and check my singing out on youtube type sep.26 this date is when my uncle sloane died and i hope hes haven a great time in 13 and i m ready to forfill my dream please type back.thx

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago

      hey SELENA GOMEZ if u can please write to me i need info and i'm wondering if u can make me a singer read the rest of my notes and i ll check my notes every day to see if somebody wrote thx so much this means alot to me.

    • profile image

      lipi 7 years ago

      am 18 yrs old.studies no matter impt but want 2 b famous.i liv in a small town in d northeast india.acting is my passion.i really wanna PURSUE it if given a chance.bollywood? a big NO 'COZ ONLY LOOKS r given preference.kindly advice

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago

      lipi give it ur all ok. im gonna try to be a famous singer but idk wat to do write back if u need to ask a Q. i come here every day to see my notes and to see if anyone wrote to me

    • profile image

      elley  7 years ago

      hi im elley id love 2 become famous but im 10 years old and im lucky cose i have extra expereance and im funny but everyone thinks that i cant do it cose im not so out there if u call it that id love to become a young actress not 4 the fame and atencion but because its my biggest dream and growing up and being like miley cyrus is the best thing that would ever happen to me but it ill do wat eva it takes if it takes until im 30 i just want my dreams 2 come if u no anyone that u think can help me than contac me on the internet plz plz anyway thanks so much.

    • profile image

      latocia 7 years ago

      hi is me latocia

    • profile image

      latocia 7 years ago

      hi is me latocia

    • profile image

      Dr. Asa Don Brown 7 years ago

      What is the rationale and purpose behind your desire to gain fame?

      Consider the following:

      Do you really desire fame or the money that "sometimes" follows fame?

      There are downsides to fame?

      Will you recognize your "real" friends?

      What will happen to your relationships?

      How will your family relate and adjust to your fame?

      How will you handle the press - the paparazzi?

    • profile image

      trod 7 years ago

      please help me i want to become famous and i have 11 songs that i wrote and i love to sing i am 11 years old HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    • profile image

      star martinez 7 years ago

      i would like to become a singer but i want to act on broadway i allready started and i signed up for a program called nustars for the young acters but i would like to be on the show called x factor how can i do the way i am going to be proforming in a play on broadway called wintuket would anyone cme join mee.novembe to december.thanxxxxxxx

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago

      Don't give up anybody, you'll soon be there and i hope somebody would find me and make me a singer cuz it's my dream im 13 now and i'm ready, i'm not scared of anything.It's my job to come out strong!! somebody write back to me......

    • profile image

      emily 7 years ago

      i want to become like kate price i dont wannah be a midle i just wannah be famous like her . i dont want to hide my face no more i want to name ot be nown ,

    • profile image

      beverly 7 years ago

      IM only 10 I wany to be like selena gomez I have a good voice please help WIRTE ME BACK!

    • profile image

      beverly 7 years ago

      IM noly 10 an I wannah be like selena gomez I have a good voice but PLEASE REPLY BACK TO ME!

    • profile image

      lizard 7 years ago

      i want to be micheal jacson

    • profile image

      Anastasiya 7 years ago

      Ive been living in Colorado fo ra decade and theres nothing for me here, i wan to tbe an actress not for the money or fame but because i escape to a world...I get to tbe someone else and that person could be the complete oppisite or an eviol leader, who knows i can be it all. I really need an manager or an agent. My parents laugh at me whenever i say that i want to be an actress. I might be nrevous and sometimes shy and quite...but when im acting i can become the most exciting and loudest person in the room.

    • profile image

      nina brennan 7 years ago

      OMFG!! i never new soo many ppl wanted to be famous!!! is CRAZOOO!!!! yeah... so im 12 and i am soo desprete to become a singer/actress...!!!..!!!!!! i need help!!!! just a really lucky break!! if any of u guys could help me!! email me!!!! plz......... i want this more than i've wanted anything in my life..!!.1.!!! this is my email.......... .... PLZ EMAIL!!!

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      I'm 12 years old and im trying to keep my promise of being famous like Miley cyris ( even if i really not one of her fans .) her voice and way to dress is awsome!!!

    • profile image

      Alex Smith 7 years ago


    • profile image

      crystal 7 years ago

      can i please be famous

    • profile image

      sara 7 years ago

      all my life i wanted to be a famous singer .anyway im in singing classes and i know ill get really far!!!lol

    • profile image

      adrianna 7 years ago

      i am 11 and want to b famous but dk wat to do!!!!????? :(

    • profile image

      lilyana 7 years ago

      i wanted to become a famouse singer ever since i was a little girl.i am a good singer and actress.i made to performing arts for singing and acting.i really want to be on disney channel and have my own show.this is my one and on;y dream. i am 11 years old. if you want me for anything please contact me at this e-mail address.

    • profile image

      steven 7 years ago

      i really want 2 be famouse im 10 i want 2 bea a singer ive wanted 2 be a singer since i was 2 and im saying the truth i love music

    • profile image

      nathan bedonie 7 years ago

      Dear haven in Father,

      I look up at star if i can be with wonderful beautiful women around me through movies,finding my inside feeling to crying to god that he can take me to rich and famous life.

      In the name of jesus christ amen.

    • profile image

      Barbara  7 years ago

      hi im 13 years old i really want to become an actress all i ever think about is me having fun doing a film and having fun with my co-starsoff set.Ever since i was 5 i wanted to became an actress but my parents thought it was just a little girl dreams but i grew up and they realized that i do want to become an emali is thanks and im chasing my dreams and big time. =]

    • profile image

      Shalunda 7 years ago

      Hi im 13 from georgia and i wood love to be an actor. Im a fun person to be around, i have style, class, and have an adorable attitude. Im also athletic and love to play sports. PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ME FAMOUS IT'S BEEN MY DREAM TO BECOME AN ACTRESS. IF U WANT TO MAKE ME AN ACTRESS PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO PLEASE DONT BE SHY IM WAITING!!!!!

    • profile image

      shalea 7 years ago


    • profile image

      kendra 7 years ago

      i have always had a thing for music i love to sing i have been singing ever since i was 5 and am 12 now iw ould would liek to me a pro but i never new how?!

    • profile image

      kendra 7 years ago

      i have always had a thing for music i love to sing i have been singing ever since i was 5 and am 12 now iw ould would liek to me a pro but i never new how?!

    • profile image

      nikki 7 years ago

      i am 11 years old and i became famous from this page i've loved singing and dancing scence i was 2 years old being famous is hard work and fun and games waking up at 4 am is not fun but the red carpet was i gatta go talk to you later bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Sarah Elizabeth 7 years ago

      You cant just get famous becuase you wanna be famous. and people are NOT going to just make you famous, only you can do that. and even if they did, no big record label company is going to look threw here and call you. give it a rest.

    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      If you want to be a famous actor/writer, or whatever, you have to have a famous parent. If you look at the leading actors of today, they almost all have a famous parent. So, it's not what you know but who you know.

    • profile image

      nicole 7 years ago

      i want 2 b an actress with al my heart

    • profile image

      nicole 7 years ago

      i want 2 b an actress with al my heart

    • profile image

      James Hall 7 years ago

      I'm twelve years old, I sing okay, and that's what I want to do. I'm going to be a big star. A FAMOUS FRICKEN SINGER!!! I have a band and all, and now you've heard about me...not that that really helps me. WHOO-HOO!

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      I want to be like MILEY.I am 8 i need HELP

    • profile image

      Riona 7 years ago

      ok. i am a really good singer and i love acting. I go to a small school and i live where there is almost no publicity.

      Please Help ME!

    • profile image

      Tina Irene 7 years ago

      This hub not only handles the subject thoroughly, but it is also presented well and linked successfully. This hub is "excellent, plus".

    • profile image

      Jodi 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Aahley 7 years ago

      Im 10 and i NEED to become famous ive practiced signing autographs and ive even done an reanactment of twilight AND new moon!I am really good actress.


    • profile image

      anastasia 7 years ago

      i will be famous one day i can feel it :)

      there are many ways to start for all of you who want to be an actor/actress whatever you want to call it.

      first things first PRACTICE YOUR CRAFT find the time everyday to practice search up monologues and perfrom them for your family, audition for the school play, audition for you community theater, and you should take an acting class, and eventually move on to a bigger acting or performing arts school.

      FIND AN AGENT! this will help you alot. you need someone to represent you!

      go to open casting calls, open auditions,

      start with small things, like being an extra, or even commericals.

      when you have smaller things on your resume, a good agent, and schooling in acting your more likely to get a bigger part and maybe be on your way to hollywood one day!

      ive already started this and am now looking for an agent! wish me luck ahah :)

    • profile image

      i might make it 7 years ago

      i am planing to either become a actor or a writer im already made a novel in my family every one loved it im hoping one of my dreams come off if i dont mak that ill be crushed if anyone gets unnoticed in ur family like me i hope u get it and yes theyt only reconize myu writing good luck every one and hope u make from a admire

    • profile image

      i might make it 7 years ago

      hello again fellow actors and actresse i say lets all have fun trying i for got to tell u that if u do all my luck goes with you guys and i hope i can to live it go with be it from a fellow folower again good luck c ya on the flip side lol bye

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