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1N2D 2009 Episode Summary - Korean Reality TV Show

Updated on May 20, 2013

1Night 2Days Episode List for year 2009

Here you will find the episode list and brief summary of South Korea's most popular reality TV show, 1Night 2Days.

1Night 2Days was first broadcasted in 2007 and is currently aired every Sunday. KBS World also airs 1Night 2Days with English subtitle every Monday and re-run it on Friday. KBS World's 1N2D episode is two weeks behind after the original 1N2D episode aired in South Korea.

On this page, you'll find 1N2D episode list broadcasted in 2009. The list is not yet completed, I will gradually update it.

EPISODE 136, 137 & 138 (61st Trip)

EPISODE 136, 137 & 138 (61st Trip) - Mt. Kalbong, Gyeonggi Province

Trip theme: Winter Boot Camp

Special Guest: Park Chan Ho

19 December 2009

It's the return of Kim Jong Min! The members picked him out straight after he finished his two years service from the courthouse and went straight to the base camp. On the way, they played a game for delicious warm snacks as rewards.

Bokbulbok Snack Game:

When given a question, they must write an answer that first came into their mind. If all 7 members answered correctly, they won the snacks. If they lost, for each question wrong, they had to open the window of the car they're driving.

It was -15 degree that day so I couldn't really imagine how cold it must've been for them to drive in an open-window car! They basically gone crazy from the cold in the car and sang & dance to Eun Ji Won's song Siren (feat. Mr Tyfoon).

General Knowledge Quiz

At the next service area, they're given another chance to earn warm snacks. The production team has compiled the questions from the previous trips, so this should be easy for them. The four winners would eat the snacks and the losers would drive in a convertible car!

Instant Noodle Snack Game

In order to get the noodle, they played a balloon (filled with water) catch game. They had to face each other in a zigzag shape (distance: 7m), and pass the water balloon in order. If the balloon pops, they had to try again. They had to do it quickly to prevent the noodles being overcooked.

26 December 2009

Dinner Bokbulbok Game & Relay Cook-off:

The production team has prepared ingredients in a room, each member would entered the room individually and take one ingredient each. The catch: they didn't know which ingredient the other person took as the staffs kept adding the ingredient that was taken by the previous members!

After they got their ingredients, each member would do a relay cook-off. Individually, they were given 5 minutes each to cook and the next person would need to continue what the previous person cooked. It was extremely hard thing to do!

They still hungry and got a special surprise, Park Chan Ho visited them and brought fried chicken. The members asked him to stay overnight and he would do it if all members would enter the cold ravine together with him the next morning. The members agreed!

Bokbulbok Sleeping Game:

Teams: Old Boys (Kang Ho Dong, Park Chan Ho, Kim C & Lee Su Guen) & Young Boys (Eun Ji Won, MC Mong, Kim Jong Min, Lee Seung Gi)

1. Human zero game

2. Ping-pong

3. Bottle cap race (next episode)

2 January 2010

Inspiring and heartwarming episode as everyone entered the cold ravine and made their wishes for year 2010!

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EPISODE 134 & 135 (60th Trip)

EPISODE 134 & 135 (60th Trip)

Trip theme: 3rd Winter Severe Training Camp

12 December 2009

Another harsh winter camp trip where each member got kidnapped hourly based on bokbulbok game throughout the first half of the trip and being taken away to the base camp (around 50 minutes away by car and by four-wheeled motorbike from where they started - to an isolated place, deep down in the mountain where there would be no phone reception nor houses).

Bokbulbok Kidnapping Game:

1. Run to the wooden bench and back. The last person who arrived, would be kidnapped

2. Grab a bowl of rice. The person who picked an empty bowl, would be the next one to be taken away.

3. "3 6 9" Game

4. "Multiplication" Game

5. "Rock Paper Scissor" Game

Because the first two people who were kidnapped haven't eaten anything, so they played a prank to Su Guen. They made up a scenario that they would play a ladder game to choose the person who would play the second game, rock paper scissor. If he won it, they would get instant noodle. If he lost, he would have to undress and sprayed with cold water. They eventually worked together with PD to ensure Su Guen lost on the "rock paper scissor" game.

Initially, they only planned to pull a prank to Su Guen once, however, Su Guen who didn't know it was a prank, wanted to give the two members instant noodles. He kept playing until the other members told him that it was a prank (as they could no longer see him suffering being sprayed and entered a cold water). He was determined to win the game so his brothers could eat the instant noodles. What an inspiring act from Su Guen!

The most memorable quote for this trip:

"If we stick together, we'll live,

if we fall apart, we'll die"

--- Eun Ji Won---

20 December 2009

Build a House / Camp Game:

Similar as the previous winter camp, they would need to build their own camp. For this trip, two members would play badminton and while they're playing, one member would run back and forth to grab the tools & equipments they needed to build the camp. When the badminton birdie falls on the floor, the game finished.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game:

Menu: Gimchi Flour Dough Broth

1. Rock Paper Scissor Game

2. Climb the tree and who can stay the longest won

3. Knock water bottle from distance

4. Word Association Game - 6 members would have to answer it correctly in order to win

Morning Mission:

Cancelled due to heavy snow

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EPISODE 132 & 133 (59th Trip)

EPISODE 132 & 133 (59th Trip) - Geomun Island

Trip theme: Special Episode of Sea, Sky and Land

Basecamp: Lodging Facility at a Lighthouse in Geomun Island

29 November 2009

The members took a plane to Yeosu, bus to Goheung and then boat to Geomun Island. On the way to Geomun Island, they were advised that because no cars could get into the lighthouse from the port (approx. 3km), so one team (3 members) would have to help the staffs to carry the production equipments. The teams for this mission were the Old Boys v Young Boys. The winning team would go to Baek Island and enjoy delicious Hanchi Sashimi.

Carry Production Equipments Bokbulbok Game:

They decided to play games for points, the first team who got 10000 points won.

1. "Bear Feet and Chicken Feet" Game

2. "3 6 9 " Game

3. "Zero" Game

I truly admire the members and the staffs who had to carry extremely heavy equipments. The Baek Island team was also helping them after they finish their Baek Island course.

6 December 2009

Dinner Bokbulbok Game:

Menu/Prizes: Fresh Seafood caught at Geomun Island (Conch Shells, Abalone, Hairtail, Mackerel, Red Sea Bream)

Game: They played the game as a group, and they were given a picture in which they had to follow the pose from the picture. The trick: they had to do it in darkness.

1. "Human Pyramid" Pose, time: 20 seconds. Prize: Conch Shells

2. "Headstand" Pose, time: 20 seconds. Prize: Abalone

3. "2PM Heartbeat" Pose, time 30 seconds. Prize: Yeouido Silver Hairtail

4. Switch clothes in the dark, time: 20 seconds. Prize: Dried Seaweed (from Goheung) & mustard leaf gimchi (from Yeosu)

5. "Human Bridge" Pose, time: 30 seconds. Prize: Mackerel & Red Sea Bream

Sleeping Arrangement Bokbulbok Game:

Individual Game: Throwing Game The three people who throws the item the farthest to the line (still inside the ring box) would get to sleep inside.

Morning Mission:

Individual Mission: When the wake up song played, they had to run to the lighthouse and the first three people who picked the flag at the top of the lighthouse won breakfast and would be able to go home. The members who didn't get the flag would have to carry the production equipments back to the Geomun port.

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EPISODE 130 & 131 (58th Trip)

EPISODE 130 & 131 (58th Trip) - Yeongwol, Gangwon Province

Trip theme: Night Own Tour

Basecamp: Observatory in the mountains of Yeongwol

15 November 2009

Driver Bokbulbok Game:

Each member chose a car key from and if the member chose the correct car key for the car they'll be using for this trip, he would be the designated driver.

Late-night snacks game (night-time mission) at rest areas along the way to Yeongwol:

Choose one member of the team and park the car. He's given an allowance of $5 (5000 won)

1. Blow the nose in the bathroom

2. Buy bottle of water at the convenience store

3. Buy a cup of coffee at the vending machine

4. Buy a bowl of noodle at the food court

5. Bring all of the above back to the car within the specified time.

At the first service area, MC Mong was the one who did the mission. He had to do it within 2.5 minutes. For the next service area, Kim C was chosen and he had to finish it all within 3.5 minutes.

And at the last service area, Seung Gi had to complete the mission within 5 minutes however, it was a bigger service area and he had to spend all $10 (10000won) in that service area.

Photo War Missions:

After the night time mission, they continued their night owl tour and arrived at Yeongwol - 7 in the morning. After a few hour break, they started their race three against three mission. They would have to find 3 famous tourist sites in Yeongwol, head towards the west river and finish the given missions. If they completed the mission, the team would get $30 money allowance. At each tourist site, they would have to spin the board to decide the number of people which they would need to take picture with. The teams for this race was Old Boys (Ho Dong, Su Guen, Kim C) and Young Boys (Ji Won, MC Mong, Seung Gi).

22 November 2009

They finally arrived at the observatory in Yeongwol, which is a lodging facility as well as the complete observatory experience. It's a 800 metres above sea level and has a stunning view!

At Byeolmaro Observatory, they could see and gaze at the stars and the moon closely. Educational trips about stars and moon.

Bokbulbok Sleeping Game:

It's Old Boys v Young Boys and this time, they brought their managers to play the bokbulbok with them. Inspired by the movie, Radio Star which starred "Park Junghun" and "An Seonggi" as his manager which was shot in Yeongwol.

A beautiful quote from this movie:

There are rarely any stars that succeed alone...

They've received help to shine on their own.

The purpose of this bokbulbok game was to show how close the member with their own manager.

The winning team would get to sleep inside.

They played three games:

1. Line game

2. Movie title Charades game

3. Multiplication game

Morning Mission:

Play ping pong at Mt. Bongrae, the first team who scored three points, won breakfast.

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EPISODE 128 & 129 (57th Trip)

EPISODE 128 & 129 (57th Trip) - Highway 1118 Jeju Island

Trip theme: Camping Car Autumn Road Trip

Basecamp: Moguri Camping Ground

1 November 2009

The members were called out to an urgent meeting at 3 in the morning to decide the destination for their next trip. Because this is a camping car road trip, they would explore their destination based on the highway that they chose on this meeting.

There are five highway choices:

- Highway 19 (451.3km) Namahe to Hongcheon

- Highway 46 (501.8km) Incheon to Goseong

- Highway 34 (272.3km) Dangjin to Yeongdeok

- Highway 7 (501.8km) Busan to Goseong

- Highway 1118 (30.2km) Hamdeok Beach to Keuneong

Fortunately, Lee Su Guen chose the shortest distance highway, Highway 1118 so they went to Jeju Island!

Money Allowance Mission:

In order to get their allowance for this trip, they played a human-race-baton-game. If the designated runner crossed the finish line in 13 seconds, the members would get $30. If they completed the race in 14 seconds, one person would need to enter the cold water sea. However, if they completed it in 12 seconds, they would get extra $10.

Bokbulbok Game:

They decided to play bokbulbok senses game in a gorgeous buckwheat field and the person who lost would need to walk all the way to their base camp (20km walk!).

18 November 2009

See the journey of Kim C who unfortunately lost in the senses game and had to find his own way to the base camp. He helped out in a cow farm and earned tangerines for his hard work. He had to walk for 15km (5 hours) and the members decided it was too tough and too dark for him to walk alone, so they picked him up and went to the base camp together.

Dinner Time:

After driving in Jeju Island for the whole day, they finally got to eat dinner. It's time for Seung Gi to cook his "beer can chicken" and Mong cooked his specialty of pork and chili paste stew.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game:

Beside eating the dishes they cooked, the members would get a chance to earn and eat special dish prepared by the staffs. It's skewered Barbeque: sausage, prawn, pork, vegetable.

The game: to stack the camping utensils in order and re-assembled them in 30 seconds or less

Morning Mission:

They have to put together camp utensils (same game as they did for their dinner bokbulbok game). The first three people who completed the mission got breakfast.

"If you go quickly, you can only see it quickly

If you go slowly, you can see things clearly"

By Kang Ho Dong

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EPISODE 126 & 127 (56th Trip)

EPISODE 126 & 127 (56th Trip) - Deokpung Ravine in Mt. Eungbong - Samcheok, Gangwon Province

Trip theme: (Romantic) Fall Special

Basecamp: Mountain Villa

18 October 2009

One member was tricked by the others through a rock, paper, scissor game and he ended up laying down in a cold water sea, being washed away by the waves!

- Game for Lunch:

Lunch Prize: 6 Level Lunch Box

Game: The members had to memorize the lyric of the three songs which reminiscent of fall (A Love that Left Autumn by Patti Kim and two nursery rhyme songs) and they would be tested randomly. Only one person would be picked to sing the song.

Photography Mission:

Take 5 pictures in the Deokpung Ravine according to the given theme as follows:

1. Someone jumps into the water

2. I love you

3. Fight

4. As long as it's not me

5. Mid-air shot

6. One member would have to go to the second destination the next day by himself and take a photo of a beautiful waterfall at the 2nd destination (4 hours morning trek)

25 October 2009

Dinner Game: Second Reading Quiz

Sleeping Arrangement: They decided that they're going to watch World Cup Competition between South Korea and Ghana. If South Korea wins, they would sleep inside, however, if Ghana wins, they would sleep outside.

Morning Mission: The members were teamed up in a team of three and when the wake up song played, they would need to run in a baton-run-relay-race-match. All three members would need to run and touch the baton. The first team to cross the finish line win the breakfast.

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EPISODE 124 & 125 (55th Trip)

EPISODE 124 & 125 (55th Trip) - Yeonpyeong Island

Trip theme: Blue Crabs

Famous food from Yeonpyeong Island : blue crabs

4 October 2009

- Game for Lunch:

3 teams of 2: Eun Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi; Kang Ho Dong & Lee Su Guen; MC Mong & Kim C. Only one team could win one dish for each game.

First game (dish: Stir fry noodle with beef and vegetables): Grab a noodle with chopstick, the team which picks the longest noodle win.

Second game (dish: A variety of vegetable): Paper flip game

Third game (dish: A variety of deep fried pancakes): "Butt" reading game

- Bokbulbok Blue Crab Catching Expedition Game:

The same teams from the lunch game would play game of "yut". The losing team would have to go on blue crab catching expedition.


On Yeonpyeong Island

While the assigned members were catching the blue crabs, the others enjoyed scooter ride alongside the beautiful scenic Yeonpyeong Island.

11 October 2009

Dinner Game:

They teamed up with the same team from previous games in this trip and had a blue crab cooking competition.

Bokbulbok Sleeping Game:

Unfortunately, for this trip, they would need to sleep outside. The game they (as a group of 6) played was to determine the size of blanket as they sleep outside without a tent and it was a pretty cold night.

First place (if they could stay and stick out in a 6 people-bridge position in 2 minutes): a full-size thick blanket, comfortable enough for 6 people

Second place (if they could stay and stick out in a 6 people-bridge position in 1 minute): a full-size thick blanket, however, there's big round hole in the middle

Third place (if they could stay and stick out in a 6 people-bridge position in less than 1 minute): a cut-off round & triangle blanket - leftover blanket (very small, could only be used by one person)

Morning Mission:

There would be a quiz at 6am, 7am and 8am; the first three people who answer the quiz correctly would get breakfast.

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EPISODE 122 & 123 (54th Trip)

EPISODE 122 & 123 (54th Trip) - Yeongnam, South Jeolla Province

Trip theme: Relaxation

Basecamp: Namdo Homestay (350 years old Korean Traditional Inn)

Famous food from Yeongnam: Spicy Octopus

20 September 2009


- Allowance Money: The first three people will get the allowance money (50000 won for each person) from the 510m long bridge between the cliffs at Mt. Wolchul. Mt. Wolchul is a beautiful mountain in Yeongnam which is made from hundreds of rocks and it's 800m above the sea level.

However, they decided that based on bokbulbok, only three people should go to get the money. Lee Su Guen, MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi climbed the mountain and decided that because it was an exhausted mountain climb (4 hours total time), they shouldn't split the money with the other members and they lied that they only received $20 each.

Kang Ho Dong, Kim C and Eun Ji Won did not believe them and planned their own revenge. They followed the mountain's team car and finally interrogating them while they were eating in a restaurant.

27 September 2009

Bokbulbok Sleeping Arrangement Game - Revenge Match between the Members and the Staffs:

1. Double Ping-pong

2. Foot Volleyball

3. Group Jump Rope

I won't reveal the result of the game, but this is one of the best match between the members and staffs =)

Morning Mission:

When the wake-up song plays, the members would need to find one of the staff who played the revenge match game, wake them up & bring them to their sleeping spot and the member would need to sleep in the staff's sleeping spot. The first three people who complete the mission win breakfast.

Fig Trees

After breakfast, they went to field surrounded by fig trees. Fig is called a fruit of Heaven, however, fig is actually not a fruit, but a flower. It is said that fig is a flower and honey together, and it's really good for our stomach, digestion and skin.

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