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13 year old Newborn

Updated on February 14, 2013

We all have pictures of us when we were born, but have you thought about if you were adopted and did not have those special pictures. Would you think you were missing out on something, or would you be fine with not having those pictures?

This is exactly what happened to 13-year-old Latrell Higgins. Latrell was adopted when he was 10-years-old. One night at dinner, the newborn pictures came into the subject. Latrell and sister both did not have those special memories. For what it seemed like a good old funny dinner conversation turned into a Facebook picture that went viral.

Kelli Higgins, a professional photographer, claimed that Latrell wanted his very own newborn pictures. He got just that, his adopted mom took his “newborn” pictures. Kelli Higgins posted on Facebook saying, “Here is my sweet not so little newborn!”

As the moral of the story goes it is never too late to make those special memories.


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