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Young Actors, Actresses, and Celebrities You Should Know

Updated on February 2, 2015

Mackenzie Foy, the Adorable Girl from "Twilight"!

Mackenzie Foy starred as Renesmee, Bella's daughter, in "Twilight."
Mackenzie Foy starred as Renesmee, Bella's daughter, in "Twilight." | Source


Born: November 10th, 2000

First Job: Clothing Model

Breakout Role: Renesmee,Twilight Saga

Mackenzie Foy

This beautiful young girl is one of the younger actors (well, actresses) to make her way into the limelight. At age nine she started acting and had roles in several television shows like 'Til Death, FlashForward, and Hawaii Five-0. Her big break was in the Twilight Saga as Bella and Edward's daughter. Since then, she's played roles in R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, The Conjuring, Interstellar, and The Little Prince, among others.

As for background on this little starlet, she was born in Los Angeles, California in 2000. Mackenzie began modeling at a young age and broke through into small television show roles as she grew older.

Frankie Jonas (and brother Kevin) Rocking Out on Stage

Frankie Jonas with his older brother Kevin
Frankie Jonas with his older brother Kevin | Source


Born: September 28th, 2000

First Job: Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream

Breakout Role: In the film Ponyo, the voice of Sōsuke in Disney's English adaptation

Frankie Jonas: Actor and Crush of Tween Girls Everywhere

Frankie Jonas is an adorable kid and he's sure to be the object of attention for younger girls everywhere. It might have something to do with the fact that he's the littlest brother of the members of the Jonas Brothers Band, or perhaps it has to do with his role on the Disney channel sitcom Jonas L.A.

No matter the case, this young actor is one of the boys to keep an eye on. He continues to make spot appearances in different films, and his first solo role (in Miyazaki's Ponyo) occurred in 2009. He's currently playing himself in the docu-soap opera Married to Jonas.

He's already accomplished much more than many adult actors have, and I'm sure he will continue to grow his career and his wonderful personality.

Willow Shields: Prim from "The Hunger Games"

Willow at the 2012 premiere of The Hunger Games. Isn't she absolutely adorable?
Willow at the 2012 premiere of The Hunger Games. Isn't she absolutely adorable? | Source


Birthday: June 1, 2000

First Job: Voice in Las Vegas New Mexico 1876

Breakout Role: The Hunger Games

Willow Shields

This girl did not have a lot of celebrity exposure throughout her life until she turned eight. She played small parts here and there but her fate took a drastic turn when she sent in an audition video for a movie that would rock the world, The Hunger Games. This young girl's life transformed the moment she found out she got the role as Primrose Everdeen. How exciting is that?

Before this movie, she'd had minor roles on other television shows and was a narrator for a short film, but those were small compared to her role in the blockbuster Hunger Games!

As for her personal life, this young teen has a brother and a twin sister who love to act as well. She loves art, historical novels, and also wants to become a pediatrician. I sure hope she reaches those dreams; you do not see many in the world of fame and fortune who pursue non-acting careers!

Willow Shields Discusses Her Role in "Hunger Games"

Jackie Evancho, Star of America's Got Talent

Jackie is not only an unbelievable performer and talented young lady, but she has a sweet smile as well!
Jackie is not only an unbelievable performer and talented young lady, but she has a sweet smile as well! | Source


Birthday: April 9th 2000

First Job: Various talent shows

Breakout Role: America's Got Talent

Jackie Evancho

Jackie is perhaps one of the most talented and successful young actors on our list—she has been receiving attention since 2009 and has already released five albums. She has rocked the stages of many different talent shows and completely floored the audience when she graced the stage of America's Got Talent.

As if this wasn't enough, would you believe some of her albums made platinum and gold status? Or that they scored a spot in the Billboard 200 list?

Jackie is the youngest solo artist that has gone platinum in the US and has even performed for Obama. This girl has achieved more than meets the eye and sets an incredible example for young singers and artists everywhere!

Fatima Ptacek: The Voice of Dora the Explorer



Birthday: August 20, 2000

First Job: The voice of Sally in Busytown Mysteries

Breakout Role: The voice of Dora in Dora the Explorer

Fatima Ptacek: Can You Find the Voice of Dora the Explorer? Well, She's Right Here!

With many cartoon shows, we don't really think about who voices the parts. Who does the voice of Dora the Explorer, for example. When we do find out, it might be an odd shock, since we cannot match the face to the voice. In this case, it is Miss Fatima's voice that brings Dora to life!

Fatima is thought to be one of the most well-paid child models walking the earth, earning a jaw-dropping $200,000 annually. Annually. That is with her modeling alone! Wowzers!

Discovered in 2006 during an open call by a modeling agency, since then Fatima has performed in more than fifty commercials and appeared on the covers of national magazines and in advertising campaigns and has appeared in hit television shows such as Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live. Since her modeling has gained her so much face time on television, she's also starred in some other shows and films. As far as her career goes, she has got some serious firepower under her belt, and I highly doubt she'll stop any time soon.

Will all this lead to a full career in television and film? Or will she stick with modeling? Either way, I think we'll be seeing a lot of this emerging young starlet!

Connie Talbot: Britain Has Some Young Talent!

Adorable little Connie Talbot has definitely used television to drive herself into the way of fame. She is known for her appearance on Britain's Got Talent, when she was only a girl of seven years of age.

Other Young 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 Year-Olds to Watch

Benjamin Flores, Jr.
July 23, 2002
Voiced Atticus in "Happy Feet Two
Quvenzhane Wallis
August 28, 2003
Hushpuppy in "Beasts of the Southern Wild," for which she became the youngest actress ever nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress
Davis Cleveland
February 5, 2002
Flynn Jones on Disney Channel's "Shake It Up"
Isabella Acres
February 21, 2001
Rose on "Better Off Ted"
Rowan Blanchard
October 14, 2001
Riley on Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World"
Kiernan Shipka
November 10, 1999
Sally on AMC's "Mad Men"

My Favorite Young Actor/Actress

My personal pick out of these talented young teens would have to be Jackie Evancho. She's a truly talented singer and is probably one of the best voices America has to offer. You would not expect for that heavenly voice to come from such a young girl, but it really does! The first time I saw her was when she auditioned for America's Got Talent and boy, was I floored! Listening to her performances and covers of some of my favorite songs, including "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" as I posted above, just brings a smile to my face. I cannot wait to see her branch out even further and become a renowned musical artist.

Our musical entertainment industry needs more real talent (as opposed to the junk we often hear). Music is an art, one that has been forgotten.

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      Really interesting and delightful hub. I do hope they won't waste their talents to bad vices like many Hollywood former child stars.