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20 Reasons Why Pop Culture Needs A Gilmore Girls Revival

Updated on September 11, 2017

Gilmore Girls


20 Reasons Why Pop Culture Needs A Gilmore Girls Revival

Can you believe it’s been almost ten years since we last saw Lorelai and Rory talking the only way the coolest mother-daughter/best friend combo can over coffee at Luke’s? We are so ready for this Gilmore Girls revival, right? I can’t wait to find out what writers, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, have cooked up for Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of our Connecticut faves all of these years later. Are Luke and Lorelai married? If so, does Luke let Paul Anka sleep on their bed (probably not)? What happened to our favorite boys Dean, Jess, and Logan? Might Sutton Foster play a long-lost Gilmore Girl? Gah, we need to know! As much as we love the characters, the storylines, and Stars Hollow, there’s something we enjoy about the show even more — the abundant pop culture references! Gilmore Girls covered perhaps the widest array of pop culture tidbits in the span of 7 seasons, from the obscure to the mainstream. Remember when Lorelai and Rory contemplated a probable future as the next Big Edie and Little Edie? And when Lorelai coveted a tangerine-colored Manolo Blahnik in Gollum-voice?

Ever since news of the show’s return I’m so excited to find out what aspects of pop culture will make it into the new episodes. I want to know, what TV shows do Lorelai and Rory binge watch? Is Michel the giant Kimye fan that I envision him to be? Does Rory sport topknots? How many times have Miss Patty and Babette seen Magic Mike? I mean, until Lorelai and Rory weigh in on Tinder, how do we know how we should feel about it? As much as we need a Gilmore Girls revival, pop culture needs one more.

Only the brilliant writers know for certain what topical tidbits will end up in the new episodes, in the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of 20 Reasons Why Pop Culture Needs A Gilmore Girls Revival.

1. Lorelai will refer to her mother as Lady Grantham. The Gilmore residence is basically Downton Abbey without the entail.

2. The writers will include many Mad Men mentions, a wink to Danny Strong and Alexis Bledel (both of whom starred on the show).

3. Michel will have a huge Instagram following. He’s got style, adorable Chow Chows, and a je ne sais quoi that can only be appreciated in selfies.

4. Lorelai and Rory will quote from Broad City.

5. Sookie and Lorelai will tease Michel relentlessly whenever he references something he learned from Goop.

6. Stars Hollow will still be divided over Dressgate with the majority of the town leaning towards white and gold.

7. Lane and Zach’s twins, Kwan and Steve, will not share their parents’ love for Nico and Rilo Kiley. Instead, they will hide Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber CDs under their floorboards.

8. Rory will interview Emma Watson.

9. Paris will have a love for coloring books and a Pinterest-addiction.

10. Lorelai’s Birchbox subscription will be under Squeegee Beckenheim.

11. Babette and Maury’s cat will be a famous internet meme.

12. Taylor will rebrand the annual winter carnival with a Frozen theme.

13. Kirk will be writing a YA post-apocalyptic book series.

14. Jackson will be outspoken against GMOs.

15. Emily will “Marie Kondo” her entire life.

16. Miss Patty will choreograph a Stars Hollow Elementary School production of Hamilton.

17. Luke will toss out every customer who asks for gluten-free pancakes.

18. Lorelai will coordinate a Game of Thrones-themed wedding at the Dragonfly Inn.

19. Rory will shun e-books. Real books all the way, sister!

20. Babette and Miss Patty will have squad goals.

What do you think? What pop culture-goodness is likely to be included on the new episodes of Gilmore Girls?


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    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole K 

      2 years ago

      Love your hub! You have some really funny and creative ideas! Wish more of these were incorporated into the series re-boot. What did you think of the new episodes? Check out my blog post as well for my critique!


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