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(2014) Movies, Reviews & Movie Theaters

Updated on February 28, 2015
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Carol graduated from Indian Hills C.C. with an AAS in H.I.T and an AA in Arts & Science. A Social Media Booster for Wine Diamonds Film.

(2014) Movies

If you’re a Hobbit fan and haven’t had the chance to watch, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, what are you waiting for? This movie has a bit of a romance story-line in the background, demonstrates the extent a great friend would go to for another and a strong family dedication. I was disappointed to discovery that Gollum or the descendant wasn't anywhere to be found. I guess I shouldn't have been disheartened, after all, it wasn't a “Precious” movie; it was about a “Hobbit.”

I had a chance to see the marvelous movie, Into the Woods, on New Years Eve. This is a musical with a combination of fairy tales intertwined throughout the story. If you like musicals, fairy-tales and romance with some humor, this is a hot movie for you. Meryl Streep portrays a witch and wow…she make a fantastic witch. I laughed out loud watching and listening to Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince during their competitive duo. This movie broke the rule of fairy tales having happy endings. In my opinion, the ending wasn't a happy one. Overall, I did enjoy viewing this movie, the music is wonderful and the special effects are great.

Driving miles to watch a new movie in a theater.

I'm not going to bore you with the story, I walked ____ miles... However, I will say, I had to drive forty- six miles to watch, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and I drove 24 1/2 miles to see, Into the Woods. Why do I travel so far to see a movie? I'm not alone, thousands of people go the distance to watch movies for the experience. Small towns have struggled to keep their theaters because the old reel-to-reel is phasing out for the new movie releases and updates aren't exactly cheap.

An extinct theater in a small town and a community fighting to bring it back.

Years of memories that are not ready to die.
Years of memories that are not ready to die. | Source

The Grand Theater

A markerKnoxville, Iowa 50138 -
Knoxville, IA 50138, USA
get directions

A small town theater in need of help. Check them out on Facebook.

How many stars would you give this musical?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of the movie;"Into the Woods".

A musical

Movie Genres

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Four women experience the same result after watching a movie.

After watching the movie, Into the Woods and while I was in the lobby, I met four ladies. They had just finished watching, Unbroken. The popular word from all of them, in unison was, “Intense.” All of them appeared to be worn-out, not because of the time but a reaction to what they witnessed on the screen. They conveyed how much they liked the move and repeated multiple times on how intense the movie was. I didn't think to ask them if they read the novel before watching the movie.

My Critique will have to wait until I watch the movie, Unbroken.

Now I’m going to have to watch this movie so that I may form my own opinion. I haven’t read the novel so my opinion will be handicapped because I will not know whether the story-line follows the book, not that all movies follow the exact plot anyway. I will count on my visual and hearing to decide on whether I like the acting, directing, casting, special effects and story.

This doesn't mean I don't listen to other opinions, I do. I don't allow others to persuade the outcome of what I like or dislike.

Writers Debate About Unbroken

Recently, I read where one author criticized the differences between the book and the movie, stating that the movie, “didn't draw me in” and how it didn't follow the true story. I also came across a review by another writer stating,” The film sticks pretty closely to the accounts described in Hillenbrand’s book.”

American Sniper Novel Transformed Into Film

I have noticed that this book is listed as an autobiography in some places, as a memoir in other locations and is categorized in the Genre as a Biography. As of January,08,2015, I haven't read this novel so I'm not sure which one it should be listed under. I will share the slight differences between all three, for those that do not know and for those that haven't had a chance to read one of my past Hubpages distinguishing the variances.

A memoir and an autobiography is written on the personal life memories by the writer and many times people interchange these two words when they speak about them. However, there is a slight difference.

Autobiographies are about the writers events during their life in consecutive order. There was a time in life when autobiographies were only written by famous people but this has changed in the past few years but only if the story draws the reader into the story and brings in exciting issues that occurred. Is written about someone’s life.

Memoirs are written in any order about the life of the writer and are from the author’s memories, hints memoir. Journals and diaries can help bring memories into perspective and can help recall life experiences. Memoirs are written from a more personal aspect the writer’s life. This type of writing has more emotions from the point of view of the author. Memoirs can include things that happened to a third person but the story is wrapped around how the other person affected the one writing the story.

Biographies are based on a person’s life and written by someone other than the one the story is about. Often but not always, these stories are written by someone known as a ghost-writer.

You may find more about writing:

The American Sniper was written by three authors; Chris Kyle, Jim DeFelice & Scott McEwen.

The Film was directed by Clint Eastwood and is a story about a Navy SEAL sniper by the name of Chris Kyle.

An American Icon & Director of American Sniper

CC:BY-SA 2.0 via
CC:BY-SA 2.0 via | Source

History of Golden Globe Hosts

Tina Fey, Amy Poehle
Tina Fey, Amy Poehle
Tina Fey, Amy Poehle
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais
In the past six years, the host for the Golden Globe Awards has held the honors for three years in a row.

Don't be shy, let me know what you think. What is your favorite movie? What was the worst movie you have seen?

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    • Carol Reed profile image

      Carol Clarke Reed 3 years ago from Remote

      Thank you, Ann1Az2, for your comment. In my opinion, whenever a remake comes out, it stands a large chance of not being as good as the original. However, if one doesn't like the original, one may like the remake because the standards that are expected wouldn't be as high. If one doesn't like a movie because of the story plot or not interested in the genre, no need to try the remake.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 3 years ago from Orange, Texas

      I haven't seen the latest Hobbit yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I love the whole series. The worst movie I've ever seen is "The Last House on the Left." I never bothered to watch the remake - the original was horrid enough.