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24, Veronica Mars and Threshold: Some of TV's Best

Updated on April 9, 2009

Things in Common


Since I do not receive the Fox channel, I had never watched one of TVs best ever shows, 24, with Keifer Sutherland as the Counter terrorist Agent. Finally, rented a few DVDs from Netflix and WOW! Such an excellent TV show in all aspects, now going on its 8th year! The series is all about a Counter Terrorist Unit and its main agent (Keifer) who deals with one emergency after another. Why is this program so good, so addicting? Superb acting, great writing and direction. The events can happen, for instance, in the second season, the whole season dealt with a terrorist threat to explode a nuclear bomb in LA. Along the way, Keifer deals with real family issues right in the middle of this all very plausible. The focus is not only on the terrorist threat, but events, personal and other, swirling around it. Near the end of the 2nd season, the President was removed when he refused to go to war based upon conflicting evidence.

Season 3 begins with the president being exposed to a biological virus from someone in the crowd. By season 7, we have a woman president. Like the old Fugitive TV series in the 60s (which had a HUGE following), 24 ends each episode with an intense cliff hanger. There is nothing bad to say about this show except at some point time the threats start to get old and what happens seems familar from previous years.

Veronica Mars was on for three years. The TV show was a hip, cool, savvy, teenager and her private detective dad. The writing was witty and it had very real view of what high school is like now. The dress, mannerisms, language was right on. Basically each show revolved around her life and how she tried to help or solve problems of her peers in a smart, keen manner. It is not like a Disney show, but serious. It also showed about her relationships with her dad, boyfriend and other peers in a very realistic manner. The soundtrack was always great and always matched the scene perfectly. The downside was that after three years, like many series, she grew up and started college. Things were not as fun or interesting as the first two years and it just got stale. If you have not seen this, try it. My 10 yr old loved the show (there is no x rated scenes) and it was quite entertaining from someone who had left HS long ago.

Threshold had a very short life: one year! It was on Sci-fi and why the plug was pulled is beyond me. This TV show revolved around an alien entity slamming into the ocean and using its insidious manner to spread and infect humans.The agency trying to halt it was a group of brainy misfits led by a knock out woman. The series effects were top notch, the acting superb, the writing slick. One rarely ever saw the alien thing and it was more suspense than shock scares. The alien used sound to alter the human DNA in their attempt to control humans. Then, the alien permeated the body or the food source and the humans had no clue they were infected.

The producers of the show were in shock when the show was pulled. They had scripts for the 2nd year. Again, with this kind of show, one could see how it would become stale and predictable as each show, like 24, ended with a cliff hanger.



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