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19 Things You Can Do With a Selfie Stick

Updated on February 8, 2016

a million uses behind one object

The Selfie-stick

is a recent invention brought about by modern technology in answer to one of today's most prevalent technological problems: it's hard to fit a lot of people into a picture when there is no one available to hold the phone. Luckily, the selfie-stick is here to save the day, and you can squeeze your whole family or group of friends into one shot without asking a stranger snap the picture. Instead of leaving your selfie-stick in a corner gathering dust while you're not out and about taking photos, why not put it to good use? There are actually many ways that you can use your selfie-stick and maximize its value to you. Here are 19 of the ways that you can put your selfie-stick to work!

1. Take Selfies

This is the obvious answer to, "what does a selfie-stick do?" The invention is quite ingenious, and deserves praise for its design.


2. Take Pictures With Your Camera

Selfie-sticks are usually associated with mobile phones, but there are attachments that you can use to attach your camera or camcorder onto it as well. You can get group or scenic photos with your high quality cameras rather than leaving the task to your smart phone. You can even use your selfie-stick as a professional tripod! (monopod)


3. Search For Objects

Have you ever tried to look for something in a barely accessible area such as behind the refrigerator, under the bed, or behind the dryer? Now, you can do your searching more easily with the help of your phone and your selfie-stick. Simply press record on your phone and scan the area with the help of your selfie-stick. Watch the video and see if your lost item is in the hard-to-reach area. If it is, why not use your selfie stick to retrieve it?


4. Get Up Close and Personal With Nature

Use your selfie-stick to record animals, such as birds in a nest, without getting too close and disturbing them.


5. Turn some dirt

Your selfie-stick makes an excellent gardening tool! Try using it to dig or even rake in your garden.


6. Offer snacks to friends at the movies

The selfie-stick is perfect for passing that box of candy around at the movies! It eliminates the need for reaching over and interrupting your movie watching experience.


7. Pet your cat or dog

Why get up? With this universal tool, you can pet your cat or dog without getting up out of your chair!

8. Reach for things on shelves

Is there something high up on the shelf that you just can't reach? Let your selfie-stick do the reaching for you! With its unique shape and design it is capable of hooking and even grasping a variety of objects.

9. Use it as a cane or walking stick

The very portable and handy selfie-stick can provide you with extra support and protection along your hike or walking trail. (Warning: it is not sturdy enough to be used as a full time walking stick. It should only be used as a cane in emergency events.)

10. Scrape snow or ice off your windshield

Ever have those days when you go outside and your car is covered in ice or snow? Keep your selfie-stick handy to knock off any obstructive ice before driving without getting your hands dirty or wet.

11. Close doors

Is the house getting too noisy? Selfie-sticks are perfectly designed to help you shut your doors without having to get up from your seat or walk too far. The claw like design allows you to shut doors that open outward and inward!

12. Scratch your back

No need for a back-scratcher! The selfie-stick's extending technology can get the job done for you!


13. Offer nuts to a squirrel

Love squirrels, but afraid they might bite? No need to throw food at them (so rude!) With the selfie stick you can politely offer squirrels a bag of nuts for them to munch on without the risk of getting bit!


14. Slide someone's chair closer to you

If you're on a date, be sly and slide your date's chair closer to yours with the help of your selfie-stick. This smooth move is sure to impress.


15. Stir something that splatters

Don't you hate when you have to cook a dish that is splattering hot grease all over the kitchen? With the selfie-stick, you can get the job done without getting in harm's way! We do not suggest using the selfie-stick directly to cook your food (it is not designed for that!), but we do recommend attaching your selfie-stick to a spoon or spatula to help you cook hazardous dishes from a distance.

p.s. Never throw water on a grease fire! Read this


16. Pet a stray cat or dog

Do you love animals? Do you often pet stray cats or dogs? Don't risk getting fleas or rabies! Use the selfie-stick to pet strays from a safe distance.

If you're going to pet something that looks like this, I recommend using your selfie stick
If you're going to pet something that looks like this, I recommend using your selfie stick

17. Paint your house

The selfie-stick is a perfect tool for painting those high and hard to reach spaces in your home. Simply attach a paintbrush to the end of your selfie-stick and finish the job with ease.


18. Play golf

Don't have your clubs on you? Don't worry! With the selfie-stick you can practice your swing anywhere, any time. Simply adjust the swivel head to the perfect angle and extend your selfie-stick to the appropriate length and you are ready to play.

19. Make a stop-motion film

There is an attachment (or button) that comes with every selfie-stick that allows you to take the picture without pressing the button on your phone. You can use this to make-stop motion animations to ensure that your phone/camera stays sturdy and at the right angle during the filming process. Each time you press the button on your phone you run the risk of changing the angle of the camera and sabotaging your film. Use the Selfie-stick's Bluetooth shutter remote instead!

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