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2 Bit Pie: The Making of A Band

Updated on October 30, 2012

How do you bake a 2 Bit Pie?

First you start with a heaping of Fluke. This was an English group from electronica’s early days that has stayed in the music world with works featured on numerous multi-media hits across the years (such as Matrix Reloaded and Sin City). Then you divide this in half and take the best of what remains. That’s because 2 Bit Pie is made up in large part of the work from Fluke members Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler.

Next you need to add in twenty years of musical experience along with the possibilities offered by new technology. Flavor this combination sparsely with the influence of multiple-genre-spanning producer Andy Gray (who has worked with leading names like Korn and Paul Oakenfeld). He is an established figure in the music industry and he adds an important taste to the 2 Bit Pie band.

Next you should blend in the skills of several different track guest stars, including the beats of Robin Goodrich (drummer for Bush). Mix well, so that the resulting concoction is a dish all its own. This makes up the basic pie that is the heart of the electronica band.

But that isn’t all. This basic pie must be decorated with only the most delectable of toppings in the form of female vocalists who compliment the voice of Fluke’s vocalist Jon Fugler. Head all the way to Japan to get the best in the form of Yuki, the stunning Japanese vocalist whose experience in the world of trip hop puts the icing and sugar sprinkles on the 2 Bit Pie. Add in the diverse vocals of other women including English singer-songwriter Marli Buck and dance music vocalist Louise Marshall and you’ve got a pie worthy of any musical bakery.

Okay, enough of the metaphor. 2 Bit Pie is an eelctronica band that put out some great hits for a couple of years and it’s a fun band to listen to if you like this type of music. It’s also a good band to look at from a business perspective since this band epitomizes success in musical collaboration. The sheer number of people who are featured on the band’s 2006 CD Two Pie Island combined with the influence of multiple individuals and music genres is a testimony to that collaboration.

But more than this, the seamlessness of the shifts between tracks speaks to the ability of each artist to offer the best of individual talents without outshining the others. What baked goods and music groups have in common is that they are both better when made with love, and it is clear that the love of music was what went into the making of 2 Bit Pie. Oops, I returned to the metaphor again, didn’t I? It’s tough not to compare this band to the making of a great meal because it’s all about the combination of the right flavors and sounds to create a mixture that is better than the sum of its parts.

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