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1N2D 2008 Episode Summary - Korean Reality TV Show

Updated on May 20, 2013

1N2D 2008 Episode List and Summary

Here you will find the episode list and brief summary of South Korea's most popular reality TV show, 1Night 2Days.

On this page, you'll find 1N2D episode list broadcasted in 2008. You'll also find the highlight from each trip, as well as the missions & bokbulbok games they played. The list is not yet finished, I will gradually update the list and hope to finish writing the brief summary for each episode before end of June.

I've watched most episodes of 1Night 2Days from 2008 and even though every single episode has been thoroughly entertaining, however, many episodes from year 2008 still leave impressive remarks on my heart. Many memorable moments such as their 5 days trip to Mt. Baekdu, Surprise Guerilla Concert, KBS National Singing Contest, interviews with their stylists & managers, freestyle trip, and the list goes on.

Note: The summary below are summary written by me. If you want to use the summary on your personal website, please put a link back to this page. Thank you.

EPISODE 86, 87 and 88 (36th Trip) - Gongju, South Chungcheong

EPISODE 86, 87 and 88 (36th Trip) - Gongju, South Chungcheong

Trip Theme: Come to My Hometown

Special Guest: Park Chan Ho

28 December 2008

1Night 2Days 6 members have been traveling together for 1.5 years and for this trip, one prominent guest (a famous and talented baseball player) joined them to introduce his hometown. The members initially didn't have a clue of who he was, they called him several times during the trip to decide on the meeting place. But when they reached Mang Hyang rest stop, they thought his voice is slightly similar to Park Chan Ho, which is indeed correct!

Chan Ho asked them to meet him at South Gongju tollgate and the members were so excited to travel overnight with him! They screamed his name and hugged him tightly. It feels like they've been friends for ages. Love seeing their warmth welcome towards their guest.

Then, they started their Gongju tour, the highlight from this trip is:

1. They played "throwing an arrow into a vase", a traditional / historical game played by the Kings and Queens in the past. If they lost, the punishment was forehead flicking. Then, they played "jegi". And lastly, they played "yut" game.

2. Park Chan Ho's challenge to enter the icy cold water stream at Mt. Gyeryong.

In order to decide who'd enter the water with him, they split up into teams of two and race into the hill by carrying their partner on their back. Su Guen was exempted from the race (because he won rock paper scissor game). In the end, Ho Dong, Chan Ho and Seung Gi entered the water hoping it would bring them luck for year 2009.

And year 2009 has been big success for Ho Dong, Chan Ho & Seung Gi! Haha, I wonder if I should find an icy water and plunge into it at the end of the year to bring me more luck for the following year =)

3. Park Chan Ho Love Soldier Stew

Chan Ho and MC Mong cooked delicious soldier stew together by combining their recipes

4. Park Chan Ho testimony about his first few years living abroad (in America) & playing as minor league player. He also shared his breakthrough moments which shaped him into the person he is today.

5. Park Chan Ho's surprise visit to Gongju Middle School

In Gongju they visited:

1. Tomb of King Muryeong (King Muryeong was the 25th King of the Baekje Dynasty)

2. Mt. Gyeryong (the place where Chan Ho did his training)

4 January 2009

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

Dinner Menu: Soldier Stew (ingredients: meat broth, tofu, gimchi, ham, ramen & rice)

They played simple games to win the ingredients:

- Guess number of pieces of tangerines (odd / even)

- Flipping a card over

- Take picture of 7 of them (all their faces should be in picture) using a polaroid camera - ham

- Dart throw to decide who would get rice. If they toss the dart and land on YES, they'd get rice

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game

Favorite food bokbulbok: lemon, salty rice tea, fiery sauce, citrus, fish sauce, etc. They had to choose steamed bun which 50% of them filled with 1N2D favorite bokbulbok food, handle the bitterness / spiciness, they'd sleep inside.

11 January 2009

Seung Gi had to leave early because of his TOEIC exam. The rest of the members & Park Chan Ho went to Gongju Middle School, and visited the students who were practicing baseball. To make it a surprise, Chan Ho disguised himself as a camera man. When his identity was revealed, they had fun playing baseball together and then had lunch at the nearby restaurant.

EPISODE 84 and 85 (35th Trip) - Haenam, South Jeolla

EPISODE 84 and 85 (35th Trip) - Haenam, South Jeolla

Trip Theme: Come to My Hometown

Base Camp: Yuseon-gwan, the oldest Traditional Inn in Korea with 400 years history

14 December 2008

The members split up into teams of three and the "Haenam line" (Su Guen, Kim C & MC Mong) was born on this trip. Both teams had to navigate themselves to the basecamp, with the help of the local residents. The team which arrived first would get a nice rest in a warm room for 2 hours, while the losing team had to enter the cold stream water.

Transportation Vehicle: Team Haenam rode the small car, while the other team rode the convertible car. Both cars have their own advantages, the convertible is faster, while the small car is slower. On the other hand, riding the convertible car in winter is freezing cold.

On the way to the base camp, they had to park their cars at the parking lot and walked to the base camp. However, one team broke the rules by accepting the help from the staffs and they drove to the base camp. As a punishment, this team entered the stream.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

The boys played as a group. If one person failed, one dish would be taken away. They played dibidibidip and it's so funny that they pretended to hit the member who made mistake by drawing palm mark on their face. :D

21 December 2008

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game

Again, they split up into two teams and played:

- Throw the snow

- Catching shoes after doing 10x elephant spinning

- Lemon eating

Morning mission

The Haenam team was given the "gong" and the other team got the "mallet". They had to hide this item and steal the other team's item. The first team who got both items and ring the gong the next morning, would be served breakfast.

Highlight from this episode:

- Hilarious Kim C's scene doing elephant spin game

- Seung Gi's genius idea to steal the item from the other team and his transformation into a cameraman to trick his brothers

EPISODE 82 and 83 (34th Trip) - Oeyeon Island

EPISODE 82 and 83 (34th Trip) - Oeyeon Island

Base Camp: Yuseon-gwan, the oldest Traditional Inn in Korea with 400 years history

30 November 2008

The members gathered at Daecheon Port Terminal at Boryeong City and they realized that it'd be another island trip. However, they were curious because Su Guen was missing. Suddently, a bus arrived and Su Guen was driving the bus! He got his bus license! =) Cool.

For this trip, they went to Oeyeon Island and visited the national natural treasure #136. People may remember the famous tree of love from movie Now and Forever starring Choi Ji Woo. You can walk under this tree of love at Oeyeon Island.

Due to high sea waves, they made an emergency stop at Nok Island. While they took a break, they planned to leave one member behind to introduce Nok Island. This member would stay overnight at this island by himself, accompanied by a cameraman and one staff member. His manager and stylist were not coming with him. As usual, they planned the rock, paper, scissor to leave Seung Gi behind.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game:

- Front-back 50-50 coin guessing game

- Karaoke competition

- Traditional Korean jacks

- Go Stop game

7 December 2008

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game: Blindfolded Hide and Seek Game

At 6 in the morning, with the help of the local fisherman, Seung Gi was finally arrive at Oeyeon Island. He re-joined his brothers who were fast asleep in the room. MC Mong was the first one who noticed that Seung Gi's back and hugged him tightly. Aww... He's so sweet... Soon after that, the other members also welcomed him warmly and they're glad that their maknae (youngest brother)'s back with them.

Morning Mission

The first three members who reach the mountain top of Oeyeon Island would be served natural mussels breakfast.

After enjoying the breakfast, they went to play foot volleyball with the local people.

EPISODE 81 (33rd Trip) - Yesan Country, South Chungcheong

EPISODE 81 (33rd Trip) - Yesan Country, South Chungcheong

Trip Theme: Fishing Trip

Special Guest:Ji Sang Ryul

23 November 2008

For the first time ever, they went to the overnight fishing trip. Ji Sang Ryul joined them on the trip as their fishing expert. They went to an isolated fishing house and had to catch 10 fishes in order to leave the house. See their struggle and their determination as they tried their best to complete the mission with the help of their fishing expert.

The second part of this episode was Su Guen's personal journey of taking his bus driver licence test.

EPISODE 79 & 80 (32nd Trip) - Inje, Gangwondo

EPISODE 79 & 80 (32nd Trip) - Inje, Gangwondo

Trip Theme: 1st Winter Camp

9 November 2008

The boys were treated to a lavish breakfast buffet and coffee. They knew that there's something fishy behind it, but they didn't have any choice but to enjoy the breakfast provided by the production team.

After spoiling them with nice breakfast and dessert, they went aboard on a lavish bus before they're dumped in the middle of nowhere and had to ride in a trailer to reach their base camp, in the middle of a mountain.

As soon as they arrived there, they had to survive on their own. They built their own base camp. For their dinner, they decided to make pork curry. As usual, they had to play bokbulbok game in order to get all the ingredients to make the curry. Moreover, they had to win the game to get the essential eating utensils.

Highlight from this episode:

1. Ho Dong's confusion when he had to remember his brothers' special coffee orders, especially because the orders were in English terminology (cappuccino with a shot [Kim C], iced mocha latte [MC Mong], caramel frappuccino [Ji Won], green tea frappuccino without whipped cream [Seung Gi]).

2. The members' showing off their fluency in foreign languages

16 November 2008

The members unfortunately couldn't get the eating utensils so they had to eat the curry in primitive ways (using their hands). It's harsh...

After dinner, they decided to play games with supper snack as a reward. They split up into two teams: Team Ho Dong, Kim C and Seung Gi; Team Su Guen, Ji Won and MC Mong. Both team had to answer the given question the quickest. If they won, they'd get the snack. If they answered the question incorrectly or the other team member answered the question correctly, one member of the team had to take off his cloth.

Morning Mission:

All 6 members had to blow a bubble gum in order to get breakfast.

Highlight of this episode:

1. Australopithecus, Seung Gi's answer on the civilization question! Honestly, I've never heard about this word prior to watching this episode!

2. Kim C stripped all his clothes and used boxes to cover himself up

EPISODE 77 & 78 (31st Trip) - Gangchon, Gangwondo

EPISODE 77 & 78 (31st Trip) - Gangchon, Gangwondo

Trip Theme: 2nd Freestyle Trip

26 October 2008

1Night 2Days' second freestyle trip in which the leader would pick the destination and negotiate with the staffs regarding money allowances and other stuffs. Moreover, if he found any member annoyed him for any reason, he could give a yellow card and the production team would blurred his scene out for 1 minute.

They had a hard time choosing the leader for this trip, so the staffs brought in the big spinning wheel. MC Mong was chosen to be the leader.

Money Allowance Game: Group Jumping Rope

I think MC Mong was nervous to be a leader and they ended up earning $40 for their whole trip allowance (that includes allowance for their overnight lodging cost)

They went to MC Mong's place and started throwing out ideas for their trip itineraries. MC Mong had an idea to climb to the top of Mt. Bukhan (4 hours journey) and go to Yangsu-ri afterwards. They'd have an acoustic guitar concert with Kim C and then do a culinary & street fashion trip in Myeong-dong.

At the end, they decided to visit the Namyangju movie set in Yangsu-ri. After finalizing their destination, they went back to the front of KBS Building where all the other staffs members were waiting for them. But honestly, they had no idea of what they'd do in Yangsu-ri. They decided to hit the road first and see what they could do over there.

As soon as they reached Yangsu-ri, MC Mong realized that his idea was a big failure. The boys then decided that Seung Gi would be the new captain.

Straight away, Seung Gi negotiated with the production team to give them more allowance money and after that, they'd decide where they'd go next. The PD agreed and asked Seung Gi as the leader to play rock paper scissor with the school children who were visiting the Namyangju movie set. Each time he won, he would get $10.

After playing with the children, they hit the road again and decided to set up their base camp at Gangchon, which is famous with fun attractions & cheap lodgings. A lot of college students love to go to Gangchon because it's not far from Seoul.

On the base camp, they played blindfolded hide and seek game and then they experienced a painful finger flick from Seung Gi!

2 November 2008

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game: Endure the bitterness / spiciness, then sleep inside. Otherwise, sleep outside in the tent.

The next day, they re-created Kim C's / Hot Potato Rain and Tears Music Video. Seung Gi, Ji Won and Ho Dong decided to shoot a short-movie titled "Gangchon's Lovers" with Kang Rockhead as the lead actor and in the end, he turned into a rock. As a closing song, they recreated Hot Potato's Rain & Tears MV.

1Night 2Days First Short Movie - Gangchon Lovers

Credit: miszcechoki

I created this page solely as a fan of 1Night 2Days Reality TV Show which is currently broadcast on KBS on Sunday night and KBS World (for English sub) on Monday night.

1Night 2Days are copyright of KBS and its respective companies & celebrities.


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