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24 Season 8 Quotes | Jack Bauer Quotes

Updated on December 30, 2010

24 Season 8 Quotes - Jack Bauer Quotes

24 is an American serial action/drama television series broadcast by Fox in the United States and syndicated worldwide. The series debuted November 6, 2001 and the story of 24 is presented in the semblance of real time. Each season depicts a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer, who works with the United States government as it fights fictitious terrorist threats to the United States. Bauer is often in the field for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) as it tries to safeguard the nation from terrorist threats. The show also follows the actions of associated CTU agents, government officials and terrorists.

24 is the second longest-running espionage series in television history, behind The Avengers by longevity of broadcast. It surpassed the original Mission: Impossible series by number of episodes with the eighth season, after the conclusion of which 24 will overtake The Avengers. Kiefer Sutherland is currently only under contract until the end of the eighth season, but is "absolutely open" to return for a ninth season.

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I have decided to compile the greatest and best Jack Bauer Quotes, as well all honorable quotes from season 8 of 24, so this page will be updated weekly with the best of 24 Season 8 Quotes.

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24 Season 8 Quotes
24 Season 8 Quotes

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 1

4pm - 5pm

President Hassan: Madame President, please excuse my brother's passion, he only wants what is best for our country.

President Taylor: I understand, but we need to resolve this issue before we can move forward, and ideally, before the press conference, which gives us less than an hour.

President Hassan: Madame President, what would your congress say if my revolutionary guard was stationed on your soil? [pause] It's the same with my National Assembly, even if I agreed to this, they would not ratify it. After all, I'm not a King.

President Taylor: Nor I a Queen.

President Hassan: Too bad for the both of us.


Whitehouse Spokesperson: Alright, just a few things before we get started here.Presidents Taylor and Hasssan, will each make a statement after they've been introduced by the Secretary General. Q&A will follow, but I want you to keep your questions strictly on topic. Now for obvious reasons, we are all operating under high security measures, so, unless you've been dying to know what a choke-hold feels like, keep your credentials visible at all times.


Chole: Aruz's file. It was in a proprietary database, that's why it took so long.

CTU Director Hastings: Still, it shouldn't have thrown you, you've been here a month.

Chole: Almost a month, and I've had to re-learn the interface on every major system here, everything's changed!

CTU Director Hastings: And you're having trouble adapting, I understand. But I don't think it's a question of your intelligence.

Chole: Thanks!

CTU Director Hastings: I think it's ambivalence.

Chole: Ambivalence?

CTU Director Hastings: I know the only reason you took this job was because you're husband was downsized. Am I wrong?

Chole: No! I mean, yes! Please just give me a little more time to get up to speed here. Mr. Hastings, I need this job.

CTU Director Hastings: Fair enough, but I'm all about efficiency. So if your performance doesn't improve, you may want to re-think working here. Now I trust this has been clarified.

Chole: Sure. You really wanted to be more efficient, why don't you just say if I don't catch up soon, I'm gonna be fired. [Chloe storms out of Hastings' office]

24 Season 8 Quotes Jack Bauer
24 Season 8 Quotes Jack Bauer

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 2

5pm - 6pm

Chloe: Excuse me, does any think this happened a little too fast and a little too easily?

Dana: You know Chloe, things do happen a little faster in here than what you're used to.

Chloe: I know you keep reminding me. I might not be up to speed on all your software, but I know if someone doesn't want to be found, they don't leave behind code fragments that could lead to an IP address.

Dana: Unless of course they were in a hurry and they had to improvise.

Chloe: Maybe, but then why would you go through all that trouble and then leave a huge red flag for everyone to find?

Hastings: What is your point?

Chloe: It's like someone wanted us to find her. I just think we should continue to vet this until we are absolutely sure that we have the right person.

Hastings: We are vetting this from every angle. I appreciate your concerns, we'll keep them in mind.

Chloe: In other words, shut up Chloe.

Dana: That's not what he said.

Chloe: Well that's what I heard.

Hastings: Alright you made your point, Chloe. Thanks.

24 Season 8 Quotes
24 Season 8 Quotes

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 3

6pm - 7pm

Chloe: In the meantime, Jack's still missing.

Hastings: He's not missing! You lost contact. His phone battery may have died. Or more likely, he is in an area with bad cell reception, there's pockets of them all over the Five Borrows, which you would've known if you were from around here.

Chloe: Fine, if you're not sending someone, I'll go myself.

Hastings: No, you won't. Your concern for your friend is admirable, but that file we got off Reid's file, it's almost decrypted. Depending on what we find, I'm going to need you here. Is that clear?

Chloe: Yeah.

Hastings: Now earlier today, you suggested that I speak to you more clearly and directly. You leave the building, you're fired. Is that clear and direct enough for you?

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 4

7pm - 8pm

Hastings: I saw that.

Chloe: What?

Hastings: The way you looked at me when [President Hassan] thanked me for saving his life. You think he should have been thanking you?

Chloe: I was actually thinking he should thank Jack, then Cole, then maybe me.

Hastings: [looks Chloe all over] I underestimated you Chloe. You saw what was really going on. I did not. It was a major save. My report will state that.


Hastings: It's forensics. They confirmed the composition of the radioactive material. It's U-235, 94.7% pure weapons grade uranium. If you have an explanation sir, I'm eager to hear it.

President Omar Hassan: Before we started this peace initiative, my country was close to developing a nuclear weapon.

Hastings: Yes, our intelligence was aware of that.

President Omar Hassan: You were also aware that we could not enrich enough material to arm it. Soon after our countries began to negotiate the peace process, my brother came up to me and said that someone approached him with weapons grade uranium.

Hastings: Who?

President Omar Hassan: Someone who had access to decommissioned service stick piles.

Hastings: You think it was the same Russians who've been trying to kill you today?

President Omar Hassan: Yes I do. I told my brother to stay away from them but obviously [not].

Hastings: Mr. President, the nuclear material that you were offered, you have any idea where it is?

President Omar Hassan: That man was contaminated recently. Doesn't that mean the materials are here, in the U.S.? Farhad always used to tell that our country will always be at the mercy of the west, unless we become a nuclear power. We must find the Russians, before they can get the uranium to my brother.

Hastings: We'll do what we have to do sir.

President Omar Hassan: I'll notify my security forces to cooperate fully.


Hastings: I appreciate you concerns Jack but Renee's right, she's our only way in.

Jack: Fine then I wanna go with her. I assume your plan is to try to set up a competing buy. I'll act as a buyer.

Renee: It isn't necessary, Agent Ortiz has already agreed.

Jack: He doesn't have the necessary experience.

Renee: Then this is how he gets it.

Jack: Not with nuclear weapons on the line. Mr. Hastings, I am officially requesting that you send me in with Agent Walker.

Hastings: Jack, if you're willing to do this, I'd be foolish to object.


[Jack Bauer comes running after Renee saws off man's hand to remove parole bracelet]

Jack: What have you done? What the hell have you done?

Renee: Like I said, he was trapped here.

Jack: You think he is going to help you now? That's it, this is over. THIS IS OVER!

Renee: Maybe for you Jack, but I'm just getting started. Find something to cauterize the wound.

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24 Jack Bauer Quotes
24 Jack Bauer Quotes

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 5


Kevin: Hey, don't make me call that ex-boyfriend of yours, rock his perfect little world. "Hey pal, congratulations on the engagement. By the way, her name is not Dana Walsh, it's Jenny Scott. Oh and did I mention that she's an ex-con? No, no, no, nothing too serious, just accessory to murder's all.


Dana: Arlo, can I ask you something?

Arlo: Yes. I'm available Saturday night. And I can change my plans for Friday if you want. Also, I'm free on Thursday.


Jack: First tell me about Vladimir.

Renee: I wouldn't know.

Jack: What he did to you, I heard what Zia said.

Renee: Zia? Come on Jack, he's a drama queen.

Jack: Dammit Renee, I am running this, stop messing with me. I'm responsible for your safety so when I ask you a straight question, you give me a straight answer.

Renee: Look it was nothing, alright? I handled him 6 years ago. I can handle him today.


Jack: Tell him I see 4 men in the car, we're going to have to assume they're taking Renee somewhere to kill her. Damn it!


Jack: Tell them to move and put me back on Renee's com. Damn it!

Renee Walker on 24 Season 8 Episode 6 (Quotes)
Renee Walker on 24 Season 8 Episode 6 (Quotes)

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 6

9pm - 10pm

Cole Ortiz: Well I got two teams running coordinated drive-bys. They'll be ready to extract her when she's clear.

Jack Bauer: No, these guys will have eyes everywhere. Your men are on the run of being spotted.

Cole Ortiz: I've done this before Jack. I ran an operation just like it in Fallujah.

Jack Bauer: I'm in command. You're going to do exactly what I tell you.


[Jack Bauer speaks German to prove he is a German arms dealer]

Lugo: Neil?

Jack Bauer: That's right.

Lugo: You are from Germany?

Jack Bauer: Braamen, but I grew up traveling with my father.

Lugo: Nie dort gewesen, aber ich hore die Frauen sind schon (Translation: "Never been there but I hear the women are beautiful")

Jack Bauer: Sie haben richtig gehort. Leider bin ich zu beschaftigt, sie zu genieben them (Translation: "You heard right. Unfortunately I am too busy working to enjoy them")

Lugo: Sie haben einen amerikanischen Akzent (Translation: "You have an American accent")

Jack Bauer: Ich ging zur hiesigen Universität, und die meisten Leute, die ich keine Geschäfte mehr mit Englisch sprechen. Ich denke, es färbt ab. (Translation: I went to university here, and most of the people I do business with speak English. I guess it rubs off.")

Lugo: Vielleicht sollten wir sprechen Englisch, Deutsch ist wie ein schmutziger Sprache. (Tranlsation: Maybe we should speak English, German is such a dirty language)

Jack Bauer: Und du bist ein schmutziger Menschen. Aber hier sind wir. Wir müssen beide etwas voneinander. (Translation: And you are a dirty people. But here we are. We both need something from each other.) Are we going to do business or not?

24 Season 8 Episode 9 Jack Bauer Quotes
24 Season 8 Episode 9 Jack Bauer Quotes

24 Season 8 Quotes - Episode 9

12am - 1am

Renee: Jack I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to say it cause I need to make sure I’m not misunderstanding. When you say that I have you..

Jack: I meant it like it sounded.

Renee: So now what do we do?

Jack: We figure it out.


[Jack Bauer breaks into holding room]

Jack: They’re setting you up, don’t say another word.

Renee: It’s too late.

Justice person: What do you think you’re doing? Get out of here now.

[Jack grabs Justice by the throat and pins her against the wall]

Jack: How dare you? After everything she’s sacrificed, after everything she’s lost. Have you no decency?

Renee: Jack!

Jack: This is over.

Guard: Hands in the air! Do it now!

Jack: Son you better put that down, or you’re gonna get hurt!


Jack: So this is the new CTU, you hang your own?


CTU Director Hastings: Agent Owen has my full confidence.

Jack: Yeah? If that were true you wouldn’t be standing here talking to me.

24 Season 8 DVD

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