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Kevin Hart's 2011 Laugh at My Pain Tour

Updated on April 18, 2011

My sides and cheeks were hurting from laughter while attending Kevin Hart’s 2011 Laugh at My Pain Tour. I really appreciate the fact that he came through since most comedians skip over Tallahassee, Florida for Jacksonville, Florida and other major cities further south. Kevin came out firing away with jokes ‘Okay people, let’s get into it.’ There was no ‘Everyone give yourself a hand’ or ‘Keep the claps going everybody’ and all that other time consuming babble talk most comedians use once they come out on stage. Kevin came out on stage, accepted the standing applause, starting hushing down the screams and applauses, and started his jokes.

The show was shorter than expected, about an hour and a half. But the jokes were so funny that you didn’t waste anytime just waiting on the next joke. Kevin and his opening acts never gave the audience time to think “So what’s next?” The audience was either still laughing, mimicking the last joke, or wiping tears from their eyes when the next joke started. I didn’t have floor seats, but I sat in the risers – seats that are a little elevated off the main floor. The seats were great, we could see and hear him clearly and it cost us about $60.00. And of course, it became a sold out event on the night of the event.

Kevin did lay down some rules though: No cameras, no camcorders, no camera phones, and no texting. I understand no camcorders and no flash photography – but no camera phones? The main reason for bringing my phone is so that I could have him ‘live’ as a background on my phone. So, that bit of information was a bit of a disappointment – but oh well, on with the show.

His opening acts were Will ‘Spank’ Horton and Na’im Lynn. Honestly, I never heard of them before the show but they gained my respect with their jokes and stage presence. These two comedians did a great job at loosening up the audience for the main event.

Kevin Hart’s jokes were fresh, original and new (with references back to some of his most famous and entertaining characters). I left the show with a lot of funny phrases to mimic and stories to remind me that things could be worse.

If Kevin Hart is coming to your town or city, I’m not going to suggest that you watch the show but insist that you watch the show. You will definitely enjoy yourself!


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