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2013 Movie Review: A Haunted House

Updated on May 5, 2013

Marlon Wayans stars in A Haunted House, a parody of the Paranormal Activity franchise and the horror movie The Devil Inside. Wayans also helped write the script with Rick Alvarez. It was released on January 11, 2013 at theaters an earned over $40 million dollars in the United States. The movie was not released overseas. It cost only $2.5 million dollars to make this movie. A second movie has already been green lighted. Michael Tiddles directed the movie.

Besides Wayans, the movie stars Cedric The Entertainer and Nick Swardson. It was released on DVD on April 23, 2013. Wayans has stated that the movie is not exactly a parody but rather a movie with characters doing the opposite of what typical white people do in similar horror films.

This movie was hard to watch. I like Wayans as a actor but parody movies like this are just hard to watch. It does have some really funny parts but i found myself looking at my watch waiting to see when it was gonna be over. To many times the actors were trying to hard to make something work. I give this film 3 stars. If you do watch it be ready to be bored for most of film.

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A movie that receives a score of 1-2 is basically a bad movie an i wouldn't waste my time watching it. A movie scoring 3-4 is a movie that had a very few moments that you didn't fell like turning the movie off. Getting a score of 5-6 states that a movie is okay. A score of 7-8 means the movie is pretty good an you will probably watch it again an might even add it to your DVD collection. A score of 9 means it is a great movie that needs to be a must see for everyone. Also, you need to add it to your dvd collection. A movie that gets a 10 is an instant classic. This will not happen that much an if it does then that movie must be any serious movie watchers DVD collection.


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