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25 Surprising Facts about Life, the Universe and Everything...

Updated on January 28, 2014
Ask not for whom the vending machine tolls. It tolls for YOU!
Ask not for whom the vending machine tolls. It tolls for YOU!
Going down?
Going down?


1. 2 unlucky people die every year from bowling injuries.

2. Elevators will carry 18 billion people in the US this year. They will kill about 26 of them.

3. According to a study in the Netherlands, paranoia about Friday the 13th results in fewer accidents and deaths than any other Friday.

4. Vending machines and sharks kill about the same number of people every year.

5. 60 million people died in World War II. This is 1/40 of the entire population of the world.

6. If the human race suddenly stopped growing and died at a rate of one person every second, it would still take almost 3 months for humanity to die out.

7. Humans are the only creatures that use smiles as an emotional response.

8. There is only one recorded incident in history of a meteorite actually hitting someone. That unfortunate title belongs to Ann Hodges, who suffered a mental breakdown because of all the attention she got and died at 57 of kidney failure, not meteor-wounds.

Well obviously guns work in space! Especially laser guns.
Well obviously guns work in space! Especially laser guns.

The Universe

9. If there were no space between atoms, the world would be roughly the size of a baseball.

10. The name for the planet "Pluto" comes from the Greek god of Hell. The name was suggested by an 11 year old girl.

11. If earth didn't have a slight tilt on its axis, there would be no seasons.

12. It takes a photon 200,000 years to make it from the core the the surface of the sun, and about 8 minutes for it to get to earth.

13.To approximate one's weight on the moon, (pounds) one should divide the earth weight by six. To find one's mass on the moon (kilograms), leave it the same.

14.The ancient chinese name for mars was "The Fire Star", while the Egyptians simply called it "Her Desher", or, "The red one".

15. Some of Uranus's moons are named after characters from Shakespeare's plays

16. Although fires cannot burn in space, guns can shoot, and a bullet in space will travel until it hits something or ends up orbiting a planet.

17. If there were a freeway to the moon, the trip would take about 3000 hours by car.

18. Mercury is somewhat misleading; the planet's atmosphere contains no mercury.

19. A typical campfire can get up to over 900 degrees if well tended. The surface of the sun is about 3000 times hotter, at 2,700,000 degrees at the surface.

20. Only 55% of surveyed Americans were aware that the sun is indeed a star.

This is where 10% of Europe is made...
This is where 10% of Europe is made...

And Everything...

21. Citizens of Hong Kong drink 3 times more tea than the rest of the world (on average) At 1.8 kgs per person per year, this comes to nearly 10 million kgs of tea consumed every single year.

22.Despite being popularized by Chinese restaurants, fortune cookies have their origins in Japan, and were originally known as "Fortune Tea Cakes"

23. In 1961, a doctor stationed in Antarctica performed an appendectomy on himself using surgical tools, a mirror, and some Novocaine.

24.Salt was so expensive in Medieval Germany that it was often referred to as "white gold."

25. 10% of all European babies are conceived in a bed from Ikea.

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Why is this box here?

Well friends, this is box is called the box of unnecessary necessity. (Not really, I just like to call it that) Why is it here? I created this box for two reasons. The first reason is that I wanted to discuss something which is killing quality writing at Hubpages called the "Featured Articles" system. Basically the system puts your article through a number imposed "checks" in an attempt to ensure quality. However, the system is awful, and ends up forcing authors to jump through bizarre hoops to get their work seen by a decent audience.The second reason this capsule is here relates very closely to the first; if I hadn't added this capsule here, my article would have remained "unfeatured". This means it would remain unlisted in search engine results, and would have been the object of general scorn in the Hubpages community. The system was designed to keep quality high, but all it does it force writers to create unneccesarily long articles about subjects that don't need 1500 words of explanation. (1500 is the word count we're supposed to "aim for", but 700 is "acceptable"). Anything below that is pretty much thrown out and hidden in the dark recesses of the website. I actually wrote an entire article about this entitled "This Hub is Perfect (Supposedly)" in which I rambled about nothing in particular for exactly 1500 words.Despite having almost no coherent information at all, it's one of my highest rated articles, and was actually in the lead at one point with a score of almost 90.


After hitting the 700 word mark my hub was "re-evaluated", then again rejected. Hubpages, this is idiotic. Your goal is to have a search-friendly website full of real, reliable information presented in an interesting format. That's what I tried to do here; the article is a list of fun facts about Life, The Universe, and Everything. (Did you get the Hitchhiker's Guide reference?) Please, explain to me how this article is unacceptable. Here I was trying my best to fit my sense of humor into your redesigned format, and all you do is deny the validity of my work and send me passive aggressive emails reminding me my hub "could be featured" with a generic list of ideas to improve it. The only problem is every hub is different and you don't list a reason as to why the article isn't featured. Do you dislike the format? The diction? The lack of "engagement capsules?" The use of irrelevant capsules to increase my word count to the new minimum number?

It's probably all of those things. I really hope whoever reviews this hub will read this and take it to heart, because I know I am not the only writer for you who is extremely frustrated with this situation. It's not fair, and it's not improving the website for writers.


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