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14 City-Destroying Facts About 'Godzilla vs Kong'

Updated on June 2, 2019
ChrisSawin profile image

Chris is a Houston Film Critics Society Member and a contributor at Bounding Into Comics, God Hates Geeks, and Slickster Magazine.

The official promotional image for, "Godzilla vs Kong."
The official promotional image for, "Godzilla vs Kong."

Godzilla vs Kong will be released March 13, 2020 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX theaters. Directed by Adam Wingard (Netflix’s live-action Death Note) with a screenplay by Terry Rossio (co-writer of a failed draft of the 1998 Godzilla) and input from Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty and screenwriter Zach Shields, here’s everything we currently know about Godzilla vs Kong.

  • Takes place immediately following the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This means the film will take place in the modern day and 47 years after Kong: Skull Island, which was set in 1973.
  • The last time Kong and Godzilla were in the same film together was King Kong vs Godzilla in 1962.
  • Toho attempted to remake King Kong vs Godzilla as Godzilla vs King Kong in the 1990s. The copyright owners of King Kong, Turner Entertainment, prevented it from happening. The rights issues factor into Kong being referred to without the, “King,” moniker in his modern incarnation.
  • The tagline of the new film is, “One Will Fall.” Director Adam Wingard has stated that the Godzilla and Kong fight will have a clear winner. Despite Kong being known as the victor in the original film and their previous encounter, it wasn’t a clean win. Wingard intends to avoid similar ambiguity.

  • The current Legendary/Warner Bros. Pictures Monsterverse includes four films: Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), and Godzilla vs Kong.
  • The premise of the film hints at the origin of the Titans being revealed and them facing their possible extinction:

In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted terrain and unearths clues to the Titans’ origins, a human conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever.

  • The cast currently includes Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, and Zhang Ziyi from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Joining the Monsterverse for the first time are Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry (Widows), Shun Oguri (Crows Zero), Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist), Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2), Demian Bichir (Alien: Covenant), Lance Reddick (John Wick, had an uncredited role in the 1998 Godzilla), and Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead, Black Panther).
  • Michael Dougherty, co-writer of Godzilla vs Kong and director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, views this as an underdog film with Kong resembling Rocky and Godzilla as Ivan Drago.

  • Monarch is being utilized as the key to connect Kong to Godzilla.
  • This is not a remake of King Kong vs Godzilla (1962).
  • Adam Wingard wants the audience to be emotionally invested in the monsters.
  • Kong will be more rugged and older; that probably comes from the 47 year gap between this and Skull Island.

The teaser poster for, "Godzilla vs Kong."
The teaser poster for, "Godzilla vs Kong."
  • Terry Rossio, screenwriter for Godzilla vs Kong and head of the writer's room for the film, wrote an early and unproduced draft of Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla (1998) for TriStar.
  • Godzilla and Kong will both share a connection to humans. Kong has always migrated toward women sharing scenes where he’ll willingly let a female human touch him or he’ll save or kidnap them. Kong is expected to bond with humans on a more physical level adding a warm and tender layer to the big guy. In comparison, Godzilla has this unspoken bond with humans that is more implied.
  • The first trailer for the film is expected to debut at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

Speaking as a Godzilla fan, it’s easy to say Godzilla deserves to win especially if he lost the first time around. If you go by wrestling rules, Godzilla winning would practically guarantee a sequel since it would be considered the rubber match that defines a clear winner. Many are already drawing the comparisons between Godzilla vs Kong and Batman vs Superman and the Martha connection being replaced with Mothra. As humorous as that is, let's hope it isn't true.

After introducing all these other monsters in King of the Monsters, it would be nice if some of those monsters at least had memorable appearances in Godzilla vs Kong to either branch out and become the next big villain for either Godzilla or Kong or to just throw another wild card into the mix. The end credits sequence in King of the Monsters hints at either a Ghidorah revival or possibly MechaGodzilla. Will they show up and force Godzilla and Kong to team up? Even though Adam Wingard has yet to make an enjoyable film and Terry Rossio’s seemingly hidden connections to the one Godzilla film everyone seems to hate, there’s high hopes for Godzilla vs Kong to be a mammoth-sized and Titan-smashing success.

Godzilla vs Kong: Who Will Win?

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    • ChrisSawin profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Sawin 

      10 months ago from Houston, TX

      I really want it to be. I'm excited about it. I would love it if humans in these films could stop making the dumbest decisions ever though. Like either be smarter or every time they open their mouth to try their stupid idea Godzilla just straight up SKREONKS over them or Kong just makes loud monkey/gorilla noises until they shut up. Give me a two hour brawl that is so massive it leaves the human characters speechless.

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 

      10 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      This movie will be awesome.


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