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22 Jump Street, Taking Sequels to School

Updated on June 26, 2014

What We Got

From the start we got the humor that made 21 so different: making fun of itself. There were references to future sequels (stay for the credits, its worth it), how this sequel got its funding, where all the money went, making fun of the actors themselves, and much, much more. The duo seemed to fit in much better in a college setting, but were still the subject of age related jokes. The film broke away from the formula of the first one, breathing some fresh air into the plot. The jokes were on par with the previous film, as were the action sequences, and the chemistry between Tatum and Hill was the same as ever. It was nice to see some other familiar faces, who they are is up for you to see. I enjoyed Ice Cube playing Ice Cube, but with an extended screen time. He was able to contribute more to the humor and action, making it less the Tatum-Hill movie that 21 was, but in a good way.

The Plot

Jenko and Schmidt are back at it again, this time posing as college students in order to take down yet another drug ring after the death of a student. This time around Jenko is living it up on the football team while Schmidt is left on the sidelines. After some strife between the duo and a case that appears to be solved, the two must reteam to finally shut the case for good.

To View or Not to View

View. Did this film capture the magic of a surprise hit that 21 did? Not AS much. 22 had me laughing through most of it and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, BUT, unlike with the last one, I KNEW this was going to be funny and was not caught off guard. This doesn't mean that you should go in expecting to be let down, but you are not going to be surprised with the level of humor either. Depending on your ticket prices, it makes for an enjoyable trip to the theater.

Trilogy Material?

Honestly, I could go either way on this one. A 23 could be the icing on the cake to a comedy trilogy, which in and of itself is spectacularly rare. A 23 could also kill the series if they can't find a premise that isn't stale, and can't find a way to break the mold that both of them have been successful in doing. I would love to see a well done 23 Jump Street, but anything past that is just beating a dead horse. If they can catch lightning in a bottle one more time and call it quits on the series at a high note, I'd be a happy viewer.

22 Jump Street Trailer


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