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1N2D 2010 Episode Summary - Korean Reality TV Show

Updated on October 13, 2014

1N2D 2010 Episode List and Summary

Here you will find the 2010 episode list and brief summary of South Korea's most popular reality TV show, 1Night 2Days.

Year 2010 has its ups and downs for the 1N2D team as they parted with their two beloved members and had to overcome lots of obstacles along the way. The production staffs, especially PD Na has also step up to his game and became more harsh to the members, but with their tenacity and hard works, all members of 1N2D have brought joy, laughter, tears and memorable moments for their viewers.

Note: The summary below are summary written by me. If you want to use the summary on your personal website, please put a link back to this page. Thank you.

EPISODE 183 & 184 (82nd Trip) - Mountain Break Trip

EPISODE 183 & 184 (82nd Trip) - Inje, Gangwondo

Trip Theme: Mountain Trip Break

Note: The trip where they're shooting themselves and Lee Seung Gi imitating PD Na

19 December 2010

For the first time ever in the history of 1N2D, the members were given well-deserved break in a mountain house and they could do anything they wanted during this trip. The catch: they went to their basecamp by themselves, the production staffs didn't go with them. So they basically shot themselves and arranged their own itineraries.

Before they left the KBS building, they were taught how to use the camera, video & how to change the tape. Seung Gi mistakenly turned off the sound on one camera and there was funny video cut of them playing in the ravine without sound.

On the way to the basecamp, the members were trying to create a new catchphrase. Seung Gi then said that PD Na has his own catchphrase "wrong" "no, you can't", "fail" and he started imitating him =)

26 December 2010

The guys continued their journey to the base camp and decided to play in the ravine. They played rock throw there and the losing member had to dip in the cold water ravine.

After they arrived at the base camp, they were surprised to see cameras everywhere capturing them. But I guess they're used to it and they started to make fire & cook. Straight after enjoying their meals, they had a break. They received a call from PD Na to turn off the light at 12midnight and wait inside the room.

Surprised, PD Na came to the mountain house at 12AM and he brought sweet potato cake. As usual, he used it as a bokbulbok and two members who got ginger / horseradish cake piece would sleep outside.

Furthermore, he also thanked the members for their hard work in 2010. Every member said a heartwarming message thanking the viewers and what they have learned over the year through their experience in 1N2D trips. It has been a tough year for them as they had unexpected parting with two beloved members, Kim C & MC Mong and honestly, I miss both of them dearly too. I watch older episodes of 1N2D when I miss them :( The show's format has changed too, but

Ji Won suggested that instead of morning mission, they would perform a special performance for PD Na and if he laughed, he would have to buy them breakfast the next day. PD Na agreed, saying that he's not the type of person who can laugh easily. Hahaha, he didn't know that Seung Gi's been imitating him all day =)

Seung Gi's imitating PD Na was the highlight of this trip. PD Na started laughing from the first time Seung Gi came wearing his yellow jacket and Su Guen's backpack until the end!

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EPISODE 181, 182 & 183 (81st Trip) - Cities Special

EPISODE 181, 182 & 183 (81st Trip) - Daejeon, Incheon, Gwangju, Daegu, Ulsan, Busan

Trip Theme: Cities Special (5 Cities Relay Mission)

Special Guests: Yang Jun Hyuk (Daegu & Daejeon), Lee Jong Beom (Gwangju), Lee Dae Ho (Busan)

Base camp: Daejeon

5 December 2010

Another genius mission from PD Na, the members started their trip in Daejeon and they went separate ways to introduce five different cities: Daegu, Busan, Incheon, Gwangju & Ulsan. All 5 members were given specific mission and they had to finish all missions before 7PM. Failure to do so meant punishment of sleeping in a tent in the busiest street of Daejeon.

5 Cities Relay Mission

The members did their mission one time at a time. The first member must finish their given mission before the next member could do theirs. In the meantime, while they're not doing their mission, they could enjoy the scenery and introduce the city to the viewers. The missions were as follows:

1. Ho Dong: Daegu; Mission: Take picture of what Daegu looks like 100 years ago

2. Jong Min: Ulsan; Mission: Find the biggest mailbox in Ulsan (Ganjeolgot) and send a wish postcard to one of 1N2D member

3. Seung Gi: Busan; Mission: Buy used books at Bosu-dong book street

4. Su Guen: Gwangju; Mission: Have an autograph session to 20 people at the top of Mudeungsan

5. Ji Won: Incheon; Mission: Go to China Town in Incheon and jump rope 10 times with 10 Chinese people

Jong Min & Seung Gi went to Ulsan & Busan from Daejeon by KTX train, while the other three members went to their respective cities by car. All members explored the cities by car. It's lovely to see that three members were able to invite three baseball players on this trip.

12 December 2010

Seung Gi & Su Guen's Mission and their cities tour

19 December 2010

Continuation of Su Guen & Ji Won's mission. And all members including Yang Jun Hyuk were back to their base camp in Daejeon. Jun Hyuk got his wish by talking to Han Hyo Jo on the phone but he ended up joining the losing team in sleeping at the busiest street in Daejeon.

EPISODE 179 & 180 (80th Trip) - Gourmet Trip

EPISODE 179 & 180 (80th Trip) - Jangheung, South Jeolla Province

Trip Theme: A Gourmet Trip

21 November 2010

For the first time ever in the 1N2D history, the production team would provide breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as late-night snack. The guys were happy hearing this until PD Na advised that there would be small missions that they needed to do in order to enjoy this gourmet trip.

Initially I thought the missions would be simple and easy, but knowing cruel PD Na, I should know that he would never ask the guys to do simple missions. :-)

Breakfast Mission: First Delicacy - Clam Mussel

Climb to the top of Mt. Cheongwan (which is famous for its autumn leaves & flame grass) and grab the flag. The first four members who brought the flag back would have manila clam bibimbap as their breakfast. The last person would get sandwich & a cartoon of milk. Moreover, this member would dig up 1000 clams!

They would ride in staff's cars to get to Mt. Cheongwan and two members actually got advantages as they didn't have to climb as much as the other three guys.

The race began as five members climbed this gorgeous mountain on different routes. Genius Ji Won actually grabbed three flags and he left the other two flags on a floating boat on a beach! See the struggle of these two members as they tried their best to grab the last breakfast spot. It's another unexpected scene that could only be seen on 1N2D =)

Honestly, I feel bad for the guys, they left Seoul at midnight so they could reach Jangheung to do their opening at 7AM. They haven't had any breakfast and then had to climb the mountain in order to earn breakfast! A cruel mission from PD Na.

28 November 2010

They road a boat to catch and enjoy a fresh fan mussels. Thankfully, the members didn't have to do any mission for this!

Lunch Bokbulbok Game: Riddles

The person who's got 10 points on riddles would be given fan mussels. Last person who didn't get the fan mussels during this game would join Ho Dong to dig 1000 manila clams!

Dinner & Sleeping Bokbulbook Mission

Dinner menu: Three-way combo food delicacy (shiitake mushroom, beef & scallops from fan-mussels), specialty from Jangheung. Plus rice cake & fulvescens soup (quite similar as seaweed soup).

Mission: There were three rooms in the base camp. Their mission: starting from the first room, all 5 members must go in and out of the rest of the rooms back to the first room in less than 25 seconds.

Morning Mission:

Two vans would be waiting for them, one van would go to the restaurant closeby, while the other van would go to Jeju Island (1.5 hours away). So basically, the members who got the second van would eat Jejudo special delicacy breakfast.

EPISODE 177 & 178 (79th Trip) - Ssireum Match

EPISODE 177 & 178 (79th Trip) - Gimhae

Trip Theme: Ssireum Match

Special Guest: Lee Mangi

7 November 2010

Initially, the guys were supposed to go to Mt. Seonginbong, Ulleungdo, however, due to bad weather, they ditched the original plan and decided to have ssireum kids sport festival / match (members v elementary school students match). This trip was particularly a special trip for Ho dong as he had a ssireum match with Lee Mangi.

14 November 2010

Lee Mangi joined the members for the night and he shared his story about his life & his memory with Ho Dong. I love and admire this man =)

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game: Leaf Throw Game

They split up into two teams: Ho Dong, Su Guen & Jong Min v Lee Mangi, Ji Won & Seung Gi

EPISODE 175 & 176 (78th Trip) - Food Treasure Hunting

EPISODE 175 & 176 (78th Trip) - Manjae Island

Trip Theme: Natural Food Treasure Hunting

24 October 2010

The members went to an island with 10000 treasures, Manjae Island which can be reached 6 hours by boat from Mokpo Coastal Ferry Terminal. Because this island is less populated, their natural beauty is well preserved. And the guys were excited thinking they would go to a treasure hunt!

But their excitement lasted only for few seconds as they're told that Manjae Island is the further island they could get to by boat in South Korea. Furthermore, there won't be a docking boat in Manjae Island, so they had to transfer to a smaller boat close to Manjae Island.


For this trip, the members would be supplying their own food, just like people in Manjae Island do everyday. So their mission would be to collect their own food from this beautiful nature-preserved island. 2 missions were done on land, 3 missions were done on the sea / shores. The members played pictionary game to decide who would do which mission. As a result of the game, the allocated missions were as follows:

1. Ho Dong (Shore: collecting barnacles)

2. Su Guen (Land: digging sweet potato)

3. Ji Won (Shore: collecting limpet)

4. Jong Min (Sea: catching rockfish)

5. Seung Gi (Land: drying fresh kelp)

It's amazing to see all the members trying their hardest to collect the food as well as entertaining us after they suffered terrible seasickness. Big kudos to them =)


The production team gave them rice and gimchi; and the members would cook their own dinner using the food they've collected earlier in the day. Because they also needed pepper paste sauce, bean paste sauce, salt, cooking oil, etc, they went around asking help from the local people. I always love seeing their interactions with these people. They sang together, dance together, aww so cute.. =)

One note, don't watch this episode on an empty stomach. The food they cooked look delicious! And everyone complemented Seung Gi's glazed sweet potato. I think he used korean corn malt syrup as a replacement of sugar to make this big hit dessert dish.

31 October 2010

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game: Fishing Game

The members split up into two teams: Comedians v Singers. The team which caught the most fish, earned rewards of sleeping inside.

As everyone was extremely happy fishing in the fertile fishing spot in Manjae Island, PD Na challenged them another fishing game. The first person who caught the fish in the 10 seconds time limit, would be exempted from the morning mission.

Unfortunately for Seung Gi, he was unable to catch as many fish as the others. So he stayed back and finally caught lots of fishes. He then learned how to cut the fish into sashimi pieces and ate them with pepper sauce. OMG, it looked delicious!

Supper Bokbulbok Game: Instant Noodles with Limpets

They played informant quiz. They split up into two teams again (comedians v singers) and the purpose of this game is to hear the other team's questions and answer them before they do. The teams which answer the most questions, win the late night snack.

Morning Mission

Find Baekgu, a cute dog of Manjae Island and take a picture with him. The first two people who accomplish the mission, win the Manjae Island's special breakfast.

EPISODE 173 & 174 (77th Trip) - Sentimental Romance Autumn Music Trip

EPISODE 173 & 174 (77th Trip) - Hajodae, Yangyang - Gangwon Province

Trip Theme: Autumn Music Trip (Sentimental Romance)

Basecamp: Yangyang

10 October 2010

Transportation Bokbulbok Mission

Guess the song and artist name. If they could do it on the first attempt, they would get the director's car. If they couldn't guess the song on the fourth attempt, they would get the rented car.

They would need to reach Hajodae before 3:30PM. If they arrived later than 3PM, one person would be sent to climb Mt. Serok the next morning. For each half hour they late, meant one more member would climb Mt. Serok.

The first song played on this trip was Poem for Poetry by Lee Munse.

The second song was A Reflection of Myself by Yu Jaeha.

The third song was When the Day to Remember Comes by Hong Seongmin

On the way to Hajodae, they stopped to have lunch break. The production staffs allowed them to order anything they wanted with the catch, they couldn't leave the restaurant until they finished everything they ordered.

Song guessing quiz at Hajodae Beach to decide the first member to climb Mt. Seorak

The members had to guess the song title and artist name; the last person who unable to answer the questions would be the first person to climb Mt. Seorak.

First song: Sea Bird by Sea Birds

Second song: Lying down in the sea by Nopeuneumjari

Third song: Conflict by Lee Sun Hee

Fourth song: The More I love by Boohwal

17 October 2010

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: Members v Managers Arm Wrestling

Sleeping Game: Water Karaoke Game

They listened to Jo Yongpil's song Now I Wish It Was So before they went to bed. It's a perfect autumn song and I love this song too =)

Morning Mission:

Guess the morning song, the last person who guessed the song would be sent to Mt. Seorak.

EPISODE 171 & 172 (76th Trip) - One Day Seoul Trip

EPISODE 171 & 172 (76th Trip) - Jongno district, Seoul

Trip Theme: One day trip

Base camp: Bukchon Hanok Village

26 September 2010

Getting away from a city buzz Seoul, the members went to Jongno, a place where tradition meets modern and a place where people enjoy beautiful nature of forest and mountain. They split up to accomplish five different missions in Jongno as follows:

- Ho Dong: Gwangjang Market (Mission: Eat 10 different food and show 10 different expressions)

- Su Guen: Seonggwak Pass - Mt. Bugak (Mission: Take a photo with bullet pine tree)

- Ji Won: Baeksasil Valley - Buam (Mission: Take a photo with one of the FGT [frog, gecko, toad])

- Jong Min: Bukchon Hanok Village (Mission: Take picture at 8 tourist spots)

- Seung Gi: Ihwa Village (Mission: Become a flower and an angel)

After completing each mission, they met at Naksan Park. They started their mission at 10AM and if they could finish them all and met up before 2PM, they succeeded.

3 October 2010

How amazing it is to find a traditional Korean guest house in Seoul! The members settled in their basecamp located in Bukchon Hanok Village. First of all, the enjoyed the lunch they won from their mission and then played the napping game.

Genius PD Na set up the mission in which all five members must fall asleep within 30 minutes, if they don't fall asleep, they had to redo the mission and sleep on the frontyard. And if they fail again, they have to sleep on the road!

Charades Game with Foreigners

Because their basecamp was in the tourist's area, they were challenged to find foreigners nearby to make a group of five and then play charade game with them. The members split up into two teams (Ji Won & Seung Gi) and (Ho Dong, Su Guen and Jong Min). Team Prince Brothers can speak English and Japanese, hence they didn't have any problem in finding three foreigners (from America, Germany & Spain). On the other hand, team Ho Dong's Kanglish also found two foreigners (from Germany & Japan) to join them in charades game.

Dinner/Supper Bokbulbok Game

The production staffs bought delicious snacks from the markets in Jongno. Because this trip is only one-day trip, they had to finish their shooting at 12AM sharp. They started playing the bokbulbok game at 11.40PM so they only had 20 minutes to win the bokbulbok and eat. They played as a group and every time they lost a round, they had to give one dish back to the PD.

The games were:

- Rock paper scissor

- Initial sound quiz

- Capital quiz

- Human zero

- Dibidibidip

EPISODE 170 (75th Trip) - Beauty of Korea

EPISODE 170 (75th Trip) - Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province

Trip Theme: The Beauty of Korea

Base camp: Buseok Temple

Note: MC Mong's Last Trip

19 September 2010

The members were excited hearing the theme of this trip: Beauty of Korea as they thought Miss Korea would be joining them on the trip. Unfortunately, that's not what the production staffs had in mind. For this trip, the members were given mission to find the most beautiful place in Korea. They were given clues every hour and if the members reached this place within 7 hours, their prize: one day trip (instead of their usual two days trip) for their next trip.

They arrived at the entrance of Buseok Temple and had 20 minutes left. Thankfully, only one member needed to reach the Buseok Temple so they assigned Seung Gi to run there. It usually takes people 30 minutes to walk from the entrance to the Buseok Temple (Muryangsujeon). He reached this 1000 years old temple within 10 minutes to spare. Amazing!

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game:

Teams: Seung Gi & Jong Min, Ho Dong & Ji Won, MC Mong & Su Guen.

They played my favorite game: game of yut.

Morning Mission:

Pairing up according to the number asked by the PD. Two last people who paired up would get gift certificates to buy gifts at a traditional Korean market.

EPISODE 167, 168 & 169 (74th Trip) - Mt. Jiri Documentary Trip

EPISODE 167, 168 & 169 (74th Trip) - Dulle Pass, Mt. Jiri

Trip Theme: First Documentary Trip

Narrator: Kim C

29 August 2010

For the first time in the history of 1N2D, every member would hike in the Dulle Pass, Mt Jiri to explore 5 different courses of this 71km long trail. Two members would hike in the longest section and they had to find their own basecamp as well as food. They also had to create their own documentary style and theme.

1. First Course: Jong Min

Total Distance: 14.3km, it goes from Jucheon to Unbong.

2. Second Course: Seung Gi

Total Distance: 9.4km, the shortest course however there's no shade throughout the course

Trip theme: Lovely Seung Gi's on a lovely trip

Base Camp: Bijeon Village

3. Third Course: Ho Dong & Ji Won

Total Distance: 19.3km

Base Camp: Maedong Village

4. Fourth Course: MC Mong

Total Distance: 11.1km. It is a curvy mountain trail from Geumgye to Donggang Village, it's an uphill but with lots of refreshing ravines.

5. Fifth Course: Su Guen

Total Distance: 11.9km

Base Camp: Sucheol Village

5 September 2010

The members' hiking continued and Seung Gi finally found a shaded area. He took a break and chatted with a lovely grandmother who is Wap's grandmother (Wap [his nickname] was one of 1N2D staff member!).

On the other hand, Ho Dong & Ji Won, the only team who received $100 money allowance, had a delicious lunch before they continued their long walk.

The other members were given chance to earn allowance money through photography mission. Each successful photo worth $1. And they could take maximum of 10 photos.

After long exhausting walk, the members finally settled in at villages. They're welcomed by the villagers and it's heartwarming to see their interactions with the villagers. They stayed in chief villager's house for the night.

12 September 2010

Kim C was back, as a narrator for this trip. I missed him a lot and it's nice to see him again and hear his voice again.

This trip was actually a break-through for Jong Min as he was lost and had to walk all day to reach Unbong. He was given much needed encouragement from the other members and camera director, Director Kang and I particularly love what Ji Won said to him:

Jong Min, you're not a firework, you're the fire that starts everything. You're always on fire. You can do it!

The members were split up as soon as they finished shooting their opening scene and they missed each other terribly. They hugged & were happy to see each other when they arrived Inwol, where they shot their closing scene. Seung Gi said that they rarely keep in touch with each other while they're not shooting as they all are extremely busy, but they're glad to see each other & they rely on each other. A strong brotherhood amongst the members.

And I hope this would be the first and last documentary trip for 1N2D member. I honestly hate seeing them being split up in a mission / game like this, I do love their brotherhood and the time they spend together to solve the games & missions. Even though they fight with each other, but it shows that they love each other.

EPISODE 165 & 166 (73rd Trip) - Strong Men

EPISODE 165 & 166 (73rd Trip) - Bonghwa, North Gyeongsang Province

Trip Theme: Strong Men

Basecamp: Sogwangri

15 August 2010

The Strong Men Trip is one of my favorite 1N2D Trip, it was an unexpected race between the Old Boys and Young Boys (SeopSeopDang). They tricked each other but in the end, the strongest team won the race. Their strong men sleeping bokbulbok competition was harsh, but it's amazing how fit each member was doing all the assigned tasks within the 10 minutes time limit.

Off-road trip SUV Race

The two teams rode in SUV cars on the unpaved road deep in the mountain. They went deep into the forest and experienced a full forest liveliness. Halfway, the members enjoyed a well-deserved lunch break. However, unknown to them, all of the production staffs (except 2 VJs) has left them behind. This trip was the first trip of them left behind by the staffs.

The race continued and both teams were given map to go to their base camp. One team grabbed both maps and gave half of the map to the other team. They also took picture of the map on their mobile phone. Unfortunately, this mobile phone was left behind in the half-map team's car. And one team's car broke down due to flat tire on a highway giving the other team their much needed advantage.

So which team do you think won the race?

22 August 2010

For the winning team, they could do everything they wanted at the huge 10000m2 land as well as enjoying snacks and drinks. On the other hand, the losing team had to stay in a 3m2 land and stayed there with no food nor drink until sunset.

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game

Both teams would sleep outside for this trip, however, the losing team would be sent to a 30 minutes away secluded ravine with no phone reception nor light to shape them into stronger men. The winning team would sleep outside at Sogwangri.

The game was both teams had to collect as many points as possible within the 10 minutes time limit. The games and points were:

- 100 sit-ups: 1 point

- Chop 20 pieces of wood: 1 point

- Spinning in the hammock 3 times: 1 point

- Licking their own elbows: 1 point

- Guessing what's written on their back: 1 point

- Putting one leg behind your neck (yoga pose): 1 point

- 10 double jumps with a jump rope: 1 point

- Getting 1000 on a pedometer: 1 point

- Doing headstand for 1 minute: 1 point

- Taking 100 photos of themselves with different expression: 1 point

The game began and we would see MC Mong with his amazing yoga pose, Seung Gi's new skill in jump roping, Ji Won's going mad with the pedometer, Su Guen's cute 100 expressions, Jong Min's headstand skill and Ho Dong's going crazy with the jump roping.

I still thought it was too harsh for them especially for the off-road losing team as they were hungry. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic effort from both teams! Amazing how they did it for the sake of the entertainment.

Morning Mission

Both team had to record the sound of nature, the sound of a person falling into water, the sound of morning birds, the sound of a frog croaking and a summer song created by each team. The audio director would be the judge and the winning team would get breakfast. The losing team would get breakfast if they re-do the strong men bokbulbok contest and accumulate 50 points.

Honestly, the losing team didn't have to re-do the contest, however, again, for the sake of entertainment, they did it!

EPISODE 163 & 164 (72nd Trip) - Bokbulbok Festival

EPISODE 163 & 164 (72nd Trip) - Beolcheonpo, Seosan

Trip Theme: Bokbulbok Festival

Guest: Lee Sang Min & Lee Sang Ho (Gag Concert) for the Sleeping Bokbulbok Rice Cake Guessing Game

1 August 2010

For the first time ever, every single game, mission, and even destination for this trip was decided by bokbulbok. All decisions were made spontaneously before they left for their trip and no negotiation was allowed.

Destination: west coast - fishing village (big wheel)

Mode of transportation: Jong Min's car (dice game)

Money allowance: 10000 WON / $10 (pick watermelon)

Dinner: No food (throw sausage into food tray)

Sleeping Arrangement: Inside (rice cake guessing game)

Go into the water: yes (last 50 seconds in dibidibidib game)

One member to be left behind: Ji Won (dice)

Ji Won was left behind, had to wear wig and carry an A-frame. Similar as Seung Gi's clock girl mission in 2009, Ji Won had to shout clock every hour too.

8 August 2010

After driving alongside the beautiful coastal water views and finally settled in Beolcheonpo. They played in the water and had a funny fashion show with Ho Dong's wearing Jong Min's clothes.

As usual, 1N2D team experienced a heavy rainfall, therefore they couldn't shot outside. The members were also worried because Ji Won was still on his way to the base camp.

From the bokbulbok, it's decided that they wouldn't have dinner, but thankfully they would sleep inside. So they started fasting and had a break in the room, doing nothing. I thought it was extremely harsh as I can't bear seeing them hungry but still doing their best to do the show. To make it more cruel, the staffs ate their dinner in front of them.

So the members started their dinner negotiation with the PD and he said that if they wanted to eat, two members had to sleep outside. In the end, everyone ate and they played a game between two teams (Old Boys v Young Boys). The winning team would sleep inside.

They played "I am grounded" / "strawberry game" and I was so happy to see Ji Won arrived safely at the basecamp.

Morning Mission

There would be two cars waiting for both team. Each team had to go inside the car and one car would be going to the raw fish restaurant, while the other car would go to a windy sea and the losing team would cook their own breakfast.

EPISODE 161 & 162 (71st Trip) - 2nd Intense Summer Camp

EPISODE 161 & 162 (71st Trip) - Uiseong

Trip Theme: 2nd Intense Summer Camp

18 July 2010

Transportation Game: Car Curling Game

Animal Suit Bokbulbok Game: Riddle Game

If they could solve the riddle game on the first round, they would wear ramie clothes. The second round: nice suit. Lost both round: animal suits.

Lunch Game: Chinese Food

One member had to eat hot spicy noddle soup within 5 minutes without spilling any soup on the provided white-clothes. If they succeed, they could order anything they wanted from that restaurant.

25 July 2010

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

As a team, they played proverbs game. For each successful round, the prize: sizzling pork marinated in garlic. Unfortunately, it was a bad day for them as they were unsuccessful on their dinner game, hence, they didn't eat anything.

The next game: tug-of-war between the members and the staffs. Honestly, I think it's unfair as the staffs were well-fed and the members were starving. The members would never win this physical game. The PDs were too harsh on this trip. Su Guen even mentioned couple times that they're hungry and exhausted. :(

To make things worse, they had to sleep outside with all the mosquitoes and the heavy downpour. If they wanted to sleep inside, they had to shoot the ball into the basketball hoop while standing outside the court. With their strong effort and determination, they finally completed the sleeping bokbulbok at 3 in the morning and slept in a tiny cramped room.

Morning Mission:

Put on a special pair of shoes inside the box and run to the waiting car. The first three people would win duck ginseng soup while the others had to peel garlic.

EPISODE 159 & 160 (70th Trip) - Bike Trip

EPISODE 159 & 160 (70th Trip) - Okcheon, North Chungcheong Province

Trip Theme: Bike Trip

27 June 2010

A new experience for the members as they took train from Seoul to Okcheon and they parked their bike in the train's special bike compartment. Before the train departs, one member was chosen to buy hamburgers and drinks from a nearby food place in the train station and he had to do it within 8 minutes. If he failed, he would be left behind. Thankfully, he succeeded.

The members rode a bike alongside a gorgeous Geum River into a countryside Okcheon which is the hometown of famous poet Jeong Jiyong. The number of kilometers (route) they needed to ride bike in Okcheon depended on the bike bokbulbok game. In the end, they each had to ride 40km. However, the members played a game in the train and the final number of kms they needed to ride was as follows:

- Ho Dong: 35km

- Su Guen: 65km

- Ji Won: 5km

- Jong Min: 80km

- MC Mong: 20km

- Seung Gi: 35km

Along the way, they played Dibidibidib game to get refreshments.

In order to reduce their kms, Su Guen and Jong Min decided to plunge into the water and created a funny short-movie called Tears of Amazon

11 July 2010

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

Solve the given crossword puzzles and after they finished, they could eat the cooked instant noodles.

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game

Both teams (Old Boys [Ho Dong, Su Guen, Ji Won] v Young Boys [Jong Min, MC Mong, Seung Gi]) would sleep outside, however, one team would be given the tent, while the losing team would sleep on the ground without a tent.


1. Making someone laugh: one member from each team was dressed up, Ho Dong was a character from Fantastic 4 and MC Mong dressed up as a trashed wife. I couldn't stop laughing looking at Ho Dong's face full of stones and MC Mong's trashy face covered with green duck tape and black plastic bag. Hahaha...

2. Barefoot rope jump

3. Stacking rock

4. Charades

Morning Mission:

Each team was given three eggs and they had to protect the eggs from the other team. The next morning when the wake up music starts, the team who had the most number of eggs won breakfast.

EPISODE 157 & 158 (69th Trip) - Rally for Unity

EPISODE 157 & 158 (69th Trip) - Hwasun, South Jeolla Province

Trip Theme: Rally for Unity

13 June 2010

The members' first rally for unity and they had to be at front of the KBS at 6AM. If one person came late, they would be at disadvantages. Guess who were the members who came early during this rally for unity and they could only sighed as the other members came late.

All members looked like they just woke up, and the PD deemed they're all should get their make-up done so they're fit to be on TV. If they could finish their preparations done in 10 minutes, he would forgive them for being late.

Money Allowance and Transportation Mission: Charades Game

One member must act and the other members must guess the word he's acting.

After getting their money allowance, they started their journey to Hwasun and they learned about edible greens from the help of the village chief. The greens were so fresh, they could be eaten right away (no need to wash them). After the edible lessons finished, the members had a green-picking mission. If they could bring the correct plant within 10 minutes time limit, they'd sleep inside.

20 June 2010

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

Dinner: chemical free fresh greens, shepherd purse soup and wrapped pork

The members were divided into two teams: Married Boys (Ho Dong, Su Guen, Ji Won) v The Bachelor Boys (Jong Min, MC Mong & Seung Gi).


1. Cooking rice in an iron pot

2. Cooking soft boiled egg in an iron pot

3. Eating hot baked potato & sweet potato the fastest

After dinner, they had an ad-lib lesson from the one & only, Lee Su Guen!

Morning Mission: Charades Game

EPISODE 154, 155 & 156 (68th Trip) - School Trip

EPISODE 154, 155 & 156 (68th Trip) - Gyeongju

Trip Theme: School Trip

Note: Kim C last trip and Eun Ji Won's First Trip as a husband

Base camp: Bulguk Temple

23 May 2010

All members wore their school uniforms and brought their packed lunch from home (prepared by their wives / moms). Unfortunately for Jong Min, he bought his packed lunch.

Packed Lunch Bokbulbok Game

The members were upset that they had to play bokbulbok to decide if they could eat they lunch. It's because their wives / moms prepared these food since early morning and honestly, I was upset as well because I love preparing my husband's lunch and I won't be happy if he won't get to eat it.

So the members started to eat their packed lunches. One member even brought soju =)

Okay back to the game, they would need to drink a cartoon of milk and then throw the empty milk box to the green box. All seven members would need to complete the mission within 100 seconds, if one member failed to do so, they had to repeat the mission. If they failed to do it within the 100 seconds time limit, they couldn't eat their packed lunches.

Unfortunately, they failed this mission so they decided to have a karaoke competition. Three members who got the highest scores from the staffs would get to choose the lunch box they wanted. Thankfully, in the end, everyone was allowed to eat their packed lunch. I'm happy =)

Stamp Tour Mission

There are many historical sites in Gyeongju. The members would need to visit these 15 different sites (travel by food, no vehicle nor bike allowed) and get stamp afterwards. The catch: if one member got the same stamp as the other member, both would be disqualified. After completing the mission, they would gather at Cheomseongdae and the first three people who arrived there would be awarded Gyeongju's famous breads. The last person who arrived there would have to go to their base camp alone and he had to find out the location of their basecamp.

30 May 2010

The continuation of the members' stamp tour mission. Because their stamp mission overlapped with each other, they decided to play human zero game to decide the member who would be left behind. Rock, paper and scissor game was the breakthrough for Jong Min as he was the first person who beat Ho Dong in this game!

See Ho Dong's journey as he traveled alone to the base camp and his negotiation with the PD in order to get money for the bus fare.

Meanwhile, in the basecamp, the other members play painful head-wrestling game.

6 June 2010

Dinner Bokbulbok Game

1. Eraser Game

2. Throw a coin up and catch it with their face / forehead

3. Folding an airplane

This episode was Kim C's last episode. I was extremely sad hearing him leaving the show and I couldn't even imagine how the other members & the staffs feeling on Kim C's last trip. The sombre feeling and the tears from everyone made me cry too :( Heartbreaking moment...

The members planned to have a surprise farewell party for Kim C, they brought food and prepared breakfast for him. In order to give them enough time to prepare the breakfast, they sent Kim C to do the morning mission (to Seokguram Grotto).

The next day, they had lovely breakfast together and Kim C got a unique big mosaic picture with pictures of his journey on 1N2D. Beautiful memories captured in photographs that will stay in Kim C's heart forever. Kim C, you're sorely missed... Good luck in everything you do!

EPISODE 150, 151, 152 & 153 (67th Trip) - Korea's Coastline Trip

EPISODE 150, 151, 152 & 153 (67th Trip) - Korea's Coastline

Trip Theme: Spring Special: Korea's Coastline

11 April 2010

Let's join 1Night 2Days Members as they traveled together to beautiful Korea's Coastline places. It's their second 4 days and 3 nights trip (the first one was the Baekdusan trip) and watched as they enjoyed gorgeous scenery, ate many delicious foods and had to propose their own itinerary for their third day.

It's also fun to see the members' preparation at their own home for this 4days trip. See their unique way of packing & personalities, I love how Seung Gi packed 16 different clothes while Jong Min said that he only needed 3 change of clothes for this trip. =D While on the other hand, Kim C packed the most essentials (such as socks) as he thought they would entered many ravines / beaches.

They shot their opening at the northern tip of South Korea (Goseong) with beautiful sunrise as a background and they drove in a small cramped van to explore the 1500km (total 30 stops) beauty of Korea's Coastline. Their itineraries were:

1. Abai Village (Yummy Abai Sausage, Squid Sausage & Fish)

2. Jeongseon (Bike Rail)

3. First night basecamp: Yeongdeok - Goraebul Beach

4. Gyeongju - Cheomseongdae

5. Cheongdo

6. Second night basecamp: Hadong

7. Then on the third day, the members were divided into three teams, in which they explore 10+ areas of the South Korea's Coastlines

8. Boryeong (South Chungcheong Province)

Money Allowance: City & Province Quiz

Abai Village / Sokcho

Their first destination was Abai Village. It's famous for its delicious Korean Sausage as well as Squid Sausage. Moreover, this place was also well known because Autumn is my heart was shot here.

Before they ate their lunch, they decided to divide into two teams so they could introduce Abai seafood as well as gaetbae (which is a raft where we pull a rope to go across the water. Gaetbae was also used in Autumn in My Heart). One team ate the Abai sausage and the other team enjoyed delicious Abai grilled seafood.

Note: Sokcho is Lee Seung Gi's mother's hometown and his mom's side of family still live in Sockho.


The members rode in Jeongseon's famous rail bikes while enjoying the gorgeous scenery. They were given a very simple multiplication quiz in which all members were able to easily answered it.

2 May 2010

On their first night, they settled in a gorgeous Goraebul Beach. They set up a camp and had a heartwarming camping trip. They sang Hot Potato's song Confession and used whatever utensils they found to make a beautiful harmonization and rhyme. They enjoyed yummy dinner and slept together in a tent they built themselves on a beach.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: Set-up tent

- Set up tent less than 10 minutes: all members could leave early from the show / all members would be treated dinner at a raw fish restaurant

- Set up tent less than 20 minutes: all members would be treated with all-you-can-eat BBQ party

- Set up tent less than 30 minutes: the members could pick whatever food ingredients they wanted

The production team believed that the members wouldn't be able to complete the mission as when they tried it themselves, it took them more than 1 hour to set up this huge camping tent.

And it's amazing how determined and focused the members were, especially MC Mong who was in the Boy Scouts made them possible to set up the tent within the time limit.

Morning Mission:

As soon as the wake up song was played, they had to gather around the sand triangle on the beach and in order they came in, they had to remove the sand around the flag. The person who made the flag felt down, would be left behind and had to find his own way to the 2nd night base camp in Hadong.

The purpose of this is so people are aware that public transportation is available from Yeongdeok to Hadong. He went from Yeongdeok to Pohang, to Jinju and then to Hadong.


Their car was under repair in Gyeongju, so the members decided to have a look around at this town which is famous for school trip because of its cultural and historical sites. On their next trip (Episode 154 - 156), the members were back to Gyeongju and has their first school trip.

Lunch Mission:

They were on their way to Cheongdo which is famous for its dropwort. Usually, people eat dropwort with bacon. For this trip, the members would need to earn money allowance to buy bacon, hence, they're given a spring photography mission as listed in the given menu:

- Different kind of spring flowers: 2000 WON

- Mugwort, wild chives, shepherd's purse: 1000 WON

- A woman working in the field: 10000 WON

- A man on a cultivator: 10000 WON

- Spring rain: 2000 WON

- People playing in the water: 5000 WON

- Frog: 10000 WON

- Frog egg: 10000 WON

- Tadpole hatching out of a frog egg: $1000

- UFO: $1million

The UFO picture caused controversy amongst the members and the production team. And genius Ji Won had another idea about the UFO pictures they took. =)

9 May 2010

They enjoyed a delicious bacon and dropwort, but as usual, they were still hungry. So the production team offered them more bacon to everyone, but three members would dunk in a cold water as soon as they arrived at their basecamp (Choi's house in Hadong). The members agreed and on the basecamp, they played spinning game to decide the three members who would receive the cold water punishment.

Ji Won rejoined the team and they played the sleeping bokbulbok game: quiz characters game from film, movie or drama.

Free Day Itinerary Mission

The members were split up into three teams: Ho Dong & Seung Gi; Ji Won & Jong Min; Kim C, MC Mong & Su Guen.

They had to present their third day itinerary, their trip outline theme as well as their budget. The team who won the presentation would be given twice their budget, the 2nd winning team would be given their budget and the last team would travel with no money allowance.

They would spend a night with their team member and rejoin the team on the fourth day.

Team's Trip Theme:

1. Ho Dong & Seung Gi: Culinary / Food Tour

2. Ji Won & Jong Min: Temple Stay

3. Kim C, MC Mong & Su Guen: Fair Trade Tour

16 May 2010

Join three different teams as they explore different areas of Korea's Coastline. See team Kim C, MC Mong & Su Guen sang their own creation green tea song, team Ji Won & Jong Min explored the local market and team Ho Dong & Seung Gi enjoyed a beautiful scenery at Suncheon Bay Eco Park.

I love team Ji Won & Jong Min's temple stay and one day if I go to Korea, I'd love to stay in a temple as well. It will be nice to experience different culture.

After parting for one day, the members were rejoined together to enjoy yummy short-arm octopus. It's heartwarming to see how they missed each other and it felt like they've been apart for months.

Then, they closed this four days trip in Boryeong with drop-dead gorgeous sunset behind them.

Kim C's last word for this trip: "We wait for tomorrow all night, this isn't the end and we will wait for our next adventure". It brought tears to my eyes as the next trip was Kim C's last trip with the members. Even though he knew about it but the other members didn't know about his plan. I wonder what was in his head when he said those words. He must've been crying inside :(

EPISODE 148 & 149 (66th Trip)

EPISODE 148 & 149 (66th Trip) - Yokjido, Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province

Food Specialty: Chungmu Rice Rolls

Special Press Conference of Ji Won's Wedding =)

21 March 2010

A rare occasion where the members got to eat the famous delicious chungmu rice rolls as well as warm soup, assorted fresh seafood and radish kimchi. However, if they ate the food, they would need to go and catch the mackerels. But everyone was hungry so they ate.

So, they had another game at the beach, the members who didn't plunge to the cold sea water would go catching the mackerels. In the end, only two members went to catch the mackerels. Fortunately for them, they went to mackerels farms! So it was extremely easy to grab mackerels.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: Yokjido Dinner Buffet (Natural Spring Flounder, Sea Cucumbers, Conches, Rockfish, Abalone, Sea Squirt, Mya Arenaria, Octopus, Red Pepper sauce)

Game: All 7 Members must complete 7 Individual Game (Hit Jegi 10x, Flip the paper, 10 sit ups, Elephant nose-spin and catch their shoe, 5x jump rope, eat one lemon, lost in rock paper scissor game) within 99 seconds. If one member made a mistake on any particular game, they must repeat the whole game. And if they couldn't do it within 99 seconds, one dish would be taken away.

28 March 2010

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game: Staffs v Members Game

1. Jegi

2. Foot Volleyball

3. Bottle Cap Throw

EPISODE 146 & 147 (65th Trip) - Alley Trip

EPISODE 146 & 147 (65th Trip) - Ganghwa Island, Gyo-dong

Trip Theme: Alley Travels

7 March 2010

The members were given a picture which is a hair salon located on a side street in Ganghwa Island. Their mission: to locate the hair salon and take picture inside the hair salon. They had to do it within 3 hours time frame. Thankfully, one member's in-laws lives in this island, so the members didn't have any difficulties in locating and completing the mission.

Ping pong match sleeping & dinner bokbulbok game

Teams: Ho Dong, Su Guen, Seung Gi AND Ji Won, MC Mong, Jong Min & Kim C

Unlike any other ping pong match, this was do-or-die ping pong match. Ji Won challenged Ho Dong to a ping pong war match and they dragged the staffs into their war. The losing team + staffs who chose this team would not get dinner and sleep outside.

14 March 2010

Ping Pong War Match continued... Ji Won made another ping pong challenge so his team could eat dinner. If he lost, he would shave his head. So, would he shave his head? And why did he drag another member into his shaving-head bet?

Second part of this episode: Members heartwarming messages to

Due to earthquake in Chile, 1N2D decided to postpone their planned trip to South Pole / Antarctica and sent a heartwarming messages researchers at King Sejong Station Research Facilities.

EPISODE 143, 144 & 145 (64th Trip) - Second Viewer Trip

EPISODE 143, 144 & 145 (64th Trip) - Jejudo

Special Trip: Second Viewer Trip

Special Guests: Baek Ji Young & Kim Tae Woo

14 February 2010


- Women's Rugby Team Kim C

- Cab Drivers from Eunpyeong Su Guen

- Siblings (11 Brothers & Sisters) from Gyeongsan Province Jong Min

- Universal Ballet Company members Ji Won

- Friends from Yeongwol Sangdong High School who went to school together for 12 years Ho Dong

- Wrestling friends (they've been friends since 1975) MC Mong

- Student Pilots Seung Gi

There were seven teams in total and they went to one of the most beautiful island in South Korea, Jejudo. Only three teams would go to Jejudo by plane, the rest of the teams would go there by boat. Honestly, I'd prefer to go by boat as it's more fun and on top of that, they have fireworks at night.

To decide which teams would go by boat, they played bokbulbok games:

1. 3 6 9 Game

2. Human Zero Game

3. Senses Game

4. Rock Paper Scissor Game

It was unbelievable that the boat teams were exactly the same members as the past boat members for the Jejudo's trip (1N2D episode 43). =)

21 February 2010

Boat teams dinner bokbulbok game Game: Memorize the songs

Plane teams dinner bokbulbok game - Prize: Blue Crabs & Cockles. Game: Memorize names

Breakfast/Lunch Bokbulbok Mission:

The members and one representative from each team were given clues: Gwakji Beach and Saebyeol Oreum. As soon as the siren rang, they had to gather all their members and went to Gwakji Beach. It was so funny as it seemed like everyone's evacuated from the base camp. They stole each other's car and went straight to Gwakji Beach.

The teams had to drink strange drink and if all members passed, they could go to their next destination (Saebyeol Oreum).

The second part of this episode - Special Performances by MC Mong, Kim Tae Woo, Ji Won, Su Guen, Baek Ji Young & Ho Dong (Duet Pig Candy :D)

28 February 2010

First part of this episode - continuation of team races from last episode

The first three teams which arrived at the top of Saebyeol Oreum won breakfast/lunch.

Second part of this episode - Special Performances by Ho Dong, Kim C, Su Guen, Ji Won, MC Mong, Jong Min & Seung Gi

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game:

- Ping pong match

- Ladder game

EPISODE 141 & 142 (63rd Trip) - History Cultural Trip

EPISODE 141 & 142 (63rd Trip) - Andong, Gyeongsang Province

Trip Theme: History Cultural Trip into the past

Base Camp: Jichon's Kim Banggeol House

Food Specialty: Andong Steamed Chicken

31 January 2010

ATM Debit Card Mission to get 30000WON / $30 Money Allowance

Teams: Old Boys (Ho Dong, Su Guen, Kim C) & Young Boys (Ji Won, MC Mong, Jong Min & Seung Gi)

Both teams were given a debit card and their missions were to solve the pin code for this debit card. The first team who solved the pin number (4 numbers) at any time, could withdraw the 30000won money from that account. In order to do that, they were given four mission and every time they completed the mission, they would be given one pin number. If they failed their mission, the team had to wait for 10 minutes before being given the pin number. The team could only proceed to the next mission after they received the pin number.

Mission 1: Answer the question regarding Dosan Seowon

Mission 2 - The Sinsedong (7 Stories Brick Pagoda - National Treasure No 16) : Play Multiplication Game as a group of 7 (they played with Andong Local People)

Mission 3- Hahoe Village: Group Jump Roping 20x

Mission 4 - Byeongsan Seowon: Zero Game

Aristocrats and Servants Mission

I honestly disliked this mission as one team neglected their duties as servants while the other team did whatever they were asked. They could change their fate every hour by playing game and the winning team would become the aristocrats.

In the end, they played jegi to decide their sleeping arrangements.

7 February 2010

Morning Mission

Before the wake up music starts, the member who didn't have "servant" written on their head / forehead won breakfast.

1N2D 2nd Viewer Trip - Application Review by the Members

The second part of this episode was about the members choosing their team for the 2nd viewer trip.

EPISODE 139 & 140 (62nd Trip)

EPISODE 139 & 140 (62nd Trip) - Heuksando (Heuksan Island) & Gageodo (Gageo Island)

Trip Theme: Black Porgies & Skate Fish

17 January 2010

Heuksan Island was the place where famous Korean scholar, Jeong Yak-jeon worked on his writing and it's a scenic island attracted more than 200000 visitors each year. It's located in Jeollanam-do Province.

First Bokbukbok Game - MC Mong and Jong Min sent to Gageodo to catch black porgies

Few minutes after their opening, the members were given their ferry boarding passes. It was unusual as it was the first time they're given boarding passes to board a ferry. When Ho Dong distributed the passes to the members, one member unfortunately got different pass: boarding pass to Gageodo. The rest of the members got their passes to Heuksando.

On MC Mong's First Episode (Episode 31 & 32), he went to Gageodo and was given mission to catch black porgies. But he failed, thus, the production team decided to re-do this mission and sent one member to Gageodo. The members had another idea, they ditched the boarding pass bokbulbok and played rock, paper, scissor game to choose the member who would go to Gageodo.

On the way to Heuksando, they decided to send another member to Gageodo by playing the speed quiz.

I really feel bad for all the members and the staffs, the seasicknessthey experienced during this trip was awful. Particularly for Jong Min who had to endure another two hours on the boat to Gageodo.

Money Allowance

A rare occasion as the members could do whatever they want until they returned to the base camp later that afternoon. And they could also ask as much money allowance as they wanted.

But as usual, there was a catch behind this. Every member wrote their preferenced money allowance and they all would be given the least amount wrote by the member. However, the member who asked the least money allowance would be given 10x the amount he wrote.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: Character Quiz

24 January 2010

Skate Fish Bokbulbok Game

A moment that every member wished to avoid, two members would be sent at 2AM to catch the skate fish. They played the bokbulbok game at 11PM so it meant that these two members wouldn't be able to get any sleep.

To make it fair, the production team asked each member to write down the game they wanted to play for these three rounds of bokbulbok. And the game would be chosen in random.

The winner from the first round of bokbulbok would be safe and wouldn't play in the 2nd round. It would be the same for the winnter of the 2nd and 3rd round.

First Game: Jegi (Su Guen, the master of Jegi who also the one who proposed this game shockingly lost after his piece of jegi broke into two pieces. :D)

Second Game: Arm wrestling

Third Game: Abs exercise for 10 seconds (Ji Won was extremely motivated that he didn't want to catch the skate fish and revealed his amazing new abs exercise skill. On the other hand, see Seung Gi who was supposed to grab Ho Dong's feet, ended up doing abs exercise together with Ho Dong :D Hilarious scene)


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