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Oscar Awards Presented on March 2, 2014

Updated on October 3, 2014
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Carol graduated from Indian Hills C.C. with an AAS in H.I.T and an AA in Arts & Science. A Social Media Booster for Wine Diamonds Film.

How many famous people can you name in this picture?

Celebrities' Twitter goes viral and their smiles are contagious.
Celebrities' Twitter goes viral and their smiles are contagious. | Source

Oscar Night Music

From where I sat, on my couch in front of the television set, standing ovations seemed to pop up after the performances by U2, Pink, and Bette Midler.

  1. U2 is an Irish rock band that still rocks.
  2. Pink, sang Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz is celebrating its 75th year.
  3. Bette Midler, delivered the inspirational, Wind Beneath My Wings and afterwards, displayed a gratitude toward her fans through her facial expressions and body language. If she showed more, I missed it. I said good-night during the commercial.

Behind the Scenes

The winner for Sound Mixing went to Gravity. An Oscar went to, The Great Gatsby for their Production Design and Set Decoration. Warren Brothers movie Gravity also won an award for the Cinema Photography and Film Editing.

The Oscar for best Foreign film went to The Great Beauty.

Keeping the Laughter Going....

Ellen DeGeneres, sported around in her white tux and later in her black tux. She braved the pink frilly fue fue dress, crown and wand accessories too.

I, like Whoopi Goldberg, appreciated Wizard of Oz. However, when the movie aired in Iowa, once a year, it wasn’t around the time of Thanksgiving. This classic was around Easter time and I knew, us Iowans would soon hear tornado sirens. Although I love the movie, growing up I thought the timing to be a bit cruel.

At first I was shocked to see, Ellen escort a pizza delivery person in but then found myself wishing I delivered that pizza on that night to that place. I enjoyed watching the actresses and actors be themselves. The Tweet was sweet, everyone climbing all over each other to appear in one photo, unlike the paparazzi invading their space taking unwanted pictures.

Lupita Nyong'o

Although I was disappointed in myself for not being able to stay awake for the whole Oscar night, I did have the privilege of hearing a magnificent speech from the best supporting actress, Lupita Nyong’o.

She did the normal, thanking people for helping her accomplish this achievement but the most impressive to me was when she reassured the children everywhere, “your dreams are valid.”

I often told my children, nieces and nephews that children are always watching so they need to be the role models for our future. I think sometimes this can have a flip side, children and young adults can also be remodels for the older generations.

Lupita Nyong’o, shared her story of how she struggled with the color of her skin until she discovered a model that changed her view. I’m pleased this beautiful young lady had an inspirational idol to allow her self - acceptance.

When my mother was alive, she use to say, “Beautiful is as beautiful does.” This is true, the most beautiful women or handsome man in the world could have a negative attitude, obnoxious and self-centered, which the inside of the person overpowers the outside, making the same women or man unpleasantly ugly.

I use to work for a company called, Home Interiors and Gifts. They had a charming saying, “God didn’t take the time to make a nobody.” Sometimes, people are more critical of themselves or worry about what others will think of them that cripple themselves, causing unnecessary anxiety or keeping them from going to a particular function or having guests over.

Lupita, keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to watching your first movie, 12 Years a Slave.

An Inspirational Speech

Dream Job

Are you doing your dream job?

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Looking Back & Moving Forward

At this moment, I steal a few minutes of my life, reminiscing back to the little girl I once was, watching the Oscars and dreaming of one day walking down the red carpet. I remember thinking, at a young age, if we stayed in California, maybe I could have been the actress I wanted to be. Now I’m reminded of the old saying, “If it was meant to be, it’ll be.” I’m no longer that little girl, dreaming of walking down the red carpet nor the young lady waiting to be at the right place at the right moment but the slightly middle age (maybe even a tad above middle age) women; content with watching my favorite television series, movies and entertaining people the best way I can, throughout the rest of my life.

A long but enjoyable evening.

The Awards
Foreign Film
Ellen & Pizza Man
Behind the scenes
Wizard of Oz
Best Supporting Actress Role
Bette Midler
Thank you for the wonderful night!

A Movie Worth Watching

The other night, I had the privilege of watching, 12 Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen. I must say, this movie yanked at my heart and upset my mind. I feel this movie falls in the same category as the classic movie, Roots. Chiwetel Ejiofor portrayed Solomon Northup, the man that was kidnapped and sold into slavery. This man lived a life of luxury until the day he woke to discovery himself chained like a wild beast. When he tried to declare his true identity to the brutal individual standing over him, holding a bullwhip which ripped away the flesh on Solomon’s back, until Solomon was forced to call himself by another name. Watch his hopeless struggle to become free once again.

I was surprised to see Brad Pitt play such a small part, but I’m glad he played the part that he did.

Now I know why, Lupita Nyong'o received best supporting actress. She did an excellent job in her character's role.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this movie, it’s worth watching and is based on a true story.

How many stars do you give Oscar night?

Cast your vote for Oscars

2014 Movies

As of Oct. 3, 2014, my top 6 movies are as follow:

  1. Divergent:

This started out as a novel and the developed into a movie. The characters, Tris and Four, are powerful roles the audience develops a love for. Although this movie reminds me of The Hunger Games, the story line may have the spectators choosing what type of group they find themselves in. If you like action pack and romantic movies you will love this one.

2. Heaven Is for Real:

I first heard about this story from several avid readers raving about the wonderful 2010 novel based on a true story. After watching this movie, I discovered what all the hype was all about. The actresses and actors bring this story to life.

Two months after watching this movie, I read a story that my deceased father had written several years ago and to my surprise, he mentioned when he was a young boy, his appendix had burst and after he was out of the hospital he had asked his mother about a child that she had lost. My father had died before this movie was released. I wish I would have read my father’s story before he past away so I could have asked him how he knew this about his mother. Who knows, maybe he had the same experience as the character in Heaven is For Real.

3. Winter’s Tale:

Based on a 1983 novel that transforms into a fairy tale movie with a repeated terminal illness, romance and roadblocks in between. Where else can one go for drama, romance and fantasy? Justice does prevail.

4. The Fault in Our Stars:

This movie began as a novel also. The story is about a sixteen year old cancer patient that finds her true love, which also has a terminal illness. There challenges in life take them on a journey across the country and back. This romantic - comedy has young characters Hazel and Gus as boyfriend and girl. At first, I did find myself uncomfortable watching the two because I had watched Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgortin in the roles of sister and brother in the movie, Divergent.

5. The Other Women:

For some reason a good comedy is hard to find anymore. This has hit the laughter cords. The title doesn't fool you. It is about what it says. Unfortunately some may relate to this story line but to watch the team work and the friendships that developed through the silliness of this movie grows the enjoyment. Thank you, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann for the laughter.

6. God’s Not Dead:

The drama in this movie portrays the Christian influential struggle of opinions to prove or refute that God is alive or dead. This cast was brilliant in drawing me into the story and then feeding my spiritual emotions. I walked away with a higher level of one man standing up against the majority.

2014 Movie Quiz

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The Best Year For Movies

What year do you feel released the best movies?

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What is your favorite movie for 2014, so far?

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