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8 Jobs To Work With A Celebrity

Updated on September 13, 2016


It takes a big staff to keep a star's life running smoothly. Working with a celebrity can make you feel that you are experiencing life in ways that are not available to the average person. Not only does it gives you chance to have insider view to an A-Lister but working for a celebrity also makes up for amazing work portfolio.

Here are 11 jobs that could land you working for a Celebrity.

Party Planner

Celebrity party planner is employed to create some of the most memorable moments of their lives. Celebrity party planners organize events that give A-Listers the opportunity to socialize, celebrate and have fun. They take care of celebrations of star's life vents. There are few careers that offer so many benefits.

As a professional celebrity party planner you could organize all types of parties as well as has first hand view of all the glitz and glamour. These professionals handle every detail of the party and attend it as well. On top of that no special education or experience is required to break into this career and succeed. Which makes it most sought after career field for the young and happening.


In broadcasting career field you get to meet, interview various celebrities and well known personalities on one to one basis and that too for almost every interview. What not to like in this job. And, unlike other careers your location is of less importance. TV broadcasters most commonly have a degree in broadcast journalism where they are taught both the ethics of journalism and public speaking skills.

Generally though, a broadcaster will introduce, host (or co-host) a program, Introduce and interview celebrity guests and interact with the audience in an accessible and attractive way. A degree in broadcast journalism, good personality, communication skills and you are good to go for this career field.

Personal Shopper

In today's world and time shopping is no longer just a personal addiction, it is now a valid and viable retail career. Shopaholics no longer need to get rid of their addiction but need good job resume.

Celebrity personal shopper give advice to their star customers and suggest products that may suit their needs. They help people who don’t have the time to shop, or who need help with fashion choices. You will need to be good with your style sense, fashion choices, color, shopping, putting things together and knowing what someone else will like, what they can wear and what will make them look good and feel good.

Different celebrities have different needs some may make you shop for themselves only whereas some might need you to shop for their entire family. Some would hire a personal shopper for their professional and work outfits and some may need personal assistance to their wardrobe as well.

Hospitality Greeters

Celebrity often keep travelling to different places all over the world. Trendy hotels, restaurants and resorts often cater to celebrity clientele. Landing a job in one of these establishments can afford you an opportunity to rub shoulders with the stars. Hospitality greeter jobs gives you access to these celebrities.

Greeters are responsible for welcoming and creating the first impression for guests. They require to welcome, take care of celebrity needs for their entire stay. This job profile may require a degree in hotel and management but many luxury hotels are known to hire High school or equivalent education. Experience in a luxury hotel environment would be a plus.

Social Media Manager

This job profile came following the social media trends. Celebrities have a reputation and online presence to maintain in order to increase and maximize their fan following. Their enormous fan following is a great place to market new movies, music, events and personal brands. A celebrity social media manager will need to know how to maintain a social voice so followers keep coming back for more content. Audiences keep coming to get a sneak peak into stars life, but also with the chance to interact or engage with them. Required education for this career field bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, or marketing.

Financial Advisor

Celebrity financial advisers are less known to the general public, but are famous in their fields. Their job is to manage and sustain stars wealth in and out of their stardom. Financial advisers are there to help celebrities spend their money wisely, while also saving enough for the future when their stardom potentially fizzles out. Managing billions of dollars for the wealthy they educate as well as invest for their celebrity clients. But the job also typically involves working longer hours, handling last-minute requests and sometimes saying "no" to people who aren't used to the word. There are no set requirements for financial advisors, most employers prefer those who have a college education and some experience.


A Publicist is a press agent. They do everything having to do with the media placing album reviews, press releases, interviews, photos, etc. in press outlets. A celebrity publicist typically must know how to write press releases, network and deal with the media, as well as have strong communication skills. Requirements for job in this career field is bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, public relations or a related field. The work environment for in this field is generally an office setting, although travel opportunities may arise.

Personal Assistant

Celebrity assistants get to experience the lives of the rich and famous. Being a celebrity personal assistant allows you to enter this exclusive world and live like a star. Responsibilities of the assistant will range from taking care of a celebrity's household, screen their phone calls and fan mail, and do other tasks to take care of the celebrity.

Celebrity personal assistants also get to travel and spend time with famous, talented people. You may go behind the scenes at film shoots, and if your celebrity can't attend the sold-out sports event, concert or movie premiere, guess what? You do! In fact, many celebrity assistants receive new furniture, jewelry or other expensive gifts from their celebrities. One popular television personality even gave her assistant a Land Rover!


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