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200 Greatest Metal Ballads of the 80s 90s and 2000s

Updated on August 25, 2017

The warmth in an emotive voice transcends musical boundaries and takes you in a domain of fantasia. This article brings to life an epic list of metal ballads of the 80s 90s and 2000s.

Ballads represent songs that are a musical outburst in the realms of emotional experience. While many believe ballads are associated entirely with love, the truth is it’s more than just that. Ballads can epitomize various aspects such as grief, guilt, hate, breakup, missing someone, and death.

The Metal Ballad Years

While there is no clarity in regard with the origin of the term ‘metal ballad’ heavy metal purists believe the term came into prominence in the 80s when bands in various subgenres of metal experimented with slow tempo songs that featured operatic vocals. The power metal genre in the 80s is considered by many as the genre that paved the way for metal ballads.


A metal ballad does not have a definitive sound; however, high pitched vocals have become a distinguishable feature in numerous metal ballads. While it is true that high vocal register gives unique identity to traditional metal love songs or metal ballads, a number of metal vocalists have also mesmerized fans with their deep baritone. The hair metal scene in the 80s resurrected power ballads to a new level.

The instrumentation of metal ballads comprises of acoustic guitars, keyboards, electric guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, piano and drums. Many bands have had symphonic orchestras accompany them on metal ballads. A number of power metal bands and symphonic metal bands incorporate a strings section in their brand of metal ballads.

Since the 80s metal ballads have evolved a great deal. However, the epic sound in metal ballads hasn’t changed in all these years. The 90s witnessed a number of Scandinavian heavy metal bands breathe new life in metal ballads. Many metal bands broke away from traditional metal roots and chased an experimental sound bringing to life new subgenres in metal. Metal love songs started gaining momentum in the 90s.


Popularity of Metal Ballads

Metal ballads have been exceedingly popular in US, Europe, Japan and Russia. While majority of American metal bands are rooted in traditional metal, a number of metal bands from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have incorporated mellow musical arrangements making their music accessible to non-metal audiences globally.

Since the year 2000, metal ballads have come alive in a new avatar bringing back old school tonalities with fresh new sounds. The heart and soul of a metal ballad lies in composition which is why there is no singular aspect that defines balladry in songs. While the debate on traditional metal and non-traditional metal continues, the best of both worlds have been aesthetically encompassed through metal ballads. The sounds of ballads in the realms of metal will only get bigger in the near future.

To Heavy Metal enthusiasts all over the World… Be at Peace in Metal. Feel Free! Have your say in the comments section.

The lines below are an epic showcase of the best metal ballads and metal love songs

200 Greatest Metal Ballads of the 80s 90s and 2000s

  1. The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)- Blind Guardian
  2. Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
  3. Return to Serenity- Testament
  4. Snuff- Slipknot
  5. Cemetery Gates- Pantera
  6. Fiddler on the Green- Demons and Wizards
  7. The Spirit Carries On- Dream Theater
  8. So Far Away- Avenged Sevenfold
  9. A Tale That Wasn’t Right- Heloween
  10. Fade To Black- Metallica
  11. When All Is Lost- Symphony X
  12. Is This Love- Whitesnake
  13. A Tout Le Monde- Megadeth
  14. Dreaming (Tell Me)- Yngwie Malmsteen
  15. One- Metallica
  16. Goodbye to Romance- Ozzy Osbourne
  17. Silent Lucidity- Queensryche
  18. Heart of Steel- Manowar
  19. Your Turn- Heloween
  20. I Remember You- Skid Row
  21. The Unforgiven- Metallica
  22. Another Day- Dream Theater
  23. Ghost of Freedom- Iced Earth
  24. More Than Words- Extreme
  25. My Last Sunrise- Demons and Wizards
  26. Communion and the Oracle- Symphony X
  27. Forever and One- Heloween
  28. Lake of Tears- Gamma Ray
  29. Princess Aurora- Luca Turilli
  30. Still Loving You- Scorpions
  31. Mama, I’m Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne
  32. Wasting Love- Iron Maiden
  33. Last Drop Falls- Sonata Artica
  34. Sleep- Savatage
  35. Miles Away- Winger
  36. Sleeping (In The Fire)- W.A.S.P.
  37. Runaway- Riot
  38. Love of A Lifetime- Firehouse
  39. Greater Darkness- Moonspell
  40. Into The Unknown- Avantasia
  41. Summer’s Rain- Savatage
  42. When the Children Cry- White Lion
  43. Love Song- Tesla
  44. Forever- Edugy
  45. In A Darkened Room- Skid Row
  46. Master of the Wind- Manowar
  47. Carrie- Europe
  48. Strange Without You- Zihard
  49. When I See You Smile- Bad English
  50. Forever More- Dionysus
  51. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn- Poison
  52. My Eternal Flame- Iron Mask
  53. Tears- X Japan
  54. Solitary Ground- Epica
  55. The Sound of the Blade- Dark Moor
  56. Fly To The Angels- Slaughter
  57. El Retraro Oval- Opera Magna
  58. Son of Pain- Rhapsody of Fire
  59. Undiscovered Dreams- Pathfinder
  60. Tears of a Dragon- Bruce Dickinson
  61. I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi
  62. Nana- Warcry
  63. Heaven- Warrant
  64. Farewell- Gamma Ray
  65. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses
  66. The Swan Song- Within Temptation
  67. Love’s Tragedy- Demons & Wizards
  68. The Siren of the Woods- Therion
  69. I’ll Never Let You Go- Steelheart
  70. Dreamer- Ozzy Osbourne
  71. Always- Bon Jovi
  72. Hold Me in Your Arms- Heloween
  73. The Flame- Cheap Trick
  74. All This Time- Rage
  75. I Can’t Stop Loving You- Van Halen
  76. High Enough- Damn Yankees
  77. Season of Faith’s Perfection- Stratovarius
  78. Rain Forest- Concerto Moon
  79. Princess Of The Night- At Vance
  80. Alone Again- Dokken
  81. Hopes and Dreams- Masterplan
  82. Don’t Leave Me- Axxis
  83. Endless Rain- X Japan
  84. Tides Of Time- Epica
  85. Starfire- Dragonforce
  86. The Crown And The Ring- Manowar
  87. Sister Christian- Night Ranger
  88. Don’t Know What You Got (Til’ It’s Gone)- Cinderella
  89. River Of Love- Stormwind
  90. When It’s Love- Van Halen
  91. The Land Of Ice and Snow- Stratovarius
  92. This Isn’t What We Meant- Savatage
  93. Never Ending Nightmare- MSG
  94. Bed of Roses- Bon Jovi
  95. Lonely- After Forever
  96. The Message- Power Quest
  97. Child of Desolation- Virgin Steele
  98. I’ll See You In My Dreams- Giant
  99. Reason to Be- Throne of Chaos
  100. I’ll Be Waiting for You- Rob Rock
  101. Angel of Light- Iron Fire
  102. Wings of Destiny- Rhapsody
  103. Don’t Close Your Eyes- Kix
  104. Always Will Be- HammerFall
  105. Serenade- Versailles
  106. The Power of Love- Lunatica
  107. Close My Eyes Forever- Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford
  108. Sleep- Meduza
  109. 18 Years- Gamma Ray
  110. Keeper of My Heart- Kapel Maister
  111. Where You Goin’ Now- Damn Yankees
  112. Fly High Michelle- Enuff Z’ Nuff
  113. The Sacrifice- Highland Glory
  114. In Memory- Ravenheart
  115. Oceans Of Time- Axel Rudi Pell
  116. Love Bites- Def Leppard
  117. Birth of the Harp- Amberian Dawn
  118. Winter Dreams- Accept
  119. The Ballad of Jayne- L.A. Guns
  120. A Little Too Far- Soulspell
  121. The Golden Stream Of Lapland- Sentenced
  122. Why- Derdian
  123. 25 Days from Home- Loudness
  124. Another Sun- Magic Kingdom
  125. The Day That I Met You- Lillian Axe
  126. Without You- Motley Crue
  127. Forever Shine On- Edenbridge
  128. She’s Gone- Steelheart
  129. Heaven in Your Eyes- Loverboy
  130. Into The Blue- Cain’s Offering
  131. What Love Can Be- Kingdom Come
  132. Freedom Heart- Majesty
  133. Angelheart- Gwyllion
  134. Tuonela- Amorphis
  135. Headed For a Heartbreak- Winger
  136. Not Every Pain Hurts- Lacrimosa
  137. Approaching the Storm- Majestic
  138. I Still Think About You- Danger Danger
  139. Windmill- Heloween
  140. Goodbye My Friend- Kaledon
  141. Time Has Gone By- Ancestral
  142. When I Look Into Your Eyes- Firehouse
  143. Beauty Has Come- Kotipelto
  144. Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi
  145. The Price- Twisted Sister
  146. Seren- Secret Sphere
  147. Ballad of Susan- Savage Circus
  148. House of Pain- Faster Pussycat
  149. Save Your Love- Great White
  150. Where Are You Now- Dawn of Destiny
  151. Reason To Live- Kiss
  152. The Light of Your Eyes- Delirion
  153. Heartbreak Station- Cinderella
  154. She Who Summoned Me- Pyramaze
  155. Love against the Power of Evil- Holy Knights
  156. When I Find Love- XYZ
  157. Waiting for the Princess- Skylark
  158. More Than A Feeling- Boston
  159. One More Promise- Supreme Majesty
  160. Portals of Light- Falconer
  161. I Died For You- Iced Earth
  162. Standing Alone- Tyketto
  163. Why is it Never Enough- Bonfire
  164. Emerald Eye- Altaria
  165. Falling Rain- Labyrinth
  166. Anytime- MSG
  167. Calling the Rain- Atrocity
  168. Wind of Change- Scorpions
  169. Dawn over a New World- Dragonforce
  170. Called Up- Karelia
  171. Right By Your Side- Enuff Z’ Nuff
  172. Keep the Flame Alive- Revolution Renaissance
  173. Cassandra- Theatre of Tragedy
  174. Can’t Stop Falling Into Love- Cheap Trick
  175. Tears- Enisferum
  176. After The End- Rage
  177. Just Take My Heart- Mr. Big
  178. Rain- Nemesis
  179. Love Kills- Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  180. Losing You- Dream Evil
  181. Tears Of Fire- Keel
  182. Mirror- Dreamtale
  183. Love Is on The Way- Saigon Kick
  184. A Sailorman’s Hymn- Kamelot
  185. Nobody Knows- Lillian Axe
  186. You’re All I Need- Motley Crue
  187. Slippin Away- Dokken
  188. One Cold Winter Night- Silent Fall
  189. Honestly- Stryper
  190. Take Away My Pain- Dream Theater
  191. Rainy Nights- Angra
  192. Winterlight- Visions of Atlantis
  193. You’ll Never Be Lonely- Highlord
  194. Long Live the King- Narnia
  195. Only Time Will Tell- Nelson
  196. Burning Heart- Vandenberg
  197. More Than Words Can Say- Alias
  198. Baby You’re The Greatest- Enuff Z’ Nuff
  199. Forever Walking Alone- Dragonland
  200. Like a Paradise- Kenziner

© 2017 Ansel Pereira


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