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12 Rhymes

Updated on October 3, 2017

12 Rounds

Goose Chase

A sting operation to capture.
Mile Jackson, an arms dealer.
Goes horribly wrong when the FBI.
Is double-crossed by their Inside Guy.
The man inside double-crosses them.
He allows Jackon to escape them.
Danny Fisher and Hank Carver.
Help the FBI with the capture.
They find he's with Erica Kesson.
Kesson is seen in traffic.
They take Miles away and kill her.
Miles promises to avenge her.
So when in jail he creates a game.
A game that promises to bring fisher pain.
After a year, he suddenly escapes.
He calls fisher and begins his fate.
Meanwhile, a plumber is at his home.
Fisher's a bit Naive until his home explodes.
The explosion was not the end.
He kidnaps Fishers Girlfriend.
He then gives them a series of clues.
To find the cell phone that's used.
Fisher then goes to a bank.
Given instructions to take.
Two security deposit boxes.
One of them had a bomb inside it.
He figured it out and disposed of it.
The other box had a clue for the next test.
The next test involved a hotel key.
They opened the room found it empty.
Next, he was instructed to load a bus.
Sees Jackson and then is handcuffed.
Tho, he's handcuffed. He still escapes.
Realizing that this game is a wild goose chase.
He kidnapped Porter to help him escape.

Jon Cena
Danny Fisher
Ashley Scott
Molly Porter
Aiden Glenn
Miles Jackson
Brian White
Hank Carver
Steve Harris
FBI Agent
Gonzalo Melendez
FBI Agent

12 Rounds: Reloaded

He missed His Wife

Nick Malloy was on a movie date.
He saw an accident that put him in a state.
In a state of shock. In a state of hurt.
Showing him what life is really worth.
A year later. Nick and his partner Jay.
Got a call while they were on their way.
On their way to work as Paramedics.
There is a building there with a dying citizen.
They go on site and find him.
Spend time trying to revive him.
They rip off his shirt and pump on his chest.
& see that there is a #1 stitched.
Nick gets a call and steps outside.
That call helps him find.
The caller's name is Patrick Hellar.
A mastermind that is using Sarah.
Using her as Pawn, The Ambulance explodes.
The citizen dies but round 1 has closed.
Next, Nick receives a message.
That leads him to a car that awaits his presence.
Nick must find the clue that's within it.
But instead, finds a matchbox with writing on it.
It says Palace Hotel. Nick goes there in search for.
In the process, he sees that it is round 4.
The Hotel manager holds a key.
A key that he's sure will lead.
Will lead him to answers and clues.
He finds room 44 has the news.
He goes in and meets Tommy Weaver.
With a prostitute named Amber.
After fighting with Tommy and Amber.
He gets a phone call from Heller.
Nick and Tommy pair up together.
Nick then does what he's told.
& find out that Tommy's on Parole.
Heller reveals a series of events.
That leads them to the street of the accident.
Nick then figures it out.
He knows what the game is all about.
Tommy was the boy before the game started.
The young boy that cried when his mom departed.
Heller was just a bitter man. Miserable about life.
He had fun with this game but he missed his wife.

Randy Orton
Nick Malloy
Brian Markinson
Patrick Heller
Tom Stevens
Tommy Weaver

12 Rounds 3:Lockdown


Detective Tyler Burke and two others.
Investigate the house of a drug dealer.
George Freemont who secretly collaborated.
Collaborated with cops, to sell them Narcotics.
But they need proof that it is being done.
They ask but is not given one.
So they destroy Freemont's laptop.
Whatever is brewing they decide to stop.
Meanwhile, Burke is hailed for the bust.
But he doesn't know there is a backup.
Containing the incriminating evidence.
They thought they destroyed it.
They find it during Freemont's autopsy.
Officer Jenny Taylor takes it to see.
Detective Shaw retrieves it and he reads it.
All the while, Taylor calls Burke regarding it.
The precinct discovers the drive's content.
Detective Shaw heads to Matthew's office.
Pursuing to get the evidence.
He is successful in doing it.
Meanwhile, Shaw knows he's being hunted.
Goes and ambushed officer meeks office.
But he meets Burke & uses meeks as a shield.
Burke shoots at Shaw but he Meeks is killed.
Burke Laments the death of his friend.
He makes an effort to keep Shaw in.
But, it doesn't work. Shaw still escapes.
He runs to Taylor and continues his fate.
Meanwhile, She sees Meeks blood on Shaw.
She refuses to trust him, forcing him to draw.
He drew his gun and confiscated.
Her taser and anything related.
To harming him and to harming his mission.
He went to her office to complete a mission.
But Matthews arrives.
Hailing burke for helping his surprise.
Surprise Shaw and that, he did.
Taking this opportunity to pin.
To pin Meeks murder on Shaw.
Assuring Matthews that he will handle shaw.
Burke sends his men to hunt shaw down.
While a swat team is inbound.
Shaw goes to reactivate the network.
Uploading evidence regarding Burke.
To Internal Affairs, Burke finds out.
He DeActivates the network before it is out.
Shaw calls Matthews and reveals his innocence.
He also reveals Burke's corruption.
Burke sends his men to fight him again.
But Shaw escapes again.
Shaw ambushes Burke and cuffs him.
Burke unlocks the cuffs and escapes him.
Burke again sends men after Shaw.
Shaw keeps escaping so the turned the power off.
They capture Shaw but he escapes again.
He calls up Matthews and she reveals.
That she is working with Burke still.
Burke shoots Matthews before Swat's inside.
Arrests Shaw but Shaw has a surprise.
He has a recording of Burkes Monologue.
Turns out that Burke, never really had shaw.

Dean Ambrose
John Shaw
Roger Cross
Tyler Burke
Sarah Smyth
Jenny Taylor
Rebecca Marshall
Captain Matthews
Matthew Harrison
George Freemont

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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