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2 Days & 1 Night with Park Bo-gum

Updated on May 2, 2017

2 Days & 1 Night

2 Days & 1 Night is one of the most successful and longest running reality TV shows in South Korea. It was first aired on August 5, 2007 and has been consistently acquiring awards and recognition until the present time. Currently, the show has 6 casts named Kim Jong-min, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Joon-ho, Defconn, Yoon Shi-yoon, and Jung Joon-young. The motto of the show is "Real Wild Road Variety," having a main concept of going to various places that they would recommend their audience, and doing it just within South Korea. Episodes are being broadcast on KBS2.

On August 14, 2016 they released their first broadcast of their 214th trip with the hottest renowned actor, Park Bo-gum who has won 7 KBS awards since 2015. Park Bo-gum joined the casts on 3 episodes in going around Jecheon and Chungcheonbuk. The actor already had a cameo appearance back in 2015 on the show's 103rd episode, so the entire cast was more than delighted to finally work with the actor.

2 Days & 1 Night: Travel With Your Friends PART 1

The show's introduction of Park Bo-gum was a surprise to everyone who didn't expect that he will be joining them, though they were more than delighted to see him. One of the casts was even joking about the girls who suddenly appeared, saying that they were just supposed to be in the car waiting but all of a sudden they were watching the shoot. Park Bo-gum thanked the show for inviting him as a guest then gave each cast member a mosquito spray, so that they wouldn't get mosquito bites while filming. The casts all thanked him, saying that he was so nice.

The team was divided in two. Team Tae-hyun consists of Jong-min, Defconn and handsome Bo-gum, while Team Jun-ho has Joon-young, Shi-yoon and Jun-hyun. Both teams should accumulate as many mileage points that they could acquire depending on the travel distance, food, local tourist attraction and activities.

To earn money for their trip, they all danced crazily as if there was no tomorrow. They also played Human Magnet where each team player had to stick coins to their bodies without holding them and get as much as they can. It turned out that they had to dance to get sweaty enough for the coins to stick to any part of their body. The cast took this opportunity to ask Bo-gum to take off his shirt, playfully mentioning that the activity was actually just for Bo-gum because nobody would want to see any of them shirtless. Bo-gum didn't take off his shirt but he did very well in doing his task with his own tactics. The casts suddenly cracked up when he said that there were coins left on his crotch, all the way to his legs and shoes. This is how honest and innocent Bo-gum is, not realizing that it was something interesting for the world to see as he groped in between his legs to pull out the mischievous coins from his pants.

To get gas, the two teams were asked to drink as many glasses of beverage as they could. The gas would depend on the liters of liquid that each team could drink. The casts briefly interviewed Bo-gum by asking if he drinks beer and this was instantly responded to by saying that he doesn't drink alcohol and he doesn't smoke as well. Park Bo-gum was the first one who started gulping the glasses of sports drink, with his team members cheering for him as he drank 1 glass after the other. They teased him about his adam's apple, saying that he looked very manly as he gulped each glass, and it looked as if he was actually advertising a sports drink. The entire challenge was hilarious with everyone's attention over Bo-gum. The casts also made fun of each other. Bo-gum surprisingly finished 4 glasses then later on finished 1 and a half more which gained another positive reaction from the casts. The challenge was completed with both teams getting the gas that they needed for their trip.

It was Bo-gum who searched for places to go via internet and as they headed towards their destination, he was bombarded with questions in the car. He was asked if he has a girlfriend, for which he instantly answered with "No. I don't." He was also asked about which one he prefers between Kim You-jung and Irene but he gave a safe answer saying "They're both great". When he was asked between Hyeri and Irene, he playfully said "That's a boring question." The entire team laughed their heart out. The conversation continued by asking him if he dated anyone so he was quick to say yes. By this time, he was already scratching his head as they kept on shooting questions. Nevertheless, he was consistent in keeping such a sweet smile on his face despite the playful interrogation.

They finally arrived at the Big Swing though Jong-min suddenly locked himself in the car as he got a glimpse of the scary ride in the air. Bo-gum persuaded him to get out of the car which was easily done in seconds. As Jongmin joined them, the actor worked his magic by convincing him to go with them in the thrill ride. He couldn't say no with Bo-gum's angelic eyes and his soft voice saying "It will be a good memory."

2 Days & 1 Night: Travel With Your Friends PART 2

Team Tae-hyun decided to do paragliding though as usual, Jong-min was nervous about this. In the car, they talked about Bo-gum's magic and Jong-min admitted that he couldn't resist his angelic face so he fell for the plan. They also joked that Bo-gum's voice was a bit like an angel whispering to their ears.

Bo-gum contacted Danyang to inquire about paragliding. After the call, the guys continued with their endless questions. They asked the handsome actor questions about singing and songwriting and were also interested about his studies. They even asked him about when he would like to get married and Bo-gum answered this saying that it would be before he turns 40.

They stopped for lunch before proceeding to their next destination. The ever so kind Bo-gum with perfect manners made sure that they were all relaxed. He set up the table and checked for the distance going to Danyang while waiting for their food. While the guys were munching on the different dishes served, Bo-gum immediately stood up and asked for broth from the lady, as one of the guys commented that he wanted more. He also took liberty in getting a pitcher of water from the fridge then put some cups on the table. He was about to start pouring water when one of the guys felt embarrassed, telling Bo-gum that he was the one doing everything though he's actually the guest. Everyone finally finished their meal but Bo-gum was still cleaning his bowl down to the last grain of rice. The guys were amazed that the lean actor was actually a big eater, attacking every food with a big bite or stuffing it in his mouth.

They finally reached their destination safely with Bo-gum as their driver. Hence, their goal to do paragliding was completed though Jongmin didn't join this time.

2 Days & 1 Night: Travel with Your Friends PART 3

A girl fan of Bo-gum was chosen to play with him by eating sour lemons. The girl couldn't bear to look at Bo-gum's eyes because she was too nervous so Bo-gum teased her by looking into her eyes. She also didn't want to hug him because she was too sweaty but then Bo-gum still hugged her after the Lemon-eating activity.

The team went to some local attractions to take pictures then headed towards the market for their dinner. After feeding themselves with too much food, there was an army of people waiting outside to see Park Bo-gum. He looked a bit nervous but he was able to stay cool and greeted everyone. He even took a group picture of his team and the fans.

Thinking that it was the end of the day and that they could get some rest, the director suddenly said they have to play a game called "Sleeping Indoors or Outdoors." This made the cast and Bo-gum anxious when they found out that the losing team will drive all the way to the winning team's destination. Luckily, Bo-gum's team won for doing their best so Team Junho had to leave their lodging place and travel to the winning team's place.

The next day, it was time to announce the overall winning team so the mileage points was revealed in the table below. As expected and as everyone wished, Bo-gum's team won!

Mileage Points

Team Taehyun (WINNER)
Team Junho
Total Travel Distance
Local Tourist Attaction
Social Media Votes
20 (2030 votes)
(1406 votes)
OVERAL Mileage Points
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