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The 15 Best Comedies of all Time Part Two

Updated on July 6, 2012

Why are they so great?

Comedies have a way of entering our hearts and we love the characters we see on the screen. They help us laugh when things in our lives aren’t that funny. They help us escape into their world of laughter and sometimes we see that they have worse problems than we do. They teach us that laughter is the best medicine.Here is Part Two of the Best Comedies of All Time more classics that are loved my millions.

THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW This show first aired in 1970. Mary was a single girl not wanting to take the traditional route of marriage. She wanted a career. Mary is shown at the office a great deal and it is there we meet some unforgettable characters.

Lou Grant was the producer of the news show. He had a gruff exterior, but he had a heart of gold too.

Murray Slaughter he sat next to Mary and was the news copy writer for the show. He had a great sense of humor and he and Mary were good friends.

Ted Baxter was the news announcer. He had trouble pronouncing words and half the time he didn’t understand what he was reading to the audience. He was vain and self- centered, but a funny character none the less.

Sue Anne Nivens this character, played by the wonderful Betty White, was a man hungry, sarcastic person. She was always after any man she saw, and she took digs at Mary whenever she could.

At home Mary lived in the same apartment building as Rhoda her good friend. Rhoda was a little rough around the edges; she cracked jokes, and was very outgoing. She was also single. She could laugh at herself which made life a whole lot easier to handle for her.

Last, but not least, was Phyllis she was married to a doctor and was a bit of a snob. She and her husband owned the apartment that Mary and Rhoda lived in. She was always bantering with Rhoda.

This show had a great cast of characters and it took us into the modern world with Mary being in the workforce when so many women at that time didn’t work.

SEINFELD this show appeared in 1989 and it was unique because it didn’t focus on family. This show was about a group of close friends who met frequently to discuss their lives with each other. The show was about nothing and an episode might start with one of the characters being angry about something that happened. The rest of the show layers the other characters experiences with that theme. It is seamless and very funny. Jerry Seinfeld loved the comedies of Abbott and Costello and Bob Hope. He carries on their tradition of banter very well in this show. The zany characters are:

Jerry Seinfeld a stand- up comic he was the straight man for the rest of the zany characters in this show. He also had a way of delivering a line that was sure to bring a laugh.

George was Jerry’s friend since school. He was always without a job. Unhappy with his life he lies about his profession in order to get women as girlfriends and also to get jobs. He was loud and sometimes he could be charming. He had a way of over analyzing things which helped in defeating him in what he was obsessing about.

Elaine was Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and one of his close friends. She was loud, she said what is on her mind and that got her into bad situations, she was also attractive and intelligent.

Kramer was an odd character who lived across the hall from Jerry. He burst through the door anytime he wanted to. If I were Jerry I would have locked the door. He never seemed to work. He was bright and came up with great ideas that ultimately failed in the end.

This show entertained the audience in a new way. Sometimes the characters weren’t likeable, but you rooted for them anyway.

THE SIMPSONS this show first aired in 1989 and is still going strong. It is a cartoon, but it airs in the evening and it sometimes has topics that aren’t for children. There is something for everyone in this show of a family living in the fictional town of Springfield.

Homer is a safety worker at a nuclear plant. He isn’t bright at times, but most of the time he loves his family and loves his food and beverages.

Marge is Homer’s wife she has to put up with a lot from Homer, but she stands by her man and is a great mom to her kids.

Bart is mischievous and always is getting into trouble. He is eternally 10 years old.

Maggie is the baby of the family. She is cute and her main joy is sucking on her pacifier.

Lisa is a little genius and activist in the family.

This show is zany, it is controversial, and it is entertaining. You may not agree with some of their topics, but they are always there to make you laugh.

FRASIER this show appeared on the scene in 1993. Frasier moved to Seattle after his break up with his wife. He was a psychiatrist. He let his dad Martin move in with him and he was a cop. Frasier’s Dad was down to earth, blue collar guy, while Frasier and his brother acted like high society and had expensive tastes. Frasier’s brotherwas Niles and he was a psychiatrist too. Niles marriage ended also. The brothers often got into arguments, but they loved each other deep down. Staying with Frasier and his father was a physical therapist named Daphne. Also in the house was a dog named Eddie. Frasier and Eddie didn’t get along and a lot of laughs come from their dislike for each other. They both were after Martin’s attention. Frasier’s co- worker and friend was Roz. She was more down to earth than Frasier, but somehow they became close friends. This show had that screwball humor and sophisticated humor of movies of old. Frasier may have been uppity, but his love for friends and family made you see his human side and you hoped that one day he would find true love.

ROSEANNE this show first aired in 1988. This was a blue collar family who worked hard, but never got ahead. Roseanne was intelligent, overweight, and had a great sense of humor. Her husband Dan was overweight also. He loved his wife and his kids and tried his hardest to give them all a good life. Becky the oldest girl was smart, but she also had a smart mouth which caused conflicts between her and her parents. Darlene the middle child had Roseanne’s quick wit. You could always count on a laugh when she was in the scene. The youngest child was DJ. In the early seasons of the show he doesn’t have too much of a role, but he was a cute kid that got a smile or laugh whenever he was around. Always at the house was Roseanne’s sister Jackie. She and Roseanne were extremely close. Jackie always had big ideas that didn’t pan out. Even with all the bad times of unemployment, no money, and a house that wasn’t the prettiest, the Connors had plenty of laughs, and love with each other. In that way they were extremely lucky and rich beyond compare.

THE BOB NEWHART SHOW this show appeared on the scene in 1972. Robert Hartley was a psychologist and the show bounced between his life at work and his life at home with his wife Emily and their friends. Bob was the normal guy trying to help out his crazy patients. He was master of the deadpan humor and was the straight man to all the people he encountered. Emily was Bob’s loving wife she was a teacher and she also did the straight man routine to Bob and to their crazy friend Howard. Howard was the next door neighbor who was always stopping in the see the Hartleys. He was an airline navigator. It is lucky for the Hartleys that he had a job at the airlines or he would be at their place every day. Carol was Bob's secretary. She was always on the prowl for a man and she was bright and quick with the funny lines. Jerry was Bob’s friend he worked at the same complex as Bob, but he was an orthodontist. He was a bit head strong and a little overbearing at times. What makes this show unique is how it took Bob Newhart’s stand-up comedy in which he talked with imaginary people and made jokes, and turned it into real people who caused Newhart to react. His expressions and his comedic timing made for a very entertaining show.

GILLIGAN’S ISLAND this show first aired in 1964. We had the Skipper and his first mate Gilligan. They had a cruise ship that was supposed to be just a three hour tour, but there was a storm and they got shipwrecked. On the boat were the Professor a straight laced guy, he had plenty of knowledge that helped out the castaways. Ginger the movie star who was always wearing gowns on the island, Mary Ann the woman from Kansas, and the Howells millionaires who were always trying to use their wealth to make things easier for them. This show had the zany humor of The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, and The Marx Brothers. Things weren’t exactly believable, but they all could make you laugh with their expressions, and physical humor. Children and adults will be able to enjoy this show together.They also had theme song you could sing along to.

CHEERS this show first came to television in 1993. It featured a cast where the main setting was in a bar. The characters came to Cheers to get their minds off their troubles and to talk with friends who listened. There were a lot of loveable people who made you want to visit the bar. The characters were:

The Coach was a former baseball player and coach of a baseball team before he bought and ran the bar.

Sam Malone was a former baseball player with a drinking problem he conquers. He is drawn to the waitress Diane who is a bit stuffy and full of herself. She was also a graduate student. The romantic tensions between Diane and Sam created a great deal of laughs.

Later when Diane’s character left the show a new woman working in the bar named Rebecca took over the spot for flirtation with Sam.

Woody he was naive and a little slow, but always a hard worker and very friendly.

Carla was always good for a laugh with her sarcasm and tough ways. She had it rough raising her kids and needing more money.

Cliff was pompous as the mailman he always thought he had the answer to everything.

Norm was the businessman who felt the best part of his day was going to Cheers to have a few beers.

This show worked because it had humor, it had characters that were interesting, and we all would like to go to a place where everyone knows our name.

THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW first appeared in 1960. The setting is in Mayberry a sleepy little southern town. The sheriff is Andy he is widowed and is a single parent raising his boy Opie. Andy had common sense and homespun humor. He used it in his work as the Sheriff to keep things peaceful and so he didn't have to resort to violence.

Andy’s co-worker, cousin and great friend is Barney. He was the deputy, but he was over ambitious and a little too gun happy. Andy made him carry just one bullet in his pocket in an unloaded gun. He considered himself a ladies man courting both Thelma and Juanita the phone operator. His funny scenes came when he jumped to the wrong conclusions and things went awry.

Aunt Bea lived with Andy and helped to take care of them. She never married and she always seemedto make the wrong choice where love was concerned. She tried hard to keep Andy and Opie straight.

Andy was the shows straight man reacting to the chaos around him. He could be counted on to help solve any problem that might be happening to his friends, his family, or the community. This wholesome show allows every age group to sit together and watch. We would all like to live in the town of Mayberry where there is no crime, and everyone knows everyone, and everyone likes everyone.

The best comedies will never seem dated. They will make you laugh whatever era you are living in. They give us characters that touch our hearts and our funny bones. They are the shows where you enjoy spending time there and you leave feeling like you have been not only been entertained, but leave you feeling good inside. Laughter truly is the best medicine and these shows provide it.


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    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you Deep Metaphysical for your comments. I have to admit that I have never seen the shows you have mentioned. I have seen commercials for Family Guy and it does look very funny. I will have to watch the shows you mentioned.

    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you josh418 I know what you mean about the Gilligan's Island theme song. It does stay in your mind and I bet almost everyone knows the words to it. Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing the hub.

    • Deep Metaphysical profile image

      Deep Biswas 

      6 years ago from India

      Where's Family guy and South Park? What about Louie and Lucky Louie? List is fine but I thought it missed out some big names.

    • josh3418 profile image

      Joshua Zerbini 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      This is an excellent list. Oh, the memories of Giligan's Island, and now the song is stuck in my head, LOL My favorite of the list has to be Seinfeld, hands down, with the Simpsons in a close second. Thanks for this great review! Voted up, awesome and sharing!

    • cfjots profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thank you Alecia for your compliment on my article. I appreciate that. I remember when Mary Tyler Moore came on Saturday nights. It was a great line up for comedy then. The Bob Newhart show came on that night as well as The Carol Burnett show. Classic comedies are always going to be funny.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 

      6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      On this part, my hands down fave is the Mary Tyler Moore show. I just love the cast's chemistry and the timelessness of it all. I really loved your approach to this hub! Great job :).


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