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Bachelorette Designs Reject Train

Updated on February 26, 2011
Jillian Harris
Jillian Harris

2009 brought us a new Bachelorette, Jillian Harris. Cute and bubbly, the vivacious 5’ 2” brunette gave the reality TV show's fans a likeable Bachelorette worth rooting for. Jillian ended up selecting Ed Swiderski as her lucky husband-to-be, who resided in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, as in most of the fifteen Bachelor seasons, the pair split up a year later.


Now stuck in Chicago, the native Canuck can be seen weekly on another popular ABC primetime show:  Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition . Now, are you thinking, does ABC just love this lady and want to keep her on, or does Harris have a background in interior design and, likewise, in cheering, “Move That Bus?!” Well, I am happy to report, it is a resounding yes on both counts. In 2009, before her stint playing America’s most popular bachelorette of the year, Jillian Harris was, in fact, an interior designer-and had been for eight years. She told the Hollywood Gossip that year, “I do restaurant design for a restaurant chain in Vancouver, so I am always on the job site every morning.” This is reassuring. She may be a sucker for the television camera (and why not, while doing what she loves?), but at least she’s not a commercial airline pilot from Dallas, Texas trying to dance his way into Hollywood (I loved you Jake Pavelka until you denigrated your chosen lady, Vienna Girardi).

"All aboard!" Nope, not Robby
"All aboard!" Nope, not Robby | Source

Known on her Twitter account as @designerjillian, Harris’s latest noteworthy announcement is that she has recently signed a design deal with Rocky Mountaineer, a Canadian passenger train that offers more than seventy vacation packages in its travels through the Canadian Rockies. What is bittersweet about this contract with Rocky Mountaineer may be Harris’ history on the train. During her turn as The Bachelorette in 2009, Jillian and her remaining bachelors traveled via Rocky Mountaineer during one of their polygamous dates across the scenic Canadian Rockies. This may have been an uneventful outing with her string of eligible men if it weren’t for the guy she decided not to keep her boxcar...or even on her train. She dumped one of her prospects, the younger Robby Descant, in the middle of the mountain range. She pulled the brake on the train and literally told him to grab his bags and exit. The ABC audience that night, as well as the rest of the gaping bachelors, watched poor Robby stand awkwardly and dejectedly beside the train track with nothing but a camera crew.


However, perhaps that moment is what pulled her to the top of the application stack, so to speak, with Rocky Mountaineer. Utilizing her company, Jillian Harris Design, Harris has agreed to redesign Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf Coach. Sixteen GoldLeaf coaches will be a part of this redevelopment, which is slated be completed by the end of 2011. There is no indication that Harris will be leaving Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition; however, there is nary a promise of her returning to The Bachelorette .


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    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      How interesting-great research job. I love traveling in trains, took a ride from Ohio to Montana twice and it was wonderful. Canadian Rockies is probably awesome especially if she is designing the interior. Keep up the great Hubs!