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1Night 2Days - Korean Reality TV Show

Updated on August 29, 2017
1N2D - Korean Variety Show
1N2D - Korean Variety Show

Reality show which introduces South Korea's most beautiful places

1Night 2Days is a weekly reality TV show about 6 celebrities who visit various places in South Korea.

On each trip, they stay overnight at that place and we will be entertained with varieties of missions, games and the members' fun personalities. It first aired on 5 August 2007 and for more than 4 years, this show has brought laughter and tears. 1Night 2Days is the only variety show in Korea which has maintained high viewership rating for four consecutive years.

I first discovered 1N2D because of Lee Seung Gi, who was the youngest member (maknae) of 1N2D. The first episode that I watched was Foreign Worker Special episode (episode 185 - 187) which aired at the beginning of 2011.

This heartwarming episode had 5 foreign workers who're working in South Korea as guests. Without their knowledge, the show brought their families from their home countries to visit them in South Korea on Christmas Day. I cried a lot when I watched this episode, as I miss my family back home in Indonesia.

Even though 1N2D members are all celebrities, however, they treat each of their guest amazingly. One celebrity did not hesitate to plunge into a cold sea (during wintertime) when they failed their mission so his guest could eat lunch. I once heard from a blogger that 1N2D is one of the rare reality TV show which treat their guests like king.

We can also see the true friendship / strong brotherhood bond that are developed by the members of this show. I also love how they play games with the staff members so the viewers are able to know the hard-working 1N2D staff members.

Image Credit: Blog.Naver

About 1Night 2Days

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About 1Night 2Days

Every week, 1N2D will take the viewers to various beautiful places in South Korea. They usually start their journey from Seoul and travel by car, bus, train, boat or even airplane.

Throughout the show duration, the 6 permanent celebrities (I usually call them as the members / the boys) will not be able to use their own money, hence, they will be given an allowance in which they usually have to earn this allowance by playing games or accomplish a particular mission.

After they get their allowance, they will start their journey. Along the way, depending on their travel type, they will have lunch break. They will play mission / games in order to get their lunch. The game is usually pretty simple, like answering quizzes, playing rock, paper, scissor game.

And after several hours of travel, they will arrive at the destination places in which they will introduce the place, what we can do there as well as the food.

The members will be given an afternoon break, and at nighttime, they usually play game to get their dinner. Dinner usually consist of the food specialties from that particular places, so never watch this show on a hungry stomach. You'll definitely get hungry and reach for food every time they eat yummy delicious dinner. ahhh mussels... cuttlefish... octopus... very sweet sweet potato... natural delicious kelp....

For sleeping, they have two different sleeping arrangements: outside and inside. They will play Bok-bul-bok Game which means "blessing curse blessing" game to decide their sleeping arrangements. Sometimes the member plays the game individually or in a group of 3. The losers will have to sleep outside, sometimes in a snowy condition or in a very hot weather with lots of mosquitoes flying around. It is definitely not fun to sleep outside under extreme weather condition so the members take this game very seriously.

And in the morning, they have a morning mission. They will be woken up with a funny wake-up song and afterwards, they will have to do the morning mission as instructed. The person who win the mission will get the much deserved breakfast.

Depending on the places they visit that week, the show usually ends after the morning mission.

Backgrounds were designed by

1Night 2Days on KBS World

1Night 2Days is aired every Sunday on KBS (Korean Broadcasting Channel) and it's also aired on KBS World Channel with English Subtitle.

This video below is the trailer of 1Night 2Days from KBS World. Video Credit goes to KBSWorld Youtube Channel.

The first part of below trailer is from Episode 112 & 113, one of my favorite episodes, in which the members are divided into two teams: the Old Boys (Ho Dong, Kim C & Su Guen) & Young Boys (Ji Won, MC Mong & Seung Gi). Each team is given $100 and they have a chance to spend it and then swap it with the other team. The Young Boys are truly genius in this one and the Old Boys fall into their "trick" =) Moreover, in this episode, they celebrated their 100th episode and we see their brotherhood bond is tested once again as they enter the cold water together to reduce the punishment of one of their member.

While the second part of the trailer is from Episode 116, where they play one of my favorite game, the Zombie game. Hilarious, fun and truly entertaining.

1N2D Season 3 Permanent Members

1N2D went through several changes last year, from the PD to the permanent casts. Only Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun stayed for the third season. The other members are: actor Kim Joo Hyuk, comedian Kim Jun Ho, rapper Defconn and maknae singer Jung Joon Young.

PD Yoo Ho Jin who was rookie PD in 1n2d S1 was back to helm S3.

1N2D [Season 2] Casts

1N2D [Season 2] consists of 7 celebrities as their permanent members.

- Lee Soo Geun (nicknamed "national driver") because he always drives the car wherever they travel and he even got his bus license. He wants to drive a bus so they can take more viewers with them to enjoy beautiful places in South Korea. Su Guen is definitely one of the funniest member, and he never hesitates to take off his clothes to perform a funny scene (the tears of Amazon scene, so funny). Lee Soo Geun left the show on 24 November 2013 due to online illegal gambling. He's currently still banned on KBS.

- Kim Jong Min is also the original member of 1N2D and a great dancer. He was in hiatus for 2 years due to military service and rejoined the members in December 2009. The members "kidnapped" him on the same day he finished his military service. It was a tear-breaking funny episode as he joined the other members on one of the coldest night in South Korea.

- Uhm Tae Woong (nicknamed "Mudang" by Lee Seung Gi). He is the newest member of 1N2D, his first appearance was on episode 194 (broadcast on February 2011). On his first episode, he was left behind without any 1N2D staffs, members and no money allowance. He was given a mission to rejoin the members within a given time and he was able to complete the mission. Hence, LSG nicknamed him "Mudang" means that even though nobody expected "nothing", he was able to do it. =)

- Kim Seung Woo

- Cha Tae Hyun

- Sung Si Kyung

- Joo Won

1N2D (Season 1) Members

- Kang Ho Dong was Korea's top wrestler and he is one of the top MC in Korea. He is the member who loves to argue with the show's producers in order to give them more food and allowance (hence he's also called "master of negotiation"). He has big personalities and his laughter will definitely make you laugh too. But, be careful when he is angry. It's pretty scary! Especially when they lost game and ended up with no food for dinner or when he lost individual lunch / morning mission. He will look like a lost person whose hunger and tiredness overcome his body and makes him restless and sad. His color on 1N2D is Red. Kang Ho Dong temporarily retired from the entertainment industry due to tax evasion issue, and unfortunately, the viewers didn't hae a chance to say goodbye to him on 1n2d :(

- Ji Sang-Ryeol: He joined the cast on the first episode and left on episode 7 due to his drama's filming commitment.

- Noh Hong-cheol: He left 1N2D because he wanted to focus on his other variety show and was left after 14 episode.

- Kim C: Kim C tends to be like "mom" to the other 1N2D members. He usually put blanket over the other members if he saw them cold. He was pretty quiet and very smart. He left 1N2D on May 2010 due to his music commitment. His last episode was the school trip episode and we saw a tear-breaking moment as he only gave 2 days notice to the other members about him leaving the show. It was also a touching episode as the other member prepared a special breakfast for him. He is deeply missed.

- MC Mong: a born-comedian and is nicknamed "monkey" due to his "monkey-like" facial expression. The funniest member of 1N2D, an amazing dancer and he is very funny. Due to issue with military service, he is currently banned from KBS, hence he no longer appear on 1N2D. I miss him terribly, 1N2D is not the same without him. It feels like the show misses one piece of puzzle and I miss his cute, funny, loving interaction with his "disappointed bother", Eun Ji Won and his other "disappointed family" member, Lee Seung Gi.

- Eun Ji Won who is nicknamed "Eun Cho Ding" due to his elementary student or childish action. But he has a soft heart and is a great dancer & singer. He loves to eat and you'll see him very annoyed every time they lose food / ingredients during dinner game / mission. He is also a great sleeper, and usually he wakes up pretty late. So it's a miracle if he wins a morning mission. Ji Won is one of the original member of 1N2D. He is a genius, he always says that his IQ is 160! It's no doubt that he is an amazing strategist! His color is orange.

- Lee Seung Gi is nicknamed "Heodang" by former 1N2D member, Kim C, because of his odd way of thinking. He is a very smart person, however, sometimes, he interprets something oddly.

For example: one day they were talking about how dangerous it is to drive on snowy weather. Lee Seung Gi said that we should use "spare tires" to prevent an accident. Kim C then corrected him saying that it's not "spare tires" but "snow tires". It brought laughter to the other members and embarrassment for LSG. Hahaha... Or one day when the other members were talking about "battery" and LGS thought it was "bahtery". He is so funny but his cute smile will definitely melt everyone's heart. LGS is one of the most popular member of 1N2D. He is very sincere and caring towards his hyungs (older brothers). But beside his heodang personality, he is actually very smart. He's the master of quizzes and multiplication games. His color is Pearl Mint.

Both Eun Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi left when 1n2d season 1 ended and had their last shooting on 10 & 11 February 2012.


- Sang-geun is a cute dog who accompanies the member during their trip. However, he is rarely seen anymore due to his age. :(

Let's vote for your most favorited 1N2D Member

Who is your favorite 1N2D Member?

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1Night 2Days 2011 Special Episodes

1N2D Actor Special Episode - Preview

Video Credit: dclsg

1N2D Supporting Actors Luxury Time Special

I've heard a rumor that following the highly-anticipated 1N2D Actresses Special, 1Night 2Days production team has prepared another "special" 1N2D Supporting Actors Luxury Time Special

Just realized it's not a rumor, the production team has officially confirmed it on the 13th May 2011!

They joined the cast members of 1N2D "Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Guen, Uhm Tae Wong, Eun Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi" on their 1N2D shooting (which was on the 20th and 21st May 2011) and the supporting actors special episode aired in June 2011.

The supporting actors who will join them on the trip are: Ahn Kil Kang (Queen Seon Deok), Sung Ji Roo, Sung Dong Il (My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Special Investigation Bureau), Kim Jung Tae, Jo Sung Ha, and Go Chang Seok.

1Night 2Days Actress Special Guest

On the 6 & 7 of May 2011, 1Night 2Days members went on overnight trip with 6 actresses, something which they have never done before. The broadcast of this actress special episode was aired on the 22nd May 2011 and the second episode aired on the 29th May 2011.

The 6 actresses were: Kim Soo Mi, Choi Ji Woo, Seo Woo, Lee Hye Young, Kim Ha Neul and Yeom Jung Ah

1Night 2Days Games, Missions, and Facts

Wake-up song

The members usually sleep around 2 or 3 in the morning and at around 8 or 9, they will be woken up with "special song". Each week the song is different and I love the members' expressions after they hear such an annoying wake up song.

About 1N2D wake-up missions

Note that this duel is opened to anyone who visit my page (not only the Squidoo members). So feel free to express your opinions here.

This duel is monitored daily, so any spammer / junk message will be removed immediately.

Do you think it's a bit cruel to wake them up using an annoying song?

Random Facts about 1N2D

- 6 Celebrities travel together around South Korea & stay overnight in various lodging

- Outside & Inside Sleeping Arrangement

- Missions and Games along the way - dinner / lunch / snack as reward

- They love ramen & gimchi - they always eat these food when they lost the mission / game & ended up with no dinner / lunch

- Cruelly woken-up with annoying song / countdown timer

- Morning mission; ie. climb up to the mountain to eat breakfast or multiplication question

- Extreme weather condition

1N2D Games

The most common games on 1N2D are as follows:

- Bok-bul-bok (blessing-curse-blessing)

- Morning mission game

- Cooking game

- Charades game

- Rock, paper, scissor game

When they are arguing or need to decide on the order or who will need to be left behind on their own, the members always play the rock, paper, scissor game to decide.

Fun Games on 1N2D (the kind of games which we can play with our families; fun and easy to do):

- Flick the bottle cap Game

I love this game! They usually play in a table, and whoever flick the bottle cap the furthest, is the winner.

- Strawberry Game

The members choose a particular theme, for example "fruits". Each member will have to pick one fruit, for example: A choose "Kiwi", B choose "Banana". The game begins when they sing the song "I am ground". Then one member will yell one particular fruit name, ie: 2 Kiwi. The "Kiwi" person or "A" will need to say "Kiwi" "Kiwi" (twice). Then A will need to yell another fruit, ie: 4 banana. B will need to yell "Banana" "Banana" "Banana" "Banana". The game continues until one person is unable to follow the instruction from the previous player.

- Senses Game

Each member will yell a number, for example 1 2 3 and so on and if two members stand up at the same time, one of them will lost. This is the most cruel game in 1N2D as they usually play sense game to decide who will be left behind by their own.

- Elephant Turn Game

The member will have to turn 10 times and usually they will have to run a short distance / catch their shoe. It is a fun, entertaining game as we will see their dizziness after 10 exhausting turn and they rarely run in the right direction! Kim C is the best one in elephant turn as he always calm and not experiencing heavy dizziness as the other members.

- Jegi Game

Ah this is also one of my favorite game, MC Mong & Lee Su Guen are the best Jegi players. Jegi is a traditional Korean outdoor game and the member kicks jegi (which are usually made up from paper, cloth, hacky sack or even coin) up on the air and he has to keep kicking the jegi to prevent it fall to the ground. The game ends when the jegi falls onto the ground.

- Sit-up Game

One member will have to sit-up, usually 10 times in a row.

- Double jump rope Game

An exhausting double jump rope game, they usually need to do this game 10 consecutive times in order to win.

Odd Games on 1N2D:

- Napping / Sleeping Game

On this game, the members are given 30 minutes to sleep. If one member fails, all members will have to sleep on the street!

- Eat the food and discover if it's the right food (okay, I just made up the game's title, as I don't really know the name of the game ^^)

A part of Bok-bul-bok sleeping game, the show provides same food for them. However, one food usually is filled with not-delicious filling. For example: on one episode, they were given persimmons. One persimmon was unfortunately very sour and the member who ate it (if they couldn't stand the sour taste) would need to sleep outside.

Quiz Games on 1N2D:

- Multiplication Question

Lee Seung Gi is the smartest one and he usually gets this multiplication question correct. They are given this question usually for dinner game and morning mission (can you imagine, as soon as you wake up, there's someone asking you a multiplication question? I wouldn't be able to answer the question even though it's a very easy question!)

- Capital City Question

It is one of the easiest game, however, Eun Ji Won usually get it wrong. They will be asked a capital question, for example: what's the capital city of Thailand? etc

- Korean History Quiz

I learned a lot about Korean History through these quizzes. The members rarely get any questions correct and it always bring laughter every time they answer it incorrectly!

This is one of my favorite 1N2D game, the charades game.

Members will need to act according to the given words and the first member will need to guess the word. MC Mong was hilarious in the following cut and he's a great charades character!

1N2D Members Favorite Quote

"As long as it's NOT me!"

"Variety Jeongshin"

"Hwaiting" means "Fighting"

"Il Bak Yi Il" means "1Night 2Days"

1N2D - Thank you for all these wonderful memories


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi I'm an avid fan of this show...i hope that you'll invite Lee Seo Jin again in your show...I would gladly appreciate it..Thank you and more power to 2days 1night.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    @anonymous: I wonder if they seem as close as they seem to cause some members don't even talk to each other for example Sung Si-kyung and Uhm Tae-woong

  • jenniferteacher1 profile image


    7 years ago

    I keep hoping Kang Ho Dong will come back. :-(

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I just wish it will be later. Ho Dong hang in there please!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    i think director na is the 7th member of 1N2D, n enjoying his part.

    btw just watching the show's rerun, ( with the male actors ) still enjoying all the action n reaction. what a great show........ luv it........................

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    just saw the 1D2N member with the actors..... maybe ackward in the beginning..... but then they enjoying the journey...... aaaaaaaaaaaaa so much fun.....

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I don't want 1n2d to end, will cry if it happens :'(

  • Philippians468 profile image


    7 years ago

    this is quite an interesting show! i've never seen it before, thank you for introducing it to me! cheers

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    This show bring laughter to me everyday, nice lens very informative


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