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11 More Underrated Songs To Improve Your Day (Part 3)

Updated on July 19, 2014

Adulthood is fairly basic song in terms of musical complexity, but that doesn't stop its recurring main theme from etching its way into your head over and over again!

Adulthood - Jukebox the Ghost

The Loneliest Star - Thirteen senses

Hurricane is definitely fun song to drive to when you've got some scenery to stare at-- I mean glance at (Pay attention while driving). It just one of those songs that will mesh with reality and give you that sobering rush.

Hurricane - MS MR

Background - Barcelona

Not Your Concern - The Hush Sound

Air traffic can be pretty powerful to say the least. That is, so long as your not looking for an adrenaline rush.

Don't Tell Me What to Do - Air Traffic Controller

This singer from Hellogoodbye, in this song particularly, sounds like a better version of Michael Buble!

The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps - Hellogoodbye

Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend

Running For Cover - Ivan and Alyosha

Got To My Head - Waters

Last but not least, Hey Marseilles has a great and Unique sound, and their music just seems to flow peacefully. Need an afternoon to just relax? Try these guys!

Elegy - Hey Marseilles


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