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20 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix to Watch Now

Updated on December 20, 2016

Irrespective of the kind of comedy you might like to watch, Netflix is a platform that offers multiple options for almost every taste. It could be an animated version of Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, Family Guy or Archer. Presently, Netflix is airing some amazing set of comedy shows that can not only entertain you but also contribute as a stress buster, especially in the busy times that we live in today. If you are wondering what all option you have, we have ranked some of the popular shows on air at the moment. The list is an updated one and includes both old and new shows. We welcome you to post your comments and suggestions to help us update the list from time to time. Watching any of these can really add the fun element to your life. Despite being of the same genre, each of these stories are different in one aspect or the other. Till then, we have the recommendations below:

  1. Wilfred: Broadcasted since 2011, it is down to its 4 season now. The series stars Elijah Wood, Fiona Gubelmann, and Jason Gann, while the brains behind the show is a team of Jason Gann, David Zuckerman, and Adam Zwar. It has been based on an Australian series where the character played by Elijah i.e. Ryan is depressed due to his failure to become a successful lawyer. Eventually, he thinks of committing a suicide. However, the twist comes in when his neighbor named Gubelmann comes in between and asks him to watch her dog. The comedy starts from here as a series of funny events follows with Wilfred attempting Ryan to get out of depression.
  2. Cuckoo: Released in 2012, this is the 3rd season of this hilarious series. Created by Robin French and Kieron Quirke, the series stars Greg Davies, Andy Samberg, Esther Smith, Helen Baxendale, and Taylor Launtner. A British sitcom, the series had been highly popular when aired on BBC Three in 2012. Andy Samberg plays the key character where he is a hippy who is just engrossed in tripping on the peyote and doing everything to stay away from work. The fun begins when he is inspired to write a book full of his deep thoughts but is attempting to make sure that he has all the rest he needs for his brain to be prepared with power of his thoughts. Other characters like Rachel, and Ken are also a treat to watch with their funny expressions and reactions.
  3. Grace & Frankie: Running into its 2nd season. The series stars Jane Fonda, Sam Waterson, Lily Tomlin, and Martin Sheen. The fun part of this series lies in the attempts made by Jane (Grace) and Lily (Frankie) to maintain a cordial relationship despite being unfriendly with each other. It gets even better when things take a dramatic turn after it is revealed that both their husbands are not only work partners but have been having an affair for the last 20 years. Both the husbands end up giving a divorce to their respective wives and begin a new relationship. With a phenomenal cast and a story that has already helped Tomlin to get nominated for Emmy & Golden Globe for her character.
  4. The Ranch: A new series that was released by Jim Patterson and Don Reo this year, it stars Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, and Elisha Cuthbert. An original Netflix series, you would see reunification of 2 stars from the 70s Show. They are reunited for the 1st time ever since the show went off air. Ashton plays the role of a former high school football hero who had led a team for the state championship. He was later on forced to come back to Colorado at his family ranch. Masterson who plays the character of Rooster had been out doing his family business while Ashton i.e. Colt had been living outside. Sam Elliott who plays the role of a patriarch to the family brings in a comedic spin to the tale and makes the series as hilarious as it can be.
  5. Jane the Virgin: Airing since 2014, it is in its 2nd season this year. A script by Jennie Snider Urman, the series stars Gina Rodriguez, Yael Grobglas, Andrea Navedo, and Ivonne Coll. After being hit with the 1st two seasons, the series is now available on Netflix. It has also been nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Television Series. Gina Rodriguez had also bagged the award for best actress in a television series for her lead character in this series. Playing a young religions working women, Jane (Rodriguez) pays a visit to a doctor where she gets artificially inseminated. Being an accident, the tongue-in-cheek humor adds the fun element to the series. It has a number or dramatic elements that develops while the series moves further. Jane’s mother acts against the wish of her continuing with the pregnancy while Alba (grandmother of Jane) supports the decision.
  6. F is for Family: Released in 2015, the creator of this series is Michael Price and Bill Burr. It stars Laura Dern, Haley Reinghart, Bill Burr, and Sam Rockwell. It is among the most anticipated Netflix Original animated series. The announcement for its release on Netflix was made long time back in 2014 but viewers had to wait for about a year for it to be released. Being an animated series, it draws comparisons from Family Guy and The Simpsons which too revolved around a family. Running over 6 episodes in the 1st season, the second season is expected to feature about 12 episodes. The entire story is pretty hilarious which revolves around the story of Burr as a child in a middle class family from the 70s era.
  7. Family Guy: An animated series that has been running since 1999, Family Guy is based on the Griffin family that continues to entertain the viewers with outlandish stunts. Seth MacFarlane who besides being the brain behind the series stars along with Alex Borstein, Patrick Warburton, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis. MacFarlane who plays the character of Peter Griffin (patriarch of the family) has a family comprising of his wife named Lois and children Meg and Chris. They also have the smartest dog as a member of the family. The series has bagged about 5 Emmy Awards, it is certainly a treat to watch. The relationship of Stewie with Brain along with a talking baby and a talking dog are the elements that bring the humorous twists and turns to the story.
  8. Trailer Park Boys: Launched way back in 2001, the series is running its 10 season. The brain behind the show is Mike Clattenburg and stars Robb Wells, John, Dunsworth, Tyrone Parsons, Lucy Decoutere, and Sarah Dunsworth among the many characters in this series. Clattenburg offers a Canadian mockumentary that revolves around 3 small-time felons living at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. It has been based on the Clattenburg which was a file that got released in the year 1999. The best thing about the series is the manner Netflix had revived it after it has come to an end after the 7th series. Bubbles, Julian and Ricky are the lead characters who throughout the series come up with different schemes of making money and avoiding the law. The twist and the fun element is brought in when one is about to believe that the trio has been successful with their schemes but they end up falling flat on their faces.
  9. Gilmore Girls: Airing since 2000s, it is now running its 8th season this year. Amy Sherman- Palladino is the brainchild of this popular comedy series. It stars Alexis Bledel, Keiko Agenda, Melissa McCarthy, Edward Herrmann, Kelly Bishop, Lauren Grahman, and Yanic Truesdale. For the last decade or so, Gilmore Girls had been among the popular comedy shows that featured Lorelai Gilmore played by Grahman and Rory Gilmore played by Bledel. They had been coined as one of the most sarcastic as well as quickest talking mother and daughter in the history of television. Lorelai who is a 32 year old single mother of Rory who is a teenager. Both the characters are often mistaken to be sisters but the charm about their on-screen chemistry and relationship adds the fun element for the viewers.
  10. The Office (U.K.): The 1st series was released in 2001 and has over 2 seasons on Netflix. Idea by Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant, the show stars Ricky himself along with Mackenzie Crook and Marting Freeman. It is one of those shows that has been regarded to have given birth to mockumentary-styled comedy which is emulated by several shows like Modern Family. It is a series which introduces Ricky Gervais along with David Brent. Brent is a manager at an office which faces downsizing issues. It revolves around the developments and story of the employees while they continue with their lives and the sudden changes. It is also the 1st time when American viewers are watching Freeman starring as Tim who besides not behind interested to be at the job is one of the most likeable guys at office.
  11. Freaks & Geeks: Released in the year 1999 it is a single season series created by Paul Feig. The show stars John Francis Daley, Linda Cardellini, Jason Segel, Busy Phillips, Martin Starr, and Samm Levine. Paul Feing has made it a high school comedy along with Judd Apatow being the executive producer. Cardellinini playing the character of Lindsay Weir is the lead character who seems to be reeling due to the death of her grandmother. This leads to a scenario where she starts hanging around with a team of burnouts causing concerns among her parents and younger brother. Sam who is played by Daley is the younger brother fitting in the category of geeks whereby Neil and Bill who are his friends get bullied by fellow students. However, they create a hilarious scenario and still stand for themselves. It is spread over 18 episodes and only has a season to watch.
  12. Comedy Bang! Bang!: It was released in 2012 and is running into its 4 season. Created by Dan Pasternack, Erin Keating and Scott Aukerman, the show stars Scott himself along with Neil Campbell and Reggie Watts. The series has been based on a podcast which is among the 1st and probably a unique idea in its own. It is a very light-hearted comedy which shows late-night talk show by Scott Aukerman acting as a host of a late night talk show. He hosts a number of celebrity guests on his show who play with the dry sense of humor by the host himself. It sees a combination of sketch comedy, outright goofiness and animations offering about each and every element that requires to make this show hilarious.
  13. Maron: Running since 2013 the series is playing the 3rd season currently. It has been created by Marc Maron who also stars in the show along with the likes of Judd Hirsch, Nora Zehetner, Dave Anthony, Andy Kindler and Josh Brener. Being a veteran standup comedian, Marc is playing the character of a fictionalized version of himself. The podcast allows Maron to carve out a totally new approach to expressing as well as revealing things about himself. He ends up recording his most popular as well as successful podcast in the garage. The character is definitely funny and somewhat a neurotic mess that goes after a twitter troll. The show will be a treat to watch for the fans of Marc with the podcast definitely being a popular element from this IFC series.
  14. Californication: The series has completed its 7th series and has been playing since 2007. Tom Kapinos has created the story while David Duchovny, Evan Handler, Natascha McElhone and Pamela Adlon play the main characters. It is a show about a self-loathing, alcoholic, self-destructive and a drug addict writer. It does sound interesting and can definitely soak you in it to stay tuned for each of its seasons. Duchovny plays Hank Moody who is an individual that is unable to save himself from the situation he has led himself into. A blur in between drama and comedy is what the show features. You will laugh out loud and definitely appreciate the efforts to create a drama. Moody tries everything to get himself out of self-despair and ends up consuming more alcohol, drugs, indulging in relationships and making bad decisions.
  15. How I met Your Mother: A highly popular series that has been aired since 2005 is running into its 9th season. Ideated by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the series has gained acclamation across the globe. Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel & Cobie Smulders are the lead characters in the series. Ted Mosby played by Radnor shares his story to his teenage children in the manner he met their mother. Despite being dumped several times and made to believe that there is nothing such as a happy ending, Ted remains a classic romantic individual believing in love and happy endings. The 1st episode showed the start of something that looked to be a life-long relationship but a number of ups and downs make inroads to the story.
  16. Scrubs: Running since 2001, the series has seen over 9 seasons now. Idea of Bill Lawrence and played by celebrities like Donald Faison, Zach Braff, Neal Flynn, Ken Jenkins, John McGinley, and Sarah Chalke. Scrubs seems to be a lot better than similar stories and makes you laugh throughout the show. Braff playing Dr. John J.D. Dorian a medical intern who works at Sacred Heart Hospital with an old friend as well as a roommate. The two work in 2 different fields at the hospital but J.D. and Turk’s bromance shows them in a number of awful situations. JD is working under Dr. Cox and is not interested to buddy him and cut the chances where he can eliminate the chances of being called by different women names. But being the top doctor in the hospital besides being a jerk Dr. Cox receives respect from people across the hospital.
  17. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The show started last year and season 2 has already received a lot of popularity. It has been created by Robert Carlock and Tina Fey. Starring Jane Krakowski, Ellie Kemper, Jon Hamm, Carol Kane, and Titus Burgess, it is inspired from the creators of 30 Rock and is a Netflix Original series. The story is about Kimmy Schmidt played by Kemper who is moving out of New York after being rescued from the underground bunker. She had been kidnapped and stayed in the bunker for over 15 years after being kidnapped by Hamm playing the cult leader. She gets a place to live and shares a ground apartment with Titus whereby Lillian plays the landlord. Later on she gets a job as a babysitter at a millionaire’s house named Jacqueline Vorhees who has a number of issues to deal with. The show is definitely on the lighter side but can be an inspiring series for the viewers. It has already received nominations at Emmy for outstanding comedy series while Ellie Kemper bagged the nomination for the lead role in season 2.
  18. Bojack Horseman: Released in 2014, it is in its 3rd season now. Raphael Bob-Waksberg is the man behind the story while Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Paul F. Tompkins, Alison Brie and Patton Oswalt play the leads to enact the story. It is a Netflix Original series with BoJack Horseman being a dark comedy about an anthropomorphic horse named Arnett. He was a star of Horsin about 2 decades back and remains a forgotten sitcom actor who clings on to his past even today. BoJack stays in Hollywood along with his roommate named Todd played by Paul. He is seen trying to resurrect the career along with his girlfriend as well as an agent named Princess Carolyn. Regarded as one of the best original comedy series on Netflix, the second season was released in July this year. Arnett gives the best performance which is even better than one in Arrested Development. The series depicts some amazing animations with a number of guest appearances that includes the one by Stephen Colbert.
  19. Archer: This series was released way back in 2009. It runs its 6 seasons now and has been the brainchild of Adam Reed. The series stars H. Jon Benjamin, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler and Jessica Walter. The character of Sterling Archer is played by Benjamin who is a secret spy. However, he has a few issues due to his mom and is a heck of a drinker. But the funny part is that he makes all the attempt despite these issues to get the entire job done. Having links with the ISIS spy agency, Archer works in collaboration with his girlfriend Lana played by Tyler as well as Cyrill and Pam played by Parnell and lash. This animated series is full of action which shows some amazing car chases and includes scenarios where the Pope is seen at the backseat in an episode. The scenes are not limited to land but extends to both underwater, air and over water.
  20. Friends: dating back to the early 1994, the show has seen over 10 seasons. It still remains a popular watch for many and had been created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It stars Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Mathew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer. It remained a must see TV series that featured every Thursday on NBC. Definitely the best of the comedy series till date, the story is based in New York. It revolves around the lives of friends who try to balance their personal and professional lives. Rachel played by Aniston is a runaway bride who also is an old friend of Monica played by Cox. She suddenly meets her at the Central Perk coffeehouse which is among the 3 central locations shown in the show throughout. There are a series of humorous developments with 6 characters playing as family going through highs and lows together across the 10 seasons.

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The shows mentioned above are have not been ranked from top to bottom but acts as a recommended list for the users of Netflix. There are hundreds of shows that are currently available on the platform and the above 20 are only a selected list to help users get an idea of some comedies they could watch and enjoy. These would definitely add an element of fun while giving the access to its users to watch as and when they like.


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