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Los Angeles, What You Hate Most About It

Updated on November 17, 2014

The Type of People in LA

We have all seen them before, the old people talking to themselves on the bench, the overweight lady raging over something, and the people dressed up as super heroes.

These aren't special cases, you can find these types of people on every single block and honestly, they are part the reason why I love Los Angeles so much, It makes just as simple stroll down to the grocery store and interesting adventure filled with crazy characters.


The Traffic Everyone Hates

Everyone hates the insane amount of traffic in LA, especially the 405 freeway but in LA it is just especially worse. Why would anyone enjoy just sitting in their cars idly on their way to work while they are already 10 minutes late for their meeting.

Traffic makes taking a 10 minute drive down the street turn into a rage filled car ride wondering why you didn't just take side the side roads.


The Amount of People in the City

There are just way too many people in Los Angeles, and a lot of these people are homeless or drug addicts. Lets be honest we have all seen them everywhere, the scab filled skin of the crack head, or the vomit stained clothes of the alcoholic.

The amount of people also makes it much more frustrating to just walk on the sidewalk on a busy street. Theres constant people bumping into you and everyone is trying to hand you some kind of pamphlet or sell you some kind of mixtape.


The Trash in the Streets

Arguably the worst part about Los Angeles, how dirty it is. People don't even make an attempt to throw away their trash, it is just littered all over the streets.

Not to mention the beaches we have, they are not the cleanest around especially when it rains.

Don't even get me started on the amount of vandalism and graffiti all over the city. Everywhere you turn you can see some type of artwork or gang name spray painted on a wall or highway overpass.

Most of these things you just just start to not notice after living here a while, but they are definitely what keep the city an interesting site to see.

Polluted environment in the city



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