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20 Most Memorable Commercials In last 60 Years

Updated on September 8, 2009

Here is a list of the 20 most memorable advertising slogans for the last 60 years.

1. 1948 “Diamond is forever” This slogan was created by N.W. Ayers & Sons for DeBeers; It has been used in their commercials for several decades. A young aspiring copywriter had a dream and in this dream came up with this still famous line. Also it was once sequaled in the famous 1971 James bond film this will be on our minds forever

2. 1950 “They’re G-r-r-r-r-r-r-T!” Who can ever forget Tony the Tiger he G-r-r- T! his way into American pop culture early for this memorable phrase. Tony the tiger’s slogan currently stands as the longest running in television history. Of course tony has had his own ups and downs being married and divorced now with one child. I’m sure America will watch this character evolved in many different ways over the next decade let’s stay tuned.

3. 1957 “Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break” This slogan has been around since the late 50’s but really took off during the 80’s when young execs were breaking into song over the wafer bar.

4. 1959 “Rice A Roni the San Francisco Treat” here is another famous American jingle this is a jingle that inspired many mom and pop shops to tune into the American dream since this was just a small corner store which turned into the Golden grain macaroni company into the giant powerhouse. It was eventually bought by Quaker oats in the late 80s for 300 million

5. 1961 “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” This overseas vacuum maker used this slogan to market internationally. Many people assumed that this slogan had a discrepancy when someone tried to translate it. It actually was very successful and they sucked their way into many American homes.

6. 1965 “The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in Your Cup” This is a famous slogan from Folgers coffee. It has managed to grab American icon status by its catchy jingle and soap opera like commercials through the years.

7. 1972 “Hey Mikey.. He Likes It!” This life cereal commercial was one featuring two brothers at breakfast while double daring each other to try the new healthy cereal. Little Mikey comes in and normally hates everything dives into the cereal box and eats every last one. While their astonished brothers looked on in amazement.

8. 1975 “Don’t Leave Home without It” this is a traditional American slogan for American Express this started a international war of plastic money with each company coming up with their own but this one will forever be the original.

9. 1980 “It Keeps Going and Going and… “Who can forget the energizer bunny this ageless slogan featured a cool pink bunny wearing parada shades as he went with the beat of the drum. This bunny has even hit the primetime by being in countless movies and primetime TV shows.

10.   1985 “By Mennen!” For a slogan that is only two words it has a way of sticking in your mind when you go to the store. It was a simple three note jingle. It is interesting how well people are drawn to their product because of it. Mennen products also create teen spirit a song sung by Nirvana that will ever immortalize them.


11.   1986 “Pardon Me do you have any grey Poupon?” This add featured gentlemen usually in highly priced cars that pull up next to each other and roll down the window because he did not have any sauce for his bread.


12.   1987 “I’ve fallen and can’t get Up” Forever now merged with 1990s pop culture this slogan was the butt end jokes of many comedians.  It was originally produced for Life alert for senior citizens who have accidents can receive help. Many movies and Primetime have made fun of this slogan as in Austin powers with Will Farrell.



13. 1988 “This is your Brain on Drugs” Originally created to help emphasize the importance of drug abuse and what it does to your mind. It featured a frying pan and a egg where the egg was broken into the pan to represent your brain on drugs.

14. 1992 “Beef It’s what’s for dinner” Due to the consumption of meat declining among many U.S households. The Cattleman’s beef association wanted to get the word out that beef is good for you and you should eat more came up with this memorable slogan.

15. 1992 “Snap into a Slim Jim” while wrestling was in its prime with greats like hulk Hogan and the Giant, Macho Man randy savage. Macho Man was chosen to jump through a wall or door and yell in their face that eating a slim Jim was cool. Needless to say many American teens agreed with this and their sales tripled during their campaign.

16.   1993 “Got Milk” When this campaign got off the ground it featured a history buff that gets a call to answer the 100,000 dollar question. “Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?” But, because the person had a mouth full of peanut butter could not answer the question and his money quickly disperse and “Got Milk” appears. This is also another memorable slogan sure to stick with us for many years to come.



17. 1993 “Do the Dew” The Next slogan that grabbed America’s attention in that same year was by their favorite soft drink mountain Dew. It supported a culture of extreme sports where guys were featured doing crazy stunts. Along with a bunch of teenagers saying been there done that. It became famous with athletes and nerds.

18. 1995 “once You Pop You Can’t Stop” There was an immense amount of cash spent by proctor and gamble getting this slogan to be stuck in Americas heads. Who said our chips had to come in a bag to be the best chips?

19. 2003 “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” this was always a secret to those who went to Las Vegas but those that didn’t know, know now. Created by the Las Vegas Visitor authority it featured various sin city scenarios and a sexy tag line that’s hard to forget.

20. 2006 “Hooray Beer” This was created by red strip and was soon a viral marketing campaign that hit the airwaves and internet by pointing out life’s little annoyances. One depicts a German guy wearing wild colors saying “boo them: Boo annoying children, Hooray Beer”

Here is the list of the top 20 most memorable slogans that will stick with us even as their products change. Hope you enjoyed the list :)


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    9 years ago from New York

    Really enjoyed the hub and the videos. Thx for putting it together.


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