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Hannah Baker's Poem from Netflix's 13 Reason's Why

Updated on April 6, 2018

If you've watched Netflix's book-to-screen adaptation of author, Jay Asher's 2007 novel '13 Reason's Why,' this excerpt of Hannah Baker's poem will bring you to tears.

The Netflix series uncovers the shocking events that led to the suicide of high school junior, Hannah Baker. Nearly nine years since the novels debut, Jay Asher's compelling story has touched the hearts of millions again. The poem below captures the pain, and frustration Hannah felt as a result of continuous bullying, and peer pressure.

About The Poem [Spoilers]

Searching for purpose in her life, Hannah Baker attended the Evergreen Poetry club where she was encountered by Ryan Shaver, "Liberty Highs resident intellectual, editor of Lost and Found, general - selfish - snob." Inspired by Ryan's poem, she convinced him to teach her how to write better poetry. Ryan then, took it upon himself to publish Hannah's impressive progress in his daily school column for all of Liberty High's faculty and students to read. Though no one realized that Hannah Baker wrote the poem, her intense outlook on life was analyzed and ridiculed, further sending her into a downward spiral.

Hannah Bakers Poem

"Today I am wearing lacy black underwear

For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.

And underneath that?

I am absolutely naked.

And I’ve got skin. Miles and miles of skin;

I’ve got skin to cover all my thoughts

like saran wrap that you can see through

to what leftovers are inside from the night before.

And despite what you might think, my skin is not rough; nor is it bullet proof.

My skin is soft, and smooth, and easily scarred.

But that doesn’t matter, right?

You don’t care about how soft my skin is.

You just want to hear about what my fingers do in the dark.

But what if all they do is crack open windows?

So I can see lightening through the clouds.

What if all they crave is a jungle gym to climb for a taste of fresher air?

What if all they reach for is a notebook or a hand to hold?

But that’s not the story you want.

You are licking your lips and baring your teeth.

Just once I would like to be the direction someone else is going.

I don’t need to be the water in the well.

I don’t need to be the well.

But I’d like to not be the ground anymore.

I’d like to not be the thing people dig their hands in anymore.

Some girls know all the lyrics to each other’s songs.

They find harmonies in their laughter.

Their linked elbows echo in tune.

What if I can’t hum on key?

What if my melodies are the ones nobody hears?

Some people can recognize a tree,

A front yard, and know they’ve made it home.

How many circles can I walk in before I give up looking?

How long before I’m lost for good.

It must be possible to swim in the ocean of the one you love without drowning.

It must be possible to swim without becoming water yourself.

But I keep swallowing what I thought was air.

I keep finding stones tied to my feet."

-Hannah Baker, 13 Reason's Why


If you or someone you know is considering suicide, or displaying warning signs of suicide, please call the Suicide Hotline Prevention number at 1-800-273-8255 for help.

Remember, you are not alone.


Have you ever thought of suicide?

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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      we’re all truly Hannah Baker deep down.

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      I am Clay... or should I say I used to be him. I was liked well enough in high school but I didn't really fit in. I wasn't athletic, I wasn't academic... I was just there. I got picked on a lot, until one of my tormentors needed my skills or my help getting something done. There was a girl that I liked very much but like Clay I never was able to get the nerve up to actually ask her out. We hung out together from time to time but nothing ever serious. Lucky for me she didn't kill herself and even luckier after not seeing or talking for 20 years we have been brought back together. This show has really moved me. I just finished watching it and the last 2 episodes were really tough to watch. You fall in love with Hanna, you really wish some one would have asked her if she was OK. Clay was her best hope and she kept pushing him away, she loved him but I think was afraid to be hurt so much that she didn't let him in.

      My parents solution to being bullied at school was to ignore the bullies. Didn't work. They kept on until I started coming up with better jokes about myself than they had. Even though I was bullied I always knew who I was and had a good outlook about myself. Maybe that is why I was the target so often. When I turned the tables on them it took the wind out of their sails and they left me alone. Looking back now I did alright for myself and everyone of them that I have ran into in the 25 years since graduating has not amounted to much of anything.

      My son was bullied in 1st and part of second grade. He is in 6th now. I gave him different advice than my parents gave me. I told him to be proud of who he is, and try to be one step ahead of them by showing that their comments and actions don't bother you. Not to ignore them but to show them they are not getting anywhere. I told him how I managed to start making better jokes about me than they had. It took me until my junior year to get this figured out and a few stragglers to take care of in my senior year but they actually left me alone. So my son stared being more like himself at home around the kids at school. He is naturally funny and likeable and now is one of the more popular kids. At least popular non jock type kid. He found his way, took it and ran with it. I am happy that my son got this figured out much sooner than I ever did.

      To anyone reading this. High School is a crap fest of insecure kids trying to make a name for themselves in any way they know how. They love to pick on the ones who appear weak and also the ones who know who they are. The ones to do the picking are the ones who are weak, they are the ones who haven't found themselves and are possibly the ones who wont ever. High School it 3 or 4 years of hell that really at the end of it all doesn't matter a lick. Even the top dogs in the school will be on the bottom of the food chain in the work force or college. Don't let it bother you, just keep your chin up, be yourself and you will make it out just fine.

    • profile image


      14 months ago

      I can relate to Hannah, yet I have not really considered suicide. But I believe Hannah should have at least told her parents what she was going on.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I'm a high school student and I have previously been going through some of the same things as Hannah went through. Bullying, mockery and lying rumours spread at and about me. It feels horrible and crushing, like there's no escape to it and you're drowning with no surface of water available. And I can relate to Hannah- because I have been having quite some suicidal thoughts and even considered it a few times. Watching 13 reasons why, I now understand the massive impact it can have on other people and I have backed away from those thoughts and considerations

    • Tannai Hatembo profile imageAUTHOR

      Tannai Hatembo 

      15 months ago

      Martene Anderson, I think you misunderstood the premise of the story. Hannah isn't "entirely" blaming others, nor is she absolving herself of the part she played in her own demise. I believe the show intends to explain to viewers that their actions (your actions) do have an incredible impact on the lives of others.

      Hannah's suicide isn't being glorified. It's a sad story about a teenage girl who's only fault was not being able to control how the immature, and cruel actions of others affected her.

      I also don't believe that it's the responsibility of the show's creators to determine what group of people watch it. It is however, rated TV-MA. It is the responsibility of parents, or caregivers to monitor what their underage kids watch. Netflix also has a setting called "Netflix Kids" that only allows it's viewers to watch shows listed below PG-13.

      The show and it's poem are educational in the sense that it reminds people to take responsibility for their own actions (which Hannah does), and take responsibility for how those actions can affect others (which the students who receive the tapes are forced to do).

      You should check out the Author Jay Asher's original book to get a sense of why the story was created. Also, there's a 1 hour explanation on Netflix called "Beyond the Reason's" that explains the purpose of the show, and why certain aspects had to be televised.

      I hope you understood my view of the show without feeling provoked. I'm just very passionate about it because I've read the book 1000 times since I was a kid. Call me a crazy fan lol.

      Anyway, your view was insightful too. Through the lenses of a fragile person the show could possibly be provoking, but hopefully it inspires more people to choose to live mindful lives.

    • profile image

      Martine Andersen 

      16 months ago

      No doubt it's a powerful poem, but on the other side it's terrifying to see how provoking this is to people who wish to end their life.

      It works as a trigger. The show is available to anyone with a Netflix-account, which it really shouldn't be. I saw every episode and I really can't support how Hannah justifies her doings by blaming others. It sends the wrong message and lets other people in the same situation feel like its "ok" because Hannah did it. Give this show a age limit, this is not something for a fragile soul.

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Today I was sitting in my bathroom thinking of all the ways I could kill myself ......... When I was a bout to do it I stopped and I just couldn't I couldn't commit suicide later I thought what was I thinking but I think I should've never stopped myself from committing suicide it seems to me that killing myself is the only answer to all my problems. BUT I JUST CANT DO IT I guess it's a good thing I can't huh

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Unbearable pain can never be healed

    • profile image

      To Hannah 

      18 months ago

      Hey Hannah! I'm so sorry about what's happening in your life and about your pain. I don't know any thing about you, or about what you're going through, but I'm sure that there are people who care. Don't be ashamed to ask for help. And remember, you're not alone, there are millions of suicide people in the world, and I was one of them. Now I'm treating my depression, and I can see how beautiful can life be. You just didn't find someone you can count on, but they are there, just waiting for you. I'm totally sure about it. Ask for help, it's okay not to be okay! :) (sorry if my english isn't very good, i'm from other country, here, praying for you!)

    • Tannai Hatembo profile imageAUTHOR

      Tannai Hatembo 

      18 months ago

      Hi Hannah. I'm sorry to hear about how much you're going through right now. It's important for you to remember that your pain doesn't have to last forever. Believe that everything gets better with time. I think a great thing you can do to help yourself begin coping would be to start a journal. Write down how you feel everyday, and then make a conscious effort to change just one thing in your life to be happier. Start off with small efforts that'll improve your self-esteem like "Today, I'll get dressed nicely even if I don't feel like going out," or "I'll do something I love for 30 minutes like reading, or drawing etc". You can start to take control of literally anything in your life now. Overtime the little changes add up, and you'll begin to feel better.

      Hannah, you should also talk to someone immediately; A parent, sibling, friend, teacher or even a stranger. There are more people who care about you than you might think. Let them be there for you. Please, call this hotline if you need further counseling; 1-800-273-8255. Thank you for reaching out Hannah. You've already done one thing to improve your life so feel good about that. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    • profile image

      To Hannah 

      18 months ago

      I am so sorry to read how much pain you are in, it moved me deeply and I hope and pray you reach out to someone...even if it is a hotline 1-800-273-8255. Please do not go down this route.

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      I'm torn between killing myself, and killing everyone around me. those seem to be like the only two choices. i cant count the amount of times i have looked at my wrists with a razor blade in my hand. how many times i stood on my window sill ready to jump. or how many times i tried to hold my breath. i just want to die. every single thing is going wrong in my life! im disappointing everyone. my friends, my parents, my self! I keep giving life "one more chance" i just want to die!!!!! please! even with my parents its all a god damn lie. life is just so fricken hard. i always thought "how can people commit suicide?" and "why tfffffff would they commit suicide?" then, I knew. its because life is harder than it seems

    • wasabihater profile image


      19 months ago from Philippines

      Thanks for putting this here! I'm still watching the show. It's amazing!


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