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11-11-11 Soundtrack By Insidious Composer Joseph Bishara

Updated on September 18, 2012

From the DIrector of Saw II, III & IV

Just as Bishara set up the satisfyingly creepy tone to disrupt domestic bliss in Insidious, the horror soundtrack composer crafted equally suspenseful themes for director Darren Lynn Bousman's on the 11-11-11 Soundtrack.

At this time, no official 11-11-11 o.s.t. has been announced but that's never been one to deter Bishara who recently released the Soundtrack to Insidious well over 6 months after the movie's initial release.

Even though there's not a lot of information about the soundtrack, director Darren Lynn Bousman has some excellent back stories about the making of 11-11-11. Check out the blog post links I've provided along with an especially creepy video where the window shades mysteriously go up and down.

What I love is that here's this big time horror director and he reveals that he's a bit scared of some of the haunted locations they shot in overseas in Spain. I'd feel the same way as Bousman who even goes so far as to not allow his crew access to certain areas because he didn't want to jinx the shoot by going in to parts of the building where a cult had performed some of their satanic rituals.

The 11-11-11 soundtrack and movie gets released November 11, 2011. If you hear of any of Joseph Bishara's music clips being released on Sound Cloud or MySpace, please drop a link in the guestbook. Otherwise, enjoy the behind the scenes features and preview videos.

11-11-11 Movie Poster

Source: Website Director Darren Lynn Bousman

11-11 Movie Trailers - From the Director of Saw II, III, IV

Behind the Scenes 11-11-11 - Blog Posts About 11-11-11 From Director Darren Lynn Bouswell

11-11-11 Producer Wayne Rice Director Darren Lynn Bousman
11-11-11 Producer Wayne Rice Director Darren Lynn Bousman

Jun 27, 2011: Beware the Date

Jun 17, 2011 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Feb 6, 2010: The Horror - Part IV

Jan 17, 2010: The Horror - Part III

Jan 6, 2010: The Horror - Part II

Dec 29, 2010: The Horror - Part I

Dec 21, 2010: The Numbers Are Coming Together

Mysterious Window Shades

Before you see this video, check out the full blog post by director Darren Lynn Bousman where he talks about how the window shades on the upper level of the house in the background of this shot and how they mysterious get raised. Very creepy. For more about the "haunted window shades", click here.

Behind the Scenes Crew Walk Through

Behind the Scenes Featurette - Director Darren Bousman

11-11-11 Release Date

November 11, 2011

Source: IMDb

This DVD is NOT From Darren Bousman - Director of Saw II, III & IV


11/11/11 Movie Review

This direct to DVD release is 11/11/11 not 11-11-11. The movie directed by Darren Bousman (Saw II, II & IV) is currently not available as an instant rental on and is being released in theaters first.


Joseph Bishara & the Insidious Soundtrack - Source: Squidoo | Film Music Reporter

Click on the cd cover or any of the songs below to hear songs from the The Insidious OST. The MP3 Album download is now available on

Insidious (Original Motion Picture Score)
Insidious (Original Motion Picture Score)

1. the Insidious plane

2. Insidious

3. give it time

4. unawakened (mvmt1)

5. unawakened (mvmt2)

6. voices in the static

7. it said it was a visitor

8. hallway twins

9. hooves for feet

10. the Further

11. broken open

12. gas mask vision

13. muted whisperings

14. leave this vessel

15. night terror

16. bring him back

17. into the Further

18. into the lair

19. he's looking at us

20. they're coming through

21. slithers into fog

22. the child awake

23. a new world

24. dark boundaries crossed

25. void figure

26. void moment suite

Source: Insidious Soundtrack List | Squidoo


Heard any news about the release of Joseph Bishara's Soundtrack to 11-11-11? What did you think of the movie and music?

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11-11-11 Movie & Soundtrack

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      6 years ago

      Intersting! Nice title. Like all the videos. Thanks for sharing, Squid-liked!


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