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200 Greatest Rock Love Songs of the 90s and 2000s

Updated on August 28, 2017

The carefree spirit of nostalgia associated with rock songs is enigmatic. This article is a showcase of the best rock love songs of the 90s and 2000s

Ballads have been exceedingly popular in rock music. While every decade in music has had its share of rock songs, the 90s in particular augmented balladry through diverse styles. The alternative revolution that led to the emergence of the traditional grunge sound in many ways diversified musical boundaries. While few popular rock sub genres of the 80s such as hair metal and glam metal were sent to oblivion by the onslaught of alternative and grunge in the 90s, the world was witnessing a musical diversification. The sound in the realms of rock evolved significantly in the 90s and this helped branch indie genres which have become a staple in present day.


Rock Love songs in the 90s and 2000s

While a significant number of music purists are of the opinion the 90s put the brakes on the ‘classic era’ sound in rock music, the truth of reality is the 90s sparked a revolution of change that paved a new beginning for rock music. Rock love songs found new meaning through genres in the 90s. The musical and lyrical sentiments started being expressed in nontraditional ways and this way of expression became the focal point of rock love songs of the 90s and 2000s. The old school of rock ballads gave way to a new sound in the 90s. The new crop of rock ballads that started emerging in the late 90s have become a significant part of modern rock bands, indie bands, emo bands and post grunge bands.


The year 2000 marks the beginning of modern day rock love songs. A number of bands in the emo genre emerged in the mid 2000s. The lyrical content of emo love songs based on confessional lyrics and emotional outbursts became excessively popular with youth globally. Clearly the new school of rock ballads had mesmerized young hearts and minds. As the popularity of emo grew, indie started branching in subgenres giving rise to a new wave of rock love song. Indie rock gained mainstream popularity in the 2000s and its popularity continues to this day.


While the old school of rock love songs and the new school of rock love songs are drastically different, it’s the purity of expression that connects with listeners.

The lines below bring to life an epic list of rock love songs of the 90s and 2000s. The list includes songs from various rock genres.

200 Greatest Rock Love Songs of the 90s and 2000s

  1. The Book of Love- The Magnetic Fields (Alternative)
  2. With Or Without You- U2 (Rock)
  3. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses (Hard Rock/Glam Metal)
  4. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  5. Last Goodbye- Jeff Buckley (Alternative)
  6. Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana (Alternative)
  7. More Than Words- Extreme (Hard Rock/Rock)
  8. Love Is on the Way- Saigon Kick (Hard Rock)
  9. Everlong- Foo Fighters (Rock/Alternative)
  10. Hurt- Nine Inch Nails (Industrial Rock)
  11. Nightswimming- R.E.M. (Rock/ Alternative)
  12. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You- Bryan Adams (Rock/Soft RocK)
  13. Wherever You Will Go- The Calling (Rock/Alternative)
  14. To Be With You- Mr. Big (Hard Rock/Rock)
  15. The Luckiest- Ben Folds (Rock/Alternative)
  16. First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes (Indie Rock)
  17. With Arms Wide Open- Creed (Rock/Grunge)
  18. High Enough- Damn Yankees (Hard Rock)
  19. Linger- The Cranberries (Rock/Alternative)
  20. Glory Box- Portishead (Alternative)
  21. Disarm- Smashing Pumpkins (Alternative)
  22. Sorry- Buckcherry (Rock/Alternative)
  23. 2000 Light Years Away- Green Day (Punk/Rock)
  24. Only in Dreams- Weezer
  25. Ana’s Song- Silverchair (Grunge)
  26. Lovefool- The Cardigans (Alternative/Indie)
  27. With A Little Love- Harem Scarem (Hard Rock)
  28. Laid- James (Alternative/Rock)
  29. Friday I’m In Love- The Cure (Alternative/Rock)
  30. Wonderwall- Oasis (Rock/Alternative)
  31. So Far Away- Avenged Sevenfold (Metalcore)
  32. Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton (Rock/Blues Rock)
  33. I’ll Stand By You- The Pretenders (Rock/Alternative) (1994)
  34. The Only Exception- Paramore (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  35. I Got You (At the End of the Century)- Wilco (Rock/Alternative)
  36. At My Most Beautiful- R.E.M. (Rock/Alternative)
  37. Let Her Cry- Hootie And the Blowfish (Rock/Alternative)
  38. Jinx Removing- Jawbreaker (Indie/Emo)
  39. Only- Yellowcard (Alternative/Indie)
  40. I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)- Meat Loaf (Rock)
  41. Strong Enough- Sheryl Crow (Rock)
  42. All The Love In the World- The Corrs (Rock/Celtic Rock/Soft Rock)
  43. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls (Rock)
  44. There She Goes- The Las’s (Rock/Indie)
  45. Madness- Muse (Alternative)
  46. Wind of Change- Scorpions (Rock/Hard Rock)
  47. This Love- Maroon 5 (Rock)
  48. Far Behind- Candlebox (Rock/Grunge/Alternative)
  49. Love of a Lifetime- Firehouse (Hard Rock)
  50. Always- Bon Jovi (Hard Rock)
  51. Buddy Holly- Weezer (Rock/Alternative)
  52. I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie (Alternative/Indie)
  53. When You Love Woman- Journey (Rock)
  54. The Spirit Carries On- Dream Theater (Progressive Rock)
  55. Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Indie/Alternative)
  56. Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer (Rock/Indie)
  57. Snuff- Slipknot (Alternative Metal)
  58. Silent Lucidity- Queensryche (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock)
  59. All I Want- Toad The Wet Sprocket (Alternative Rock)
  60. You’re So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday (Alternative/Emo/Indie)
  61. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith (Rock/Hard Rock)
  62. Lost In You- Three Days Grace (Hard Rock/Alternative)
  63. Miles Away- Winger (Hard Rock)
  64. I’ll Be- Edwin McCain (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  65. Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Alternative/Indie)
  66. Bed of Roses- Bon Jovi (Hard Rock)
  67. Out of My Head- Fastball (Rock/Alternative)
  68. The People That We Love- Bush (Alternative/Rock)
  69. Reason To Love- Wayland (Rock)
  70. That Kiss- Courteeners (Alternative/indie)
  71. Best Is Yet To Come- Red (Rock)
  72. Do I Have To Say The Words?- Bryan Adams (Rock)
  73. Hearts Burst Into Fire- Bullet For My Valentine (Alternative Metal)
  74. Into My Arms- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Rock/Alternative/Indie)
  75. Fade Into You- Mazzy Star (Rock)
  76. Yellow- Coldplay (Emo/Rock)
  77. Thick and Thin- Tom Keifer (Rock)
  78. Drops of Jupiter- Train (Rock/Alternative)
  79. Lightning Crashes- Live (Alternative/Rock)
  80. Can’t Stop Loving You- Van Halen (Hard Rock)
  81. Stricken- Disturbed (Alternative/Grunge)
  82. Mama, I’m Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne (Hard Rock)
  83. Hell & High Water- Blackstone Cherry (Hard Rock)
  84. I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)- Steelheart (Hard Rock)
  85. Luna- Smashing Pumpkins (Rock/Alternative)
  86. Oh, It’s Love- Hellogoodbye (Indie/Emo/Alternative)
  87. Smile- Sixx: A.M. (Rock)
  88. Please Forgive Me- Bryan Adams (Rock)
  89. How- Daughter (Alternative/Indie)
  90. When I’m Gone- 3 Doors Down (Post Grunge/Rock)
  91. My Happy Ending- Avril Lavigne (Rock)
  92. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)- Vertical Horizon (Alternative)
  93. I Need You- Saving Abel (Hard Rock)
  94. Love Heals- W.E.T. (Rock)
  95. Don’t Speak- No Doubt (Rock/Alternative)
  96. Somebody Loves You- Eels (Alternative/Indie)
  97. Last To Know- Three Days Grace (Alternative)
  98. When You’re Gone- Avril Lavigne (Rock)
  99. Summertime- My Chemical Romance (Alternative/Indie)
  100. How you Remind Me- Nickelback (Grunge/Rock)
  101. Back When We Were Beautiful- Bon Jovi (Hard Rock)
  102. Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye (Alternative/Indie/Emo)
  103. I Will Possess Your Heart- Death Cab For Cutie (Indie/Alternative)
  104. Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day (Punk Rock)
  105. Skinny Love- Bon Iver (Rock/Indie)
  106. Crazy- Aerosmith (Hard Rock)
  107. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?- Bryan Adams (Rock/Soft Rock)
  108. One Headlight- The Wallflowers (Alternative Rock)
  109. Apologize- The Last Vegas (Rock)
  110. Sex On Fire- Kings Of Leon (Alternative/Indie)
  111. Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade (Alternative/Emo)
  112. 100 Years- Five For Fighting (Alternative Rock)
  113. Fly To The Angels- Slaughter
  114. Skyway Avenue- We The Kings (Emo/Indie)
  115. Everybody’s Changing- Keane (Alternative/Rock)
  116. Fix You- Coldplay (Emo/Rock)
  117. My Friends Over You- New Found Glory (Emo/Rock)
  118. I’m Yours- Jason Mraz (Rock)
  119. What If I Was Nothing- All That Remains (Metalcore)
  120. Oh Messy Life- Cap’n Jazz (Alternative/Indie)
  121. Don’t Cry- Guns N’ Roses (Hard Rock/Glam Metal)
  122. Drive- Incubus (Rock/Alternative)
  123. Without You- My Darkest Days (Hard Rock/Alternative Rock)
  124. You and Me- Lifehouse (Rock/Alternative)
  125. Hate Me- Blue October (Rock/Alternative)
  126. Alive With The Glory of Love- Say Anything (Alternative/Emo/Indie)
  127. Everglow- Coldplay (Alternative/Indie/Emo)
  128. Apocalyptic Love- Slash (Featuring Myles Kennedy) (Hard Rock)
  129. No Matter What- Papa Roach (Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Post Grunge)
  130. Send Me an Angel- Scorpions (Hard Rock)
  131. Use Somebody- Kings of Leon (Alternative/Indie)
  132. Far Away- Nickelback (Post Grunge/Hard Rock)
  133. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s (Alternative)
  134. I Miss You- Blink 182 (Punk/Rock)
  135. Puddle of Mudd- Thinking About You (Post Grunge)
  136. That’s What You Get- Paramore (Alternative/Indie)
  137. Amazing- Aerosmith (Hard Rock)
  138. My Understandings- Of Mice & Men (Metalcore)
  139. Don’t Go- Bring Me The Horizon (Metalcore)
  140. Take Over The World- The Courteeners (Alternative/Indie)
  141. Ohio is For Lovers- Hawthorne Heights (Emo)
  142. What Kind of Men- Florence and the Machine (Indie/Alternative)
  143. In The Cold Night- The White Stripes (Alternative/Indie)
  144. Here Without You- 3 Doors Down (Rock)
  145. The Love I Live For- Hinder (Alternative/Grunge)
  146. Baby Loves Me- Tomorrow Morning (Alternative/Indie)
  147. One- U2 (Rock/Alternative)
  148. Let’s Make a Night To Remember- Bryan Adams (Rock)
  149. Something To Believe In- Poison (Glam Metal)
  150. Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls (Alternative/Indie)
  151. Rebel Love Songs- Black Veil Brides (Metalcore)
  152. Dear God- Avenged Sevenfold (Metalcore)
  153. Jet Pack Blues- Fall Out Boy (Alternative/Indie)
  154. My Heart- Paramore (Alternative/Indie)
  155. Feel Good Drag- Anberlin (Alternative Rock)
  156. Waiting For You- Grizfolk (Indie/Alternative)
  157. The Diary of Jane- Breaking Benjiman (Alternative Rock)
  158. Here’s To Us- Halestorm (Hard Rock)
  159. Without You- Hinder (Grunge/Alternative)
  160. The Bones of You- Elbow (Alternative/Indie)
  161. She Loves Me Not- Papa Roach (Post Grunge/Alternative)
  162. The Reason- Hoobastank (Alternative/Rock)
  163. Through Glass- Stone Sour (Hard Rock/Post Grunge)
  164. Where You Goin’ Now- Damn Yankees (Hard Rock)
  165. Toothpaste Kisses- The Maccabees (Rock)
  166. Hero/Heroine- Boys like Girls (Indie/Alternative)
  167. Stay (I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb (Rock)
  168. All for Love- Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart (Rock)
  169. Impossible Year- Panic! At The Disco (Alternative/Indie)
  170. Warmness on the Soul- Avenged Sevenfold (Metalcore)
  171. Salute Your Solution- Raconteurs (Alternative/Indie)
  172. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Indie Folk)
  173. Say You’ll Haunt Me- Stone Sour (Hard Rock)
  174. Be like That- 3 Doors Down (Post Grunge)
  175. Such Great Heights- The Postal Service (Alternative/Indie)
  176. (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection (Hard Rock/Glam Metal)
  177. Paralyzer- Finger Eleven (Alternative)
  178. The Scientist- Coldplay (Emo/Rock)
  179. Now and Forever- Richard Marx (Rock)
  180. What I Have To Offer- Eels (Alternative/Indie)
  181. Cocoon- Catfish and the Bottleman (Alternative/Indie)
  182. That Golden Rule- Biffy Clyro (Indie/Alternative)
  183. When I Look Into Your Eyes- Firehouse (Hard Rock/Glam Metal)
  184. Lips of an Angel- Hinder (Rock/Grunge)
  185. Chances- Five For Fighting (Alternative Rock)
  186. Just Take My Heart- Mr. Big (Rock/Hard Rock)
  187. I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness (Hard Rock/Alternative)
  188. She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5 (Rock)
  189. You’re Beautiful- James Blunt (Rock/Alternative)
  190. I’m Jealous- Divinyls (Rock)
  191. Everything- Lifehouse (Alternative/Rock)
  192. In These Arms- The Swell Season (Indie/Alternative)
  193. Question- Old 97s (Alternative Country)
  194. Losing You- Dead By April (Rock)
  195. I’ll Follow You- Shinedown (Post Grunge/Hard Rock)
  196. Steady, As She Goes- The Raconteurs (Rock/Alternative /Indie)
  197. Amazed- Lonestar (Rock/Country Rock)
  198. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad- Def Leppard
  199. You And I- Scorpions (Hard Rock)
  200. Falling- Art of Dying (Alternative/Hard Rock)

© 2017 Ansel Pereira


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