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2011 Thanksgiving Day TV Specials

Updated on November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Day brings us family and friends, turkey and stuffing, green bean casserole, spiral-cut ham, pecan pie, and television specials. Yep, TV specials. Some of these Thanksgiving TV shows are Thanksgiving-themed episodes of regular shows while others are specials just for this day. Either way, they will make your Thanksgiving a little more special.


Of course football! This year’s triple header starts at 12:30 PM on Fox with the Green Bay Packers facing the Detroit Lions. At 4:15 on CBS the Miami Dolphins face off against the Dallas Cowboys. To end this day filled with football, the San Francisco 49ers meet the Baltimore Ravens at 8:20 on NFL Network. To add a little more excitement to the day, Nickelback will perform during halftime at the Green Bay-Detroit game.

Children's Specials

Got kids? After a day of eating, playing, and chasing after the dog, sit the kiddos down to an Ice Age movie. At 8 PM on Thanksgiving night, Fox presents “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas”. In this made-for-TV special, Sid the sloth fears he is on Santa’s naughty list and treks to the North Pole to see Santa.

If Sid and Manny don’t thrill the kids, maybe Charlie Brown will, and will also instill a decades-old tradition in your children. The annual special, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, airs on ABC at 8 PM. In this Emmy-winning special, the Peanuts gang is up a number of hilarious adventures. Charlie Brown gets duped, Snoopy tries to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and the loudmouth kid crashes the party.

At 8:30 on Fox, the Peanuts gang is thankful for a number of things in “Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown”. This special’s TV premiere goes head-to-head against the Thanksgiving classic but gives the family something different to watch or something to flip over to on commercials.

Other Specials

Lady Gaga comes to Thanksgiving with “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”. Televised on ABC at 9:30 PM, the special includes an interview with Katie Couric, a duet with Tony Bennett, and of course, performances by Lady Gaga herself.

“Punkin’ Chunkin’” comes back to the Science Channel as teams build pumpkin-pulverizing catapults and put their machines to the test as they hurl pumpkins. Televised at 8 PM.

And what would Thanksgiving be without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year marks the 85th anniversary special. A full hour of parade coverage will be aired on NBC.


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