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10 Stuggles of a Marching Band Student

Updated on September 20, 2015


Lets just put the facts out there, being in a marching band is like taking a part time job. From required rehearsals, to sectionals, to game day students rack up anywhere from 15-20 hours a week.

2. One Week Turn Arounds

This is something that you don't see much in high school, but once you reach college everything changes. Having two home games in a row and having to learn a new show in just 6 days is never fun (but totally worth it).

3. Corny Jokes

Whether its a performing arts, music industry, or just marching band trend you can always count on your band director's corny jokes....they are torture to sit through sometimes, but do make practice a little more bareable.

4. Instrument Care

Let's face it, we play instruments outside. It can be humid, raining, or even snowing out on the field so instruments are bound to get gross.

5. Game Day Rehearsal

Waking up for 8 am classes is hard enough, but waking up for 7 am rehearsal....there's nothing worse

6. Stands

Although it can be stressful and repetitive, the football team is the reason we do what we so.

7. Meals

Speed eating is an art form.

8. Band Spirit

Almost every band i'v seen has some sort of spirit competition, but your section can never seem to win. Especially if you play the trumpet.

9. Uniforms

Just once you wish that it will fit you perfectly and you will look like you are straight out of the Blue Coats but lets face it; that day may never come.

10. Social Life

Between band and studies there isn't much time for anything else. This just causes us to make the most of our time together.

Although the hours may be tough and rehearsals can get boring, there is no place we would rather be.


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