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1N2D 2011 Episode Summary - Korean Reality TV Show

Updated on October 19, 2014

Here you will find the episode list and brief summary of South Korea's most popular reality TV show, 1Night 2Days.

On this page, you'll find 1N2D episode list aired in 2011.

I love this show and I enjoy the beautiful scenery of South Korea as well as their yummy delicious delicacies. The only reason I created this page is to share the places, food, missions and games from each 1Night 2Days Episode and hopefully it will not only help any fans 1N2D but also become great resources for anyone who'd love to visit South Korea.

Note: The summary below are summary written by me. If you want to use the summary on your personal website, please put a link back to this page. Thank you.

Unless specifies otherwise, the pictures below were screen grabs from 1n2d episodes.

“There is no such thing as an ending. If there’s an ending, there is another beginning.” by PD Na

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1Night 2Days Episode List - 2011

  • 1N2D Episode 227 & 228 - Remote Village Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 225 & 226 - Heritage Cultural Survey Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 223 & 224 - 5 Days Markets Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 219, 220, 221, 222 - 3rd Viewers Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 217 & 218 - Japan Trip & Viewers Tour Preparation Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 214, 215, 216 - Waterfalls Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 212 & 213 - Farm Work Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 210 & 211 - Return to Basic Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 208 & 209 - Actors Special Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 205, 206, 207 - Actresses Special Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 203 & 204 - 3 -v- 3 race to Cheongyang
  • 1N2D Episode 200, 201, 202 - Namhae Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 198, 199, 200 - Humanism Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 196 & 197 - Teddy Bear Delivery Race
  • 1N2D Episode 194 & 195 - Uhm Tae Woong First Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 192 & 193 - 5 Islands Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 190 & 191 - Seoraksan Trip
  • 1N2D Episode 188 & 189 - 1st Delivery Race
  • 1N2D Episode 185, 186, 187 - Foreign Workers Trip

1Night 2Days Episode 227 & 228 (101 Trip)

Remote Village Trip - Gajung Village

1Night 2Days Episode 225 & 226 (100th Trip)

Heritage Cultural Survey Trip - Mt Namsan

16 October 2011

Special Guest: Professor Yoo Hong Joon

23 October 2011

After long hours hiking and learning about Silla at Mt Namsan area, the members and Professor Yoo Hong Joon were on the way to the basecamp.

On the way, they were given quiz - if the members were able to answer the questions correctly, they won dinner.

Morning / Early Morning Mission - Find Professor Yoo Hong Joon

Find PD Na who's hiding somewhere in the basecamp. Get a clue from him. This clue will direct the members to the location of Professor Yoo Hong Joon (he was waiting for them at Daereungwon / Cheonmachong Tomb).

The members who were sleeping, rushed outside and after they got the clues, they went separate ways by car / bus to find him.

Jiwon, Taewoong and Suguen went the right way and came in first, second and third; respectively.

Jongmin followed Seunggi because he believed Seunggi's the brain of 1n2d; but unfortunately, they both went the wrong way.

As a punishment of coming last, Seunggi had to dress as a woman (wore a hanbok), took a dip in a bathtub filled with rose petals & cold water in front of all staff members.... T.T

Second day Mission

All members went separate ways to visit 5 historic places at Gyeongju.

Suguen was at the beach, capturing sunrise at 5.30 in the morning. I think he went to the East Sea - King Munmu's underwater tomb.

Jiwon went to see the divine bell.

Jongmin visited Bulguksa Temple

Taewoong went to Gameunsa Temple.

And Seunggi visited a beautiful stoned carved Buddha.

===> If you love 1n2d 100th Trip (Heritage Cultural Trip), check the major tourist sites of Gyeongju - the capital of the Silla Kingdom for a thousand years

1N2D Episode 225 Highlight and Ep 226 Preview

1Night 2Days Episode 223 & 224 (99th Trip)

5 Days Markets Trip [First Trip without Kang Ho Dong]

9 October 2011

Brief Recap

I really love 1n2d episode 224. It's hilarious and every members came out of their shells, particularly Jongmin and Taewoong. Can't wait to re-watch it again with the English subtitle.

Continuing last week's episode, the members revealed the items they bought from the market. Jongmin, Jiwon and Taewoong bought puffed crackers as their common items, while Seunggi bought flowery purple pant. So, they failed the mission and have to go to other 5 days market the next day.

Dinner Bokbulbok

Each member was given separate task / mission "overcoming weaknesses and turning it into strength" but they had to complete the task in the given time to earn the ingredients / dish for their dinner. If one member (except Seunggi) failed, then they had to go back to the beginning and repeat the tasks.

The mission was as follow:

- Soo Geun and JiWon: answers given questions within 1 minute. As most viewers know, both SuGuen and JiWon are practically the most ignorant 1n2d members; but I was surprised to see them aced this mission

- TaeWoong: 1 minute debate with 1n2d PD (Yu Jeongah). His first debate was: "Why do we have to follow all PD Na's instruction?" Then "Who's the most ignorant, Lee Su Guen or Eun Ji Won?" Tae Wong was given this mission to overcome his shyness and he's amazing in this confrontation! Good on you, Taewoong.

- JongMin: Read a given text for 1 minute. He was practically read word by word by shouting it out and he failed miserably for so many times. Jiwon couldn't hold his laughter, and everyone was laughing including the PDs! Definitely, one of the best moment of this episode.

- SeungGi: Cook the ingredients that they won. I love all the flashbacks of Seunggi's cooking experience in 1n2d: him making rice cake on the episode when HoDong's son was born, him cooking beer can chicken and him cooking squid in Ulleungdo. This time, he has more experience and is carefully cooking the ingredients. He got help from PD Na as well. He won the bet with PD Na earlier and because of that, PD Na became his slave for the day ^^ hahaha... another highlight of this episode, PD Na, the 6th member of 1n2d :D

Because JongMin was unable to complete his mission for more than 3 times; and they have given most ingredients back, they switched the missions. JiWon did the debate mission, TaeWoong did the announcer mission (with his acting experience, he aced this mission), JongMin & SuGuen did the knowledge question mission and SeungGi did the cooking mission.

After enjoying their dinner, they slept outside, in a very tight and small space.

Morning Mission

Because they failed their market experience mission, they had to go to another 5 5 days market. They did high jump task to decide who goes where.

JongMin came up as the winner; SuGuen the runner up, TaeWoong the third place; Heodang SeungGi the fourth place and JiWon who came last had to go to Jejudo.

1N2D September 23, 2011 - The day when 1n2d members have to record 1n2d without their beloved Papa Bear Hyung. T.T I'm still not accepting the fact that Kang Ho Dong is no longer there with his 1n2d dongsaengs (brothers).

But the show must go on, 1n2d will now continue with 5 members only until their last episode due to be aired in February 2012.

It's not going to be easy, but believe in the boys' capabilities that they will carry it on to completion to the best of their abilities.

1Night 2Days Episode 219 - 222 (98th Trip)

3rd Viewers Trip

11 September 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

Brief Recap

What a heartwarming episode, I can't wait to watch the English subbed of this episode.

Lunch Bokbulbok

Finally the big spinning wheel is back and this time, the fate of 10 people's lunch depend on their team leader (MC). The lunch allowance per team range from zero (nil) to $200.

Su Guen team got the maximum (highest) allowance of $200 and he cleverly ordered Chinese food to feed his 60s team members.

On the other hand, Baek Ji Young, Ho Dong and Ji Won teams only got $10 allowance :( The other teams got $100 allowance.

Drink Bokbulbok

As 1n2d production team chartered the plane, they had bokbulbok game on the plane. Su Guen and Ho Dong were the flight attendants serving drinks to the teams. Unfortunately due to time constraints (flight time from Seoul to Busan is only 45 minutes), only two teams played the bokbulbok games. It's fate that both teams got the weird beverages lol...

All 10 people from the team must drink the same beverage and if they can't do that, they can give it to their team leader to finish the beverage for them.

Team Seung Gi (the 40s team) got kanari and they had no trouble in completing the challenge. Seung Gi had to drink only half a glass of kanari. On the other hand, team Baek Ji Young (the 20s team) got orange juice mixed with vinegar and their expressions were totally speechless. hahaha...

4 September 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

Brief Recap

In May 2011, 1N2D members announced that they will have their third (and sadly last) viewers trip. And 3 months later, 100 special guests range from age 8 months old to 102 years old joined 1N2D on their 1night 2days trip to Busan! 1N2D team has chartered the whole plane for this trip and from the preview of the next episode, it looks like they had bokbulbok on the way to Busan =)

Every single one of the guests are special in their own way! Love them all, the adorable babies, the cute kids, the loud screaming teenagers, the excited ahjumma & ahjussi, and the energetic healthy grandpa & grandma!

18 September 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

1N2D Special Guest Performers: Koyote, B2ST, Hyun Chul

All 100 viewers finally arrived in Busan and they went to their basecamp by bus. The 90s and 20s teams were in the same bus and Ho Dong played Perfect Pitch & 3 6 9 games with these teams.

After enjoying a short break, everyone had dinner together.

And the performances began. Unfortunately, it was raining and the stage was outdoor. So everyone wore raincoat and the oldest groups were sitting down in a covered area.

The first performance was trot songs by Hyun Chul. Then the second one was Koyote who brightened up the mood with their new song "Good Time" and "Soon Jung".

The third guest performer was B2ST, the first idol group who performed in 1Night 2Days. The younger groups were so excited!

Then, the King of Ballad, Sung Si Kyung serenaded the older groups with his soothing, sweet voice. 1N2D episode 221 ended with the duet of the "princely ballad brothers" Sung Si Kyung and Lee Seung Gi with their beautiful rendition of Nostalgia.

25 September 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

1N2D Special Guest Performers: Clover

The episode started with Baek Ji Young's 10 seconds performance of "That Woman" and Clover performance. Followed by Lee Seung Gi's "Let's Go on Vacation" and the team leaders "Twist of Love".

After all the performances, everyone's rest in their room and PD Na gave them the morning mission - to win breakfast:

Find the people whose ages add up to a number in the 100s with your own age!

100, 200, 300... It doesn't matter!

Initially, each team was trying to add up the ages of everyone in their own team; but then they began to join forces with the other team. One viewer who is a Math teacher calculated the viewers total ages. The total ages of every viewers joined in this trip is 5152; initially Su Guen proposed for the 52years old ahjumma that she skipped her breakfast and in return, she'll receive Lee Seung Gi's concert ticket, Gag Concert ticket and photo opportunities with all 1n2d members. However, Ho Dong and his 20s team insisted that they didn't want to join the group effort, so after recalculating the ages (minus total ages of Ho Dong's group), they came up to 4907. In this case, they needed to get to 4900; and Hyun Moo thought about the 7 year old girl in his group. But nope, they couldn't do that for her!

In the end, after fierce negotiation, everyone except Ho Dong won the mission - delicious gukbap (soup with rice).

After breakfast, they went to Tiffany 21 Lunch Cruise. After the 2 hours cruise ended, they said their goodbye T___T

This episode is the last 1N2D Viewer Trip and also Kang Ho Dong's last episode :'(

1N2D Viewers Trip Performance

1. B2ST

2. Princes of Ballad (Sung Si Kyung & Lee Seung Gi)

3. Koyote

4. Sung Si Kyung

5. Baek Ji Young & Hyun Moo' Salsa Dance

6. Lee Seung Gi

7. Group MC Performance

1N2D "Twist of Love"

1N2D MCs Twist of Love Practice Video

Video Credit: leeseunggiworld

1Night 2Days Episode 217 & 218 (97th Trip)

3rd Viewers Tour Preparation Trip & Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Guen Japan Trip

17 July 2011

Dinner Bokbulbok

They split into the same sleeping arrangement team and played four different types of games. Every time the team wins one game, they would get to eat.

- photo quiz (guess the picture from the photo shown by PD Na), everyone in the team must correctly answers the quiz

- song quiz, the team which scores 2 out of 3 rounds win

- words quiz, the team which scores 2 out of 3 rounds win

- triangle game (create 4 rectangles using 6 given chopsticks), the team who solves this quiz the quickest win

Both teams were challenged during their photo quiz, and we're entertained with their parodies of wrong answers! :D

Team Ji Won & Jong Min were the best in answering the song quiz. Ji Won was amazing in the words quiz. The maknae, Seung Gi was so clever to solve the triangle game.

After dinner, Ji Won's team went to the ghost house. Both Ho Dong & Ji Won's team had troubles with annoying mosquitoes and Ji Won's team finally got a mosquito net. Thank you 1n2d production team!

Morning Mission

I love this episode's morning mission. Team Ji Won has to catch team Ho Dong within 20 minutes. So when the wake up music plays at 9AM, they have to find team Ho Dong before 9.20AM. If they can do it within the time limit, they will get prize of touring Gochang's beautiful countryside. And if team Ho Dong get caught, each person will have to harvest 1000 peppers! Total of 3000 peppers.

So which team win the cat & mouse hide & seek game? And which team end up harvesting 4200 peppers?


21 August 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

Brief Recap

This episode is split into two parts: Seung Gi & Su Guen's Trip to Japan and 1n2d members & special guests 3rd viewers tour preparation trip

- Seung Gi & Su Guen Trip to Osaka, Japan

Su Guen is so excited for his first trip abroad (cutely showing his empty passport :D). The other 1n2d members, Kim Soo Mi and Su Guen's wife prepared food and drinks for their trip & for Park Chan Ho; which prompted Seung Gi jokingly asked PD Na about their trip's budget considering they didn't get fed by PD Na. :D

The next day, they made a surprise visit to Park Chan Ho who is now living in Osaka with his beautiful wife and his two adorable daughters. They ate together with him and his wife cooked yummy chicken mushroom pasta. Park Chan Ho was the first 1n2d guest and I think they were talking about his two 1n2d visits in which he always asked the members to enter the stream during cold wintertime. After that, they visited Park Chan Ho's practice time with his baseball team, talking about his new beginning after his injury and his personal goal.

- 3rd Viewer Tour Preparation Trip

The 6 members were surprised to hear that the oldest viewer who'll join them on their viewer trip was born in 1912 (100 years old) and there will be 100 viewers in total (the biggest viewers ever to join their trip). Huge preparations have been made and because of the large numbers of guests, they invited 4 guest MCs to be the leaders for 4 particular age groups (these 100 viewers will be divided into 10 groups, according to their age, ie: 1 - 10 years old, 10 - 20,.... 90 - 100 years old).

PD Na started introducing the first three guest MCs, the first one is the regular celebrity guest who came to 1n2d 1st and 2nd viewers trip, the pretty Baek Ji Young. Couple months ago, she announced that she's in a relationship with actor Jung Suk Won, so during her introduction, all 1n2d members kept teasing her that she's now in love and she's beaming in happiness.

Prior to his appearance, the second guest gave the members a big shock because the background music played was SHINee "Lucifer" and they were puzzled because as far as they know, 1n2d will never invite any idol to this program. Then, Jeon Hyun Moo came out and started dancing "Lucifer" dance, buahahaha...

The third guest is the "Prince of Ballad" Sung Si Kyung. All three celebrity guests are so vibrant and yes, they gave PD Na a hard time :D They all are very eloquent as well. Love them already!

First Mission

Their first mission is to grab 1n2d flags which are scattered around KBS Building. Initially PD Na gave them 10 minutes to complete the mission, but after fierce negotiation from the celebrity MCs, he finally gave up and gave them 15 minutes to complete these missions.

Failure to complete the mission within the given time: wearing parka for the rest of the trip.

Successfully completing this mission: uniform white top and brown short pants

Second Mission

Allocate themselves to number 1 - 9; then randomly, PD Na will randomly call a particular number. That person has to come out in a crowded place. Stand in a crowded place without being recognized by the citizens as long as they can. 1second = 100 won.

28 August 2011

Special Guests (Celebrity MCs for 1N2D 3rd Viewers Tour): Baek Ji Young, Sung Si Kyung, Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Byung Man

Continuing last week's mission to earn money allowance, this episode starts with Eun Ji Won successfully completed the mission in 10 minutes! The members are ecstatic with their trip money allowance. They had a lunch break and lucky Jeon Hyun Moo lost on rock paper scissor game and he was thrown away to the pool =) No 1n2d without "ipsu" right? ^.^

After having big lunch, it's Sung Si Kyung turn. He took off his glasses, wore black hat and stood for 5 minutes without being recognized. He accomplished his mission and earned the 1n2d members & their guest MCs delicious boiled chicken for dinner.

Baek Ji Young then accompanied him and they had lots of fun playing in the street without anyone recognizing them. She's also successful to earn baby back ribs for their dinner. Seung Gi was the last one to do this mission, he joined both Si Kyung & Ji Young, fortunately nobody recognized them and the mission was successful. His successful mission was the best one as it earned 1n2d members indoor sleeping arrangement for this trip.

While the members and the celebrity MCs were on the way to the base camp, the last celebrity MC Kim Byung Man was waiting in the base camp. Using stones, he built a tower taller than him! Amazing... He then welcomed the others by driving a cool van and finally all 6 members & 4 celebrity MCs were united together.

After short break, they had to choose a red envelope to decide the age group they'll be leading on 1n2d 3rd and final viewers trip. Ji Won is really smart as he looked at PD Na's expression before he chose his envelope. Jong Min did the same thing =)

Here are the complete list of the members' and celebrity MCs age groups for the viewer's trip:

Image Credit: Screengrab from 1n2d episode 218; edited by deyani

It's surprising that the celebrity MCs got the 1-9 and 90-100 age groups, but they started to get teary when reading the application forms submitted by the viewers. They called the viewers letting them know that they've been chosen and I really love the viewers' excitement and happiness.

After dinner, the celebrity MCs went home and the members started to discuss the song they'll be performing on the viewers' trip talent show. They finally decided to sing the trot song Twist of Love and it's so hilarious to see Su Guen's dance! Hahaha.. It makes me miss MC Mong though :( Because he and Ji Won were the ones who choreograph 1n2d members "sunset glow" performance.

I'm really looking forward to next week's viewers trip! The final 1n2d viewers trip.

Twist of Love - Singer: Seol Woon Do

What do you think about 1n2d group performance's song? =) I actually love the song, it's catchy and definitely can make people from all ages to stand up and dance along. Perfect song for 1n2d 3rd viewers trip!

Video Credit: VernetMV

1Night 2Days Episode 214 - 216 (96th Trip)

Summer Special Waterfalls Trip

1N2D Episode 214 Opening Scene
1N2D Episode 214 Opening Scene

31 July 2011

A great episode! Totally worth the wait! Betrayal, Friendship, Trust, Amazing Race-Kinda-Trip - I love everything about 1N2D Episode 214

The members shot their opening scene in front of KBS Building at 4 in the morning, excited for their 96th trip. It's so cute to see them all with their cute backpacks =)

Their theme for this trip is summer special - finding the best waterfalls in South Korea.

For their money allowance, they played "go back jump" which is an "upgraded 3 6 9" game. So basically, the member shouts out a number.

For number "3", "6" and "9", instead of shouting the numbers, they replace it with "go", "back" or "jump"

When the member shouts "back", the member before him would have to shout the next number.

When one member says "jump", the member after him will skip his turn. I hope it makes sense =)

It's a confusing game, even the members confused themselves, especially Ho Dong ^.^

In the end, the winner was Kim Jong Min. Su Guen, Ho Dong, Ji Won, Seung Gi and Tae Woong got 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place. Kim Jong Min received $200, Su Guen & Ho Dong got $100 each, Ji Won & Seung Gi received $50 each and Tae Woong got $10.

The members were given two hints and they have to go to Jejudo! The first, second and third members who arrived at the waterfall would be able to make a wish. So they raced to the airport to catch the earliest flight to Jejudo from Gimpo Airport.

The money allowance must cover all their expenses, including taxi fare (to the airport) & airplane tickets. So Ho Dong decided to lure Su Guen and Jong Min into one team. And the mu seop dang / scary team joined their forces together. Genius Ji Won with meticulous strategiest Seung Gi and kind-hearted Tae Woong? My favorite team ever!

Babodang team (Ho Dong, Su Guen, Jong Min) has a wealthy $400 allowance and they took the 6.55AM flight to Jeju Island. On the other hand, the Museopdang team decided to send Seung Gi first to Jeju Island - Eastar Jet 6.30AM flight. Seung Gi almost lost his boarding pass after he changed his outfit in the airport! Definitely his heodang moment =)

I really love when Tae Woong gave all his allowance money and put it into Seung Gi's pocket and when they said goodbye to him & Seung Gi hugged his two hyungs tightly. Lovely brotherhood moment. Seung Gi kept mentioning his two hyungs on his flight to Jejudo.

Seung Gi arrived first in Jejudo (40 minutes before the babodang team). He rented a car with GPS and drove 42km to Eongtto Falls. Ji Won & Tae Woong waited and they played the "go back jump" game in the bus =)

Babodang team arrived in Jejudo and Ho Dong & Jong Min betrayed Su Guen, left him alone in the airport while they took the cab to go to Eongtto Fall. It reminded me on their Jejudo trip back in 2008 when Kim C betrayed Seung Gi and the other members betrayed Kim C! I miss Kim C and MC Mong :(

Su Guen had to go to Eongtto Fall by bus.

Seung Gi arrived at Eongtto Fall first. Initially he was confused because there wasn't any waterfall there! The PD then explained that Eongtoo Fall only visible on rainy days. Because he's the first person to accomplish the Jejudo mission, he would be able to save two other members. Now I realized why museopdang decided to send Seung Gi alone first to Jejudo. Ho Dong & Jong Min got the second & third place.

After back and forth phone calls with Su Guen, Seung Gi, Ho Dong & Jong Min were reunited with Su Guen. Then they went to Jeongbang Falls in Seogwipo-si, which is the only waterfall in Asia that flows directly into the sea. Sooo beautiful!

Even though I love today's episode, but I miss Ji Won & Tae Woong. Don't understand why they had to use their money allowance to pay for their airfare tickets!

1n2d Radio Mission - Screengrab
1n2d Radio Mission - Screengrab

7 August 2011

--- Brief Recap ---

The 4 members finally reunited with Ji Won & Tae Woong. Last week, the scary team had a genius idea of pooling their money and sending Seung Gi alone to the Eongtto Falls. They hope that Seung Gi would get the first place and can use his wish to place Ji Won & Tae Woong as the 2nd and 3rd place winners; thus, Ji Won & Tae Woong can make their own wishes.

On this episode, a new company was born "Lee Seung Gi Co. Ltd" with Lee Seung Gi as the CEO and Ji Won & Tae Woong as its shareholders! Interestingly, Seung Gi chose Ji Won & Su Guen (the castaway from the babodang team) as the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

After long talks about the wishes, etc, the members played Telepathic Speed Quiz for their lunch bokbulbok. The winning team would get a yummy full course octopus & seafood meal, the runner up would get side dishes & abalone porridge and the losing team had to be happy with rice & kimchi only.

The teams were:

- Jong Min & Ji Won

- Tae Woong & Ho Dong

- Su Guen & Seung Gi

It was a hilarious game! Su Guen & Seung Gi are the perfect duo, Su Guen is truly one of the king of expression (MC Mong is still my favorite king of expression) and Seung Gi is one of the best guesser! So it's no surprise that they got the first place. Jong Min & Ji Won's teamwork was also great, happy they got the second place.

After the lunch bokbulbok, the members were surprised to hear that they had to go their separate ways to introduce 6 different waterfalls around the country to the viewers.

They were also given a radio mission, in which they had to write an individual message about the experience they had during the waterfall's trip, post it on KBS Happy FM Radio bulletin board and at 23.50PM that day, DJ Yoo Young Suk would choose the best / most memorable message, read the message at the end of his program and play the song requested by that member.

The winners of the radio mission would get an overseas trip!

I really love Ji Won's wish of asking the PDs to let all his team members to eat anything they want for their dinner. =)

Why did Lee Seung Gi choose Lee Su Guen instead of Uhm Tae Woong?

Lee Seung Gi is not a betrayer, that's the reason why Ji Won & Tae Woong sent him in the first place, they knew that Seung Gi will always keep his promise. However, when we think again, Kim Jong Min lent $20 to Uhm Tae Woong. So if Seung Gi chose Tae Woong, Jong Min might counter-attack and ask his $20 back (but the scary team used all the money they had for this trip, so they wouldn't be able to give it back to him).

The safest and wisest decision is to choose Su Guen! He was betrayed by his team and obviously, Su Guen would never counter-attack the scary team's wishes.

14 August 2011

Glad that today's 1N2D is a sweet heartwarming episode. I really love the boys different personalities when they were thinking and writing the messages. Particularly Eun Choding (Ji Won). He was screaming every time he saw a moth. Hahaha... This kind of thing actually made me wish that 1n2d will not end even though Ho Dong might no longer be here. We will never see Eun Choding again :( Of course I will still follow his career, but he will never show his chodingness when he's singing, right? We can only see it on 1n2d.

Radio Mission 1N2D Members Messages:

The members' Messages & Song Requests on KBS Happy FM Message Board (in Korean):

- Kang Ho Dong - Message 1016

Song Request: [Note I'm still trying to figure out Ho Dong's Song Request, please bear with me =)]

- Uhm Tae Woong - Message 1011

Song Request: Kim Min Woo - Like the rest of the man

- Lee Su Guen - Message 1015

Song Request: Choi Ho Sup - As Time Goes By

- Eun Ji Won - Message 1013

Song Request: Kim Gun Mo - Wrongful Meeting

- Kim Jong Min - Message 1016

Song Request: DBSK - Balloons

- Lee Seung Gi - Message 1010

Song Request: Verandah Project - Mountain Climbing

I really love the members' reaction when they listened to Seung Gi's winning message! Especially Ho Dong, as Seung Gi dedicated "mountain climbing" song by Verandah Project for him. Seung Gi chose Su Guen to accompany him to go to Japan!

Members Waterfall Routes (from the easiest to hardest):

- Eun Ji Won

Sambuyeon Falls - Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do

- Kim Jong Min

Suok Falls - Goesan-gun , Chungcheongbuk-do

- Lee Su Guen

Juwangsan Falls (Juwangsan National Park) - Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

- Lee Seung Gi

Ssangpok Falls - Samhwa-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do

- Uhm Tae Woong

Bulil Falls (Jirisan National Park [Hadong]) - Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

- Kang Ho Dong

Heaven Falls (Mt. Sorak National Park [Sokcho] - Seorak-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

1Night 2Days Episode 212 & 213 (95th Trip)

Farm Work Trip [1N2D 200th Episode]

1N2D EPISODE 212 & 213 (95th Trip) - Farm Work Trip

EPISODE 212 & 213 (95th Trip) - Gochang, Jeolla-do

1Night 2Days 200th Episode Anniversary

1Night 2Days celebrated their 200th episode on the 10th of July episode. I sometimes confused myself with the episode number as this trip will be 1N2D Episode 212 & 213. However, in truth, the earliest episodes of 1N2D were called "Are You Ready". They changed the segment name & the show's format on Episode 13 to "1Night 2Days". Therefore, Episode 212 was their 200th Anniversary Episode. Hope it makes sense. =)

I love how low key 1N2D is! They didn't have any special party / episode to celebrate their 200th episode, but they helped the local people in Gochang with their labor work as their gratitude for all viewers who have supported 1N2D team! How precious... Tae Woong's dog, Baek Tong made a special appearance on this 200th episode.

I still remember their 100th Episode (episode 112 & 113), the OB -v- YB $100 Happiness Trip, in which one team illegally used their manager's money and was punished to enter the water 197 times! But true to their brotherhood bonding, all 6 brothers decided to take the punishment together! On this trip, the "variety jongshin" catchphrase was born. Looking back, I miss the close bond of Ho Dong, Su Guen, Kim C, Ji Won, MC Mong & Seung Gi :(

One of 1N2D Fan Club, dc1n2d organized gifts for 1n2d members & staffs for their episode 212 & 213 trip last Friday. I really admire the cute 1N2D cake:

Image Credit: dc1n2d

10 July 2011

Finally 1N2D 200th Special Episode is here. The 6 boys were surprised to see the big balloon and the big buffet waiting for them congratulating them for their 200th episode. As per usual 1N2D, there must be a catch behind the big buffet. And this time, it's no different.

They sat down and enjoyed the buffet. But suddenly, the music started playing & they had their first game. 2 members who lost the game were abducted to help the local people. Seung Gi & Jong Min were the first members to be abducted and they had to harvest 7000 corns!

After that, the rest of the boys enjoyed the buffet and after they finished eating, they were surprised to hear the music playing. Suddenly, PD Na shouted number "3" and it's the game they played for sleeping bokbulbok on Actors Special Episode. Ho Dong lost the game and was abducted to harvest watermelon.

After that the rest of the members enjoyed a break and played a game involving the television. Tae Woong lost and had to harvest black raspberry.

Then, Ji Won lost the next game and had to dig the potatoes.

Last person, Su Guen had to harvest peaches.

I particularly love this heartwarming episode as they celebrated their 200th episode by helping the local villagers.

After hours working hard, the members were back at the basecamp to have a break. They enjoyed fresh watermelon and bokbunja (Korean black raspberry juice). Then, PD Na dropped a bombshell, they had to divide themselves into two teams and the team which stay in the platform the longest would win the sleeping bokbulbok. The losing team would be taken away to a scary ghost house!

They split up into the same team as Jindo's trip (Ho Dong, Su Guen & Seung Gi -v- Ji Won, Tae Woong & Jong Min). To make things fun, they played "007 game". If one member of the team lost the round, everyone from his team would have to eat the watermelon.

From my honest opinion, this sleeping bokbulbok game is not fun at all. It's extremely dangerous to hold your bladder for long period of time, my close family member actually had her bladder mixed in blood because she was caught up in traffic and couldn't find any bathroom.

But in the end, Jong Min couldn't hold it and dashed to the bathroom. His team lost and would spend the night in the scary ghost house.

1Night 2Days Episode 210 & 211 (94th Trip)

Return to Basic Trip

1N2D EPISODE 210 & 211 (94th Trip) - Return to Basic

1N2D Preview for Episode 211

EPISODE 210 & 211 (94th Trip) - Gwanmaedo, Jindo Island - Jeollanam-do

Trip Theme: Return to Basic / Analog Trip

The special episodes are now behind us, and even though I love watching the specials, however, deep down, I do miss the simple trip of the 6 brothers. So I'm truly happy to have them back after almost 2 months. And I'm glad 26/06/2011 Happy Sunday Rating was higher than the previous week (previous week: 19.1% [Seoul: 20.3%]; 26/06/2011: 21.7 [Seoul 22.3] based on AGB Nielsen). It proves that 1N2D is still highly popular NOT because of the special guests but because of the members themselves.

26 June 2011

Summer season is now here and the boys were happy to see each other again after their last shooting last month. This time, they shot their opening scene in a beautiful Jindo Island, and they're going to Gwanmaedo by boat. The theme for this trip is return to basic and analog means they had to carry their own luggage & helped the staff teams to carry the equipments to the boat & from the boat to their base camp.

Lunch Bokbulbok

For the first time ever, this time, their lunch bokbulbok would involve all 1N2D staff members. The fate of the staff members depend on the lunch box chosen by the 6 members.

There were 6 different "mom's lunch box", starting from the most luxurious one "lunch box with bulgogi & side dishes" to the "mom's overslept lunch box" contained only "rice and radish". There were also "lunch box with sausage" & the rest of the lunch box had "rice with side dishes". The lunch box chosen by the member would be the lunch box for their staff team below:

- Ho Dong : Stylist team

- Tae Woong : Lighting & VJ team

- Su Guen : Audio team

- Ji Won : Camera team

- Jong Min : Manager team

- Seung Gi : Production team

Photography Mission

They played a game in which all 6 members had to shout the right answer. I love this game! Hahaha... This game was to decide which glass / cup they would carry for their photography mission. They ended up had to carry water in an elegant British Tea Cup.

Then, they're given a mission of taking photo in seven photographic places set by the PD team within 3 hours limit. While carrying a cup of water, they explored a gorgeous beach and Tae Woong found the first photo place. After they took a picture together, they played chicken fight. The winner would receive a reward - he wouldn't need to carry the cup of water anymore. Seung Gi won the chicken fight. While the other members still had to carry their cups onto their next photographic place. I love the song played before they played chicken fight, it's 4PM - Sukiyaki. It's one of my favorite song of all time.

The 2nd picture was in a gorgeous forest, I love this episode! This is truly back to the basic trip. It's been a while since I saw them exploring the scenery during their trip, as most of the past episodes only show the members rushing around in chaos trying to complete their given mission.

Their 3rd picture was with beautiful mural painting. And then they went by boat to see gorgeous island rock formation and took a pic from the boat overlooking these rock formation.

Because the boys prefer to enjoy the scenery, they decided to give up on the mission and were given punishment of all-night shooting!

Dinner Bokbulbok

They divided up into teams of three (Ho Dong, Su Guen & Seung Gi) -v- (Ji Won, Tae Woong & Jong Min) and played "James Bond / 007 Game" - the same game they played on their first delivery race trip.

3 July 2011

The boys had a quick nap before their all-night shooting begins. Really sad seeing all their "panda eyes" after they woke up from their quick nap. Not fond of the idea of all-night shooting at all.

Closest Members Mission

PD Na told them the hourly schedule for this all-night shooting and the boys were listening to him in disbelief & still half-awake. Fortunately, they were given a chance to be exempted. They were asked to go to separate rooms (except the two youngest, Jong Min who was outside & Seung Gi who was in the kitchen) to choose the member closest to them. If both boys choose each other, both will be exempted.

It's no surprise that Jong Min chose Ji Won because they've been in many music shows together in the past couple of months and Ji Won has been unbelievably sweet to Jong Min outside 1N2D filming. Thankfully Ji Won also chose Jong Min and I'm sooo happy knowing that both (particularly Ji Won) were exempted from all-night filming. Ji Won had Lotte Hip Hop Concert on the night after 1N2D filming so he needed to sleep.

On the other hand, I was very surprised that Ho Dong chose Tae Woong! I think he believed that being Ho Dong's biggest fan, Tae Woong would choose him. But unfortunately Tae Woong chose Su Guen. Seung Gi also chose Su Guen.

Ever since the early episodes of 1N2D, I know that Su Guen is particularly close with Ji Won, so it's no surprise that he chose Ji Won. =) But he did contemplating to write Seung Gi's name down even until the very last minute. They have been extremely close lately, even more after Seung Gi plays soccer together with him every week.

But above all the reasons above, I think everyone's done this strategically. They wrote down the member's name that they thought would write their name down! They are close with each other as brothers, they've done 1n2d together for 4 years (except Tae Woong).

Coffee Time Break

I'm grateful that PD Na gave the boys tea/coffee & biscuits to refresh themselves before the four of them had to do all-night filming. It's so cute watching them drinking tea together from the British tea cup they used earlier for their photographic mission. They were teasing each other about their closest members' choices and Ho Dong was visibly upset that Tae Woong chose Su Guen instead of him :D

Supper Snack Bokbulbok

The boys played a new game - and honestly I don't even know what's the game is about ^_^ But the winner from each round would get supper - baked potato.

All-Night Shooting

The four boys went to the beach and split up into teams of two (Ho Dong with Tae Woong and Su Guen with Seung Gi).

They played elephant spin 10x and then the person who jumped the longest would bring their team to victory. It's been a while since they played this game and I missed it! It remind me of the time when Kim C and MC Mong were in 1N2D. Miss them terribly.

The second game was chicken fight but they had a bucket to cover their head. So funny and hilarious at the same time. Poor Su Guen as the bucket kept hitting his head and Seung Gi's head looked like bobble-head as it kept bobble up and down.

All four boys then plunged into the sea happily at 4.30 in the morning! Ho Dong & Tae Woong's friendship are now restored :D And it's amazing to see them all excited and re-energized after long hours of shooting. Really admire their hard-working attitude.

After that, the winning team (Ho Dong & Tae Woong) were able to sleep. The losing team had to endure all-night filming. Seung Gi was busy cooking ramyun for the 1N2D staffs. Ahhhh who doesn't love him? =) He even massaged the food truck ajumma while she's preparing breakfast. Awwww... so sweet. =)

And then Su Guen woke the other boys up by singing the "snake song". It's been a while since I heard this song as their wake up song, remind me of 1n2d first anniversary when they were woken up with live version of "snake song". It was hilarious :D He remixed it with Jong Min's Oppa Find Your Strength song ^^

Traveling around Gwanmaedo Island

The next day, they went exploring gorgeous Gwanmaedo island. I love it so much I really want to go there, especially the Haneuldari Bridge. The view are amazingly gorgeous.

1N2D, thank you for introducing Gwanmaedo to us. If you plan to visit Gwanmaedo, there are eight fantastic tourists spots that you can visit there.

1Night 2Days Episode 208 & 209 (93rd Trip)

Actors Special Trip


I really love the song played in the preview below, the song is called She's so lovely by DK (December) & Choi Jin Yin (Rumble Fish)

EPISODE 207 & 208 (93rd Trip) - Gangneung, Gangwon-do

Supporting Actors Luxury (Wild) Time Special Episodes

12 June 2011 - 1N2D Supporting Actor Special Part I

When I first heard about the supporting actors special episode, I was looking forward to these episodes as I've seen three out of six actors (Sun Dong II as Director Ban in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Jo Sung Ha as King Jeongjo in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Ahn Gil Kang as Chil Sook in Queen SeonDok). I've never heard Sung Ji Roo, Go Chang Suk nor Kim Jung Tae before, so I'm wondering what's their real personalities are.

After watching the first part of the supporting actors special, I was surprised at how relaxed and how funny they all are! They're comfortable with each other and I love how they gave PD Na a hard time each time they're given an impossible mission. They kept negotiating with him and even sneaked in a potato box into their bus before PD Na confiscated it! Haha... PD Na definitely had a hard time controlling them, I guess he was pretty shock by it because even though 1N2D members usually negotiate / unhappy with something, but they always follow the rules.

I've been missing the wilderness of 1N2D members, in the past couple of weeks, I feel like they're under a lot of pressure to maintain their high ratings; thus, even though they're funny, however, I miss their wild behavior and crazy attitude. So I'm glad they let themselves loose during this actors special trip. Welcome back the crazy adventure of 1N2D!

Okay, the episode started with the 6 actors gathering together at the nearby coffee shop, similar as the actresses in the previous trip. While waiting, they ate food brought by Go Chang Suk before PD Na confiscated this food. :D Seung Gi came to the coffee shop to bring them to the front of KBS building where they shot their opening scene.

Each actor introduced themselves and first impression: Kim Jung Tae is really really funny & talkative, while on the other hand, Jo Sung Ha is pretty quiet. Ahn Gil Kang kept negotiating with PD Na. Sung Dong II is comfortable with everyone, he's also really talkative.

The actors first mission is to grab everything they need for their beach overnight camping from the props & food trucks. I love how they split themselves into two teams; and one person from each team grabbed the props, the food from the truck, while the other two from each them running endlessly to bring these items to the allocated space. It's so hilarious that they kept throwing the items and it's a surprise that the eggs didn't break. They were initially given 30 seconds to finish their mission but after fierce negotiation, PD Na reluctantly gave them 1 minute.

The members were pleasantly surprised that the actors were able to grab so many items, and I noticed, they actually grabbed so many food (I mean sauces!). Yes, they took lots of sauces, but they forgot to take the most basic essential food, ramyun! They did grab lots of eggs and bread though.

So with all the camping gears and food collected, they finally departed to a beautiful city in Gangwon Province, Gangneung. Su Guen was driving the bus which has the cute stickers of the actors and the members' faces. Cute.

What I love from this trip is that they didn't split the actors and the members into teams. It helped to ease the early awkwardness and bring them closer in less time.

They stopped by in a rest area to have quick lunch and they cooked egg with bread. I think they're trying to make a french toast, but without the milk. The actors real personalities are showing through during this lunch break, it seemed like they didn't care about the camera, they need to eat to survive the hardness they'll encounter later when they arrive in the beach base camp! They even stirred the egg with the bread!

When they arrived in the base camp (which is a very beautiful beach [I think it's Sunpo Beach]), as per usual 1N2D style (if there's water, they need to 'sacrifice' someone to enter the water), they played 'rock paper scissor' to decide who would dive into the water. Lee Seung Gi, Sung Ji Roo & Go Chang Suk lost the game and unfortunately had to plunge into the sea.

I cannot wait to next week's episode, from the preview, it looked like they had a fun, relaxing beach camping experience, with lots of singing, dancing and food! The morning mission looked like grabbing a flag from the sea / running staff members.

1N2D Supporting Actors Group Photo
1N2D Supporting Actors Group Photo

19 June 2011 - 1N2D Supporting Actor Special Part II

I wish the actors special would be three episodes, two episodes are not enough! It's a daebak trip and I bet the members & the actors had a great time. It's wild & fun camping experience!

The episode starts with the actors and the members enjoying the break. Then, they started to divide up the tasks: built two tents (which they acquired earlier from the props truck), made fire, and cooked their dinner.


Kim Jung Tae is an amazing cook, he made noodles from scratch! And Seung Gi was by his side as a loyal apprentice (love him :-)). He's also the one who caught the dough when it almost felt down to the ground.

Seeing their reactions, it looked like the noodles with roasted seafood (squid?) soup was a big hit. Even PD Na nodded in agreement.

Sleeping Arrangement Game

Because they only had two tents (each tent can accommodate 3 people), so they had to play a game to decide who would sleep in the tent and who would sleep in an open sky.

The game they played was to group together into a number of people according to the number shouted by PD Na (or the assigned MC). It was simply hilarious! The actors were so wild and they played dirty... Hahaha.. They kicked, pulled pants (Tae Woong's pant!), pushed out people from their group! Their determination to sleep inside the tent was amazing! Particularly Ahn Gil Kang whose starring eyes were really scary.. Hahaha...

They played this game twice, the three winners from each round would sleep inside the tent. I love all the songs played during the game and Ji Won's dance, wow, HOT =) The other guys also danced to the music and I started to dance myself. What a great camping game!

Ahn Gil Kang, Sung Ji Roo, Jo Sung Ha won the first game and coincidentally, three members (Jong Min, Ji Won, Seung Gi) won the 2nd game.

At around 3 or 4 am, it started raining, so the boys outside took some plastic cover from the props truck and they slept closer to the tent with the cover on top.

Breakfast Morning Mission

Oh I love this mission - they had to grab the flag from the staff members who run away from the boys who tried to grab the flag from them! How funny is it to see half-awake boys running in chaos around the beach & in the cold sea water trying to grab the flag! Most of them felt down hilariously :D


Isn't it cute to see the members signed on 1N2D flag as keepsakes for the actors? =) It looked like they're getting so close in just one night and it would be hard to say goodbye to each other. To end the trip, three actors (Sung Dong II, Ahn Gil Kang, Kim Jung Tae) & Su Guen who lost last night's Sirreum Match bet plunged into the sea. Then, they took group photo together.

Memorable Moments from Actor Special Trip

1. The camping equipment & food mission and the guys sneaked in a box of potato, not only once, but four times!

2. Their eggs + bread + Seung Gi's French Toast Lunch Break

3. Su Guen's playing guitar and they sang Kim Jong Min's song Oppa Find Strength. Seung Gi taught Jong Min on how to sing Oppa Find Strength! Huhahaha... Then Seung Gi & Kim Jung Tae bowed in response to his song! Hilarious...

4. Dinner preparation time.

5. The hilarious grouping together game!

Honestly, I love the actors special more than the actress special. I love their wild, free-spirit and it felt like they're not holding back to win the game & to survive. I also love the fact that the members had an amazing time with these respected actors and it brought out the best adventurous side of the members which I had been missing a lot for the past couple of months.

I would love to see Uhm Tae Woong to speak a bit more... He's still so reserved... He was good during the actress special, now he's holding back again. Jong Min was hilarious and he did his best to speak more, good on you Jong Min! Didn't see a lot of Ji Won during this trip, I miss his genius and evil tactics =) I felt sad for Su Guen as he must've been so tired from driving and being kicked out by Ho Dong! Seung Gi as usual was so sweet & talkative =) Ho Dong... was on his normal behavior hahaha... I wish they show more of his Sireum match, though.

Now, the special trips are over, I'm looking forward to the six members' adventure! From the spoiler, it looked like they went to Jindo or Gwanmaedo.

1Night 2Days Episode 205 - 207 (92nd Trip)

Actresses Special Trip


1N2D - Actresses Special Episode
1N2D - Actresses Special Episode

EPISODE 205, 206 & 207 (92th Trip) - Yeongwol, Gangwon-do

Actresses Special Episodes

22 May 2011

Finally, the special episode that we've been waiting for! It's the first 1Night 2Days trip with top actresses and I love the reaction from the members, they were incredibly shy at the beginning but became more talkative throughout the trip. The actresses did their best to accomplish the given mission and they're all very pretty.

This episode began with the arrival of each actresses, they waited at the nearby coffee shop and I laughed when I saw PD Na got a haircut. He's extremely shy too :D I guess he's nervous having top actresses joining them on their overnight trip.

In the coffee shop, there're six chairs, 3 dark brown chairs and 3 light brown chairs. These chairs actually part of bokbulbok game to decide the teams for this trip. The three actresses who sat on the dark brown chairs (Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Ha Neul and Seo Woo) were grouped together as one team and the other 3 actresses (Kim Soo Mi, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Hye Young) were the other team.

PD Na also asked the actresses, who they wanted (the boys) to join their team. Kim Soo Mi immediately picked Seung Gi and she warned that Seung Gi is mine.. lol... Lee Hye Young picked Ho Dong and Choi Ji Woo picked Jong Min. The rest of the boys would join the other actresses.

So the two teams for this actresses special trip were as follows:

1. Team Ho Dong, Jong Min, Seung Gi, Kim Soo Mi, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Hye Young

2. Team Su Guen, Tae Woong, Ji Won, Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Ha Neul and Seo Woo

Actresses First Mission: Buy particular food as instructed

It's amazing to see how focused the actresses were, as soon as they're given their first mission, everyone started running! One actress even forgot that the VJ was supposed to follow her around. I guess she's not used to cameras yet :D

The missions were as follows:

- Kim Soo Mi: buy rice cakes

- Choi Ji Woo: buy watermelon

- Lee Hye Young: buy 2 instant noodles cup

- Yeom Jung Ah: buy fried eggs

- Kim Ha Neul: buy fresh sashimi

- Seo Woo: buy fish cake sticks

After all three actresses of each team completed their missions, the team began to drive to their final destination. PD Na didn't give them the details of the destination, but they must solve the missions along the way which directs them to the basecamp. Moreover, they had to shoot themselves (as per usual PD Na's trick).

The team's first mission would be given 30 minutes after they departed from KBS Building, however, one genius team has already found out all the missions before they're even instructed to find their first mission!

Team's Missions

1. Guess the song's title and artists

2. Solve the riddle word game which directs them to their next destination

3. Solve the puzzle

4. Group jump rope and take a picture of them doing group jump rope

Overall, this episode is hilariously entertaining. So funny to see the boys' reactions to the girls and how amazing to see how competitive the girls were! I can't wait to see which team's gonna reach the destination first, who'd be entering the water, who would drink kanari and who would sleep outside.

29 May 2011

Second Part of the Actress Special Trip, It's a Daebak Episode! I nick-named Ji Won's team as the "competitive younger team" while Ho Dong team as the "relaxed calm yet enjoying their trip" team. Two very different sides of teams which make this episode hilariously entertaining.

Team Ji Won

I will start with team Ji Won. This team has already found all clues for the missions before PD Na asked them to find the clues! It's not surprising, since the Genius G-One (Ji Won) is on this team and I noticed Tae Woong is also slightly competitive & over-reacting (in a good way) during this trip. Not to mention Su Guen, the national driver who would get the team to the right final destination.

First of all, they stopped by in a shop, while the maknae Seo Woo's working on a puzzle alone in the car. Then, they did the group jump shot and that's the beginning of a "love line" between Tae Woong and Ha Neul. :D hahaha.. But I believe they look good together =)

Straight after that, they did the group photo of eating steamed bun together. Again, the "love line" blossoms ^_^

In the car, they practiced "perfect pitch" game and Ha Neul was amazingly good in this game.

Team Ho Dong

In the meantime, the relaxing Ho Dong's team (I got the impression that this team wanted to lose the race), enjoying their interview sessions. Then, they did the group jump pose. After this mission was deemed successful, they moved on to take a cute picture of 6 of them eating half a steamed bun together. Cuteness overload :D

They then moved on to the next mission: puzzle. I love how they solved the puzzle together (with Jong Min & Ho Dong as the VJs).

***spoiler*** Unfortunately, they lost the race. Ji Won's team was so cheeky, they put the flag back so Ho Dong's team thought they won. Their disappointed faces were priceless. They had to enter the water!

On the way to the base camp, they played "mukjiba". And Kim Soo Mi's intimidation of "baaa" made this team confident that they could beat 1N2D mukjiba's master. So when they arrived on the base camp, they challenged him for a mukjiba game for instant noodles. He agreed and it's so funny to see him losing to Kim Soo Mi's baaaa intimidation :D

But, unfortunately, this team had to prepare to enter the cold water stream. One by one they plunged into the water and the unexpected happened. Soo Mi fainted! Was it because of the cold water? Everyone panicked and her manager run towards her. But as they carried her, she screamed and she actually played a "prank camera" to everyone! Hahaha... She's really the queen of the variety show, isn't she? Daebak acting from her!

Because they won the mukjiba, the staffs gave them instant noodles and it seemed like Soo Mi brought her own kimchi. It looked yum yum... While this team's enjoying their snack, the other team looked over and after negotiating with the PD team, they could eat one plate of food from the food truck.

Again, we saw two different sides of team: team Ho Dong's calmly and relaxingly enjoying their food while team Ji Won's playing rock paper scissor to decide who's gonna eat one spoonful of food! Cute cute...

Ah I can't wait for the next episode, it's gonna be another daebak episode - bokbulbok dinner game & bokbulbok sleeping game. Who will sleep outside?

5 June 2011

Third Part of the Actress Special Trip - Dinner & Sleeping Bokbulbok Game, Hand-holding Morning Mission and Ho Dong's best effort to create love line but unfortunately, he failed :D

For dinner bokbulbok, they're divided into two teams of six (Team Ji Won [Naughty Team] & Team Ho Dong [Good Team]). I love their teams' name :D They played human zero [prize: gimchi], charades [tuna] (but I'm disappointed that they didn't show the whole charades game, I love 1N2D's charades game), multiplication game

By looking at the spoilers from the previous episodes, I know that there're 4 girls & 2 boys sleeping outside so I expected them to play an individual sleeping bokbulbok game. They played senses game for three rounds, the two people who shouted the same number on each round would sleep outside.

Honestly, I really wanted them to play "food bokbulbok game", it's been a while since they drink kanari, eat spicy food, etc. Maybe they did it on the Actor Special Trip =)

So in the end, 4 girls and 2 boys slept outside; the girls slept in the tent and the boys unfortunately slept in a mat without tent.

For the morning mission, as soon as the wake up song played (it was Kim Jong's Min song), the people who slept inside would have to open the envelope, wake up the person whose name is written in the card inside the envelope and while holding hand, find the flags which are scarred around the base camp.

1Night 2Days Episode 203 & 204 (91st Trip)

3-v-3 Race To Cheongyang

EPISODE 203 & 204 (91st Trip) - Cheongyang, South Chungcheong Province

8 May 2011

For this trip, the members were divided into teams of three: MuSeopDang (Uhm Tae Woong, Eun Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi) and BaboDang (Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Guen and Kim Jong Min). Eun Ji Won was the leader of the first team and Kang Ho Dong the leader of the other team.

They leaders to pick up the rest of their members and solve the missions given along the way. The first team which arrives at Chilgapsan Astronomical Observatory the quickest win and two of the members will be given rewards that they can go home after the race.

So, which team do you think will win?

15 May 2011

After a neck-and-neck race, team Babodang grabbed the flag first. But they had a hard time deciding which two members got the privilege of going home early for this trip. After a struggling 100 minutes discussion, two members hopped on to their van and left the other four members behind.

Dinner Bokbulbok

The members (Uhm Tae Woong, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min & Lee Seung Gi) were treated to a yummy but spicy "pepper" theme dinner. The catch: each member had to eat one whole "pepper tempura". If they're "lucky", they would eat the most spiciest pepper. If they could eat the pepper and not drinking any water / milk within 10 minutes, everyone would get to eat dinner.

See their reaction as they ate the spicy & hot "pepper tempura" which made their lips swollen.

Breakfast Mission:

With their eyes closed, each member was given a challenge to smell 10 different food. The members who answers the most correct number of food won breakfast.

1Night 2Days Episode 201 & 202 (90th Trip)

Spring Trip / Namhae Trip [Members v Staffs Soccer and Lee Seung Gi Uhm Tae Woong Duet]

EPISODE 201 & 202 (90th Trip) - Namhae

24 April 2011

Lunch Mission:

Individual Mission. One mission = one ingredient. The harder the mission = more rewarding ingredient. Even though this was an individual mission, however, they would get to eat as a group.

- Kang Ho Dong: Glue 100 teddy bear eyes

- Uhm Tae Woong: Bow 108 times on top of the famous mountain in Namhae

- Lee Su Guen: Find a karaoke machine in town, sing a song and score exactly 79 points

- Eun Ji Won: Find a tetris arcade in town, and score the highest score on that machine

- Kim Jong Min: Find Chul-soo's house (which is the house where Fantasy Couple drama was filmed), order jajangmyun (which is a black bean noodle) and eat the noodle there

- Lee Seung Gi: Put 10 corn shape chips on 10 fingers and eat them all under 5 seconds

As usual, the lunch was not enough to feed six of them. So they decided to challenge PD Na and the winning team would get all-you-can eat buffet from the food truck. And the losing team wouldn't be able to eat dinner! It's time for them to let the staffs know how tough it is to work under starvation. So they wanted the staffs to experience the same thing.

In the end, it's decided that they would play soccer match. It was one of the best soccer match in the history of 1Night 2Days. The first match they had was back in 2008, Episode 66, where the members played soccer against South Korea's Women Soccer team. And 3.5 years later, they're back with more polished skills!

After the soccer match ends, PD Na challenged the members for a foot volleyball match. If the staffs team lost, all 80 staffs would enter the cold sea water. There would be no punishment if the members' team lost.

1 May 2011

The episode begins with the continuation of the foot volleyball game between the six members and the six staffs. It is a great game as the staffs tried their hardest to win the game in order to save themselves from entering into a cold sea. And of course, the members played this game brilliantly even though they were tired from doing their mission earlier that day and soccer.

Bokbulbok Sleeping Game:

Karaoke Duet between Staffs and Members. If the members won, they'd sleep inside. There wouldn't be any punishment if the staffs' team lost.

Seung Gi and Tae Woong were chosen to represent the members' team. They sang a beautiful rendition of "Addicted to Love" by Cho Jang Hyuk.

Kim Dae Ju (Writer) and Park Min Jung (PD) represented the staff team and they sang "The Blues Inside You" by Kim Hyun Chul and Lee So Ra.

Morning Game:

The next morning, they decided to have a relay-running baton competition and if the members team lost, they would have to stay until dawn in Namhae and introduce the local attraction.

1Night 2Days Episode 198 - 200 (89th Trip)

Humanism Trip / Men in Suits


EPISODE 198, 199 & 200 (89th Trip) - Jejudo & Gapado

Trip Theme: Humanism - Spring Special

3 April 2011

Opening Scene: Spring Fashion Show at the Airport where every member dressed in a matching suit

Money Allowance: 50000 Won ($50) for every member

We all know that if the members were given big allowance and/or free buffet, there would be a catch. On this trip, they would have to accomplish the given three photo missions, send the photos to the producer and reach the top of Songaksan before 3PM. If they failed, for the next trip they would have to start shooting at 12:01Midnight. If they could make it, next trip's opening would be at 12:01PM. To make things difficult for them, they had been left behind by the staffs. So they had to bring the cameras left behind by the PD team and shoot themselves.

Jeju Island Mission:

1. All members must wear the same uniform (they decided to wear matching female diver suits)

2. Take a picture of one member being tossed in front of a beach

3. Take a photo in a true pageant style at the canola flower field (Mrs. Korea pose)

10 April 2011

They were supposed to go to Gapa-do after they reached Songaksan, however, due to bad weather, they postponed the Gapado trip to the next morning and stayed at Jeju-do instead.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: Gapado Dragon Palace Dinner

They were given a menu list and had to peel the sticker beside each menu. It would decide the game they'd play in order to get the food for their dinner. Because they were not in Gapado, so if they won particular food which is only available in Gapado, they'd eat it the next morning.

1. Baked Murex (Cereal Crisp as replacement); Game: Talk in a Line (List name of the Gods in Roman mythology)

2. Assorted Sashimi (Fish Ice Cream & Ice Cream as replacement); Game: Telepathy Game (What comes to mind when you think of Jeju-do?)

3. Patterned Fried Squid; Game: Alphabet Quiz

4. Baked Rudder Fish (Tile Fish as replacement); Game: Perfect Pitch (Repeat a phrase, emphasizing a different word every time)

5. Seasoned Sea Snails (Canned Whelk as replacement); Game: Guess the people / characters from given picture

6. Beer; Game: Bar Exam Question

7. Sea Snails and Sea Urchin Knife-Cut Noodles (Instant Noodles as replacement); Game: Rock, paper, scissors

8. Pick their own food - Chinese Food Voucher; Game: Expression Speed Quiz

Sleeping Bokbulbok Game:

Find the staff member whose name was written on the piece of paper the member picked. The first four members who found the staffs and brought them to the room would sleep inside.

17 April 2011

The first part of this episode was in Gapa-do.

They finally went to Gapa-do and enjoyed the delicious seafood delicacies. However, only one team would get to eat. On this episode, a new line "MuSeopDang" was born. They played three games: Jegi, Double Jump Rope and Perfect Pitch. The team which won 2 out of 3 games won the delicious food.

The rest of this episode was in Namhae. Each member had to do individual mission to earn individual ingredients. I decided to write about the Namhae mission on Episode 201 & 202 Summary.

1Night 2Days Episode 196 & 197 (86th Trip)

Teddy Bear Delivery Race

1N2D EPISODE 196 & 197 (88th Trip) - Teddy Bear Delivery Race

EPISODE 196 & 197 (88th Trip) - Ulleungdo & Jukdo

Trip Theme: Upgraded Delivery Race (Teddy Bear Delivery Race)

Base camp: Nari Bunji

20 March 2011

This trip is an upgraded delivery race. However for this mission, every member has the same item (a really cute big white teddy bear) to be delivered to Ulleungdo. The first member who arrives in Ulleungdo with his teddy bear safely (hasn't been taken away from him for the duration of the trip) wins sleeping inside and he can choose one other member to sleep inside.

However, the members didn't know that the object inside the box they chose was actually the same item. As usual, they tricked each other. :D Except the innocent Tae Woong =)

For this trip, each member arrived at the opening location separately and they had to choose a box in front of them. They were given an instruction to open the box in their van 5 minutes afterwards. Inside the box, there would be money and boat ticket.

Straight after they arrived in Ulleungdo, they had to run 1.8km along the shores to reach the lighthouse. The first person who put his teddy bear on the chair there, win this race.

27 March 2011

Snack Mission Game: Build a 3m tall Snowman

Dinner Mitra Squid Cooking Competition:

It's inspiring to see 6 men in cooking competition, with fresh mitra squid as the base ingredient. The winner would sleep inside and the member who lost would go with the production team on location shouting for their next trip. The snack card lady (food truck ajumma) was the judge for this competition. And because everyone acknowledged that she favours Seung Gi, to make it fair, this cooking competition was a blind test tasting competition.

Her judging criteria:

"Food must be delicious, but importantly, it must be pleasing to the eyes, the mouth and the ears. It's not just about the taste. It should look good. You have to enjoy the food.

People in the past ate food just to fill their stomachs. But nowadays, it's different.

If the food is pleasing to the eyes, it will taste good too.

There's more than just pleasure of sight and taste.

The sound of the food chewed can also stimulate our appetite.

When someone chews deliciously on food, don't you want to eat it too?"

Her word of wisdom about cooking:

"Cooking is like our mothers.

From experience, you need a mother at a young age.

But you still need your mother when you're older.

I've become a mother and I'm old now.

But I miss my mother.

Food is something you can't live without.

That's why it's like our mothers"

The dishes:

- Raw Seasoned Mitra Squid (Su Guen)

- Tofu Mitra Squid (Seung Gi)

- Mitra Squid Fried Rice (Ji Won)

- Mixed Mitra Squid Noodle (Ho Dong)

- Mitra Squid Curry (Tae Woong)

- Vietnamese Style Boiled Cabbage Mitra Squid Style (Jong Min)

Morning Mission Game - Dried Squid Eating Contest between Old Boys & Young Boys:

There were five dried squid in total and they played games in order to decide the total number of squids for each team. The winning team which ate the allocated number of dried squid the quickest would get to eat a delicious squid intestine soup for breakfast.


1. Strawberry Game

2. 3 6 9 Game

3. Rock, paper, scissor and mukjiba

After the morning mission and breakfast, the members went to Jukdo which is also called the "island of bamboo". A beautiful island which can be accessed by boat from Jejudo.

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1Night 2Days Episode 194 & 195 (87th Trip)

New Member Orientation Trip [Uhm Tae Woong's First Trip]

EPISODE 194 & 195 (87th Trip) -

Trip Theme: New Member Orientation - Uhm Tae Woong First Trip

6 March 2011

After 3 years and 3 months, a new member finally joined 1Night 2Days. The five members were waiting for him at the front of KBS Building at 5am and were excitedly ready to welcome him to the family. But the production team has prepared a surprising new member welcoming ceremony.

Morning Mission - Sleeping Arrangement Mission:

1. The five members go to Uhm Tae Woong's house

2. Wake him up, wash his face, dress him and prepare his breakfast

3. Bring him back to the front of KBS studio

4. If they finish the mission under 1 hour; they still have another mission: all 6 members will sing the song sang by Ho Dong in the previous trip.

5. If they successful on both mission, they'll sleep inside for this trip. If not, sleep outside in a tent.

Uhm Tae Woong's Orientation Missions:

For the mission, each five member would be Tae Woong's mentor (according to their skills), so they had to teach Tae Woong about the rope of the show. On the rest area, Tae Woong would need to complete given missions and if he fails, the mentor would receive punishment of entering a cold sea water. If he's successful, they would get a money allowance.

1. Mukjiba - Mentor: Jong Min. Tae Woong competed against Ji Sangryeol (the master of mujikba from staffs' team)

2. Quizzes (multiplication & capital questions) - Mentor: Seung Gi

Mission continued on next episode....

13 March 2011

3. Get left behind - Mentor: Ji Won. They bet on Ho Dong so if Tae Woong failed the mission, Ho Dong would enter the water.

Mission: Tae Woong had to reach Naksan Beach within 2 hours. He had to find his own way there and if he received help from people, he couldn't say where he's going. So it's a very difficult mission for a shy Tae Woong =)

Brotherhood Bond:

All 6 members entered the cold water sea at Naksan Beach as a new beginning for 1Night 2Days... Awww...

Dinner Bokbulbok Game (Unity Game / Blackout Game. Similar as blackout game they played on Episode 133) - BBQ Camping Food

Morning Mission Game:

Find flag within the base camp, the first three people who found the flag would get breakfast.

1Night 2Days Episode 192 & 193 (86th Trip)

5 Islands Trip


EPISODE 192 & 193 (86th Trip) - Hodo, Somaemuldo, Sonjukdo, Jejudo, Ulleungdo

Trip Theme: Mission Relay Five Islands Special

20 February 2011

Five Islands Mission Relay with different difficulty levels:

- Hodo located in West Sea [Ji Won]; Difficulty Level: 1/2 Star; Mission: Take a picture jumping and make word "L O V E"

- Somaemuldo located in South Coast [Ho Dong]; Difficulty Level: 1 Star; Mission: Get 3 people and sing with the lighthouse in the background

- Sonjukdo located in West Coast [Jong Min]; Difficulty Level: 4 Stars; Mission: Catch any fish over 20cm long

- Jejudo [Seung Gi]; Difficulty Level: 4.5 Stars; Mission: Climb to the top of 1325m Sara Oreum volcanic mountain

- Ulleungdo [Soo Geun]; Difficulty Level: 49000 Stars; Mission: Build a 3m tall snowman

27 February 2011

Due to bad weather and the boat couldn't get to Ulleungdo, Su Guen completed his mission at Jejudo. And Ji Won unfortunately had to stay at Hodo for two extra nights because of bad weather too. Thus, the members failed the relay mission and their punishment was sleeping outdoor.

As they didn't want Ji Won to sleep outdoor alone in Hodo, they decided to play a dinner bokbulbok game and if they won, they would skip their dinner so Ji Won could sleep inside. The production team agreed with their ideas and the members played "image game". The PD basically said one word and the members would need to write the same word associated with that word. Ji Won who was stranded in Hodo participated in the game by phone.

Honestly, I don't really like 1N2D trip where the members had to do separate missions in five different locations. I prefer them to do missions together as a group or in a team.

1Night 2Days Episode 190 & 191 (85th Trip)

Mt. Seorak / Seoraksan Trip


EPISODE 190 & 191 (85th Trip) - Seoraksan Korean National Park

Trip Theme: Seoraksan Hiking Trip

Base camp: Jungcheong Shelter right in front of Daecheongbong

6 February 2011

On previous trip, the members were allowed to choose the destination for this trip. And they decided to choose hiking at Seoraksan and watch the sunrice from Daecheongbong. The first part of this episode was talking about the members' hiking preparation. I particularly loved Eun Ji Won's Special Training: Separate his body and mind. He thought that he would just send his body to Seoraksan and leave his mind at home.

To capture the beauty of Seoraksan, they chose to cover two trails:

A. Blue Trail - Hangyeryeong Course - Beginner Course [Su Guen, Jong Min & Seung Gi]; Distance: 14.4 km (approx 7hours).

B. Red Trail - Baekdamsa Course - Intermediate Course [Ho Dong & Ji Won]; Distance: 8.3km (approx 5hours 20minutes).

Hiking Tips:

Two experts from Seoraksan National Park then briefed the members about everything they needed to know about hiking in a cold mountain, particularly about the safety gear such as climbing iron (which we slip underneath our shoes) and wearing the right clothes. Many hikers show symptoms of hypothermia because they wear cotton clothes. The experts advised that cotton clothes absorb water quickly and dry very slowly, as we usually sweat during hiking, this usually cause hypothermia. Make sure we wear a functional long john suitable for cold weather. It is also extremely important to have food on our bag as we may be separated from the team. Never ever climb a mountain on an empty stomach. We need to eat regularly.

Their hiking began. Ho Dong & Ji Won tackled the more difficult course, which started out with steep 108 stairs. On the other hand, the other team started out with flat ground and both teams were able to enjoy the beautiful Seoraksan Scenery.

13 February 2011

They started having leg cramps along the way and honestly, I admire the members and all 1N2D staffs (especially the camera & video teams). It wasn't an easy trek, and to make things worse, it was extremely cold.

But with their determination, everyone arrived at the base camp (Jungcheong Shelter) safely. I almost tear up when Su Guen arrived at the shelter, and Ho Dong gave a big bear hug. Everyone then hugged each other, relieved that they made it!

They cooked dinner with food they brought from home. And before they slept, everyone talked about their struggles in hiking up this enormous mountain. It's amazing how they encouraged and helped each other throughout this trip, their brotherhood is amazingly strong. One of the reason why I love 1Night 2Days so much. Everyone makes up the show. They have their own unique personalities and contributions to the show.

The next morning, they hiked up together to see the gorgeous morning sunrise from Daecheongbong. It's absolutely gorgeous!

1Night 2Days Episode 188 & 189 (84th Trip)

1st Delivery Race


EPISODE 188 & 189 (84th Trip) - Gari-san Natural Recreation Forest, Hongcheon, Gangwon Province

Trip Theme: Delivery Race

Base camp: Mountain Cozy Cabin at Gari-san Natural Recreation Forest

23 January 2011

Delivery Race Mission:

Each member would carry an object (which was decided by bokbulbok coffee vending machine game) and they had to deliver this object safely to the table in "hen pheasant room" at Gari-san Natural Recreation Forest. The winning member would win prize of securing sleeping placement inside the cozy cabin along with two other members of his choice.

The objects to be delivered:

- A marked raw egg (Ho Dong)

- A pair of white sneakers (Soo Geun)

- A bowl of water (Ji Won)

- A lighted candle (Jong Min)

- 500 pieces puzzle (Seung Gi)

Each member would travel in individual designated car and on the way, they would stop in one rest area. If the object they'd delivered was still safe, they could ask lunch allowance money with the condition they had to spend all allowance in that rest area. Of course they could team up with another member, if they wanted to.

The delivery race episode is one of my favorite 1N2D episode as we could see how brilliantly everyone betrayed each other in order to win the race! No-one wanted to sleep outdoor in a -17degree weather. It must've been extremely cold.

30 January 2011

Napping Waking-Up Game

Prize: A glass of water

Everyone was basically tired after an exhausting delivery race, so they took a nap in a cozy warm cabin. Instead of waking them up using song, the production team came up with a genius idea. They chose one person (Su Guen), approached him, then he had to acted out the phrase given by the PD Na to the next person (basically waking him up). Then the next person had to do the same thing to the next person until the last person who had to give the correct phrase answer.

Before Dinner Game - 007 Bang

While waiting for the bokbulbok dinner game, they played around with a plastic spoon. Basically they hit one another with spoon on the face. It looked painful :D To make it fun, they decided to play 007 Bang game:

1. One person shoot another person (using their hands) and the two people on either side of the chosen person lift their hands

2. If they fail to lift their hands, they will be hit with a plastic spoon

Bokbulbok Dinner Game - Barbeque:

They were given a series of games in order to win individual BBQ dishes listed below:

1. Vegetable BBQ; Game: Choose one can of soda which doesn't have any foams

2. Cuttlefish BBQ; Game: Open a bottle of wine using any tool you can find on the camp / cabin and pour the wine into a glass. One condition: they forgot to bring the wine opener (so cannot use the wine opener)

3. Scallops BBQ; Game: Bokbulbok Karaoke Game. They were given a karaoke book, and they had to choose the column, the row and left or right page. Then, they had to open any page on the book to determine the song they'd be singing. It was hilarious as everyone tried to sing the song using their own lyrics. :D

4. Prawn BBQ; Game: Finish a tub of ice cream under 2 minutes. Twist: As the members couldn't complete the ice cream mission, they thought this was mission impossible. They challenged the staffs to do the same missions and if the staffs win, the members would sleep outside!

5. Pork BBQ; Game: Speed Quiz - Answer two given 4-5 sentences under 5 minutes

6. Beef & Pork Steak BBQ; Game: Speed Quiz - Answer two given stories under 10 minutes

They would be able to eat the food immediately after they won each game. If they lost, their managers were the ones who would enjoy the food.

Morning Mission:

- Divide into two teams (Comedians [Ho Dong & Su Guen] v Singers [Ji Won, Jong Min & Seung Gi])

- Wake up at 5 in the afternoon.

- The team which stay at their tent the longest win breakfast and they can't leave their tent for any reason

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1Night 2Days Episode 185 - 187 (83rd Trip)

Foreign Workers Special Christmas Trip


EPISODE 185, 186 & 187 (83rd Trip) - Gyeongpodae, Gangneung Seongyojang, Gangwondo

Trip Theme: Second Global Special (Foreign Worker)

Special Foreign Worker Guests:

- Kareuki from Nepal (paired up with Kang Ho Dong)

- Yeyang from Myanmar (paired up with Lee Seung Gi)

- Sowan from Cambodia (paired up with Kim Jong Min)

- Ahkil from Pakistan (paired up with Eun Ji Won)

- Khan from Bangladesh (paired up with Lee Su Geun)

2 January 2011

The first foreign worker special episode begins as each 1N2D member chose and called the respective companies of the foreign workers. The next day, they picked up the workers from their workplace and began their 1night 2days vacation together. This is one of the heartwarming episode as each member got to know their respective foreign worker better as they traveled in separate cars to Gyeongpodae.

The first game they played was the human zero game and unfortunately, not all team won the game hence no lunch for them.

9 January 2011

The teams which lost the human zero game were given a chance to play another human zero game on the beach. One team lost again and the member bravely entered the cold water sea in order to get lunch for his foreign worker teammate. This is the reason I love 1Night 2Days show, the members always take good care of the show's guests.

Another sweet-bonding moment for the members & foreign workers as they leisurely played around on the beach, sang with each other and fed cotton candy. Cute =)

Basecamp for this episode is Korean Traditional House (at Gangneung Seongyojang), which has been passed down & preserved for 10 long generations - a 300 years old house which has traditional and history of Korea.

For dinner, because the foreign workers have different religion and beliefs, they decided to cook meals which everyone can eats. Kareuki was in charge for cooking a delicious chicken curry for everyone and it was touching to see them sharing dinner together.

Dinner Bokbulbok Game: 99 seconds commercial, in which they need to finish the assigned missions within the set time limit (3 minutes) and they can't make any mistakes omit any steps below. If they are successful, they will get all the ingredients to make the chicken curry.

The game's theme is Korean Restaurant:

1. Kang Ho Dong shouts "We're having a get-together tonight"

2. Everyone needs to take their shoes off and enters the restaurant

3. Inside the restaurant, the 2 youngest people will need to lay out the napkins & silverware

4. Open bottles with spoons 2 times in a row and pour a drink for everyone

5. Pass the drinks and say "cheers"

6. Say "thank you for the food"

7. Then they need to quickly go out, put their shoes on and stand in a line

8. One representative from the foreign worker will need to pay, so he will go to the counter & ask how much it is

9. Pay the exact amount

10. One member will need to drink a cup of hot coffee and then everyone will do a group jump roping five times

16 January 2011

The episode which made me bawling and couldn't stop crying. PD Na said that he had a special gift for each foreign worker. Then, they started playing the recorded video message from the family of foreign worker. It was very touching as we saw how hard it is for everyone to leave behind their loved ones in their countries and pursue their dreams & work hard to provide for their family.

But this was not the end. A truly special gift was awaiting for each of them in their room and it was their family! A bitter-sweet reunion with their family - a real value of family. I live far away with my family and it's been almost 2 years since I last saw them. So I know how hard it is to live without your family.

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Happy Sunday ratings -v- Our One Night ratings -v- I like Sunday ratings

1N2D ratings -v- I am a Singer ratings -v- Running Man ratings

Ratings are extremely important in South Korea and I'd love 1N2D to retain their number 1 ratings for as long as they can.

Because 1N2D is part of Happy Sunday program, so the ratings are the overall ratings of Happy Sunday (Qualifications of Men + 1N2D). Sometimes, they released 1N2D individual ratings.

Ratings source: dc1n2d & lsgfan

Sunday Night Programs Ratings

13 November 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 0.4% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 19.3%Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 11.8%I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 15.7%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 27.1%

I am a Singer: 12.4%

Running Man: 16.8%

6 November 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 2% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 18.9%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 14.1%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 15.8%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 26.4%

I am a Singer: 14.9%

Running Man: 16.9%

30 October 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 0.7% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 16.9%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 15.1%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 14.5%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 25.2%

I am a Singer: 15.1%

Running Man: 14.5%

23 October 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were down 3.4% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 16.2%

Our One Night [I am a Singer - Australia Special] (MBC): 16.4%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 14.6%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 22.4%

I am a Singer: 17.3%

Running Man: 14.6%

16 October 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were down 0.2 % from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 19.6%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 12.9%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: --- Not aired due to baseball game ---

Source: Osen

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 25.7%

I am a Singer: 12.2%

Running Man: --- Not aired due to baseball game ---

9 October 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 2.4 % from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 19.8%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 13.8%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 13.7%

Source: Star MT

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 25.4%

I am a Singer: 14.7%

Running Man: 14.7%

2 October 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were down 0.3 % from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 17.4%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 13.8%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 13.8%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 23.9%

I am a Singer: 14.8%

Running Man: 14.6%

25 September 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 0.3 % from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 17.7%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 15.7%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man]: 14.3%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 23.3%

I am a Singer: 16.6%

Running Man: 15.4%

18 September 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 1.5 % from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 17.4%

Our One Night [I am a Singer] (MBC): 13.2%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man + Victory]: 10.6%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 22.3%

I am a Singer: 13.9%

Running Man: 16.2%

11 September 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

Note: It's Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday weekend in Korea so as expected, the ratings were down. The news of Kang Ho Dong retirement from the entertainment industry also contributed to the sharp rating fall for Happy Sunday.

===> Happy Sunday ratings were down 3% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 15.9%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 10.8%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man + Victory]: 8.2%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 20.7%

I am a Singer: 11.4%

Running Man: 13.2%

4 September 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 0.2% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 18.9%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 9.7%

I Like Sunday (SBS) [Running Man + Victory]: 9.1%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 24.4%

I am a Singer: 10.3%

Running Man: 14%

28 August 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 1.5% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 18.7%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 11%

I Like Sunday (SBS): 9.5%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 23.5%

I am a Singer: 11.7%

Running Man: 14.8%

21 August 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings were up 2.1% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 17.2%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 11.7%

I Like Sunday [Running Man + Kiss & Cry] (SBS): 10.8%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 22.4%

I am a Singer: 12.5%

Running Man: 13.4%

14 August 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings declined 4.8% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 15.1%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 9.5%

I Like Sunday [Running Man + Kiss & Cry] (SBS): 11.9%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 18.4%

I am a Singer: 12.7%

Running Man: 13.9%

7 August 2011 (AGB Nielsen)

===> Happy Sunday ratings rose 1.6% from last week <===

Happy Sunday [Qualifications of Men + 1N2D] (KBS): 19.9%

Our One Night [House Dream + I am a Singer] (MBC): 8.4%

I Like Sunday [Running Man + Kiss & Cry] (SBS): 12%

Individual Ratings:

1N2D: 25.9%

I am a Singer: 11.5%

Running Man: 14.7%


1N2D Controversy

As a popular reality TV show, 1Night 2Days bounds to draw lots of critiques from the viewers.

In the past, they've been faced with controversy such as "the members smoking scenes", "members traffic law offense", "lunch money allowance manipulation", "Busan baseball performance" and the latest one was from the episode aired last Sunday (episode 211).

Viewers argued that they heard the members spoke words that they were not supposed to say on a tv show! The two related scenes were from the watermelon game & chicken fight scenes. I won't tell you the members' name as this controversy was quickly resolved by the production team by releasing the original footage of these scenes. After watching the original footage, it is proven that the members didn't say any profanity words.

Honestly, I am annoyed that this littlest thing exploded into so many untruth stories being told about 1Night 2Days! Okay, the past controversies might be because of the fault of 1N2D team for not editing the footage carefully, but for this latest episode, honestly, just give the guys a break!

They had a tough and long day. They traveled long hours from Seoul to reach Gwanmaedo then had to shoot all night long and they did their best to entertain us. Obviously, they're tired and exhausted. And to make things worse, the rating for this episode dropped drastically (5.9%). I am quite upset reading the news about this untrue controversy.

KBS World 1Night 2Days Schedule

- 1Night 2Days (un-subbed) on KBS World every Sunday at around 6PM KST

- 1Night 2Days English Subbed on KBS World every Monday at 8PM KST / re-run every Friday at 11.10PM KST

Note that 1Night 2Days English Subbed is three weeks behind that the original / un-subbed 1Night 2Days


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    8 years ago

    The actors special are much more entertaining than the actresses, but I prefer the 6 guys having a great time together, they don't need guests for this best variety show in 4 consecutive years. Thank you for all the recaps....

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    9 years ago

    Looking forward for the Actress Special Episodes, Nice Summary


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