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10 Best Loop Pedal Performance Videos

Updated on March 6, 2010

... in no particular order

With a loop pedal a musician can record a sound live and immediately play it back on a loop and then build up more sounds to create a one man live band. Here are the ten best loop pedal performance videos I could find. If anyone knows of any great ones I'm missing let me know and maybe we can get to twenty.

1. Reggie Watts - 'I Just Want To' - Musician/Vocalist/Comedian...

Whatever you want to call him, you can't deny that he's an amazing performer.

2. Dub FX - 'Step on my Trip'

Originally from Melbourne, street performer Dub FX uses his voice and loop pedals to create an unbelievable collection of hip hop, reggae, drum and bass, dubstep and more.

3. Rod (from Naturally Seven)

Naturally 7 are a vocal group who use their voices to become all the instruments in a live performance. They're famous for the viral video of them on the Paris subway performing 'In The Air Tonight'. Here Rod from Naturally 7 gives us a live looping demonstration.

4. John Rockliffe - 'Fight For This Love' (cover using an iPhone)

Musician John Rockliffe performs a cover of a Cheryl Cole song using only an iPhone and a loop pedal. Amazing.

5. Arthur Lee Land - 'Let it Rain pt 2'

Arthur Lee Land calls himself "A One-Man Afrograss Folk Rock Ensemble" and has perfected the art of live looping with his own distinctive style.

6. Imogen Heap - 'Just For Now'

Imogen Heap shows us her version of a loop pedal performance.

7. Joe Driscoll - 'Just Once'

New Yorker, Joe Driscoll uses instruments and his voice to loop sounds which fuse hip hop, reggae, soul, roots, folk & rock. Very impressive stuff.

8. KT Tunstall - 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree'

This is the performance that introduced most people in the UK to loop pedals and also made a star of KT Tunstall.

9. Mr Woodnote - 'Mad Little One'

The amazing Mr Woodnote uses his saxophone and beat boxes to create stunning looped performances. He's also collaborated with Dub FX.

10. DJ Akd

An experimental turntablist is the best way to describe German DJ Akd. His musical career began as a guitarist in a heavy metal band but it's as a DJ that he found his calling. He's the current IDA Show World Champion and the DMC Vice World Champion. Here he uses just one record on one turntable but combines it with a loop pedal to amazing effect.


If these videos have inspired you to go out and buy a loop pedal and create something amazing yourselves then you can check out a few loop pedals on Amazon below.

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